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					Details of cash payments in cash payments

  detailed cash payments
  (a) wage
  1, the wage component. Total wages in accordance with relevant state regulations
should include the time or piece-rate wages, capital, allowances, subsidies, overtime
wages. But not including, the relevant provisions under the State Council issued the
promulgation of the creation of Invention Award, Science Award, Science and
Technology Progress Award, and payment of reasonable suggestions and
Technological Progress Award and the payment of athletes, coaches bonus; the labor
insurance and employee benefit costs; from , retirees treatment; labor protection
expenditures; royalties, lecture fees and special remuneration for their work; travel
food subsidies, food subsidies wrong to mobilize the travel and financial relief work;
on the purchase of stocks and bonds of the companies paid workers dividends; labor
contract system terminate the labor contract workers paid by the enterprise when
Medicaid fees and living expenses; to pay child subsidies for family planning.
  2, payment of wages. Real wages by the amount of the cashier will cash checks and
"payroll" sent to the banks, workers can rely on "current savings" passbook to a bank
teller matters.
  (b) Cost reimbursement
  1, other than travel expenses. Various units scattered about procurement personnel or
unit employees to pay medical and other expenses, can hold the original certificate to
the cashier, cashier carefully examine whether the various provisions of these costs,
whether the officer or department to be reimbursed after approval. Cashier reference
to the approved amount of reimbursement paid in cash, in the original documents
stamped "cash paid" stamp, and the preparation of accounting documents and so the
original certificate, the registration of journal entries.
  2, travel reimbursement. Unit staff need to borrow due to travel on official business
travel, should first obtain and fill out the financial sector borrowing orders, according
to one listed in the contents of the borrower completed, then sent to relevant
departments where the department heads and review of signatures. Cashier according
to their terms of reference, after the audit is correct for in cash. Mission staff came
back, all original to the cashier should hold office for reimbursement, the cashier staff
travel expenses to be familiar with the scope, standards and methods. Program:
mission should first obtain the financial sector claims, the relevant original documents,
for example, cars, tickets, accommodation receipts, meal tickets and other classified
documents after the paste behind the claims by the audit where the department heads
after the signing, delivery of financial departments under the relevant provisions of
the cashier staff, examination, to be reimbursed. Reimbursement for the preparation of
accounting documents as the original certificate credentials.
  (c) of the fund and renew and bespeak and reimbursement
  reserve fund is paid to the department or Internal staff costs for the isolated, sporadi c
purchases, credit-change or travel funds.
  1, imprest suits to. Internal staff time required to Consuming imprest general
managers completed by the loan documents. Loan documents can be used in triplicate
type certificate, the first joint as proof of payment, the financial sector as the basis for
entries, the second for the settlement documents, the loan term is retained by the
cashier, when a check for reimbursement based on claims for reimbursement after the
documents accompanying accounting documents as an annex to the third save the
Stock Exchange of loans, reimbursement when signed by the cashier returned to the
borrower as the borrower a receipt for timely settlement.
  2, imprest reimbursement. Can be divided into the imprest imprest and non imprest
two. Much you test fuel
  (1) imprest. Imprest imprest is frequently used units of various departments or
internal staff costs as a sporadic, sporadic purchases, sales-change or travel, etc.,
approved a cash amount of actual needs, and ensure to keep the approved amount.
Imprest system implemented using imprest or staff should be fixed in accordance with
approved fill out loan documents, once led a full scale, after use with invoices and
other relevant documents for reimbursement, reimbursement of the amount of the
cashier staff will supplement the original scale, thus ensuring The department or staff
to keep the approved cash fixed. Only the other end expiration, revocation or swap
managers imprest return until all the reserve fund.
  (2) non-imprest is the unit of capital reserve fund for use within various departments
or staff, according to each business loan needed to fill in the amount of imprest
vouchers, cash advance to the cashier after use with invoices and original receipts to
finance one-time reimbursement, Duotuishaobu, once closed, then re-apply for the
next loan procedures. / Center>