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					    Heer From Denmark -An Album of Punjabi Songs by
     Danish Singer, Anita Lerche —A Tribute to Indian
Through her Music Album Heer from Denmark, Anita Lerche, a renowned singer from
Denmark (Europe) pays a tribute to Indian culture. It is for the first time that a European
singer has come to Punjab to release an album of Punjabi songs. This effort is going to build
a cultural bridge between Denmark & India. The style of music is a mixture of Traditional
Punjabi Folk, Punjabi Pop and Western Music. The album, Heer from Denmark has been
released in November 2006 by Goyal Music, Bathinda (Punjab). This project was conceived
and actively supported by Anurag Sood, Satvinder Singh and Rattan Singh Rajput.

The album has been received very well all over the world. The response is tremendous and
Anita is continuously being flooded with fan letters and invitations to perform from places
across the globe. Some of the emails read as follows:

Dear Anita,
I am proud of you, so is every Punjabi.
You sing from your heart which is THE BEST of your part :-)
May Waheguru give you more energy and power to serve the people of this World. By singing
in different cultures and languages, you are spreading the message of Peace, Unity and
Keep up your work. Our best wishes are always with you.
Harpreet Aulakh

Another reads:

U should get a Punjabi style OVATION when you come to New York City next time.....
Definitely - To make all PEOPLE realize that Music UNITES us in EVERY WAY......
Thank You, Ambi

Most of the songs included in this music album are concept based. Since long Punjabi singers
have been going to the West for performances, as a large number of Punjabis are settled
there. Very often “Gorey” i.e. western people dance to the tunes of Punjabi music. But Anita
has reversed this game-process. This Danish Gori has come to Punjab and has made a unique
venture by singing Punjabi songs like a Punjabi girl and making the Punjabis dance to the
tunes of her songs. The words of the song Gori are:

Gall Sunn Lao Punjaabio Subhaa De Majaajio,
Barha Hee Nachaiaa Tusin Goriaan Nu Dhol Dee Dhamaal De Uttey,
Ajj Gori Nay Nachaunaa Eiy Punjabiaan Nu, Thumkay Dee Chaal De Utte

In another song Mela, the Gori urges her Punjabi man to show Punjab to her, which he was
praising a lot when they were living together in the West. In this song she says:

Ballad Saja Ke Gadda Jorh Lai Ve Haanian,
Sair Kara De Channa Mainu Punjan Panian…

There is also a duet in this Album, in which the Gori teases her Punjabi man, by demanding
her passport to go back to England. But in the end of the song, she reveals that she loves him
and Punjab so much, that she will stay in Punjab forever. In the Classic Remix, Anita has
sung the opening lines of some traditional Punjabi folk songs in order to pay her respects to
the legendary singers of Punjab like Surinder Kaur, Gurdas Mann etc. By singing Heer, she
has also paid a great tribute to the most legendary Punjabi poet —Waris Shah.
The lyrics have been written and composed by famous contemporary poets of Punjab like:
Satvinder Bhanewala, Chann Gorayanwala, Lal Hathauliwala, Jaggi Singh and Mohan
Kheharinwala. The song Goddess has been written and composed by Anita Lerche herself.
Music Master Bhupinder Singh of Garhdiwala and Master Rattan Singh Rajput helped Anita
in rectifying the pronunciation of each Punjabi word. The music for the album has been
rendered by Jassi Brothers of Garhshankar (Punjab). Dr. Sadiq Ahmed also helped in making
this project a success. All the songs of the album are of high literary value.

Anita visited India for the first time in June 2005 for a trekking tour in Parvati Valley in
Distt. Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. She was charmed by Indian music, when she used to watch
the local people singing and performing their traditional tribal Nati Dance around campfire in
the Apple Orchards of Anurag Sood at village Shilla near Manikaran, Kullu (H.P.). During
this period she also learnt to sing in the Kullu dialect. Anita was enchanted by Punjabi music,
which she heard on the way to Hoshiarpur (Punjab) from Parvati Valley. She says, “The
music and rhythms were so inspiring that I felt like dancing, and I immediately started
dreaming about singing music like this.”

Later on Anita got the proposal to sing in Punjabi. She says, “When they asked me what I felt
about this idea, I just knew in my heart that this was right for me, because I had already fallen
in love with Punjabi music.”

During the video shooting of the songs she has been traveling to different parts of Punjab and
communicating with people to catch the right spirit of Punjab and its culture.

Anita Lerche has the unique distinction of singing in sixteen different languages of the world,
including Chinese, English, Italian, Argentinean, Chilean, Swedish, Norwegian, Latin,
German, American, African, French, Danish, Hindi, Himachali and Punjabi.

A child prodigy, Anita began to sing at the age of seven, and at thirteen she was singing for
the Danish Radio. A graduate from the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, UK,
in Musical Theatre (singing, dancing & acting), she was also trained in Western classical
singing and folk music. She is a versatile singer, who has proved her mettle in jazz and pop
too. As a professional singer she has already toured different parts of the world for concerts
and stage shows. In 2005 she released her solo album I Love a Piano in Denmark through the
label Angel Music.

With the album Heer from Denmark Anita Lerche has made her mark as a Punjabi Singer,
who can carry music-lovers away with her depth, sensitivity, and voice-modulation.

For more information:
Anita Lerche:         E-mail: anita@anitalerche.com
Websites:             www.anitalerche.com & www.myspace.com/anitalerche