This message is to remind you about the UMB by withoutyou


									This message is to remind you about the UMB Furlough plan and introduce you to the
new Self-Service page to help you manage your furlough days.

Per the memo from President Ramsay, UMB furloughs are tiered based on your
annualized salary as of January 1, 2009.

                Annualized Salary     Furlough Days          Pay Periods
                $0 - $29,999          None                    N/A
                $30,000 to $49,999   2 days (4 half days)    09-17 to 09-20
       2/01 –   3/29/09
                $50,000 to 69,999    3 days (6 half days)    09-17 to 09-22
       2/01 –   4/25/09
                $70,000 to $89,999   4 days (8 half days)    09-17 to 09-24
       2/01 –   5/23/09
                $90,000 and above    5 days (10 half days)   09-17 to 09-26
       2/01 –   6/20/09

To assist you in tracking your furlough hours and amount obligations for each pay
period, a new Self-Service Page is available. The Employee Self-Service page can be
accessed through the myUMB Campus Portal. You can access the Campus Portal
through the UMB home page ( by clicking the red myUMB button
in the far right-hand column:

                          1. Enter your UMB Employee ID into the ‘myUMBID’ field, and
                          2. Enter your password, and
                          3. Click the ‘Sign In’ button
4. Once you are logged into myUMB Campus Portal page,
   click the middle tab ‘My UMB Personal Info’:

5. The Self-Service ‘Furlough Schedule’ is available on this
   Menu Page:

6. Click the ‘Furlough Schedule’ to view your Furlough
A. Furlough Scheduled section for Full-time Employees- This
   section indicates the number of hours you are required to take off
   each pay period along with the amount your salary will be reduced.
   In the Exempt Full-time example, the employee must take off 4 hours
                  each pay period as indicated in both the ‘Obligation Hours’ and
                  ‘Equivalent HH:MM’ columns.

              1- Furlough Scheduled section for Part-time Employees- This
                 section indicates the number of hours you are required to take off
                 each pay period along with the amount your salary will be reduced.
                 In the Non-exempt Part-time example the employee must take off 3
                 hours and 36 minutes (‘Equivalent HH:MM’ column) each pay period
                 which equates to 3.6 hours (‘Obligation Hours’ column). This non-
                 exempt employee must enter 3.6 furlough hours using code FRH in
                 the Unpaid Leave section on her timesheet. Since this employee
                 normally works four 9-hour days, if she worked the remainder of the
                 day then the Time In and Time Out section must indicate that she
                 was present for 5 hours and 24 minutes- ex. Time In 8:00 AM and
                 Time Out 1:24 PM- with the total hours worked for the day equal to
                 5.4. If the employee requested a full day off then 5.4 hours of leave
                 would be used in addition to the 3.6 furlough hours on that day.

                  If you are an exempt or faculty employee you are not required to
                  enter the Time In and Out on your timesheets but the ‘Equivalent
                  HH:MM’ will calculate exactly how much time you need to take off.
                  Normally, as an exempt employee you would enter your leave in full
                  hour increments. However, for furlough purposes, you will enter the
                  actual furlough hours as indicated in the ‘Obligation Hours’ column.

              2- Furlough Salary Reduction Taken section- This section displays
                 the actual gross amount of salary reduction that is reflected in your
                 bi-weekly paycheck. It is populated during each payroll processing
                 period and you should wait until the day you get your paycheck to
                 validate the amount that was actually taken from your paycheck.

              3- Furlough Hours Taken section (not applicable for Faculty type
                 employees)- For exempt and non-exempt employees who are
                 required to complete bi-weekly timesheets, this section will be
                 populated based on what you recorded on your timesheet and what
                 was entered in the eUMB timekeeping system. Since there is a one
                 pay period lag between when we are paid and when hours are
                 reported, there will also be a one pay period lag for the hours
                 displayed in this section. In this example, the hours taken for pay
                 period #09-17 did not appear until pay period #09-18 was
                 processed. Again, you should wait until payday to validate the hours
                 for the previous pay period.

In addition, a reminder about Furlough obligations will be posted under ‘UMB MESSAGE’
on all non exempt and exempt employee bi-weekly timesheets.

If you have any questions, please contact your department payroll representative.

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