Facilitating a Vision Plan for North Carolina�s Eastern Region

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					  Facilitating a Vision Plan for
North Carolina’s Eastern Region

       Kenneth Poole, Ph.D.
       Mark C. White, Ph.D.
         March 30th, 2005
          Our Charge:
    Create a Regional Vision
to Guide Economic Development
• Mandate for a regional strategic plan
   – Develop a strategic economic development plan unique to NC’s
     Eastern Region (House Bill 1414)

• Integrate existing information and facilitate process
   – Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC)
   – Nationally recognized, North Carolina roots

• Timing:
   – Started with Jan. 25 kickoff; planned conclusion by Oct. 2005
   – Strategic Planning Committee to begin meeting in May to
     initiate decision-making process
   – Implementation to begin in Fiscal Year 2005-2006
               Our Approach
• Identify and articulate common vision and its
  strengths, challenges for the 13-county region
• Generate detailed economic data about industry
  clusters in 3 subregions of NC’s Eastern Region
• Create consensus around a few (e.g., 6-10)
  critical strategies to focus on for the next 5 years
• Facilitate collaboration among stakeholders for
  implementing strategies and measuring progress
   – Elected and appointed officials, councils of
     government, education, economic development,
     business, chambers, etc.
             The Method
• Interviews with government, academic &
  industry leaders
• Conduct economic cluster analysis
• Survey companies in key industries
• Create a representative Strategic Planning
  Committee – 30-40 regional leaders
• Facilitate consensus among leaders
• Create a communications program to
  involve all stakeholders & citizens
      Chamber Participation
• Help to identify key issues
• Assist in generating input from companies
  (through industry surveys)
• Collaboration with EDCs, COGs, and WDBs
  in on-site industry meetings
• Provide feedback to the Strategic Planning
  Committee on plan proposals and
• Serve as leaders and facilitators in the plan
            Progress to Date
• Interviewed local elected and appointed officials
• Met with education leaders
  – ECU, Barton, Mount Olive, (NC Wesleyan to come)
  – Community colleges
  – School districts
• Working with 3 COGs to align Comprehensive
  Econ. Dev. Strategies (CEDs) with NCER Vision
• Initiated Industry Cluster and Economic study
• Meeting with county economic developers
• Meet with chambers of commerce today
              Next Steps
• Initiate industry survey and interviews

• Identify and prioritize
  – Key issues
  – Potential action strategies

• Develop operating plans for priority action

• Build consensus among implementing
  partners about how best to move forward
For further information:
          Ken Poole
         Mark White
Center for Regional Economic

      (703) 522-4980

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