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					Builder crafted self-taught self-taught carving

  self-taught stone carving synthesizers
  have seen such a fable, to the effect that: there is a fine texture of the stone, were
sculptors selected for cloud-riding god. However, the stone can not stand the pain of
cloud-riding god, endless wail.
  sculptor gave it up, but on the other a coarse texture, not as good as it re-carved from
stone, and finally, piece of rough stone into a solemn silence, courage grand Buddha,
worshiped by people day and night, while file can not stand each cut piece of stone
can only put people to drive to frequently run over the pain.
  This fable tells us the truth: hewn to synthesizers. Within each of us the potential,
potential and potential wisdom, is the brilliant future of our achievements in life piece
of "rock", and engraver's exactly what we own.
  self-taught to everyone from birth to old age, school education really accepted by
teachers "preaching, Tuition, Dispelling the" only a short ten years, most of the time
in life is to rely on their own reading, thinking, continuous learning and progress
through to enrich the self. Because the knowledge learned in school, no matter how
profound, are not able to own a lifetime. To changing, emerging knowledge updates,
we keep the pace of the times, and only stopped working self. Only self-can on their
own potential and continue to exploit and develop their potential to achieve great
success. The process is gradual, long and winding, never-ending.
  graduate even a good, when his back knowledge and luggage out of college, he can
score some achievements, but also on his re-integration into the society to learn.奥里
森马登 successful scientist, said: "From a person spend their leisure time the way, we
can see the tone of his life ... ... If we vary little accumulation of their knowledge and
ability, can not adhere to their beliefs We will never be accomplished in the world any
great cause. "can be seen, can adhere to self-determine a person's success.
  number of studies have lost another opportunity to realize their college dream the
way people in self-study; how many people fall in life on the road, in the "looms",
also saw the "vista"; there How much frustration straggler, self as a beacon that route,
let them clear the way forward ... ... that in this new world, it was to graduate from
junior high school students, some from farmers to Dr more from a junior secondary
( high school) to tertiary level students, undergraduate degree. In this area, some
spectacular, some earth-shattering success of the enterprise; some dedicated, self help
them do their jobs better ... ...
  self-taught each person appears to be successful in others the joy of their own body
odors are ups and downs, through thoroughly tempered, hardships, thousands of
Amoy 10 000 strain liquids, three-shift light just before dawn chicken, can make a
difference. As the piece by the sculptor and the Buddha's rough hewn stone, was
shocked to see people standing Buddha, but do not know how it is to endure the pain
of knife Zhuo ax struck.
  cloud-riding god synthesizers, self-taught, self-study in a long long way,
cloud-riding god only endure this painful experience, up and down the quest to
synthesizers talent. / Center>

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