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									Possibilities Unbound:
  The Plan for 2025

Indiana’s Strategic Plan
    for Agriculture
• Introduce the new Indiana State
  Department of Agriculture
• Process overview….how we got here!
• Key findings/conclusions – the State of
  Indiana Agriculture
• Possibilities Unbound: The Plan for
• Next steps
     Indiana’s First
Department of Agriculture
• Major focus of the Daniels campaign –
  supported by State’s agricultural groups
• Sponsored by Representative Eric
  Gutwein and Senator Bob Jackman
• Unanimous support from both House
  and Senate
• A big accomplishment! And long
                     ISDA’S TEAM

LG Becky Skillman                                                     Andy Miller
   Secretary of                                                   Agriculture Director
 Agriculture and
Rural Development      Beth Bechdol          Deb Abbott
                      Deputy Director        Director of
                                            and Marketing

Ryan West                                                                 Gail Peas
Legislative                                                          Director of Division
 Liaison         Rob Swain        Tammy Lawson         Ken Klemme    of Soil Conservation
                 Director of    Director of Industry Director of Grain
                 Economic          Relations and    Buyers & Warehouse
                Development     Regulatory Affairs       Licensing
Ag Advisory Board Created
• Sonny Beck                 • Roger Seger
  Beck’s Superior Hybrids      Wabash Valley Produce
• JoAnn Brouilette           • Charlie Smith
  Demeter Grain, LP            Countrymark Cooperative LLP
• Harold Cooper              • Steve Smith
  Premier Ag Cooperative       Red Gold, Inc.
• Phil Gramelspacher         • Mark Townsend
  Jasper Desk Company          Townsend Farms
• Richard Halderman          • Howard Unger
  Agricultural Real Estate     Unger Farms
  Investors, LLC
                             • Richard L. Wertz
• Danita Rodibaugh
  Rodibaugh & Sons             Amos Hill Associates
• Linda Schanlaub            • Mike Yoder
  Macy Elevator, Inc.          Crystal Valley Dairy Farms
• Jim Schriver               • Ex Officio Members:
                               Randy Woodson (Purdue);
  Schriver Farms               Kip Tom (IEDC Board)
    Why a Strategic Plan?
• Indiana long has had strong food and
  agricultural system – our responsibility to
  reappraise our focus to meet new needs

• Our goal – to develop important strategies to
  help guide our agriculture

• Indiana agriculture very diverse and very
  efficient – but in need of direction – this is a
  road map
          How we got here…
• Solicited input via:
   –   BioCrossroads analysis and plan
   –   Strategic plan overviews from key groups
   –   1st annual Ag Forum: 25 groups participated
   –   Farm visits: dairy, pork, hardwood, poultry and
       soybean processing

• Comprehensive review of Indiana agriculture
  – structure and markets
           What Did We Learn?
            Key Conclusions…
       State of Indiana Agriculture
• The obvious ones
  – Agriculture is a key part of Indiana’s economy and
    workforce and has significant, long term growth
  – Indiana has historically led in agriculture and is in
    unique position for future innovation.
  – Indiana’s best ag opportunities are in feed
    grains/oilseeds, pork and hardwoods.
        Key Conclusions…
   State of Indiana Agriculture
– Indiana must quickly enter the biofuels game
  given its explosion and our natural advantages.

 US Ethanol Plants           US Biodiesel Plants
         Key Conclusions…
    State of Indiana Agriculture
– Indiana’s hog inventory, while still large and viable,
  has shrunk substantially.
                                      Indiana Pork Production
                       5,000,000                                                               30,000


                                                                                                        Number of farms
     Number of Swine





                             -                                                                 -
                                   1974     1978     1982     1987       1992   1997    2002

                                          Number of Swine in Inventory      Number of Farms
            Key Conclusions…
       State of Indiana Agriculture
• Some others
  – Indiana is a leader in hardwoods and has upside
    potential in technology and production.
  – Indiana’s regulatory climate is a limiting factor in
    attracting and retaining agribusiness.
  – U.S. farm and trade policy are critical to our food
    and ag sector – Indiana needs to be active in
               Key Conclusions…
          State of Indiana Agriculture
   – Indiana’s farm population is very diverse requiring
     a focus on opportunities tailored to producers of
     different sizes and types of production.

