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                                            August 2008                                      Beltrami Electric Cooperative

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                To help our members save money on goods and services of all kinds, we started
                the Co-op Connections program. To help area businesses prosper and grow,
                we promote them free when they honor the Co-op Connections Card.
                                                                                                              Northern Lights • August 2008   
                Members take out the Co-op Connections Card anywhere they see a Co-op Connections sticker.
                They save. The business gains a new customer. Everyone wins. We believe in looking out for you.
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     Northern Lights (USPS 016488), Vol. 55, No. 7 is 
     published monthly by Beltrami Electric Cooperative 
     Inc., 4111 Technology Drive N.W., Bemidji, Min-
     nesota 56619-0488. Subscription rate $5. Periodicals 

                                                                                        Manager’s Desk
                                                                                                   Across the

                                                                                         Lynette Nieuwsma, General Manager

                                                                                         Future Power Supply
     Postmaster: Please send address corrections to 
     Beltrami Electric Cooperative Inc., P.O. Box 488, 
     Bemidji, Minnesota 56619-0488.
             Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
                      Monday – Friday                         I’m writing this right after a great July          Nearly half of electricity generation 
               Customer Service: 218-444-2540                 4th weekend. Summer has finally arrived.       in our nation comes from coal-fired 
                     or 1-800-955-6083                        Typical summer weather has been slow           power plants. Mounting pressures to 
                            coming this year and so have been new          lower greenhouse gas emissions have 
                                                              service requests. The economy is having        made it more difficult and costly to 
                       Board of Directors                     its impact on the cooperative just as it is    build coal-fired facilities. Nuclear power 
     President                Lyle Robinson, District 9       on many other businesses. In the short-        doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, but strong 
                                    (Minnkota Director)
                                                              term, the slow down isn’t all bad. We          political and philosophical opposition 
     Vice President            Jack Swenson, District 4       are catching up on maintenance work            makes building new plants very difficult. 
     Secretary           Arnold Christianson, District 7      we have gotten behind on during our            In fact, the first nuclear plants in nearly 
     Treasurer                  Frank Zentek, District 5      previous busy construction years. We           30 years are just hitting the drawing 
     Directors: Emmet Weidenborner, District 1, (Square       also have not had to borrow construction       board. 
     Butte Director); Lea Perkins, District 2; Adrian De-     funds so far this year.  Growth, however,          Additionally, rising costs of fossil 
     Vries, District 3; Rick Coe, District 6; Terry Dif-      is what keeps any business strong and          fuels to produce electricity and power 
     fley, District 8                                         viable so we hope this trend is not long       plant construction materials like steel, 
                                                              lived.                                         concrete, and copper make the industry’s 
     General Manager                  Lynette Nieuwsma             At the end of the construction            ability to bring sufficient generation 
     Editor                               Cindy Gannon        season, it is bound to get busy – it always    on-line more difficult. That is why, the 
                                                              does. If you will be in need of a new          ability for Minnkota to delay building 
                                                              service, get your application in as soon       a new power plant is so important to 
 Minnesota State Electrical Inspectors                        as possible. That completed application        Beltrami Electric members. 
         Beltrami and Clearwater Counties                     along with the required fees determines             As a result of the difficulty in 
                     Mark Smythe                              the construction order.  Considering this      building new coal generation, natural gas 
           218-751-0487 or fax 218-751-3900                   year’s unusual weather, I would not care       has become the “bridge” fuel of choice 
          e-mail:                     to estimate when freeze-up will come. All      for keeping the lights on; at least until 
                       I can recommend is to plan ahead and be        new low-emissions technologies are 
              Cass and Hubbard Counties                       prepared.                                      developed on a large scale. Natural gas 
                     Bob Orgon                                     Gasoline prices have soared close to      plants are usually smaller than coal-fired 
           218-556-3829 or fax 218-333-0451                   $4 per gallon (maybe higher by the time        or nuclear plants; can be built faster; and 
 These are the inspectors covering the area served            you read this) and all other energy prices     typically face less public opposition than 
 by Beltrami Electric. They can be reached by                 are on the increase. Electricity prices in     other power generation options, making 
 phone Monday through Friday between 7 and 9                  the Midwest have remained relatively 
 a.m. or by fax or e-mail as indicated.
                                                                                                             them a convenient alternative.  But 
                                                              stable, but they too will be taking some       natural gas also has its drawbacks.
                                                              big hits. Pressure is being put on coal-            The price of natural gas has tripled 
              Gopher State One Call                           fired generation which makes up 80%            since 2002 and jumped 93 percent since 
                                                              of Minnkota’s generation mix. One of           August 2007. As more natural gas is used 
                1-800-252-1166                                our largest wholesale rate increases           for electricity, some parts of our country 
 Anyone who is planning to dig is required by law             projected around 13% will occur in 
 to notify the state of their intentions at least 48                                                         will likely see huge electric bills increase 
 hours in advance.                                            2009. The major driving factor in these        as well. According to the U.S. Energy 
                                                              rate increases is what Minnkota must           Information Administration, if natural gas 
 All digging requires the 48-hour notification                achieve in order to meet state and federal     consumption continues at its current rate 
 so that buried telephone line, television cable,             regulations and legislation.  Before 
 pipelines, electrical lines, water lines and sewer                                                          without an increase in imports, national 
 lines can be located to ensure that none will be             state or federal legislation costs are in      reserves will be tapped out within 10 
 severed or damaged.                                          the added, Minnkota is spending $135           years. 
                                                              million in EPA mandated changes in the             At Beltrami Electric, it has been our 
                                                              next few years. In addition, about $120        ongoing mission to provide you with 
 On the cOver: The sturdy old pole greets the                 million will be spent to upgrade electrical    reliable and affordable electricity. To 
 rising sun on an orange morning in Blackduck.                equipment at the plants due to new 
 Photo by Nate Lien, Blackduck, Minn.                                                                        ensure that we can continue to meet your 
                                                              regulations.                                   energy needs, we have joined with other 
     Northern Lights • August 2008
    Co-op Membership is Unique                   these evaluations are applied when an                    “Our Energy, Our Future” Campaign Asks
                                                 undercharge has occurred.                           Second Question
Each of us as a cooperative member                   Beltrami Electric Cooperative’s                      Your voice is being heard on Capitol Hill.
has the right to share in the benefits           board of directors has set in place Policy               Thanks to co-op grassroots efforts
available through membership and                 #235 which spells out the process for               through the Our Energy, Our Future
the responsibility to contribute to the          handling a member’s undercharge as                  campaign, consumers have sent more than
cooperative for the services we receive.         a result of incorrect reading of the                90,000 messages to their legislators asking
     Your cooperative’s rates and policies       meter. Undercharges may be billed                   what they are doing to ensure we will have the
are designed to charge a fair and                to the member in equal installments                 capacity we need to keep the lights on. This
equitable amount of each member. The             over the length of time in which the                wasn’t an issue most legislators were thinking
Cooperative is unique in that all members        undercharge took place, up to twelve                about, and now — thanks to you — many are.
are also owners and work together to             months, without interest, provided that             Congratulations on helping to start a dialogue
provide electrical service to all members.       no culpable conduct by the member                   about this important question!
