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									   TRUST:Team for Research in
Ubiquitous Secure Technologies
Strategic and Implementation Plan overview

                           Shankar Sastry (Berkeley), Ruzena
                           Bajcsy (Berkeley), Sigurd Meldal
                           (SJSU), Mike Reiter (CMU), Fred
                           Schneider (Cornell), Steve Wicker
                           (Cornell), John Mitchell (Stanford),
                           Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt)

        June 26-28, 2005                 All Hands Meeting
    Attacks are growing in sophistication

          Serious hackers


                            TRUST All Hands Meeting   June 26-28 2005
    Attack Incidents
    [Reports to CERT/CC]


                           TRUST All Hands Meeting   June 26-28 2005
    The Internet in 1980


                TRUST All Hands Meeting   June 26-28 2005
    The Internet Today


                          TRUST All Hands Meeting             June 26-28 2005
    Bad Code + Big Networks = Problems

                                                  Geographic spread
                                                  of Sapphire worm 30
                                                  minutes after release


        CodeRed worm (Summer 2001)
         –   Infected 360,000 hosts in 10 hours (CRv2)
        Sapphire/Slammer worm (Spring 2003)
         –   90% of Internet scanned in <10mins

                        TRUST All Hands Meeting                  June 26-28 2005
    Technology Generations of Information Assurance

     1st Generation
      (Prevent Intrusions)                                    Access Control &
                                                              Physical Security                                 Cryptography
                                                                                       Multiple Levels
                                    Trusted Computing Base                              of Security

         Intrusions will Occur

          2nd Generation
     (Detect Intrusions, Limit Damage)        Firewalls                        Intrusion Detection
                                                              Boundary Controllers                           VPNs
             Some Attacks will Succeed

              3rd Generation                                                                                            Hardened
7           (Operate Through Attacks)
                                                Tolerance                      Big Board View of Attacks     Performance Core

                                                                             Real-Time Situation Awareness
                                                              Graceful               & Response
                                                             Degradation                                            Functionality

                                 TRUST All Hands Meeting                                                 June 26-28 2005
    TRUSTed Systems and Software

    TRUST is more than resistance to information attack:
      Today’s systems and networks are fragile, difficult-to-
       compose and maintain:
            – Non-robust
            – Non-adaptive
            – Untrustworthy
      Point failures bring down systems
      Difficult, costly-to-compose useful systems from multiple
      Poor or nonexistent means for building reliable systems from
       necessarily unreliable components
8     Poor understanding of vulnerabilities of networks,
       performance under – and uncharacterized attacks
      No clear history, pedigree on data, code
                         TRUST All Hands Meeting              June 26-28 2005
    TRUST worthy Systems

       More than an Information Technology issue
       Complicated interdependencies and composition issues
         –   Spans security, systems, and social, legal and economic sciences
         –   Cyber security for computer networks
         –   Critical infrastructure protection
         –   Economic policy, privacy
       TRUST: “holistic” interdisciplinary systems view of security, software
        technology, analysis of complex interacting systems, economic,
        legal, and public policy issues
        Goals:
         –   Composition and computer security for component technologies
9        –   Integrate and evaluate on testbeds
         –   Address societal objectives for stakeholders in real systems

                           TRUST All Hands Meeting                 June 26-28 2005
     Management Plan

        Director Sastry, Berkeley
        Exec Director Raghavan, Berkeley
        Chief Scientist Schneider, Cornell
        Education Co-Directors: Sztipanovits, Vanderbilt and Meldal,
        Outreach Director: Bajcsy, Berkeley (staff lead: Humphreys)
        Financial and Project Manager: Sprinkle (Berkeley)
        Knowledge Transfer Coordinator: Birman (Cornell)
        Executive Committee: Sastry+ Mitchell (Stanford) +Reiter
         (CMU) +Sztipanovits+ Wicker (Cornell)+ Exec Dir +Chief
11       Scientist+Ed Dir + Outreach Dir

                        TRUST All Hands Meeting           June 26-28 2005
     Org Chart

                                                     TRUST Director
                                                        S. Sastry

               Program Manager                                                  Executive Director
                   Sprinkle                                                        Raghavan

                                                Executive Committee
                                            Bajcsy, Meldal, Mitchell, Reiter,
                                            Schneider,Sztipanovits, Wicker

               External Advisory                                                 Chief Scientist
                  Committee                                                      Fred Schneider

