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					CBRC three small businesses capital thirst for research funding research

  survey of small business finance CBRC
  7 2, the CBRC said the person, the CBRC recently organized 56 working groups is
being rushed to Jiangsu , Zhejiang, Shandong three studies the survival of small
business status.
  survey of the main contents include small businesses in the credit crunch, rising
costs, RMB appreciation of the development of the case, and small business financing
and financing level of difficulty. Among them, the study focused on whether there are
in line with national industrial policy, small enterprises in the growth stage was
"Cuosha", became the object of regulation facing credit problems.
  The source said that under the macro part of the small business failures, private
financing warming has caused great concern regulators. The research will provide an
important basis for decision-making regulators next step.
  worried, "Paul suppressing"
  small business to solve the employment and economic development is of great
significance, therefore, the CBRC in recent years has been vigorously promoting the
various banks to increase loans to support small businesses. However, under the bank
credit crunch this year, "Paul of suppressing the" growing concerns about heavy.
  Standard Chartered economist Stephen Green said in a recent report where a large
number of credit are continually being put to the provincial investment projects of
enterprises, this also means that the purchase of raw materials often require a large
number of SMEs in cash only despite funding strand breaks can be either, or turn to
private financial or underground financing.
  bill financing is the most common SME trade financing, credit line management has
now become the main "victims." Since July 2007 has, in addition to January 2008, the
adoption of the Notes to refinance the amount of available financing declined for 8
consecutive months.
  Stephen Green, believes that part of the reason for this situation is to change the
rules of banking-related - bills to be included in the loan to deposit ratio of diameter,
but the bigger reason is that credit limit. For spreads and cost considerations, naturally
inclined to grant long-term bank loans.
  quarter of this year, short-term loans (including bills rediscount) increased by 545
billion yuan, less than 183 billion yuan over the same period in 2007, only 43% of
new loans. In the first quarter of this year, total new loans, SOE loans accounted for
25.8%, compared with 21 percent increase over the same period last year. The
proportion of private enterprises loans fell to 7.8%.
  "One problem is that the Chinese economy is not sound wings, struggling part of the
group suffering the financial crunch really suffering ... ... this case on the Chinese
economy is particularly detrimental to the healthy development of medium and long
term." Mr Green said.
  coincidence, 3,4 months of this year, Jiangsu Banking Regulatory Bureau selected
Suzhou, Changzhou, Nantong, Taizhou, Huai'an, Xuzhou, 6 cities, and from each city
selected five banking institutions and 20 small business sample investigation.
Findings will enable Jiangsu Banking Regulatory Bureau concerned.
  "to implement tight monetary policy, in order to price increases, funds to tighten as
the main feature of the market environment, small business financing problems
worse." Jiangsu Banking Regulatory Bureau said in his report, due to the CBRC
developing small corporate financial services, small business loans still on the upside,
but with rhythm control, small business loans fluctuations, must tighten policy to
prevent small business loans as a major contraction of the object.
  concentration of Wenzhou and medium-sized enterprises are also part of the closure
or suspension of business. "Now a lot of loan sharks, are 100 percent per annum,
some debt-ridden, was fleeing from debt collection." Wenzhou, Zhejiang, a small
business owner said.
  rise in the rate of small business loans bad?
  But there are also joint-stock banks believe that the banks do not exist for small
businesses "unfair" treatment, the problem is small business capacity of anti-risk
ability and rehabilitation weak banks made loans necessary to consider the risks.
  reporter was informed from a number of people, the SME loan business has done
more in a foreign Bank, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, the defect rate of small business
loans over the recent substantial increase in non-performing rate of nearly 3% Main
business conditions may deteriorate and lead to similar cases such Piandai.
  small business credit, although loans for small businesses to facilitate, but due to
lack of collateral, while a greater risk of exposure.
  reporter learned that some small banks do try to floating interest rates in the way, try
to cover the risk of SME loans. Some of the interest rate banks based on the float in
the benchmark interest rate 50% or 100%, and set a limit on the amount of loans, such
as single loan is not more than 1 million yuan or 500,000 yuan. They also expressed
outside of a small business loan growth will not be lower than the average loan
growth, and retain a larger line of credit.
, but due to lack of experience on loan pricing, increased risk of adverse concerns
remain. In this regard, "monetary policy is difficult to judge with fairness, equity must
rely on fiscal policy." Lu political commissar, chief economist at Societe Generale
said. / Center>