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  high CV template
  a good Resume, is one of the keys to the foreign job. Common sense and do not
understand the program, not a considerable amount of thought to show, light a pure
skill in English skills, and can not be units of all ages. In a lot full of mistakes, poor or
mediocre English skills, there is no specific and creative Resume, your share of blood
and quit if the chances of success will greatly increase, combined with a concrete
example of the following given instructions and comments.
  basic method to select candidates of the work, you must see the job ads on each
listed requirements, then their qualifications, abilities and interests with each
compared to a balancesheet .
, for example, an on marketingmanagementtrainee and jobrequirement reads:
  then you consider their qualification appropriate choice and expression, it can be
written (and the corresponding above):
-SkillfulinoperatingWords, Excel, Lotus1-2-3, etc
  benefit of this approach is to allow job seekers a clear understanding of the job is
right for them and whether their data meet the requirements, but also, to understand
the requirements, can be based on each point highlighted in the resume on their own
strengths in the area. Prominent selling point (sellingpoint), be placed in the most
attractive places to recruiters a visible benefit present themselves.
  Workexperience work experience, statement of
  resume of work experience is of considerable interest to those who make recruiting
an element, make the best wording to the task can not be ignored.
  fresh graduate, how to work experience? In fact, when the part-time study, practice,
practice, and even by some who participated in extracurricular activities - to help
publish the school publications, events, exhibitions and publicity ... ... can be regarded
as work experience However, the expression should be targeted to start up, to find out
that with the project focuses on work-related, if necessary, can use the summary of the
way in order to give recruiters a better understanding.
 the following wording seems very primitive rigid:
 1996/7-1996/8GeneralClerk, IBM
 1995/7-1995/8Accountclerks, ManleyToyTrading
 1994/6-1994/8Salesgirl, Esprit.
 If we can change an expression such as:

-AsaGeneralClerk             (IBM),         Accountsclerk             (ManleyToyTrading),
Ihavelearnedhowtopreparepurchasingorders, placeorders, handleaccountingmatter,
checkvoucher, ... also (Salesgirl, Esprit) developingthetechniqueofselling,
  better able to highlight the personal experience, to attract the attention of recruiters!
  Jobobjective career goals
  In general, the beginning of the general job-seekers will simply write in the resume
on the job position-PositionApplied: ManagementTrainee or Iamapplyingfor ... In fact,
if know how to use this small space to write their own career goals (jobobjective),
better show your enthusiasm and vision of the work, make recruiters pay more
attention to you.
  good example of this example:
  matter of fact, the foreign people are talking about the techniques to prepare your
resume in English, but also can be applied to Chinese Resume up. Dear reader, you
can try. - Thanks for reading this article, this article from [worry document]
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