           Technology Coordinator                                                Education Program
                 Schneider                                                           Coordinator
                                                                                 Sztipanovits & Meldal

         Systems Science Coordinator
                  Schmidt                                                        Diversity & Outreach

          Social Science Coordinator
                  Samuelson                                                      Knowledge Transfer
                                                                                 Birman &Raghavan
             Integrative Projects
12               Coordinator

                                       TRUST All Hands Meeting                                           June 26-28 2005
     Key Management Issues

        Financial Planning and Decision Making
        External Advisory Board and Reviews
        Coordination and Strategic Plan Development
        Succession Plan for personnel moves: By-Laws for Ex
         Comm operation
        Enhancing Diversity on Ex Comm
        Outreach and Diversity: target setting, recruitment,
         monitoring, exit-tracking
        Intellectual Property Policy
13      Ethics Policy

                      TRUST All Hands Meeting      June 26-28 2005
     Strategic Financial Plan

        Student Support $2.2 – 2.45 M
          – 30-40 students $ 2 – 2.25 M
          – 200K$ per research challenge area (3-5 students)
          – Outreach students $200K (6-10 undergrads, -5 grad students)
        Faculty Support $ 500 K
          – Release Time for key faculty
          – Summer Salary
        Center Staff, Travel, Meetings and Admin Support $ 750 K
          – Exec Dir., Prog Mgrs., Outreach, Education coordinators $ 500K
          – Travel, retreats $ 250K
        Outreach Activities $ 400 – 500K
          – School
          – Faculty Research Grants
14        – Faculty training
          – Immersion Institute
          – Townhall meetings

                            TRUST All Hands Meeting                     June 26-28 2005
     Intellectual Property Policy

        Vision:It is the intention of TRUST that the fruits of its research be
         widely and promptly disseminated with the goal of maximizing the
         impact of the research and its long term benefits to society.
        Ownership of inventions. Ownership will follow inventorship.
        Filing of Patents. Decision be made by authorized officials of the
         owners, taking into account recommendations of the trust Executive
         Licensing: Mainly D1, sometimes D2
          – D.1 Non-exclusive royalty/fee-free license to all participants in the
              specific project in which the invention was made, including the
              payment of a pro-rata share of patent expenses.
          – D.2 Exclusive or co-exclusive, royalty and/or fee bearing license,
              including provisions for diligent development.

                           TRUST All Hands Meeting                  June 26-28 2005
     Possible Management Challenges

        Non performance of research projects
        Downturn in economy resulting in less
         industrial support
        Unwillingness at some institutions to accept
         new curricula
        Outreach goals not being met
        Knowledge transfer goals not being met
        National or International Competitive Centers
        Shifts in campus priorities
                    TRUST All Hands Meeting    June 26-28 2005
     Broad Research Vision

                                                                                           Societal Challenges
                                                                                                                              TRUST will address
                                  Critical                                    Computer and                                    social, economic and
                                Infrastructure                               Network Security                                 legal challenges

                                                                                           Integrative Testbeds
                                               Network Security
                                                   Testbed                                                                    Specific systems that
                        Power Grid
                                                                            Secure Networked                                  represent these social
                                                                           Embedded Systems

                                                                            Component Technologies
                                                                         Complex Inter -
                                    Security                         Dependency mod.                       Secure Info Mgt.
                                                                                                           Software Tools

17                            Trusted
                                                              Secure Network
                                                            Embedded Sys
                                                                                                  Econ., Public Pol. Soc.
                                                                                                                              Component technologies
                 Applied Crypto -
             graphic Protocols
                                                       Model -based
                                                   Security Integration.
                                                                                            and Privacy                       that will provide solutions
              Network                        Secure Compo -                             HCI and
           Security                        nent platforms                            Security

                                          TRUST All Hands Meeting                                                                               June 26-28 2005
     Research Implementation Plan

        Security Science (Schneider)
         –   Software Security (Mitchell)
         –   Trusted Platforms (Boneh)
         –   Applied Cryptography Protocols (Wagner)
         –   Network Security (Joseph)
        Systems Science (Schmidt)
         –   Interdependency Modeling and Analysis (Anantharam)
         –   Secure Network Embedded Systems (Wicker)
         –   Model Based Integration of Trusted Components (Sztipanovits)
         –   Secure Information Management Tools (Birman)
        Social, Economic and Legal Considerations (Samuelson)
18       –   Economics, Public Policy and Societal Challenges (Varian)
         –   Digital Forensics and Privacy (Tygar)
         –   Human computer Interfaces and Security (Reiter)
                           TRUST All Hands Meeting                June 26-28 2005
     Integration of Research Agenda

