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					Capital campaign (fundsmorement) capital campaign

 movement patterns of corporate finance

 morphological changes of funding or displacement. Only through the constant
movement of funds in order to achieve value-added purposes. The total funding from
the Social Movement and the movement of individual funds to inspect these two
aspects. Campaign finance and accounting are closely linked, is generally believed
that capital movement is the object of the socialist accounting. Total social capital
movement is the object of macroeconomic accounting, individual micro-finance
movement is the object of accounting, business capital movement is the object of
corporate accounting. As the typical business capital campaign, to be highlighted
below. Movement is an enterprise fund of funds business in the business cycle at
different stages of the process and working capital. For example, the industrial
enterprises in the movement of funds to go through three stages: (1) preparation phase.
At this stage, companies with the money into funds of funds form shape. (2)
production. At this stage, the combination of workers and the means of production,
manufacture products that meet social needs, reserves and production capital form
into shape. (3) sales stage. Enterprises produced products sold, to recover money from
circulation, the monetary funds of funds has returned form. Business funds from the
money funds, goes through different stages, in order to change the shape to achieve
different functions, and finally back to the original form of the process, known as the
capital cycle. Cycle of capital circulation as cash flow.
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