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									                                                                                               May 2010

                                    County of Northern Lights
Inside this issue:
                             BIG, Bright and Beautiful Birds of the County Tour!
Big Bright and 1         There is no doubt the County of Northern Lights is a great place to live, work and
Beautiful Birds          play, but did you know it is also perfect for birds! Bird migration and peafowl
of the County            breeding is growing within the county and we want to show you just how fasci-
Tour                     nating our sites can be. Come and join us on our Birds of the County Tour! Held
                     1   in partnership with Ducks Unlimited on May 29th 2010 from 9am to noon. $10
Boost Your
                         per person or $25/family includes lunch, a ride on a coach bus starting and end-
                         ing in Manning. Join us right after for the Manning Street festival. Seats on the
                         tour bus are limited. So, call today to register. Call Lara at 780.836.0973 for de-
The Premier’s 1          tails.

                     2                               Boost Your Business!
                           Spring is here! Are you really ready? Business owners operating in the County
                     2     of Northern Lights and individuals who are thinking about starting up a business
County Trivia              are invited to sign up for a free business consultation with the Community
                           Futures Business Development Officer. If you want to position your business for
                           success, here is the perfect way to do so. Find out how you can take your busi-
Graders are                ness to the next level and survive economic downturns. Contact the County of
on Your                    Northern Lights to sign up for a 30 minute private time slot to discuss your busi-
Roads                      ness needs. Contact Deb Pawluski at 780.836.3348

Peace Coun-          2
try Cultural                                           The Premier’s Luncheon
Coalition                  Reeve Tupper attended the Premier’s Luncheon in Peace River on March 29th.
                           This event, hosted by the Peace River Rotary Club and the Peace River Cham-
                     3     ber of Commerce drew in a large audience. Honourable Minister Frank Oberle
Local Success
Story: Dixon-              and Premier Ed Stelmach posed for a photo with Reeve Tupper.
ville Library                                          A question and answer period was held and the
                                                       Premier answered questions from random mem-
Councillor           3                                 bers of the audience. These thought provoking
Profile-Gale                                           questions covered topics such as transportation
                                                       concerns, education, pine beetles etc. This visit
Community            4                                 from the Premier was not exclusive to Peace River.
Events                                                 Shortly afterwards, he travelled to High Level to
                                                       speak at another public event.
Page 2                                                            County of Northern Lights


The County of Northern Lights has several                            County Trivia
openings for temporary summer employ-
ment to assist on the re-gravel program,
general public works duties and labourers
                                                   Name all 7 Councillors and their wards
for the utilities department.
                                                   and you could win a prize! -Call Lara
                                                   Onaba or e-mail the County 780.836.3348
Apply to the Following Positions Today!
                                                   Last Month’s answer on where to find a
Part time grader operator with a minimum           stuffed albino moose: Battle River Museum.
of three years experience in road mainte-          Winners were Peter Heck in Hotchkiss and
nance (regravel/dust control)                      Richard Hollingshead in Manning.
Immediate to September 30

Gravel checker (re-gravel)
                                                     Graders Are On Your Roads
Sign person (re-gravel)
                                                  Please exercise caution when passing work-
Labourer(s) for public works                      ers on the road. Rocks and gravel flying can
May 24 – October 8 2010                           be very dangerous to the staff. Slow down to
                                                  50Km/h when passing.
Three Labourers for Utilities Department
June 28 – August 27, 2010

Equipment Operators (public works) –
May 25 – October 8, 2010

Actual dates may vary
We are also looking for one full time grader
operator with a minimum of three years ex-
perience in road maintenance for our North
                                                        Peace Country Cultural
Star Grader Beat.                                        Industries Coalition
Job descriptions are available at the County       Attention visual and performing artists! The
office, and for further information or to apply    County of Northern Lights has joined forces
for these positions contact Patrick Gau-           with the Peace Country Cultural Industries
vreau, Director of Public Works at 780 836-        Coalition to promote local artists in the region.
3348. Submit applications to the County on         Lara Onaba, Manager of Economic Develop-
or before May 14, 2010 no later than 4:30          ment and Community Services sits on this
p.m.                                               board as the Vice Chair. Membership to this
                                                   group is voluntary and open to everyone inter-
                                                   ested in promoting the arts and culture in the
ATTENTION: May 1st Calcium starts! Ap-             region. Contact Lara at the County office to
plications to have Calcium put on your             join this group or to receive updates on their
road are accepted until April 31st 2010.           initiates. This group is also on Facebook!                                                                             Page 3

 Local Success Story: Featuring The Dixonville Library
       Local Success Story   Featuring Deanne Kiiskila & Family
There are some amenities many of us take for
granted. We often forget the hard work and dedica-
tion involved in building a community.