        Four testbeds chosen to be responsive to national
         needs: Computer and network security, Critical
         infrastructure protection, Privacy (Sztipanovits
         –   Integration testbed
         –   Secure Network Embedded Systems
         –   Planet Lab (Culler)
         –   Cyber Defense Technology Experimental Research testbed
             (DETER) (Benzel/Joseph/Sastry)
        Technical Management Plan through time sensitive
19       internal deliverables of software, systems among
         team members
        Exchange of scientific personnel among team
         members        TRUST All Hands Meeting       June 26-28 2005
     Research Evaluation

            Objective         Metric              Freque
            Scientific        Publications,       Annual
            Impact            Presentations,
            Technological     Transitions,        Annual
            Impact            Industry interest

            Timeliness        Milestone           Semi-
                              completion          annual

            Social Impact     Policy Papers,      Annual
20                            Legal Policy

                   TRUST All Hands Meeting                 June 26-28 2005
     Education Program Vision

        Security must be consciously engineered into new
         and legacy critical infrastructure systems
        Every component level needs rethinking and
         education: need to build in TRUST: security science,
         systems science and social, legal, economic considerations into
         every course in undergrad and grad curricula (“liberal”
         technologically literate education)
        Summer school, hallmark of TRUST for hottest new
        Repositorying content developed
        Evaulation of Effectiveness

                         TRUST All Hands Meeting             June 26-28 2005
     Course Work Development Strategy

        Course work to have TRUST built in at all levels--undergrad,
         grad, advanced seminars. Repositories will be maintained
         professionally by the Vanderbilt System CAPE/ELM.
         –   Security Science: operating systems, programming languages,
             cryptography, secure networking, …
         –   Social Sciences: Bringing policy, social, economic issues to student
             community: economics of information technology, information
             management, privacy and security
         –   Systems Science: “systems integration using software” curriculum
             needs to be developed from scratch, capstone design course for
             undergrads (or 5th year MS)
22       –   NSA-NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Information Assurance
             Education to be developed at San Jose State, on going certification efforts
             for other Centers of Excellence at CMU

                             TRUST All Hands Meeting                       June 26-28 2005
     Human Resource Development:
     leveraging our experience

         Cornell has had partnerships with the Information Assurance
          Institute at AFRL, Rome
         CMU students have extensive access to Software Engineering
          Institute and CERT.
         Stanford has extensive interactions with USPS, Secret Service,
          and brings the Center for Strategic and International Studies for
          policy matters
         Vanderbilt runs the Institute for Software Integrated Systems and
          Institute for Public Policy Studies
         At Berkeley, we have the Center for Information Technology
          Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), aimed at bringing
          innovative technologies to societal scale systems

                          TRUST All Hands Meeting               June 26-28 2005
     Education Implementation Plan

     Education Co-Directors: Sigurd Meldal, SJSU (undergraduate) and
       Janos Sztipanovits (graduate, summer school and other
       specialized training). supported by the Chief Scientist, Director,
       and Executive Director of the Center.

       K-12 High School Outreach material:          Crutchfield and
        Humphreys (UC Berkeley)
      Undergraduate Programs and Courses: Meldal (SJSU)
      Graduate Programs and Courses: Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt)
      Summer School: Schneider (Cornell)
      Normative Assessment of Teaching Materials: Sztipanovits
      Textbooks and TRUST series of monographs: Schneider, Birman
        (Cornell) and Tygar (UC Berkeley)
                          TRUST All Hands Meeting             June 26-28 2005
     Education Implementation Plan (Sample) Details

      Year 1
       Security Technology: Assess modules developed at Cornell and
         develop TRUST modules for use by all partner campuses in
         undergraduate courses
      Integrative Systems Science: plan new undergraduate and
         graduate course offerings
      Develop courses offered by the Cyber Law clinic with a special
         accent on privacy
      Seminar Style courses on Economic Incentives for Cybersecurity
      Develop graduate experimental courses in network defense
         including worm defense
25     Set up repository modules using Escher support.

