Dedicated teachers_ like teachers by fdjerue7eeu


									Dedicated teachers, like teachers

 dedicated teacher, like spring rain

 primary school, you are in our hearts flowers;

 high school , you are learning with us;

 that time, you are a fan of our lives;

 spring comes, you are a spring rain watering hungry hearts;

 ... ...

 flower like the teacher let us have the Mood for Love,

% D % A blooming in the assiduous;

 with the same teacher so we have a beautiful youth,

 never troubles in the quest for knowledge seeking;% D % A

 sail as teachers we have in life buoy,

 foster a life of courage in adversity and to learn independence skills;

 teacher, like spring rain, such as our hearts sprinkled nectar,

 solid left off building a string of footprints;

 ... ...
teacher my short career,

TV drama also learn to spend, then with, that sail, that spring,% D % A

... ...

left the podium at the beginning sorry for my parents,

renowned for their I say: What a pity!

"when in fact you are the best teacher ... ..."

I like that kind of evaluation;

grateful for that flower, that with, that sail, that spring -

to I used to have remarks of the evaluation is my teacher!

... ...

flower of enlightenment that cultivate our good study habits;

that with education, stimulate our thirst for knowledge;

fan's guide that, inspired us to pursue life, truth, goodness and beauty;

that spring moisture, enrich the content and quality of our lives;

... ...
-long learning sense of income, old music, worthiness,

 to benefit our life;

 pre-school education, news photography, news writing ... ...

 we continue to charge;

 we are like a sponge absorbing water, the teacher met with the school heart

 we always ask questions, willing to work with teachers to continue as partners;

 we overcome the "wisdom" impaired, impaired eye, ear barrier,

% D % A and mentor of Young Life Sailing;

 that flower, that with, that sail, that spring - a teacher,

 respected teachers,

 Global Village participants please accept my sincere wishes! .. This article from
[worry document] collection and sorting, for the original author. /

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