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 Wananavu highlights:
 Nananu-I-Ra highlights:
                                                                                       Nananu-I-Ra Island & Wananavu Beach Resort
 •    A taster of everything that is
 •    A spectacular variety of tunnels, swim throughs, and caverns to explore

      special about Fiji
 •    Dive sites suitable for all levels of diver, and plenty of activities for non-
      divers                                                                           Fiji boasts the second largest reef system in the   mended dive operator is Ra Divers, based at The
 •                                     variety of
      A spectacular round, with an average of 27°C
 •    Tropical water temperatures year
                                                                                       world. It is a diver’s wonderland of gorgeous       Divers Lodge on tropical Nananu-I-Ra Island.
      tunnels, swim throughs, and
                                                                                       coral, tropical fish, warm waters, and great
      caverns to explore
                                                                                       visibility.                                         Following is a selection of some of the most
 •    Dive sites suitable for all                                                                                                          popular dive sites:
      levels of diver, especially                                                      Nananu-I-Ra Island is 4km off the northern tip of
      beginners and intermediate                                                       Viti Levu, in between Fiji’s two main islands. It   Amazing maze: it lives up to its name with a
                                                                                       is surrounded by stunning coral, fans and           maze of tunnels, canyons, and swim throughs.
 •    Tropical water temperatures
                                                                                       sponges, and abundant marine life - all fed by a    Fish in every colour imaginable swarm amongst
      year round, with an average of
      27°C                                                                             nutrient-rich current. The island itself is a       the vibrant coral. Depths between 10-20m.
                                                                                       taster of everything that is Fiji, with an azure
                                                                                       blue ocean, coconut trees on soft white sand
 When to travel to Fiji:                                                               beaches, lush rainforest, and of course spectacu-
                                                                                       lar diving. Our accommodation here is at Ra
 •    Over the summer months of                                                        Diver’s Lodge.
      December to April the weather
      is humid and wet, and there
      can be some blustery winds.

 •    Visibility is best over the
      winter months of May to
      October and the weather is
      more settled.

 •    Wetsuits recommended 3 mm
      with an average water                                                                                                                Dream maker: three large sections of outer reef
      temperature of 27°C.                                                                                                                 with magnificent walls of multi-coloured and
                                                                                                                                           soft golden coral. It is one of the best sites for
                                                                                                                                           soft coral in Fiji. Along with the coral comes a
                 SPECIAL BONUS:                                                                                                            profusion of box and surgeon fish. Depth to
                                                                                       You also have the option of staying on the          18m.
   When you purchase any dive                                                          mainland of Viti Levu, at the Wananavu Beach
 travel with us, you will receive                                                      Resort. Known as one of Fiji’s best dive resorts,
   free membership of our dive                                                         it is set in spectacular surroundings on the
 club, and a 10% discount in our                                                       beach, offering peace and seclusion.
dive shop in Westhaven, Auckland

 First Light Tra vel Limited

 6/1 Westhaven Drive
 Aotearoa New Zealand

 Phone: +64 (9) 360 8320
 Fax: +64 (9) 360 8321

                                                                                       Ra Divers boats

                                                                                       There is a fantastic choice of diving, with over
                                                                                       50 dives sites to decide between. Most are under                                                          a 20 minute boat ride from shore, and generally
                                                                                       at depths of under 20 metres. There are a few
                                                                                       deeper dives down to around 35 metres, and one
                                                                                       wreck dive—the Papuan Explorer. Night dives
                                                                                       can be arranged. Boats return by 1pm, giving you
                                                                                       the afternoon to relax or explore. Our recom-       Serafina dive site
 U p d a t e d : Fe b r u ar y 2 0 0 5
Page 2                                                                                                                         U p d a t e d : Fe br u ar y 2 0 0 5

