The Delegates from Hell - Ethiopia by shs19146


									The Acts of Genocide                         Meles Zenawi –                 State Sponsored Terrorism
                                                                                  against Oromia
  against Oromos                         The Master of Genocide
                                                                            The current regime led by Meles
The      Australian     Oromo        Meles Zenawi (Prime Minister           Zenewi is the worst in violating
Community Association in             of Ethiopia), ranked No. 17 as         the basic rights of the Oromo
Victoria would like to inform        the world’s worst dictator is          people and in terrorising the
the Australian authorities and       responsible     for   numerous         Oromo people using the security
public   that    the  minority                                              forces   of     the   Ethiopian
                                     genocides against the Oromo
government of Ethiopia led by        people and other oppressed
the butcher of Abyssinia,            nationalities in Ethiopia and          The Oromos are the largest
Meles Zenwa has continued its        gross violation of human rights        ethnic group in the Horn of
acts of genocide against the         since he came to power 18 years        Africa, and the single largest
Oromo people.                        ago.                                   ethnic group in Ethiopia.

The regime in Finfine (aka              In May 2008, more than 400         Nevertheless, the Oromo people
Addis Ababa) armed, trained              Oromo      civilians   including   have been denied political,
and mobilised local militia from         elderly men, women and             social, economic and basic
                                         children in Eastern Wallega of     human rights under subsequent
the neighbouring regional state
                                         Oromia region were massacred       Ethiopian regimes that have
against Oromo civilians in the                                              ruled the country for a century.
                                         by the agents of Meles Zenawi.
Eastern Wallega of Oromia
State. As a result of this              In April 2008, more than 50        The       Oromo      Community
campaign orchestrated by the             Oromos in the Borana region        Association     requests     the
brutal government in Ethiopia,           were massacred in similar
                                                                            Australian public, government
more than 400 civilians lost their                                          institutions and NGOs to stop
                                                                            providing material and moral
lives and a lot of properties and
                                        In February 2008, more than
                                                                            support      to    this   brutal
livestock were either destroyed                                             government in Ethiopia and
                                         100 Oromo refugees were
or looted.                                                                  influence the regime to stop
                                         massacred in Bossaso, Somalia
                                                                            genocides against Oromos and
Our Community is deeply                  by the       Ethiopian troops
                                                                            other oppressed nationalities in
                                         stationed there.
concerned that these atrocities                                             the Horn of Africa.
have been going for more than           In February 2007, the Killing
18 years and requests the                                                          Map of Oromia
                                         Mountain (Gara Sufi massacre)
intervention of the international        took place in Eastern Oromia.
communities to stop the                  More than 20 farmers including
genocides against the Oromo              a 14 year old girl were killed.
                                        In 2007, Oromo refugees in
                                         Kenya were killed in cold blood
                                         by the agents of Meles Zenawi

                                        In 2006, more than 100 Oromo
                                         men, women and children were
                                         massacred by Meles agents in
                                         Western Haraghe of Oromia

                                        Numerous      genocides  were      For more information, please contact:
The bodies of Oromo civilians
                                         committed by Meles and his         Australian Oromo Community
massacred in May 2008 in Eastern
Wallega of Western Oromia region         crony over the last 18 years –     PO Box 1177, Clayton South, 3169
                                         too many to list here.   

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