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					                    Northern Michigan University Resident Athlete Criteria
The Northern Michigan University Center is intended for college-aged athletes that have a desire
to continue their weightlifting careers, upon the completion of their high school degree. This
program will focus on the development of our “next generation” of lifters, with the intentions of
feeding into our National Training Center in Colorado Springs. This program will have the same
philosophies as our National Center to ensure continuity.
With these things in mind, below are the list criteria that will be used for athlete eligibility for the
program. Keep in mind that final selection into the program will be the decision of the Northern
Michigan University coaching staff in conjunction with the Executive Director of USA
Weightlifting. If an athlete in the Northern Michigan University program does not meet these
criteria, they may be removed at the end of the school term.
        1. Athlete must have completed their high school requirements and be eligible for a
           college degree seeking program.
        2. Athlete shall be between the ages of 17 and 25 to be eligible for the program.
        3. Athlete shall be required to carry a minimum of 12 credit hours while in the program.
        4. Athlete must adhere to all academic requirements as dictated by the USOEC program
           rules at Northern Michigan University.
        5. Athlete must be identified as having potential by the Northern Michigan University
           coaching staff and will be approved by the Executive Director and USA Weightlifting
        7. Athlete must contact the USA Weightlifting High Performance Director to request to
           be enrolled in the Out of Competition testing pool.
        8. Athletes will be assessed a fee of per academic semester to participate in the program.
           As of March 30, 2009, the fee is $500 per academic semester.
        9. Athletes must obtain and fill out USA Weightlifting Resident Athlete application form.
           Forms are available on the USA Weightlifting website or through the National Office.
           Applicants must be U.S citizens.

Applications for this program will be accepted from July 1-June 30th each year. The timeframe for
getting accepted at Northern Michigan University varies significantly depending on how long it
takes for the student to submit all the materials required for a complete application. The first step
is for the student to apply for acceptance to Northern Michigan University. This can be done on-
line at As part of the application
process, the high school and/or previous colleges the student attended must send official
transcripts to Northern Michigan University.
Each student must also complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form that
can be obtained at any high school guidance office or any college financial aid office. This form
is required for everyone applying for a B.J. Stupak Olympic Scholarship Program grant. Athletes’
tuition is paid for through the B.J. Stupak Olympic Scholarship Program (regardless of your
parents’ financial status). Once in the program, the award is 99.9% automatic. Therefore it is
imperative that everyone applying for this resident program fill out the FAFSA form as soon as
                Northern Michigan University Athletic Progress Requirements
Athletes will be evaluated throughout the resident year with final evaluation for continuation in
the program taking place at the end of the resident year. The Northern Michigan University
resident year runs from July 1st-June 30th of the following year. While athletes can be removed
from this program anytime during the course of any calendar year, removal from the program
would not occur during the middle of a school semester unless disciplinary problems are the
Athletes will be expected to make reasonable progress while in this program. Each athlete will
have a set of individualized criteria (goals and objectives) and accountabilities that they agree to
each year. The criteria will have goals and objectives which will be broken down into reasonable
time periods. The criteria will be developed by the Northern Michigan University coaching staff
with the Executive Director of USA Weightlifting giving final approval of such criteria.
Once established in the program, the following criteria must be met by the Northern Michigan
University resident athlete:
    1. Athlete must abide by the Northern Michigan University Code of Conduct.
    2. Athlete must compete at the National Collegiate Championship, with the exception of
       special circumstances (as discussed and approved by the NMU Coach).
    3. Athlete must place in the top 3 in total at the National Collegiate Championships or in the
       top 5 in total at the National Championships.
    4. Only two resident athletes per weight category will be eligible for the program.
    5. Athlete must adhere to NMU coach’s markers for National events or end of semester
    6. Athlete must show a 6-8 kg improvement every year. In the event that the athlete moves
       up a weight category, this range will increase to an improvement between 10-12 kg. In
       the event that the athlete moves down a weight category, this range will decrease to an
       improvement between 4-6 kg.
    7. Athlete must be ranked in the top 10 men and women for the University World
       Championships team within 2 years of residency.
    8. Athlete must demonstrate exceptional training habits such as punctuality, attendance,
       team work, respect for coach and athletes, following NMU coach’s workouts, etc.

Not meeting all the requirements does not necessarily mean an athlete is in jeopardy of being
removed from the program. For example, if an athlete were to win a medal at a world level or
other significant competition and that was the only criteria met; the athlete could potentially
remain in the program. Each case will be evaluated individually by the Northern Michigan
University coaching staff, in conjunction with the Executive Director of USA Weightlifting.

Please contact Andy Tysz with any questions regarding the program.