                 Segmentation of Indiana Farms
Farm Sales Category    Number        % of Total   % of Output

Over $500,000           1,856           3.1           68
$100,000 - $500,000     8,505           14.1          19
Under $100,000          49,935          82.8          13
Total                   60,296          100          100
                             Key Conclusions…
                        State of Indiana Agriculture
            – Indiana has the food science expertise to lead in
              the effort to tackle America’s obesity and general
              nutrition problems.
                                               Obesity Trends in U.S. Adults

                                  1985                                                                       2003

             No Data      <10%         10%-14%        15-19%          20%

Source: Mokdad A H, et al. J Am Med Assoc 1999;282:16, 2001;286:10.
                                                                             Source: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, CDC
           Key Conclusions…
      State of Indiana Agriculture
• Finally…
  – Indiana’s NEW State Department of Agriculture
    must lead and guide our sector’s growth and must
    have a focused, action-based strategic plan.

         Possibilities Unbound:
           The Plan for 2025
                      Possibilities Unbound: The Plan for 2025

                             Indiana will be a Global Center
                               for Food and Agricultural
                                     Innovation and

                            Food &                 Innovation          Commercialization
                           Agriculture            The State must         The State must
   The State has
                         The State needs to     lead in innovation         promote the
historically led in
                        focus on all aspects    which will redefine    commercialization
global innovation
                           of agriculture,     food and agriculture.     and use of new
and can reestablish
                           especially on                                technologies and
 itself as a global
                        consumer demands.                                  innovation.
                Possibilities Unbound: The Plan for 2025

           Seven Key Strategies
Increase the cost-competitiveness of
Indiana’s high quality hardwood products.
Initial actions:
• Support advancement and commercialization of log
   scanning technology
• Work with DNR to develop a proactive plan for use of
   State’s forests – promote good forest practices
• Develop a private wood lot management strategy –
   maximize potential profits
                Possibilities Unbound: The Plan for 2025

            Seven Key Strategies
Maximize Indiana’s competitive
advantage in agriculturally derived
Initial actions:
• Commission study to identify future opportunities in
• Develop plan to increase State’s use of ethanol and
• Secure matching Federal funding to build leading
   bioenergy research center in Indiana
              Possibilities Unbound: The Plan for 2025

          Seven Key Strategies
Regulatory Coordination
Ensure that agricultural regulatory
standards are science-based and do not
impede economic development.
Initial actions:
• Develop an Agricultural Regulatory Committee – to
   include ISDA, IDEM, DNR, Purdue regulatory
   bodies – to review ag regulations and rules
               Possibilities Unbound: The Plan for 2025

           Seven Key Strategies
Double hog production by adopting break-
through technologies in environmental and
animal welfare management.
Initial actions:
• Fund pilots of technologies to reduce/eliminate
  waste and odor.
• Lead development of Livestock Venture Fund to
  help provide investment to expand operations
• Work with counties to identify livestock production
   zones and confront local community concerns
                  Possibilities Unbound: The Plan for 2025

             Seven Key Strategies
Diversity of Production
Lead the nation in identifying diversified
strategies that enhance the economic
viability of producers of different sizes and
areas of production.
Initial actions:
• Identify several diversification platforms suitable for
  Indiana producers – also a general business plan
• Make Indiana a pilot on diversification programs
  with USDA or in next Farm Bill
               Possibilities Unbound: The Plan for 2025

           Seven Key Strategies
Food Processing
Incubate innovative food products that use
Indiana agricultural commodities to
support nutritious and healthy diets.
Initial actions:
• Develop a venture fund to support health
  and nutrition advancement in food – Purdue’s Food
  Science Department
• Identify small and medium-sized food
  manufacturers as potential investors
                Possibilities Unbound: The Plan for 2025

            Seven Key Strategies
Federal Farm and Trade Policy
Establish a State leadership role in
formulating U.S. agricultural and trade
policy to promote sustainable economic
Initial actions:
• Create working group to develop Indiana-specific
   proposals and recommendations for 2007 Farm
• Develop solid working relationship with USDA and
  key Congressional members and staff – regular
  visits to Washington
• Participate in key policy hearings
                Next Steps
• This Plan sets a course for next several years
  – but also is work in progress – a living
• Further develop action plans for each strategy
  – a task force for each
• Seven action plans to be completed by State
• Work with Ag Advisory Board to regularly
  review Plan and actions
• Continue strong coordination and dialogue
  with all industry groups
Possibilities Unbound: The
      Plan for 2025

 Indiana’s Strategic Plan
     for Agriculture

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