It is important that each member pay their       caused the undercharge. In the case of an                The Our Energy, Our Future campaign is
fair share so this burden does not fall on       overcharge, the amount of the overcharge            moving to its second question, which deals
to the other members.                            shall be refunded or credited to the                with technology investment.
     We understand that there may be             customer immediately.                                    Visit the campaign Web site today to ask
some circumstances affecting individual              We will consider each individual                your legislators what they are doing to speed
members that create difficulty in                circumstance affecting a member’s                   the development of new technology that will
payment promptly for electricity used.           ability to pay their electrical bill when           allow you and other consumers to have the
In these cases the cooperative desires to        the member notifies the cooperative.                electric power you need while meeting our
communicate and enter into appropriate           Such notice to the Cooperative should               national climate policy goals. It’s time to let
payment arrangements with the member-            be made as soon as possible and no later            legislators know these are important issues to
owner.                                           than when the member receives a notice              consumers and continue the dialogue.
     One such circumstance creating              of delinquency according to Cooperative 
difficulty is a billing undercharge as a         policy #209 set forth by our board of 
result of incorrect reading of the meter.        directors.
Meters are typically very accurate                   Keeping the communication channels 
and it is rare when they do not read             open is the key to working through any 
correctly. Electrical usage is transmitted       differences of opinion that may occur 
from the meter by automated meter                between the cooperative and an individual 
reading technology that brings in these          member. Disconnection of service is used 
readings and records them for billing.           only when there is no progress toward a                                           2007 Key Findings
Sometimes the transmitted usage fails            mutually agreeable payment schedule.  begun integrating long-term resource planning into
                                                             system operator) have proactively
to transfer properly or is not interpreted       Your cooperative is very conscious of the  “forward capacity markets.” The mechanisms
                                                             their market structures through new
correctly. Beltrami Electric utilizes            unique status each of us has as member-
                                                             supporting these markets are in place and look promising for the future.
all methods of evaluation when it is             owners and the rights and responsibilities 
                                                             In all or portions of other areas such as WECC, MRO and FRCC, there is a state-
determined that a customer’s usage is            of membership.  “obligation to serve” that may either be a back-stop to organized markets or
not recording correctly. The results from                    the primary approach to support construction of new resources. Though there is
                                                             insufficient commitment to include these potential resources in this assessment’s
                                                             calculations, these areas have historically met their capacity margins requirements.

electric co-ops across the country in a               MRO
grassroots campaign called “Our Energy, 
Our Future: A Dialogue With America.”             WECC Canada
                                                                                                                                               New England
     This campaign seeks to engage                 2007/2009
                                                    (Winter                                                                                     2009/2009
policymakers on critical energy 
questions, such as how to balance                                                                                                                New York
                                                    Rocky Mtn                                                                                   2011/2016+
growing electricity needs and                       2009/2011
environmental goals, and how much of                                                                                                              RFC
all this will increase electric bills. Please                                                                                                   2012/2013
visit to get the                 California
conversation started. For those of you              2009/2011                                                                                      SPP
who attended our annual meeting and 
allowed us to send e-mail messages or               AZ/NM/SNV                                                                                     ERCOT
printed letters on your behalf, we thank             2009/2011                                                                                  2009/2016+

you for your commitment. The second 
round of three e-mails and printed 
messages has been sent. 
     Enjoy the rest of your summer.

                                                  The map above identifies the years when a region/subregion drops below target capacity margin levels
                                                    required to meet summer peak (unless noted as winter) including both committed and Lights • August 2008 
                                                                                                                                   Northern uncommitted
                                                  resources Those region/subregions not identified are not projected in the next ten years to drop below
                                                                                       their target margin levels.
                                                                                               Hussong, Jeffrey K.; Minneapolis, Minn.
                                                                                               Ingle, Patrick E.; San Diego, Calif.
                                                                                               Ivanisko, Frank; Laporte, Minn.
                                                                                               Jackson, Thomas E.; Tower, Minn.
                                                                                               Jacobsen, Evelyn; Burlington, Colo.
                                                                                               Johnson, Viola; Isanti, Minn.
                                                                                               Johnson, Othelia; Devils Lake, N.D.
                                                                                               Johnson, Eric R.; Bemidji, Minn.
                                                                                               Johnson, Garry W.; Saint Paul, Minn.
                                                                                               Jones, Mary O.; Waskish, Minn.
                                                                                               Jones, Harrison; North Sioux City, S.D.
                                                                                               Jones, Laura M.; Minneapolis, Minn.
                                                                                               Jorgenson, Eugene; Minneapolis, Minn.
                                                                                               Jurris, Steve; Cicero, Ill.
Aasen, Edith; Grand Forks, N.D.                 Drake, Joan,; Eagle River, Alaska              Kaehler, John; Bemidji, Minn.
Allen, Lloyd; Lester Prairie, Minn.             Edgewater Beach Club; Spokane, Wash.           Kay, Bonnie; Chicago, Ill.
Altringer, Paul C.; Eagan, Minn.                Ekstrand, Roger M.; Osceola, Wisc.             Keelin, T.W.; Bemidji, Minn.
Anderson, Eugene H.; Saint Paul, Minn.          Elgethun, J.H.; Sioux Falls, S.D.              Kettler, Rick; Waconia, Minn.
Anderson, Randy W.; Clearbrook, Minn.           Elsner, Imogene; Minneapolis, Minn.            Kingbird, Calvin; Cass Lake, Minn.
Anderson, Ingeborge C.; Minneapolis, Minn.      Erickson, Robert; Bemidji, Minn.               Kingbird Jr., John J.; South St. Paul, Minn.
Anderson Jordahl Dev. Co.,; Moorhead, Minn.     Ess, Kenneth J.; Henderson, Nev.               Kingbird Sr., Mitchell E.; Redby, Minn.
