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									Civil service civil service exam tips tips

  Civil Service Examinations experience working
  college career when I will, civil servants first, because I think now more and better
treatment of civil servants in recent years, rising many times the wages of civil
servants relative to foreign and private enterprises, but also stability and easier. With
the national civil service reforms, civil service selection, hiring, promotion, will be
more standardized, the civil service will increasingly become distinguished career.
  has a lot of my idea of college students, civil service exam is the feeling of soaring
  work of central departments to recruit civil servants began to register in November,
December were written to the ratio of 1:3, ordered from high score to low score,
determine interview candidates, out of two-thirds, the physical examination and meet
the political qualified to be elected. Conditions of civil servants in central ministries to
recruit a high, girls asked a? 60 meters above, on the vision have more stringent
requirements, unfortunately, I have these two are not compliance. However, I still
signed up, as a warm-up matches inferior race, the local civil service examinations for
future ready.
  test site located in the South China University of Technology, 9 am start of
examination. I and several classmates in the early morning departure from school,
they become sleepy, playing a nap in the car, finally to the Chinese workers, see a
channeling channeling an exam of the students filed into the room can not help but
scared hop is not my quarrel is more people to death. Really understood what it meant
when demand exceeds supply, what is a swarm.
  invigilators order, we began to respondents. Arts and share in this year's exam
questions more clearly, half and half, but appeared uncertain options common sense
questions. Science exam most simple physical sense, I Shoudaoqinlai, done very
easily. Can be an experience of history, literature theme, I can only rely on the vague
guess. Shi Yao error correction, change wrong sentences, literature selection, etc., will
be brutally betrayed me. Sure enough, had only a 60 to minutes, not short-listed.
  early in March, Shenzhen began to recruit local civil servants, to learn the lessons of
the last exam, I spot a few days before the examination review of their weaknesses in
reading comprehension, rates and other aspects of strengthening the tutorial.
  very close examination arrangements in Shenzhen, from the written tests, interviews
to the examination, no more than four days is over, really Shenzhen speed. Colleges to
sit a written examination the next morning, I found their performance, and in the
afternoon to the interview. The next step is physical examination and meet the
political, then got the offer. - This article from [worry document]
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