                        TRUST All Hands Meeting           June 26-28 2005
     Workforce Training

        Undergrad and Grad Student mentorship and
         development features
         –   Exchanging students and postdocs
         –   REU activities at partner campuses
         –   Student Entrepreneurship clubs (Vertex, Bases)
        Workshops, Summits in research challenge areas
         with infrastructure holders, industry partners
        Summer and Winter Educational Institutes and
         Retreats for TRUST
26       –   In-depth discussion of research challenge areas
         –   Testbed and integrative activities

                             TRUST All Hands Meeting           June 26-28 2005
     Education Evaluation Metrics
       Goal             Objective          Metrics                 Frequency

       K-12 Education   K-6 education      School visits,          Bi-annual
                                           Educational material,
                                           Teacher education

                        6-12 education     Science fairs,          Bi-annual
                                           Trust lectures,
                                           University visits

       Undergrad        Security Modules   Education Materials,    Annual
       Education                           Repository,
                                           Classroom testing

                        Security Course    Education Materials,    Annual
                                           Classroom testing

                        Capstone Course    Education Materials,    Annual
                                           Classroom testing,
                                           Cyber Clinic usage
27     Graduate         Security Course    Education Materials,    Annual
       Education                           Repository,
                                           Classroom testing

                        Seminar Courses    Respository             Bi-annual
                             TRUST All Hands Meeting                           June 26-28 2005
     Outreach Vision and Goals

         It is an oft quoted adage that security is as strong as the weakesl link.
         Our aim is to have no weak links left in the education of our society
         about the technical, compositional, privacy, economic and legal aspects
         of trusted information systems. We will begin locally but spread our
         outreach as far as we can along as many diverse axes as we can.
         Current outreach and diversity efforts are piecemeal. We have a
         comprehensive solution
        K-6, 6-12 school outreach
        Summer research for HBCU/HSIfaculty
        Curriculum development for HBCU/HSIfaculty
        Undergrad Research Opportunities
        Grad Research Opportunities
        Summer Immersion Institute for women
        Community Outreach

                           TRUST All Hands Meeting                   June 26-28 2005
     Outreach Strategy

        K-12 Outreach: Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in IT
         (BFOIT) for Oakland/Bay Area secondary schools
        Summer Research in Information Assurance for HBCU
         faculty: CMU as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information
         Assurance education has worked with Howard, Morgan State,
         UTEP, Hampton, Texas A&M, Corpus Christi, Cal State
         Fullerton: emphasizes both teaching and research at CyLab
        Curriculum Development for Hispanic Serving Institutions:
         NSA/NSF Center at SJSU in Information Assurance education
        Summer Internship for HBCU faculty in Systems Science
         (SIPHER): California Community Colleges, Fisk, Tennessee
29       State, UAB, Morehouse, Spelman, Tuskegee, …

                        TRUST All Hands Meeting             June 26-28 2005
     Outreach Strategy

        Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research
         at Berkeley (SUPERB). Undergrad research for students from
         institutions serving under-represented groups. Overwhelming
         demand for TRUST.
        Women’s Colleges: Summer Immersion Institute for students
         from Colleges like Mills, Smith with co-sponsorship of CRA-W
        Community Outreach: public “town hall” style forums about
         privacy and security, economic and legislative issues for secure
         systems. Engagement with local and state authorities, media and
         first responders.


                         TRUST All Hands Meeting             June 26-28 2005
     Outreach Implementation Plan

     Outreach Director Ruzena Bajcsy will be supported by Dr. Sheila
        Humphreys, who has had a long career supporting diversity and
        outreach activities.
      K-12 outreach: educating teachers of grades K-6, educating kids about
        cyber security 6-12: Humphreys and Crutchfield
      Summer Research in Information Assurance for HBCU/HSI Faculty:
        Reiter (CMU)
      Curriculum Development for HBCU/Hispanic Serving Institutions:
        Meldal, Mitchell
      Summer Internship for HBCU Faculty in TRUSTED Embedded
        Systems: Robinson
      SUPERB-TRUST for undergraduate research: Humphreys
      Women Only Universities Research: Bajcsy
31    Community Outreach: Sastry

                         TRUST All Hands Meeting                June 26-28 2005
     Outreach Assessment Metrics

         Minority faculty      Guided Summer             Number of faculty     Every 3
         Research              Program                   Exit Surveys          years
                                                         Tracking surveys of

         Curriculum            NSA certified             Accreditation,        Every 3
         Development           program in IA             Modules transferred   years
                               modules                   to other campuses

         Immersion Institute   Attract more women        Exit surveys,         Every 3
                               students to TRUST         Tracking surveys of   years
                               and related fields        alumnae,
                                                         Module development