Andresen, Richard; Grand Island, Neb.           Eveland, John; Ames, Iowa                      Klein, Debra M.; Pierz, Minn.
Arkco Leasing Inc.; Bemidji, Minn.              Eychaner, Anna M.; Bemidji, Minn.              Kleinwort, Bernie; Fargo, N.D.
Arnold, Elizabeth; Bemidji, Minn.               Fairbanks, Kevin; Minneapolis, Minn.           Klungness, Peter; Auburn, Wash.
Arntson, Michael; Arvada, Colo.                 Farkas, Lillian; Minneapolis, Minn.            Knippling, F.D.; Princeton, Minn.
Asche, Joe; Gering, Neb.                        Farrow, Mary; Minneapolis, Minn.               Knudsen, Florence K.; Maple Lake, Minn.
Baird, Will; Bemidji, Minn.                     Felder, David; Big Lake, Minn.                 Kobler, Harry J.; Drayton, N.D.
Balmer, Lavon R.; Bourbon, Ind.                 Forman, Marjorie L.; Chicago Ridge, Ill.       Koerber, Lee; Garland, Texas
Barclay, Patricia; San Carlos, Ariz.            Francisco, Cathy; Wauconda, Ill.               Koger, James A.; Lynchburg, Va.
Barwick, Gregory A.; Bemidji, Minn.             Furman, Lawrence; Ann Arbor, Mich.             Kosbau, Kenneth A.; Coon Rapids, Minn.
Bergeison, Gershon; Bemidji, Minn.              Garten, Maria; Park Rapids, Minn.              Krueger, Robert E.; Miami, Fla.
Bigler, D. I.; Beloit, Wis.                     Gerdeman, Trudy; Bemidji, Minn.                Kuha, Robert T.; Littleton, Colo.
Blocher Outdoor Adv. Inc.; Saint Cloud, Minn.   Gilbertson, Lynn; Shevlin, Minn.               Labarre, Ray; Mesa, Ariz.
Boden, John; Phoenix, Ariz.                     Gilchrist, Robert; Reedsport, Ore.             Lade, James G.; Valley City, N.D.
Boettcher, Robert L.; Verndale, Minn.           Glaze, Larry E.; Gallup, N.M.                  Lampert, Glynda; Bemidji, Minn.
Brouillard, Michael J.; Bemidji, Minn.          Godbout, Raymond J.; Saint Paul, Minn.         Larson, Julie; Bemidji, Minn.
Brunette, Pauline; Cass Lake, Minn.             Griffith, James W.; South Intl. Falls, Minn.   Larson, Jeff; Rowlett, Texas
Bryant, Kathalene M.; Box Elder, S.D.           Grotberg, Larry; Eveleth, Minn.                Lee, Delbert; Fairfax, Mo.
Buechner, Corine; Red Lake, Minn.               Grove, Rosemary; Grand Rapids, Minn.           Lehrfeld, Marc; Minneapolis, Minn.
Burke, Herman; Cahokia, Ill.                    Guice, John A.; Kansas City, Mo.               Leuch, Richard E.; Cincinnati, Ohio
Byer, Burnelle B.; Storm Lake, Iowa             Gullickson, Mark; Solway, Minn.                Lewis, Linda S.; Rogers, Minn.
Calkins, Marie O.; Fairbanks, Alaska            Haberman, Douglas; Maple Grove, Minn.          Liesener, Kerrie; Bagley, Minn.
Carlson, Donata L.; Rochester, Minn.            Halvorson, Hans E.; Cass Lake, Minn.           Linder, L.E.; Minot, N.D.
Carlson, Lawrence C.; Cape Coral, Fla.          Harlicker, Scott; Minneapolis, Minn.           Lindgren, William; Saint Paul, Minn.
Carter, Howard; Mankato, Minn.                  Harms, Duane; Gurnee, Ill.                     Lines, Rebecca; Bemidji, Minn.
Casey, Janet; Clear Lake, Minn.                 Harr, Ronda; Bemidji, Minn.                    Linne, Mark T.; Deer River, Minn.
Cater, Allen W.; Minneapolis, Minn.             Harris, Sandra; Carson City, Nev.              Littlelight, Cloyce; Stanwood, Wash.
Charles, Jean; Kirkland, Wash.                  Harris, Isabelle L.; Camden, Ohio              Loyd, Ralph W.; Mesa, Ariz.
Chase-Zimpel, Hazel M.; Cass Lake, Minn.        Hartfiel, Joel T.; Bemidji, Minn.              Lunde, Otto; Bemidji, Minn.
Chinook Ventures, Janet Esty; Bemidji, Minn.    Hawes, James; Anchorage, Alaska                Lundeen, Denny; Cokato, Minn.
Coburn, Darlene; Blackduck, Minn.               Hayes, Steven; Cass Lake, Minn.                Lussier Jr., Allen J.; Red Lake, Minn.
Cochran, Wade; Bemidji, Minn.                   Heins, Les; Tustin, Calif.                     Lyon, John W.; Walker, Minn.
Coen, Bart; Bemidji, Minn.                      Heishman, William; Bemidji, Minn.              Madigan, Hwa S.; Cambridge, Minn.
Colliton, David S.; Bemidji, Minn.              Hendrickson, Bruce; Mound, Minn.               Magidson, Ed; Saint Paul, Minn.
Cooke, Maxine; Lavista, Neb.                    Hensel, Jeffrey J.; Lindstrom, Minn.           Mannila, Kenneth W.; Flagstaff, Ariz.
Couch, Barbara; Davenport, Iowa                 Hinkley II, Paul; Grand Rapids, Mich.          Martin, Leila; Bemidji, Minn.
Cox, Raymond; Flagstaff, Ariz.                  Hoagland, Gordon; Bemidji, Minn.               Martinez, Mary D.; Tuba City, Ariz.
Crosby, Ginny; Bemidji, Minn.                   Hofman, Donald; Port Orchard, Wash.            McBride, Karen; Bemidji, Minn.
Dahle, Oliver P.; Bemidji, Minn.                Hohman, Gerald A.; Mesa, Ariz.                 McCarthy, Maureen; Minneapolis, Minn.
Dewald, John; Saint Bethlehem, Tenn.            Holmgren, Mark A.; Bemidji, Minn.              McCashland, Benjamin W.; Willoughby, Ohio
Dickinson, Frank; Red Lake, Minn.               Hooper, Jeffrey G.; Bemidji, Minn.             Mcelhose, Rose M.; Arlington Heights, Ill.
