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					      Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences
      A degree in Sports and Health Sciences from American Public University is the study of the human, physical
      and psychological issues concerning sports, recreation, health, and wellness. In this program, students receive
      a strong foundation in both theoretical understanding and practical application. The combination of knowledge
      and experience derived from this program helps students to intelligently and successfully pursue careers in sports
      coaching, sports management, and health and fitness management.

      122 semester hrs / 40 courses                               » Sports Psychology

      General Education (37 semester hrs / 12 courses)            » Exercise Psychology
      Requirements include foundations of online learning,
                                                                  Major Courses (18 semester hrs / 6 courses)
      English, history, literature and humanities, science and
      mathematics, political science, and social studies.         Students must select all 3 courses in the same
                                                                  concentration. Concentrations are offered in:
      Core Courses (31 semester hrs / 10 courses)
                                                                  » Athletic Performance
      Students take 10 core courses:
      » Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology                » Coaching Studies
        with Lab                                                  » Sports Management
      » Sports Law, Risk, and Regulation                          » Pre-Sports Medicine
      » Nutrition                                                 » Security Management
      » Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology
                                                                  Electives (33 semester hrs / 11 courses)
      » Training and Conditioning                                 Students may choose from other courses not taken to
      » Sports and Recreation in Facility Management              meet required, core, or major requirements.
      » Kinesiology                                               Capstone Course (3 semester hrs / 1 course)
      » Human Life Span Development                               » Senior Seminar in Sports and Health Sciences

       American Public University                                                                        

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