Exam Tutorial: reinforced concrete shear wall structural examination

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					Exam Tutorial: reinforced concrete shear wall structural test

  test counseling reinforced concrete structure
  (a) the construction of the building wall structure
  shear wall construction material surface and the structure is basically the same brick,
but the most fundamental difference is not a brick bearing wall, but the place or
precast reinforced concrete wall. Wall not only has a very strong in compression,
shear, but also has a strong ability to withstand the wind load and earthquake load
level, therefore, suitable for high-rise building.
  shear wall building construction, including:
  1. Roof and floor. Installed on a reinforced concrete wall.
  2. Reinforced concrete load-bearing walls. The vertical load transfer to the
foundation, while able to resist lateral loads.
  3. Basis. High reinforced concrete wall structure, characterized by high floor, since
the major, so these must be based on rigidity, even sinking.
  4. Staircase, balcony, awning and stairs, bulk water; some reinforced concrete shear
wall buildings have basements.
  (b) of the wall structure of the building
  wall structure of the floor and walls are cast or precast reinforced concrete structure,
with good integrity, seismic capacity than brick and strong frame structure, not only
can withstand large vertical load floor, the main thing is to sustain high loads and
horizontal seismic shear force produced on the building. The structure of wall space
as small room layout is not flexible enough, not easy to set up a large bay venues,
more used to high-rise residential buildings and apartment buildings. /