Dill, James C.; Wheaton, Ill.                   Horn, Truman; New Ulm, Minn.                   McMurdo, Barbara; Grand Rapids, Minn.
Dirnberger, Richard A.; Ames, Iowa              Houske, Joe T.; Grand Forks, N.D.              McReavy, John W.; Saint Cloud, Minn.
Dodge, Duane D.; Bemidji, Minn.                 Howard, Robert F.; Phoenix, Ariz.              Meirick, Leo A.; Spring Lake Park, Minn.
Dooley, Chester; Menahga, Minn.                 Hunter, Rhea; Puposky, Minn.                   Meyer, Paul D.; Bemidji, Minn.
4    Northern Lights • August 2008
Moline, James E.; Bemidji, Minn.               Slone, Cathy; Bemidji, Minn.                    Towe, Gordon M.; Northway, Alaska
Monk III, Marvin E.; Harlingen, Texas          Smith, John A.; Mansfield, Mo.                  Tuttle, Ruth; Clearwater, Minn.
Morell, Mark E.; Bemidji, Minn.                Smith, William S.; Waterloo, Iowa               Ulring, Eugene A.; Red Lake Falls, Minn.
Morgan, Russell D.; Marinette, Wis.            Smith, Gerald P.; Duluth, Minn.                 United Investments, Richard Hoffman;
Moritz, Linda; Mankato, Minn.                  Smith, Rose E.; Bemidji, Minn.                  Brainerd, Minn.
Morlan, Marjorie A.; Redmond, Wash.            Sorensen, Alan; Grand Forks, N.D.               Vanscheers, Kay; Tenstrike, Minn.
Moulds, Ronald A.; Lonsdale, Minn.             Soulak, Susan; Anoka, Minn.                     Vinar, Rober; Perris, Calif.
Mrazek, Gary W.; Hallock, Minn.                Spring, James; Des Moines, Iowa                 Wakefield, Roy; Honolulu, Hawaii
Murray, Daniel; East Grand Forks, N.D.         Stangel, Jerry A.; Cass Lake, Minn.             Waseka, Don J.; Longville, Minn.
Musick, James; Grand Ledge, Mich.              Steien, John; Morrison, Ill.                    Waterman, Leon A.; Silvis, Minn.
Nabben, Edith; Warren, Minn.                   Stevens, Martha M.; La Jolla, Calif.            Watkins, George M.; Park Rapids, Minn.
Nelson, Lisa K.; Redby, Minn.                  Stover, Maurine E.; Laramie, Wyo.               Weaver, Robert; Cass Lake, Minn.
Nelson, Paul A.; Superior, Wis.                Sunset View Chalet; Bemidji, Minn.              Weiss, Janet C.; Salem, Wis.
Nelson, Kenneth W.; Barrow, Alaska             Sweeney, John J.; Saint Paul, Minn.             Wendt, Al; Mesa, Ariz.
Nichols, Ruth; Northome, Minn.                 Syverson, Alpha G.; Fargo, N.D.                 Wenger, Robert S.; Sioux Falls, S.D.
Nordmark, Vernon; Glendale, Ariz.              Tanner, Brian G.; Bemidji, Minn.                Wenzel, David T.; Moorhead, Minn.
North Central Livestock Auct; Bemidji, Minn.   Teien, Alfred; Minneapolis, Minn.               Wenzel, Elmer; Fargo, N.D.
Northern Relay Inc.; Bemidji, Minn.            Tester, Bruce; Grafton, N.D.                    Whalen, Hugh W.; Stephen, Minn.
Od, Douglas H.; Roseau, Minn.                  Theel, Ronald T.; Marshall, Minn.               White, Jane; Frazee, Minn.
O’Donnell, Michael; Grand Forks, N.D.          Theisen, Janis S.; Blackduck, Minn.             Wilcox, Richard N.; Dexter, Mich.
Olson, James A.; Mahnomen, Minn.               Thibedeau, Alvina; Laporte, Minn.               Willcutt, Patricia; Rochester, Minn.
Olson, Lynn L.; Colorado Springs, Colo.        Thomas, Marcia A.; Rolla, Mo.                   Williams, Carol J.; Cass Lake, Minn.
Osborne, Raymond; Grand Blanc, Mich.           Thompson, Susan D.; Bemidji, Minn.              Wilson, Chris; Bemidji, Minn.
Osier, Suzanne; Chariton, Iowa                 Thunder-Howard, Imogene; Warroad, Minn.         Wilson, Tom L.; Becida, Minn.
Ostby, Henry J.; Fargo, N.D.                   Todd, Becky A.; Bemidji, Minn.                  Woodruff, Rollen L.; Minneapolis, Minn.
Otto, Ronald; Shakopee, Minn.                  Topp, O.W.; Lake Charles, Iowa                  Zilka, Richard L.; Minneapolis, Minn.
Pauley, Charles; Willmar, Minn.                Torkelson, Robert; Crookston, Minn.             Zurn, Gail C.; Fargo, N.D.
Paulson, Duane; Roseau, Minn.
Pearsall, Irvin R.; Kelliher, Minn.
Perrilles, Zeda M.; Pekin, Ill.
Peterson, Keri; Laporte, Minn.                      Safety is everyone’s business
Philipsek, Carolyn; Saint Cloud, Minn.
Pieran, Helen; Chicago, Ill.                     Safety is everyone’s business and Beltrami Electric Cooperative strives to ensure 
Pilloud, Craig W.; Minneapolis, Minn.            the safe reliable delivery of electricity to your home or business. We participate 
Primus, Lyla; Saint Paul, Minn.                  annually in safety camps and offer free demonstrations to schools and other 
Rachwal, Ronald E.; Union Grove, Wis.            organizations regarding electrical safety. Here are a few electrical safety tips to 
Rainville, James T.; Sun City, Ariz.             share with your family. 
Randall, Audrey; Walker, Minn.                        •  If your vehicle comes into contact with a power line, stay in the vehicle. 
Riggles Budreau, Nancy; Belgrade, Mont.          Have someone outside the vehicle contact the power company to have the line 
Riley, Lawrence V.; Bemidji, Minn.               de-energized. If you must leave the vehicle due to a fire, jump clear of the vehicle 
Ripczinski, Donald; Waskish, Minn.               without coming into contact with the ground and vehicle at the same time.
