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 Assistant Manager Job in Guangzhou

  basic personal ResumeID: Update date :2009-12-09 No Photo Name: Nationality:
China's current location: Guangzhou National : Han Exit: Guangdong body: 156cm
45kg Marital Status: Single Age: 25 years Training and Certification: honesty badge:
job search intention and work experience personnel Type: General Job               Job:
Business / Management: Assistant Manager, Customer Service Category: Customer
Service, Administrative / Personnel category: Assistant Manager Work Experience: 5
Title: Intermediate Job type: Full-time available date: salary requirements at any
time :2000 - 3500 hope that the working area: Guangzhou, Meizhou, Guangzhou
Personal experience: Company Name: Shenzhen City's sign technology joint stock
Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch beginning and ending years :2007-03 ~ 2009-01
Company Ownership: Enterprise Industry: Manufacturing and marketing of various
vehicle positions: after-sales technical services assistant manager job description: 3,
2007 months to January 2009 in Shenzhen Yuan Zheng Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Branch of equity in any after-sale technical services assistant manager.
. to assist the deputy general manager of sales support to complete the work,
collaborative team to complete objectives, the daily administration secretarial work.
. Deal with the sale of a variety of issues and complaints, provide good after-sales
service, timely and effective manner to properly handle all kinds of marketing
problems. Regional Service Management \ parts procurement and sales \ warehouse
. To handle large customer retention, market classification and other related business
. Responsible for the preparation and sale of the relevant documents, correspondence,
and related internal and external communication and coordination.
. Based on the company requirements, timely provision of all sales, after-sales
reporting and business analysis. Reason for leaving: Company Name: Guangzhou
Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. Hung Ling beginning and ending years :2004-05 ~
2006-06 Nature: Private Enterprise Industry: Electrical equipment, power, power
positions: Technical Clerk / Sales Assistant Job Description: 2004 In April in
Guangzhou Hung Ling Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. Technical Department office
clerks office technology, after the development needs for the company, in October
2005 transferred to sales office sales assistant.
  Technical Assistant:
  job content : technical drawings change, transfer data and information departments,
process instructions written with the ISO quality system management, file
management, and complete other tasks assigned by superiors tasks.
  sales assistant:
  Job Description: Sales commission calculation of wages, adjusted fat delivery to
provide clients with budget quotations, accounts receivable collections, order and
procurement management, document writing, pay attention to market trends and
competitor information , reported to superiors in a timely manner. Reason for leaving:
company business model changes to the educational background of School:
Guangdong Radio & TV Education Level: college graduation
date :2009-07-01 Professional 1: Business management Professional 2: CNC
Machining by education and training experience: from years years before termination
of school (organization) Professional certificate Certificate No. 2006-062006-09
obtain foreign trade training center in Shanghai Logistics Assistant Logistics foreign
language foreign language: English General Mandarin level: good Cantonese: a good
working ability and other expertise of a . familiar with CRM, ERP, OA system.

, routine administrative clerical work
, responsible for order processing and customer service areas to follow up;
, responsible for handling customer complaints ;
, responsible for transmission of information with customers and internal
inter-departmental communication and coordination of work;
, responsible for maintaining customer relationships, make sales to help sales

 document management (including customer documentation, technical data,
engineering data, various letters) handled the procurement of product materials. Send
and receive messages, transfer files between various departments, production
planning, drawing changes, wage settlement, copy, print, send and receive documents,
minutes of meetings. I frankly autobiographical detail man, trustworthy, a very serious
and delicate. Love of learning, care for the collective unity of my colleagues, the
pursuit of perfection. Better verbal ability. Personal Contact Address: Contact Phone:
Home         Phone:       Mobile:        QQ        number:       E-mail:      Personal
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