Door decoration decoration works

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					Door decoration decoration works

 window decoration engineering

  1, the types of windows understanding
  (a) of sub-materials used: wood, steel, aluminum alloy , plastic, glass, steel,
galvanized color board.
  (b) by way of sub-open: Flat open, spring, sliding, revolving door, folding doors. A
fixed, flat open, turn windows, sliding window.
  (c) functional classification by the door: that is to points by using different. Noise
gate (filled core, outsourcing, noise fire), fire doors (A 1.2h, B 0.9h, c 0.6h), security
doors, decorative doors, roller shutter doors.
  2, steel doors and windows to understand
  (1) PVC doors and windows characteristics
  and wooden windows, steel windows, aluminum windows compare features.
  thermal energy efficiency, air tightness, water tightness, sound insulation, corrosion
resistance, cost-effective.
  (2) PVC doors and windows by categories
  sub-component materials: glass, steel, steel-plastic composite low-foaming, color
steel, aluminum thermal windows.
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