Roberts, C.A.; Dunkerton, Iowa                        •  Never use electrical appliances in or around water.
Ronhovde, Trudy; Bemidji, Minn.                       •  Replace frayed cords or extension cords, as they are a potential point of 
Ronquist, Richard; Athens, Ga.                   electrocution.
Ross, Adeline; Cass Lake, Minn.                       •  Don’t climb on or near power poles or transmission lines. Don’t let anyone 
Rossbach, Julie M.; Bemidji, Minn.               shoot or throw stones at insulators.
Rud, Allen M.; Brainerd, Minn.                        •  Keep clear of pad-mounted transformers. Don’t dig around the transformer. 
Rugroden, Martin E.; Maple Grove, Minn.          If a lock is missing from the transformer contact the electric utility immediately.
Sand, Sidney; Blackduck, Minn.
                                                      •  If you see a tree in contact with a power line, do not remove the tree. Contact 
Sanders, Elizabeth A.; Bemidji, Minn.
                                                 the power company immediately and they will remove the hazard.
Sauvageau, David; Brainerd, Minn.
Sauve, A.V.; Dallas, Texas                            Outage reporting for Beltrami Electric Cooperative members
Savage, Michael; Iowa City, Iowa                      In case of a power outage, first check your breakers or fuses and the outside 
Schlagel, Don; Saint Cloud, Minn.                disconnect switch (if applicable) to determine if they have tripped off due to a 
Schlagel, Dennis; Lindstrom, Minn.               power overload. If you determine the power outage is not in your wiring system, 
Schmidt, Ragna A.; Oslo, Minn.                   we ask that you check with your neighbors to determine if they are also without 
Schmidt, Joseph R.; Osseo, Minn.                 service before reporting the outage. Report the outage directly to the office in 
Schultz, Herbert L.; Austin, Minn.               Bemidji at 218-444-2540 or 1-800-955-6083. Having your location number handy 
Schultz, Leonard; Bemidji, Minn.                 when you report the outage will help line crews restore power more quickly.
Schwanke, Lance B.; Two Harbors, Minn.                Cordless phones do not work during power outages. Make sure land line 
Severson, Robert O.; Pelican Rapids, Minn.       phones or cell phones are accessible in case of power outages.
Sexton, Gregory M.; Saint Paul, Minn.
Sides, Richard L.; Drexel, Mo.
Siebert, Anthony A.; Washington, Mo.
Slattery, Helen; Glenwood, Minn.
                                                                                                                       Northern Lights • August 2008   
     Northe rn Lights
                  For Sale:
                                               ClassifiedsPurebred Australian Shepherds puppies: 4 male               Universal back hoe without riggers, 3. Hook up,          Border Collie puppies. 224-3143.
                                                          Red Merles, 2 female Black Tri-color, 2 Blue Merles,        with PTO pump. $3,500. 320-493-1181.
’99 Bayliner Capri 18.5’, 210 h.p. Merc, exc cond.        1 Female Red Tri-color. Born May 27, 2008. Call                                                                      ’96 Yamaha Viarago 750 Cruiser, 11,500 miles, lots
766-0198.                                                 218-766-3889                                                4 tires with 8-hole rims and hubcaps; 2 Dunlop           of extras. $3,200. 218-766-5959.
                                                                                                                      Regular and 2 Baha Snow for ¾ ton Ford 2- wheel-
Shore Station boat lift steel, 2,000 lbs., w/canopy-      Aluminum truck toolbox – fits compact or regular            drive pickup. $150. 444-2900.                            2000 Chevy Blazer, 4-door, 4 x 4 97k, excellent
no canvas $700, 218-835-4426.                             beds and some SUVs. 61” long, 21” wide, 14”                                                                          condition $6,300. 556-4641.
                                                          deep, $200. Craft/trade show portable furniture - 2         Food Saver, brand new, still in box never been
Browning A-Bolt Hunter, left-handed 270WSM plus                                                                       opened. $50 218-224-2787.                                ’93 Chevy Club cab, new tires, runs good, 4 x
                                                          folding wood display tables, easel, banner stand.                                                                    4. 751-2269.
spare clip and scope rings. Like new $650. Rem-           Pallet jack/hand truck, 4,500# load, full hydraulics.
ington 30-06 pump 760. Pre-1962 stamped 1959.                                                                         1990 F150 Pickup w/ topper. 4 x 4. V8. 167K.
                                                          218-755-5266.                                               Runs well. Needs transmission work. Body in good         Black male Shih-tze, born 11/29. Will be small
Collectors gun. Like new. Spare clip and rings.$650.                                                                                                                           $400 obo. 243-2430.
218-243-2200 or cell 218-280-7413.                        Round 4-person Omni hot tub. 110V, 4 years old              shape. Make an offer. 759-6983.
                                                          $1,700 obo. 218-766-8585.                                   1973 Dodge Coachman RV 21’, 360 engine, $700.            Beds, all sizes $29 - $79. 218-368-8278.
1982 Ford Econoline conversion van, very low
miles. $1,000 obo. 218-766-4393.                          2006 white Chrysler Pacifica, 65k, very clean,              Evenings 444-4592.                                       Antique marble top inlay end table $75. Dog crate
                                                          $11,500. 218-766-2982.                                      1980 Gold Wing, 49,000k, $2,000 835-7484.                $25. 751-7741.
1997 Odyssey electric scooter. Like new. 218-
759-9087.                                                 Twin mattress and box spring. Clean and in good             Sandstone wet sharpener big style converted to           Maroon leather couch $200. Tan recliner $50.
                                                          shape. $40. 759-1144.                                       electric power source great for sharpening outdoor       444-6038.
2001 Polaris Sportsman 500. 454 ATV w/new
snow plow attachment. $2,300 obo. 444-6669.               Cable console piano, $650 obo. Great condition,             tools and knifes $75. Cell 218-368-1409.                 86-95-350 S.B. Chevy crate motor, 300 h.p. 20 mpg
                                                          includes original bench. 751-8746.                          2 – 20 ft. homemade docks. 1 – EZ-Roll 40 ft.            $2,100 obo. 1968 Corvette 327, all new parts, put
AKC Reg Rottweiler pups, champ bloodline,                                                                                                                                      your heads and intake on $2,500 obo. 350-4 Bolt
gentle, 7 females, 2 males, sire and dame on site.        6.00-16 LT tire. Mounted. 760-1221.                         L-Shape. 218-779-0871.