The county of Northern Lights understands that
sometimes rural communities have to fight harder
and work longer to build resources our children and
children’s children will be able to access.

The Dixonville library is an example of hard work and
dedication paying off.

A year and a half ago, Ann Young, Allan Dumas fea-
tured in this photo and a group of dedicated citizens
got together and began the long journey of forming a society and figuring out how to use the
resources that already exist in the community to serve more people.

The County contributed to this initiative by providing a cheque for $18,688.

By joining the Peace Library System, individuals have access                                                       an
                                                                                                             ho is
to any books available in the Peace Library database. The                                               cal w nd their
                                                                                                  ne lo ? Se
library has already started advertising for a part time librarian                              meo
                                                                                           w so to others ry to
                                                                                      Kno tion                            om
to work in the new facility which will be shared by the Dixon-                                           to         hts.c
                                                                                      ins pira uccess S rthernLig
ville school.                                                                                  S       fNo
                                                                                          aL @Co

                                                              Councillor Profile – Gale Vandemark

                                                  Gale Vandemark on the right in this photo is the County
                                                  councilor for ward six (Hotchkiss/ Hawk Hills area). He has
                                                  served nine years on the Alberta Municipal Districts and
                                                  Counties Board as an elected councilor. He is featured here
                                                  receiving his long service award pin. Gale also sits on the
                                                  Agricultural Service Board. He has been living in the County
                                                  of Northern Lights for 74 years. Gale’s family consists of a
                                                  loving wife and 5 boys. Most of his career was as a Salvage
                                                  Operator and he also has experience with farming and con-
                                                  struction. Gale enjoys speaking with local residents and en-
                                                  courages you to call him at 780.836.2129
                          COMMUNITY EVENTS
                        Submission Deadline is the 5th of Previous Month

Date      Event Details                                      Contact Information
May 8th   Alberta Summer games Fastpitch Tryouts.            Eric Henituk (Zone 8 Boys Coach)
          Boys Under 16yrs                                   780.836.5270
May 11th County of Northern Lights Council Meeting.          Deb Pawluski: 780.836.3348

May 25th County of Northern Lights Council Meeting.          Deb Pawluski: 780.836.3348

May 28th Alberta Summer games Fastpitch Tryouts.             Eric Henituk (Zone 8 Boys Coach)
         Boys Under 16yrs                                    780.836.5270
May 29th Big, Bright and Beautiful Birds of the              Contact Deb Pawluski with the County:
         County Family Tour .                                780.836.3348 or email Ona-
         Bus leaves Manning at 9:00am-12:00pm.     
         $10/person or $25/ family to ride the coach
         bus. Includes lunch and entrance into all
         events at the Manning Street Festival.

May 29th Manning Street Festival 11am-8pm. Bring             Contact Andrea for details. 780.836.3444 or
         the whole family and join in the fun. Door          780.836.0602
         prizes, wheelbarrow races, duck races, and
         a performer’s concert at 6pm.
May 29th Dixonville Country Mall Spring Fling Round          Contact Teri at the Dixonville General Store
         Up. (General Store). Door Prizes, Free              for details. 780.971.3756
         Lunch from 11am-2pm!

                                          n ic c ith
                                       tro e w
                                  elec o shar
                            free       t
                         t a sletter ds!
                       es w
                 Req is ne           rien @          om
                     th         ur f nabaL ghts.c
                              yo O
                  of                           i
                                 ail      rnL
                             Em orthe

                                                Contact Us!
                          P.O.Box 10 #600, 7th Ave. N.W. Manning, Alberta T0H 2M0

                      Phone: 780.836.3348 Fax: 780.836.3663 Toll Free: 1.888.525.3481
                                           Hours of Operation:
                        Monday to Thursday 8:00AM-4:30PM Friday 8:00AM-3:00PM

                     Office is closed daily 12:00PM-1:00PM Closed all Statutory Holidays

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