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									Sample certificate of veterinary drugs veterinary records and records of

 sample of records of veterinary certificate
 random number □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ sampling date :_____ _____
years ____ months _ day
 Name :_______________________________
 veterinary drug production, formulation unit or place of :___________________
 sample size :_______________ Lot :____________ :________
 number of valid :_______________ production, preparation or purchase
quantity :__________________
 number            have           been            sold          or        inventory
amount :________________ :_________________
 is           the           sampling            unit           was         sampled
sites :______________________ :________________
 sampling unit (seal) Signature :______ sample was sampling units (sealed) The
Signature :_____________________

 (Note: The certificate in triplicate, first copy, the second cross was the sampling unit,
the third Exchange veterinary inspection agency Inspection card with transfer)
 Annex 1:
 beast \ medicine \ letters \ sign

  veterinary Seals name and lot number :_________________
  sampling unit handling people :_____________
  sampling unit was the person handling :___________
  sample of seals date :_______________
  Note: The seal length 30cm, width 10cm;
  small seal length 20cm, width 6cm. - Thank you for reading this article, this article
from [worry document] www.5udoc.com collection and collation, to thank the
original author] / center>

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