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					Election monitor speech (primary)

  respected teacher. Dear Students:
  Hello, everybody!
  My name is **, this time, I want to run for the five (5) class monitor. From ** to me,
very proud of standing for election here. Although I know my competitors, I also
know that their strength is I can not be underestimated, but precisely because I fully
believe in their abilities, and today, I only have the courage to stand here.
  I have to make his "rhetoric", perhaps someone will chuckle, but I will tell him that
this is not conceited, it is self-confidence! a person who did not believe even their
own, so he is not qualified to do anything, even if done, it is difficult to success! I was
able to stand Here, largely as a result of my self-confidence! of course, capacity is
also very important, because a person's confidence and ability to always be
proportional. Some people may ask: Why do you want to do class cadres? At this
point, I would say, because the shift can be rigorous requirements of cadres led by
example, play a leading role, the class itself and common progress.
  last semester, I served as a squad leader in our class, fourth grade in school as
captain. I also made the work of certain achievements, has been a teacher. Students
the confidence and support. I am with with great enthusiasm and capable of doing
things, to win the teacher. students praise and won numerous "outstanding student
leaders". "Miyoshi students". "outstanding young pioneers" of the honor, which
makes me a lot of accumulated experience, For work, I was well placed to exploit, not
  class in the management of the process will inevitably encounter various difficulties,
the face of these difficulties, I also had to give up the idea of produce, but that I had to
convince myself not to give up, because to give up , it means that previous efforts
were in vain. So, today, I have to openly face the difficulties, to do their best to
resolve them.
  participating in the process of class management, especially for election before, I
learned many things: to do anything should have a strong sense of responsibility,
should conscientiously perform their duties in order to have a clear conscience. In the
management, we should set strict demands on themselves, because of his every move
made by the students see with their eyes, if you even control is not good, how to
manage people? To join the five (5) Class Class leaders, is a honor, it is a
responsibility. I know there are many challenges along the way, but I am confident I
have the ability to take up this pair of burden, because of my passion, my
perseverance, my work attitude. If I had the honor elected, I will lead by example,
with "primary code" code of conduct strict demands on themselves seriously and do
their job more for the sake of classes, better services for everyone, the teachers do a
good job little helper class small committee aide, so that our class a semester in the
new higher level! If I elected, I will not be discouraged, but continue to work hard the
next election opportunity. I will strive to improve their ability in the future, hoping for
five (5) classes in the work of cadres and members in this class cadre management, in
cooperation with the quest!
  if you believe me, support me, please vote for me on your valuable vote right!
  finished my speech, thank you! [Thanks for reading this article, this article from
[worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author]
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