Civil Counter-Memorial _2_ counterclaim counterclaim by fdjerue7eeu


									Civil Counter-Memorial (2) counterclaim counterclaim

 written request for a civil counterclaim

 counter-claimant          (defendant     in    this complaint                  is        a
counterclaim ):___________________
 person (the v. plaintiff) :_________________
 (written           request           for     the     specific                       content
of )________________________________________________________

 fact and reason:
 (indicate a specific time, place, through, Witnesses, etc.)


 evidence and the source (if any witness, shall state the names and addresses of



 ________ Regards court

 attached: ____ a copy of the counterclaim were

 counter-claimant: __________
____ years ____ months ____ day

 counterclaim is a lawsuit accused the right to have begun in the proceedings the
defendant to the complaint of the plaintiff, the purpose is to offset or annexation of the
complaint the plaintiff's claim of an independent counterclaim. Therefore, it is the
nature of prosecution. Petition is to counterclaim against the use of legal instruments.
 counter-petition should be noted that the drafting of the problem is:
 (1) Only the complaint of the defendant to file a counterclaim, the counterclaim is
the appeal of the plaintiffs object.
 (2) counter-claims filed must be the precondition for the existence of complaints, the
absence of the complaint, counterclaim can not succeed.
 (3) The purpose annexation of counterclaim, offset by the plaintiff's claim, but only
before the first instance ruling.
 (4) counter-claim should be made to the appeal court.
 (5) counterclaim is its independence, cross-proceedings, if the withdrawal of the
appeal does not affect the counter-claims continue to hear.

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