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									College graduates, self-identification ability of graduates Pham Van

 Pham Van graduates self-identified ability

  three-year secondary school life is a major turning point in my life, where the
learning professional knowledge will give me the way to society, to accept the
challenges of society. With excellent results, I have fought well prepared. The
following is my self-identification of Pham Van:
  flies like an arrow, and technical schools for almost three years, the end of a
beautiful time; is a major turning point in my life. In my xx xx xx Mechanic month to
enter the school, three years of school life, so that the overall quality of my own,
training, interpersonal skills, and communication capacity are all qualitative leap; let
me know the addition to learning outside the importance of individual ability of doing
things and the need for communicative competence. Technical school life and social
life are mutually mapping, so technical schools stage their overall quality and ability
to improve; is our modern technical school students as the subject.
  In addition, the spare time I often use networks to facilitate, in the latest scientific
and technological developments; particularly in relation to the expertise. Themselves
to keep up the latest developments in the world trend and the pace of the times. So I
learned master Windows, Office and other software for the operation and installation
of the system, familiar with web design; has been "multi-skill, a comprehensive
development" to strict demands on themselves, hard-working, hard eager to learn.
Practical and systematic study of the courses offered by the Knowledge and achieved
outstanding results.
  in school, I humbly school, hard earnest, hard, work hard, sum up; focus on linking
theory with practice, develop their own capabilities and self-analysis, problem-solving
abilities. In a variety of technical school life, in order to expand knowledge and
develop their own hobbies; actively participate in school activities outside of practice,
emphasis on team spirit; as cadres Student Union I, have a stronger organization,
promotion, management and contingency capacity; a high sense of responsibility and
good interpersonal relationships. In the brilliantly accomplished the tasks given to
higher authorities, organizations and schools also carry out some meaningful activities,
students can effectively organize and mobilize the enthusiasm of the students; from a
workout and improve their organizational and leadership skills. Showed strong ability
to work closely with people and good environmental adaptability; and popular
students and teachers as well as approval from the leadership.
  in their daily life with a positive attitude and get along with the students very
harmonious, welcomed by the students; while their communicative competence
increases, and as an ambitious youth, I strongly support the leadership of the CPC;
four cardinal principles. Conscientiously study Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong
Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory and implementing Jiang Zemin's "three
represents" important thought, and has been party to move closer.
  short, three-year technical school career is a short road of my life, and through the
systematic, theoretical learning; learned a lot of knowledge, more importantly, how to
quickly master a new speed things ability to mature a lot more determination of the
character. Now I have confidence to accept any new challenges and tests
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