         SIPHER-TRUST          Research opportunities    Exit surveys,         Every 3
                               for minority grad         Tracking surveys of   years
                               students at non-partner   alumni,
                               institutions              Repeat visits

         SUPERB-TRUST          Research opportunities    Exit surveys,         Every 3
                               for minority undergrad    Tracking surveys of   years
32                             students at non-partner
                                                         Grad school

                               TRUST All Hands Meeting                                   June 26-28 2005
     Knowledge Transfer Vision: TRUST as a Public
     Private Partnership

         TRUST as trusted intermediary between industry,
          government, non-profit and academia for answering
          hard questions:
          –   Who will pay for security
          –   Should the Feds play the role of market maker
          –   Roadmaps for guiding investment
          –   The role of regulation/insurance
         Open dissemination of research:
          –   Publications and software
          –   Short courses
33        –   Public lectures and forums
          –   Curriculum development and courses

                          TRUST All Hands Meeting             June 26-28 2005
     Key Infrastructures Chosen for Transition

        Electric Power Infrastructures: SCADA
         networks and their evolution, wireless sensor
         network testbed at Oak Ridge, DoE’s DC net
        Financial Infrastructures: key partnerships
         with Secret Service and Treasury, USPS and
         financial institutions
        DoD’s Global Information Grid (GIG): key
         partnerships with Air Force (JBI), Command
         and Control (Constellation) networks
                    TRUST All Hands Meeting    June 26-28 2005
     Technology Transfer Strategy to Start Ups, Industry and
     Infrastructure Stakeholders

      Strategies for improving tech transfer
       Economic, Legal and Social Implications of TRUST
         technology built into technology
       Testbeds to demonstrate robustness and scalability
       Developing an eco-system with different
         constituencies by
         –   Focused Workshops
         –   Strategic Investment Sessions between stakeholders,
             industry, government
         –   Internships for students in industry and infrastructure sectors
35       –   Internships for post docs and faculty as entrepreneur
             incubators at venture partners

                          TRUST All Hands Meeting                June 26-28 2005
     Knowledge Transfer Implementation Plan

     The overall Knowledge transfer coordination is Birman (Cornell)
         reporting in to the Ex Comm through Sztipanovits

        Economic, Legal and Social Implications of TRUST technology:
         Tygar (UC Berkeley)
        Testbeds: Sztipanovits(Vanderbilt)
        Managing Relationships between the constituencies:
         –   Financial: Mitchell (Stanford), Reiter (CMU), Sastry(UC Berkeley)
         –   Power: Sztipanovits(Vanderbilt), Wicker (Cornell)
         –   DoD: Birman, Sastry, Schneider (Cornell), Sztipanovits
        Repository Management for Intellectual Property, Karsai
36       (Vanderbilt)

                         TRUST All Hands Meeting                   June 26-28 2005
     Knowledge Transfer Evaluation Metrics
         Financial          Identify                Stakeholder        Annual
         infrastructures    generic/unique          interest,
                            features of TRUST       stakeholder
                            issues, propose         support
                            solutions, privacy

         Electric power     Identify                Stakeholder        Annual
         demand side        vulnerabilities of      interest,
         infrastructures    SCADA systems,          Stakeholder
                            propose secure          support
                            network embedded
                            systems solutions

         Secure Global      Examine and             Stakeholder        Annual
         Information Grid   critique proposed       interest,
         Architectures      architectures,          Stakeholder
                            propose security        support
                            architectures and

         Repository         Making available        Industry,          Bi-Annual
37       Management         intellectual property   stakeholder,
                            generated by the        academic partner
                            center                  feedback

                            TRUST All Hands Meeting                                June 26-28 2005
     Leadership and Outreach to other groups

        EU-IST and US partnerships in dependability and
        OSTP/DHS/Treasury/DoE/DoD workshops
        Workshops for venture partners
        Special issues of ACM/IEEE/…
        ESCHER, a non-profit for repositorying TRUST software
        ACM-SIGBED
        Partnerships with Singapore (Nanyang) and Taiwan
38       (National Chiao Tong and National Taiwan University)

                      TRUST All Hands Meeting        June 26-28 2005
     Some Principles for TRUST

        Funds go where the work is being done
        When new sources of funds are brought to the
         center, we will give some preference to the
         “finder” of the work and the funds will still go
         where the work is being done.
        There are no specific institutional entitlements
         from year 2 onwards

                     TRUST All Hands Meeting    June 26-28 2005

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