                                                                                                                                                                               main, bare block w/forged crank, $800 obo. 12 bolt
218-547-3477.                                                                                                         Japanese Bantam chicks and old English Bantam            Chevy Posi-unit, new springs and clutches $275
                                                          Stainless, double kitchen sink $25. 72” vanity top
Red fiberglass boat. 85 h.p. Merc with trailer.           with sink & faucet, biscuit color, $30. 2000 Cavalier,      chicks. 218-586-2839.                                    obo. Will deliver 312-617-3121 or 218-835-8283.
Weak engine. Make offer. 218-773-9767 or 218-             nice $3,800. 751-0762.                                      Valley regulation pool table. $550. Weight bench         30 year collector of high performance parts B.B.
779-6718.                                                                                                             set $40 U haul. 444-4339.                                Chevy and S.B. Chevy Holley carbs. Call for info
                                                          2006 Harley Davidson Street Bob, low miles, lots of
Wood lathe. 243-2944.                                     extras. $13,800. 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport $2,000                                                                     312-617-3121.
                                                                                                                      9 rolls Red brand field fence 32” h x 330’ l. $540.
                                                          obo. 1995 Dodge Van $1,200 obo. New custom fish             218-760-0894.                                            Massey-Ferguson Model 65, Perkins Diesel with
Huskie riding lawn mower $375. 444-3267.                  house $6,500 obo. Call Andy 556-1199.                                                                                loader $4,500. 218-444-7895.
Small pick-up topper to fit Ford, Chevy or Toyota                                                                     Horse training cart, heavy duty and light pony/cob
                                                          Nordic Track walk-fit tread mill, reasonable.               horse cart, both in good condition. 766-7782.            Mary Kay going out of business, discount prices.
$150. 218-751-5730.                                       335-3994.                                                                                                            Exercise bike w/weights, Palm Pilot, HP digital
Small chest freezer $75. Table saw $75. Equalizer                                                                     Quality shop power equipment, oak tool chest,            camera, 1975 GMC motor home, Pearl drum
                                                          ‘95 Ford 150 pickup, 2 WD, 4.9 liter engine, 6              welding supplies. 335-6518.
trailer hitch system $50. Riviera downriggers, 8#         cylinder, fuel injected, 4-speed auto, clean and                                                                     set. After 6 p.m. 218-556-8008 or 218-759-7755
weights, 4 rod holders with matching rods and reels       well maintained. $2,850. 218-444-6287.                      1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport, red 4 cyl, 6 spd,         leave message.
$85. 218-751-2847.                                                                                                    2100k, $3,250. 335-8708.
                                                          Older, heavy duty table saw, works good. $50.                                                                        Lowrey organ, Holiday Deluxe, double keyboard w/
15’ North Bay canoe. New. Fiberglass. $600.               218-586-3295.                                               50 h.p. Evinrude tiller, w/electric start, new starter   many options, cherry wood. $100 obo. 751-9517.
586-2009.                                                                                                             motor and 20” shaft. $1,500 obo. 218-759-1598.
                                                          Two brand-new car tires, P195/65/R15, paid $198                                                                      Hesston Baler 5600, round baler $1,500. 218-
1977 mobile home 75x14, 3 bedrooms with                   total will sacrifice for $125.00. Car died 3 days after     Antique wood burning cook stove, Kalamazoo blue          647-8406.
large entry, very nice. Call 444-9114.                    getting new tires mounted. 218-755-5266.                    and white, $300. 224-2172.                               1987 8-ft. Palomino pop-up pickup camper, gas
8-year-old paint gelding 15 pt. 1 h.h., 11 year           1994 Mazda b 4000, 4-wheel drive, AM/FM                     Dog kennel – 6’ x 10’ x 6’. 218-444-4423.                stove and furnace, gas, 12-volt frig., stored inside
old Welsh pony mare 13.2 h.h., 224-2696 after             cassette, AC, bed liner. Maintenance records                                                                         $1,800. 14-ft. Starcraft boat, cameo paint, treated
8 p.m.                                                                                                                Several used steel fence posts, $2 each, new roll        floor, 2 pedestal seats, Bilge pump, current license
                                                          available. 751-5384.                                        woven fencing $40. 224-2172.                             w/boat trailer, plus more $550. 14-ft. Alumacraft
2002 Arctic cat Z570, 1,600 miles. $2,150 obo. Very       2000 Dodge conversion van, 84,000 miles, excel-                                                                      boat $300 218-835-6639.
nice sled, clean. 218-368-1969.                                                                                       Car top carrier, Road Rider by Karrite 14 cu. ft.
                                                          lent condition asking $4,500. 218-835-8434.                 capacity $50; Enterprise wood cook stove with            Boat lift, needs some slight repair. Best offer. Boat
16 ft. Mark Twain boat 140 h.p. MerCruiser,               Medical lift recliner, gently used, navy blue, for taller   water reservoir, $350; homemade padded canoe             dock sections: 6 – 6’ x 4’ sections, 1 – 7 ft. crossover
nice boat and trailer. Runs great. $3,200 obo.            person. $650 obo. 751-2991                                  carrier for pickup box $10. 218-835-4468.                section, heavy weight lumber $200. 218-751-0690
218-368-1969.                                                                                                                                                                  weekends; 701-775-9700 weekdays.
                                                          1994 440 Polaris $850. 1995 500 Yamaha $850                 7 ft. Dearborn 3 pt. tiller, small welding table.
Child backpack carrier Kelty Kids Elite w/zip-off         ($1,500 for the pair). 1980 Honda Goldwing 1000 cc          224-3405.                                                1987 Ford F150 4 x 4 300 6-cyl, 4-spd, runs good.
Kid pack, lightweight, great for hiking with a            $3,000. 1996 Buick Skylark 144k $2,500 obo. 1996                                                                     $1,500. 586-3485.
young child up to 45 lbs. $80 firm. Window well                                                                       1992 Friendship 14 x 70 mobile home, 3-bed,
                                                          Honda Passport 210k $1,800 obo, 2000 Chrysler               new carpet, new siding & skirting $11,900. 612-
– galvanized steel. 3 x 4 ft., 5 ft. deep $125. Push      300 m, 115k $5,500 obo. 218-333-0594.                                                                                308 Saiga auto hunting rifle w/B.S.A scope clip
lawnmower, Briggs and Stratton Rally 20-inch, 3.5                                                                     605-8352.                                                w/wood scope $375. Kenmore refrigerator, good
h.p. $60. 751-0988.                                       Small square bales of immature rye, pretty clean.           4 Dunlop Sport A2 plus tires, excellent condi-           condition $100. 751-5607.