                                        Serafina: hard and soft corals cover two large         Black Forest: check out this stunning display of
                                        reefs rising from the open sea. A spacious, pris-      black coral trees. A single pinnacle rising from
                                        tine reef populated by large reef fish and sharks.     19m to 5m which is completely covered in black
                                        Depths to 26m.                                         coral. Provides a home to swarms of moorish
                                                                                               idol, butterfly, and squirrel fish.
                                        Dolphin Bay: you just can’t miss the possibility
                                        of diving with dolphins. They regularly migrate        The Papuan Explorer: Fiji’s largest and most
  Tips on Fiji:                         through this area, and if you strike it lucky you’ll   accessible wreck, at 140 foot long and in
                                        be there when they do. If not, you have three          20 metres of water. An abundance of tropical
  •    Two hour drive from Nadi
                                        large coral heads surrounded by batfish to ex-         fish have made it their home.
       Airport to Wananavu. A short
       boat transfer takes you across
       to Nananu-I-Ra Island

  •    Language: English, Fijian, and

  •    Currency: Fijian dollar,

  •    Visa: free four month tourist
       visa given on arrival

  •    Dress code: modest dress

  •    Tax: VAT 12.5%

                                        The Arch dive site
Rates per        5 nights    7 nights
person           6 tanks     10 tanks   The Pinnacles: four deep coral heads covered in
Ra Divers         FJ$960     FJ$1,416   soft yellow coral and surrounded by a wide range
Lodge                                   of tropical fish. As you get deeper you will find
                                        larger fish like barracuda, tuna, trevally, and
Wananavu         FJ$2,125 FJ$3,035      mackerel. Depth to 35m plus.
                                        The Pavilion: this site is just spectacular and
                                        will have underwater photographers in a frenzy
  Price is in Fijian dollars and
  includes accommodation, meals,
                                        with the sheer number of tropical fish. Stands of
  boat transfers to Nananu-I-Ra         sea whips, coral, and yellow gorgonians hang off
  island (if applicable), and           the four superb coral heads. Depth to 18m.
                                                                                                   Ra Divers Lodge
  specified number of dives. Gear
  hire extra. Reduced rates for non-    Tunnel City: for the adventurous, this dive is
  diving partners. Does not include     really cool. The coral heads are riddled with long     Accommodation:
  international airfares or airport     and winding tunnels, spooky caves, and dark
  transfers (which are                  corners.                                               Absolute beachfront on the beautiful island of
  approximately FJ$100 for a
  private car taking 4 people, one
                                                                                               Nananu-I-Ra, the Divers Lodge offers three bed-
  way).                                                                                        rooms with ensuites. Ra Divers are based on-
                                                                                               site. It has 24-hour power and hot water. Not
  Price is subject to change until                                                             air conditioned.
  paid in full. Cancellation policy
                                                                                               If you prefer resort-based accommodation,
                                                                                               Wananavu Beach Resort, on the mainland, is
                                                                                               hidden away in a secluded spot by the beach. It
 First Light Travel Limited
                                                                                               offers all the luxuries of a world-class resort.
 6/1 Westhaven Drive
                                                                                               Other activities:
 Aotearoa New Zealand
                                                                                               •           Malake Island Village Tour and hot
                                        Enchanted Canyons: huge gorgonians and vivid
 Phone: +64 (9) 360 8320                                                                       •           Sunset or island cruise
 Fax: +64 (9) 360 8321                  staghorn and stump coral covers the walls of
 Email:       tunnels, swim throughs, caverns, and canyons.
                                        Swim amongst schools of smaller reef fish such as      •           Take half a day to stroll around the en-
                                        moorish idol, clown, dansel, and regal fish.                       tire island of Nananu-I-Ra

                                        Breathtaker: this is where the big stuff comes to      •           Fishing, kayaking, snorkelling, sailing
                                        play—white tip, black tip, whalers, and gray reef
                                        sharks; schools of barracuda, trevally, mackerel,
                                        skipjack and amberjack.