Examination of Heilongjiang in 2009 Economist on April 20 -5 5 registration Heilongjiang and Heilongjiang by fdjerue7eeu


									Examination of Heilongjiang in 2009 Economist on April 20 -5 5 registration
Heilongjiang and Heilongjiang

 daily examination of Heilongjiang economist

  Personnel Department of Heilongjiang Province on the 2009 professional and
technical qualifications economy examination related issues notice
  municipalities (places) Personnel Bureau, in provincial units and personnel (cadres)
  under the "good 2009 on the professional and technical qualification examinations
economic examining work notice" (one test center letter [2009] 10), is on the 2009
financial professional qualification examinations notified as follows:
  1, examination of professional and subject
  2009 annual financial professional and technical qualification examinations of
professional title as follows: business management, agricultural economics, business
economics, finance, taxation, finance, insurance, transportation by sea, road transport,
railway transport, air transport, human resources, post and telecommunications
economy, real estate economy, tourism economy, building the economy.
  test sub-intermediate, junior. The professional examination subjects are two sections:
"professional knowledge and practices" and "basic theoretical knowledge." Test
results of two subjects who meet the national eligibility criteria, grant personnel
printed "economic professional qualification" (nationwide effective).
  second test of time
  test of time course on November 8 9:00 am - 11: 30 professional knowledge and
practice (beginning, intermediate) 2:00 - 4: 30 Economic fundamentals ( Primary,
Middle) 3, entry
  financial professionals who meet the qualifying examination entry conditions (see
Annex 1) personnel may voluntarily apply for the examination.
  The test application process: candidates first log in Heilongjiang Province, Personnel
Testing Network (http://www.rsks.gov.cn) for online registration, online registration
and then to test the login area on-site test administration qualification review of
eligibility of candidates through its own online payments, online Paying completed,
candidates complete the registration process. Candidates are not completed within the
stipulated time or on-line site qualification payments, deemed a waiver, registration is
  candidate must enroll at the time, the right choice test area. In Harbin, the provincial
units (Land Reclamation Office, except for the Harbin Railway Bureau) Candidates
Login provincial test area; Agricultural Reclamation Bureau, Harbin Railway Bureau
system of examination candidates to log on each system area; other candidates Junan
local management, log location City test area.
  (1) Online Application: The application period is April 20, 2009 - 5 月 5.
Candidates log entry personnel examination of Heilongjiang Province Network
(http://www.rsks.gov.cn) the "Online Application" column, on the National
Qualification Examination for economic expertise online registration system, the
procedures and requirements to provide personal information online, the transfer
photos, print directly from the application on-line registration form (used for on-site
  (b) on-site Qualification: Field qualification: 2009 4 24 - May 5 (national holidays).
Unified by the unit or individual holding the print in the online entry form (by the
examination and approval step by step, and affix the official seal, and paid a one inch
recent passport photo, on the application form in the upper right margin), diploma
(degree card), on the degree certificate has not yet been final-year students
participated in the initial test application, and must hold a test to prove their
graduation year can be an effective documents (such as student ID, etc.) issued by the
fresh graduates and school shows to the online registration Sign test area agencies
on-site test administration qualification.
  provincial qualification examination area on-site location: Heilongjiang Province
hall staffing services, Address: Changjiang Road, Nangang District, Harbin, 130
(provincial centers of the first floor), and other areas on-site qualification test sites
identified by the examination authority.
  (3) Online Contributions: Contributions Online Time: April 24, 2009 - 5 月 5.
Provincial Price Bureau in accordance with the provisions of this examination fees are
as follows: charge 63 yuan for each candidate (including 8 yuan turned over to the
state). Municipalities, to Bureau of Personnel to stay 31 yuan for each candidate, and
the rest turned over to provincial test center personnel.
  qualification through on-site qualified candidates must be re-log in Heilongjiang
Province Personnel Testing Network (http://www.rsks.gov.cn) of the "Online
Registration" section, enter the technical qualifications for examination of national
economic Online Registration System , click on "query modification" re-login, and
follow the prompts make payments online. Contributions shall not be refunded after
the Internet.
  (4) Online Print Admission Form: Candidates Login Heilongjiang Personnel Testing
Network (http://rsks.gov.cn) "Print Admission Form" section, input the required
information can be printed. Admission Form Print Time: October 27, 2009 - 11 3,
Late inadmissible.
  4, examination notes
  (a) of the candidates, they should carry their ID, ID card (military can hold military
officer) original, shall not take the test.
  (b) Candidates should bring a black ink pen, 2B pencil, eraser, silent no text editing
features of the calculator. Subjects can be used for scrap paper paper used in this
paper, exam back, no longer separate scrap paper.
  (3) The examination questions are objective, in the answer sheet with a 2B pencil on
the answer.
  5, examination books
  (a) fully reflects the party's "17 Great" and the socio-economic development in
China since the country guidelines, policies and regulations change, the Department
of Human Resources and Social experts of the Examination Centre qualifying
examination with the national economy has been re-written the book, Economy
previous version of the book is not suitable for examination with the exam this year.
  (b) Examination Book Examination Center of the Department by the person issued
the unified organization, the organization of our province, the provincial Personnel
Testing Centre. Candidates can review qualifications in the field of voluntary book
exam books. Examination of all personnel must be approved by provincial authorities
organized the Order and must be on May 8, 2009 to book reservations with a single
examination of the provincial test center personnel.
  Annex 1:
  financial professional qualifying examination entry conditions
  where the citizens, law-abiding and the required conditions of signing officers can
apply the appropriate level of professional and technical qualification examinations
economy :
  (a) declare the primary economic expertise qualifying examination shall meet the
following conditions:
  1, to obtain high school or above, engaged in professional work for one year.
  2, according to the former Ministry of Personnel Public Office "Chinese Office
[2004] No." spirit of the document this year's graduates to participate in the primary
financial professional qualifying examination has not been educated at the time of
registration certificate is required to prove their support year graduation examination
may be effective documents (such as student ID, etc.) and school graduating issued
proof, in accordance with the procedures and requirements apply for the examination.
  (b) the declaration of economic expertise intermediate examinations, shall meet the
following conditions:
  1, to obtain higher education, and engaged in professional work over six years.
  2, to obtain bachelor's degree, at least four years in professional work.
  3, to obtain the second graduate degree or postgraduate courses, in at least two years
professional work.
  4, to obtain a master's degree in professional work for one year.
  5, to obtain a doctorate.
  number of years relevant work experience requirement is the requirement to obtain
professional qualifications before and after the time in the sum of its deadline for the
end of 2009.
  financial professional examinations in Annex 2:2009 Book Zhengding Dan (slightly)
  Annex 3:
  009 professional and technical qualification examinations in economic time schedule
  009 on April 20 -5 5 online registration on April 24, 2009 -5 5 on-site test, stapler
(holiday break) April 24, 2009 -5 5 months online Paying May 8, 2009 report set out
around the city book list on Aug. 20, 2009 to report all examination papers in the
reservation form in October 2009 3 months 27 -11 months online to print admission
ticket on Nov. 8, 2009 Test
  morning 9:00-11:30% D % A professional knowledge and practice (beginning,
  at 2:00-4:30
  basic knowledge of the economy (first, middle) in January 2010 about early log
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