                                                          $3.50/bale. Delivery available for a fee. 218-243-          tion with silver rims: size 215/50 7 w. x 17 d. $400
Homemade camper 1966 international bus, sleeps            3330, leave message.                                                                                                 ’72 mobile home 2-bedroom, to be moved $2,500.
4, kitchen, heater, bath, needs TLC. $750 obo.                                                                        218-755-1271 between 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Mon. - Fri.         556-0396.
612-325-6809.                                             Dakon “Dump Chief” side dump silage wagon with              Ashley dining room table w/6 chairs, lighted
                                                          tandem axles. $2,500. 218-467-3322.                                                                                  Farmall C tractor, wide front w/sickle mower $2,000.
’92 Ford ½ ton 4x4; JD side delivery rake; 1560                                                                       china/buffet and four swivel bar stools. $1,850 for      1985 Dodge Ram pickup 4 x 4 short box runs great
baler; 5’ x 6’ bales; 30 ft. Melroe multi-weeder.         ‘87-16’ Crestliner Fish & Ski w/ ‘87-60 h.p. Johnson        the set. 333-1490.                                       $1,500. Magic Chef gas stove, works great $75. 2
467-3345.                                                 outboard, roller trailer & Eagle fish locator. $2,500       Fish house trailer 7’ x 16’ frame, brand new, heavy      purebred black female Cocker Spaniels, 1-year
                                                          obo. 218-224-3344 or 320-267-8904.                          duty $999. 2 matching dressers, one with mirror,         $100 each. 444-3996.
16 ft. Lund boat, 20 h.p. Johnson tiller and all-roller
trailer, good condition, dependable unit. $1,500          Upright Paul A. Schmitt studio piano and bench              $50 each or $75 for both. Wooden table and two           1998 Dodge Caravan Sport, auto, 201k, 4-drs, 6-
835-4228.                                                 $575. 218-335-8933.                                         chairs $30. 218-444-7836.                                CD changer, AM/FM cassette $2,700. 1989 Pontiac
                                                                                                                      2000 GE digital water softener, 400 grain $100.          Grand Prix 3.1, 2-drs, auto, AM/FM, needs work
Acoustic guitar: Johnson jg-610-n, like new $80.          Heavy duty older table saw $50. Works good.                                                                          $550. 444-9422.
Hard case, like new $30. Instructional DVDs, strap        218-586-3295.                                               1972 Harley Davidson Sportster, shovel head,
and digital tuner available. 751-1179, evenings.                                                                      excellent condition $6,495. 766-9745.                    12 x 38 Lawnmower $300. Homemade trailer
                                                          1997 Ford F150 4 x 4 ext. cab 3 door, remote                                                                         $150. 444-2824.
16 ft. Lund, new lights included, gas can, anchor,        start, box cover, super clean. 218-243-2883                 50 h.p. Merc 4 cyl, LS, tiller, electric start, hyd
oar’s and seat. $700. 335-8790.                           make offer.                                                 trim/tilt, 2 props, tank/hose, runs good. $395.          All sizes homemade quilts $35 and up. Mesh
                                                                                                                      Evenings 444-9940.                                       steel endgate, bifold door, Oak rockers, parlor
2 front and rear silk motorcycle chocks $75 each.         Home school books, video text algebra, Abeka,                                                                        table, Oak desk chair, Oak dining table 44 x 44
444-6403 or 556-4926.                                     Saxon, misc. 444-7796.                                      4-hole dog trailer $350. 2-hole dog box Owens
                                                                                                                      $400. Dogtra 2002 2-dog collar $450. Misc. Re-           $300. 243-2702.
Ford 9N Tractor. 12-volt conversion, new radia-           Goffin Cockatoo, large cage and food $700. Very             triever dummies. 218-766-9058.                           Singer Kenmore $75. Antique sewing machines
tor, tune up, loader w/live hyd. $1,500 obo. 1973         friendly, likes to play. 651-764-4157 (cell).                                                                        $15 each, 3 Bentwood chairs $25 each. Pine desk
Crestliner Stinger run-about. 40 h.p. Johnson, new                                                                    Full Lift chair, NEW, used 1 month. Pd $1,200,
                                                          Built-in, Kenmore Ultra Wash II dishwasher $100.            will sell for $700. Pride Mobility Go-Chair, $200.       22 x 31 $25 obo. New 700-15 grip tie $80. Coleman
carpet. $1,000 obo. Must sell. 218-556-5405.                                                                                                                                   propane camp stove $10. Conaberry traps $15
                                                          Wedding pew bows, standard bows, bridesmaid                 243-3118.
Rheem water heater, 110 v. electric 40-gallon $100.       bouquets. 4 brass exterior lights $10. Collectors                                                                    each. 243-2702.
Franklin fireplace wood burning stove – $250. Small       item Dayton-Hudson 1999 Christmas Ms. Bear                  2001 Ford 4 x 4 reg. Cab, long box XL, 4.6 auto.
                                                                                                                      112,000 miles. $5,700. 1997 Ford Escort Wagon,           2” x 6” lumber, 4’ x 8’ plywood sheeting. Will sell
propane 4-burner stove w/oven – $75. Items must           $100. Custom-made butcher block 24 x 24, $275.                                                                       20% less than cost. 444-8322.
be picked up. 612-865-0439.                               Canning jars wide mouth and regular. 444-6512.              124,000 miles, runs great. $2,900. 751-8357.

    Northern Lights • August 2008
                                                                                                                                                                       Board Meeting
  Corner Cupboard:                                                                                                                                                     Highlights
                                                                                                                                                                       Beltrami Electric’s board of direc-

  Hot bacon potato salad for the grill
                                                                                                                                                                       tors conducted its monthly meeting 
                                                                                                                                                                       Wednesday, June 25, 2008. All direc-
                                                                                                                                                                       tors were present. Also present were 
                                                                                                                                                                       general manager Lynette Nieuwsma, 
                                                                                                                                                                       Sid Sletten and Kay Olson.
    5 unpeeled medium potatoes                                                        Boil potatoes and cut into ¼-inch slices.
                                                                                                                                                                       The following reports were given:
    8 slices bacon, crisply cooked and crumbled                                       Mix potatoes, bacon, onions and celery                                           •  The Manager gave her monthly 
                                                                                                                                                                          report, including a review of the 
    3 green onions, finely chopped                                                    in large bowl. Mix remaining ingredients                                            average sales and revenue and 
                                                                                                                                                                          power costs.
