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					Assets in the balance sheet problems in the

  balance sheet in balance
  When a business established, registered capital should be invested entries
  by: Cash 50000
  Loan: paid-in capital 50000
  fee when paying by
: Management fee - pay 10000
  Loan: Cash 10000
  at this time in completing the balance sheet , the left part of the ending total assets
for the 40 thousand yuan should be, and right half of the liabilities and equity of the
final number was 50,000 yuan (equal to paid-in capital), will be how to solve this
problem?% D % A in accordance with the above two entries, management fees are
profit and loss class subjects, should be reflected in the income statement, income
statement at this time "management fees" to: 10000, the "total profits" as -10 000; this
time, "the balance table "in the" retained earnings "should be -10 000, and the"
paid-up capital "in the 50000, right side, total liabilities and equity should be: 40000;
and assets that total equilibrium;
  stated: If the first year of the establishment of enterprises, "retained earnings" no
carry-over amount of the previous year, the profit and loss account in the "gross
profit" should be equal to the balance sheet of the "retained earnings"; if the previous
year end transfer amount, the "retained earnings" should be equal to pre-carry-over +
current "total profit." / Center>

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