    2 medium stalks celery, finely chopped                                            and pour over potatoes tossing thoroughly.                                       •  Sid Sletten presented the May 
    ½ cup mayonnaise or salad dressing                                                Place mixture in aluminum foil pan 8 x 8 x 2                                        financial and statistical report and 
                                                                                                                                                                          reviewed the work order invento-
    ¼ cup white vinegar                                                               inches. Cover with foil and grill 4 inches from                                     ries.  
                                                                                                                                                                       •  The balance sheet was reviewed 
    2 tsp. sugar                                                                      medium heat for 20 minutes, stirring once. 4                                        with the board.
                                                                                                                                                                       •  Emmet Weidenborner reported on 
    1 tsp. salt                                                                       to 6 servings.                                                                      the Square Butte Board meeting.
    1 tsp. ground mustard (dry)                                                                                                                                        •  Lyle Robinson reported on the 
                                                                                                                                                                          Minnkota Power Board meeting.
    ¼ tsp. coarsely ground pepper
                                                                                                                                                                       The following actions were taken:
                                                                                                                                                                       • Terry Diffley was appointed Co-
                                                                                                                                                                          operative Development Governor 
Honda 185 3-wheeler $450. 586-2668.                      Rear tying tiller with or without engine. 760-         Heavy duty wood splitter. Running or needs repair         representing Beltrami Electric 
                                                         7377.                                                  or 3 point. 835-6420.                                     Cooperative.
7-person hot tub w/all pumps, best offer. All ter-
rain Minnkota trolling motor. Deckhand electric          Used garden Rototiller. 218-444-7836.                                                                         •  Authorized the spending of up 
low-mount anchor. 773-294-2314.                                                                                                                                           to $500.00 each at the Beltrami 
2 – 3 x 3 plastic shower stalls, almost new $30
                                                         8’ x 16’ tandem axle trailer, elec. brakes. 14-ft.
                                                         single axle for 4-wheeler or snowmobile trailer
                                                                                                                                     Free                                 County Fair and Hubbard County 
each, humidifier $5. 218-586-2001.                       w/ramps.14 ft. boat trailer. 218-335-6722.             20 x 40 building to be torn down for lumber salvage.      Fair 4-H animal auctions. 
                                                                                                                Lots of good material. 218-820-7654.
Purebred Seal Point Siamese kittens, $35 each.           15-ft. fiberglass North Bay canoe, new $ 550.
586-2839.                                                Outfitter tent stove, new, with stove pipe and spark   GE 11 cubic foot refrigerator, clean works fine.       The next board meeting will be held 
                                                         arrestor $200. 218-586-2009.                           218-444-6287.                                          Wednesday July 30, 2008.
1993 CAD Fleetwood Brougham 23 plus mpg
$7,500. 2006 Cherokee Lite T.T. 28’ new condition        Riding mowers and outboard motors. Cash paid.          Kittens 6 weeks old, two gray, two calicos.
$14,900. 4 – 5 gal. pails Lucite red paint $15 ea. 2     218-368-8278.                                          243-3044.
sets of double beds, Sealy w/steel frames and 1                                                                 Give away 5 male Mallard ducks. 218-835-6639.
oak headboard $350. 224-3284.                            Small treadmill. 751-7741
                                                         ’68 Nova and ’67-69 Pontiac Firebird. 312-617-         Coffee cans and oatmeal cartons (good for crafts).
Wood glider $50. Antique Walnut marble top table                                                                586-2770.
(parrots) $75. 751-7741.                                 3121 or 218-835-8283.
                                                         14 x 14 insulated overhead garage doors &              Old high-back piano, needs repair, you haul.
                                                         openers, 100-200 amp circuit breaker panel, 12-2       751-8475.
                   Wanted                                or 14-2 wire, push type lawnmower. After 6 p.m.
                                                         218-556-8008, leave message.
8 ft. truck bed trailer. 218-751-0762.
                                                         Lawn tractors, dead or alive, any age, size, make,                 Need Address
50 to 100 gallon Aquarium for child’s pet lizard.        haul away or buy. 218-751-1546.                        John O. Anderson, previous address: 48590 Bushy
218-766-6968.                                                                                                   Line Rd NE, Kelliher, MN.
                                                         Fuel oil fish house heater $40. 444-3267.
Men’s road bike or 10-speed. Basketball hoop and
backboard. 751-0988.
Small utility trailer, prefer 4’ x 8’. 218-368-1969.
Jotul Wood Stove Wanted. admin@microphoto.
com 218-835-5555.
Good, used portable bandsaw sawmill. 835-
Lawn tractors, ATV, tillers, log splitters, etc., that
need repairs. 586-3465.
Medium-sized wood or metal office desk. 444-
Streamlined car-top cargo carrier, small to med
size & reasonably priced. 243-2145.
24’ Kayot Pontoon boat. $400. 224-2633.
Refrigerator, 3-piece blond bedroom set, and
various traps. 444-3818 or 751-1907.
Good refrigerator. 760-1221.
Free good-tempered puppy from loving home.
Pogo stick, card table, picnic table umbrella, garden
hose, building to tear down, paving bricks, water
can, free rocks we will haul. 335-3994.
2 bottom pull-type trip beam plow. 444-5343
leave message.
Small pontoon boat 14 ft., 25 h.p. motor. 218-
Parts washer, 30 gallon steel drum. 224-3405.
Pull behind lawn rake. Call Zachary 218-333-

                                                                                                                                                                                     Northern Lights • August 2008   
                                                                       Friday, August 22
                                                                        Castle Highlands
                                                                           Golf Course
                                                                         Turtle River, MN
           Open                                                         For more information or to
                                                                        register call 218-444-2540
Be part of the 4th annual event designed to                                  or 800-955-6083
raise funds for the United Way of Bemidji Area.
The tournament format is a five-person team                                All proceeds will go to the
scramble with a 12:30 p.m. shotgun start. The Early                       United Way of Bemidji Area.
Bird entry fee is $60 per person before August 15
(must fill out registration and pay fee to qualify). After
August 15 the entry fee is $70 per person. Entry fee
includes golf, dinner, door prizes and a fantastic time!
(Carts are available for a fee on a first-come, first-served basis.)

                      4111 Technology DR NW 
                      PO Box 488 
                      Bemidji, MN 56619-0488 
                      218-444-2540 • 800-955-6083 

8    Northern Lights • August 2008

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