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Art curriculum and art curriculum reform plans


									Art curriculum and curriculum reform plans arts

 fine arts curricula reform,

  fine arts curriculum and reform plans
  fine arts curriculum and reform plans
 our country basic education curriculum reform is moving forward, face first to the
reform of teachers. the new curriculum proposed by the new teaching ideas, trying to
change the traditional education of teachers to teach and students learn, bringing
changes in the way teachers and students exchanges, the traditional education changes
in the role of teachers. In the new environment of the course teachers and students
will work together to create a new class, participation in curriculum reform, teachers
will be in the new curriculum to realize its development, and new courses for personal
development. Art as a compulsory subject in secondary schools , is the quality of
education than the essential components. In today's vigorous promotion of quality
education, art education to the image of plasticity, hands-on operational, non-verbal
expression of physical modeling and image of the feelings of right and the child's
observation, image sensibility, memory, aesthetic ability, thinking ability, imagination
and creativity to develop and improve, play a significant role can not be ignored. So,
in the implementation of the new curriculum reform in art teaching how to do the
reform should focus on what factors do As a high school art teachers, the unavoidable
changing educational environment, curriculum reform has made some of the fine arts
to explore and experiment, there are some immature ideas, and we encourage each
 1, change the traditional teaching concepts , so that activity into the classroom.
 new curriculum art "mode of learning activities to arts learning areas to strengthen
the learning activities of the comprehensive and exploratory, focusing on fine arts
curriculum and student life experience closely related to the students in a positive
emotional experience Improving the imagination and creativity, aesthetic awareness
and aesthetic ability to improve and enhance the love of nature and human society and
the responsibility to develop the desire to create a better life and ability. "(quote from"
Full-time Compulsory Education Art Curriculum Standard (Experiment draft), "p. 1)
Clearly, as the new curriculum into the art teacher, art must be past experience and
activities of the conventional classroom methods to re-examine, concerned about their
teaching behavior, perceived changes to adapt to the new curriculum, art.
 In the past, the process of teaching high school art class is to guide people to new
courses generally, teaching new courses, student work, work Zhanping, classroom
summary of several aspects. conscientious teachers teaching the steps carefully
designed, arranged around the materials to ask questions, leading the students
thinking and attention, in full flight, the students are receiving knowledge of the state,
all ears. teaching students the opportunity to participate less in class to act as
supporting roles. in teaching the new curriculum, I changed the teaching ideas, such
as seventh grade art materials under the volumes of "logo design", I arranged the
students before class social survey, look them in the symbol of life and classification.
class changed the seating arrangements of students from single-row into a group form
of cooperation. teachers came down from the podium, the podium of the controller to
change the image, and students to discuss the question: "How to understand the logo
design" "logo design do you like what works and why" "combined with real life, seen
on its characteristics." Teacher Education in the past points the way by grouping the
public, encourage students to group discussion, and actively explore and bold
performance. Some say that the image of corporate logo logo design "ideas and plans";
some specific, for example, was designed by thinking emerged out of the process
through the implementation of the scheme; have students that logo design is drawn
around a central theme or pattern name, used in transportation, finance,
communications, life and so on. Although the course of discussion and a wrong
answer or extreme argument, but very active classroom atmosphere, and some
students see real life meanders, some comments from a personal understanding of the
views of other students, and has initially have their own thoughts. teachers to follow
students in the classroom always ideas, to participate and provide prompt, timely
support, or certain students to overcome the self, participate in the discussion. 教师
to encourage a positive attitude to the student-oriented, teaching the students a result
of their immense interest, lively classroom atmosphere, the concept of the sign has its
own understanding of the assignment has its own positive and creative, they even
discuss the issue with a plan to find the answer in the extra-curricular. germinal class
development in a natural state.
 current students tend to take the initiative to find what they need If the teacher or as
a "knowledge transfer are" identity appears to knowledge, explaining and passive
acceptance of students, perhaps in the short term effect, the students learned, but from
the perspective of development, students have lost the habit of self-exploration.
Although With the new art curriculum standards, new materials, but it is essential that
the new teaching process. the teaching process will deeply affect the course content,
course content is more work than the end of the day. It is critical among art teachers.
Art teachers adjust their teaching practices consciously or not, directly related to the
art can be truly effective implementation of the new curriculum.
 2, cleverly designed system of classroom teaching and learning
 relaxing traditional arts in addition to painting, it appeared that no other content, and
boring but boring. Students patterns according the book "Copy" work, imagination
and creativity are extremely restricted. learning process should be as pleasant as the
birds fly the process, new Aesthetic education should be more active students from
passive to active, from the "want you to learn" into "I want to learn, I want to learn."
Depending on the material, through a variety of teaching methods of teaching. For
example: I secondary school art textbooks on the seventh volume of "dynamic
character sketch" of a lesson, namely, the two classes in the same year class. A class I
used the conversation, presentations, and make the main points of painting techniques
explained repeatedly many times, made operational requirements , let the students
observe the following sketch. a class down, I spoke thirsty, students pay to work,
almost could not find qualified. so in the B class, I re-arrange the teaching process.
First of all, I say and practice The time to do the adjustment, so that "succinctly and
training." images for a more intuitive, close to the students, I ask two students to do
class model, while speaking, while demonstrations, while summing up painting
essentials. Then, let students watch a sports video, observe the movement of the
various postures. Next, and then discuss with students some of the typical action pose,
and that "you can not to the podium to perform this action" while on the following
classmates said "you you can draw it "unfinished this dynamic performance on the
other requests of others, and commented on the work carried out. This way, each
student will have a chance to personally participate in their learning highly motivated,
active in the classroom atmosphere, adjust the relationship between teaching and
learning, but also in unconsciously students acquire knowledge in a happy, complete
learning tasks, which greatly improve the teaching effect.
  3, aesthetic and other subjects
  combination of aesthetic education is to promote the intellectual development and
carry out an important means of ideological and moral education, and the line is not
incompatible with other disciplines.
. the music into the art class
  music with a strong emotional contagion effects, can arouse people's emotions
reflected. in the Art Course Accordingly, reference to music education, will better
facilitate teaching. such as the appreciation class, we listen to music, while viewing
the old paintings were volume, intoxicated music code invisible traction throughout
our ideas into paintings, paintings in the spirit of the infection painting in the rhythm,
even more strongly emotive, emotional resonance not only enable students to improve
the aesthetics.
. and Literature
  combination of art visual art form to spread through the culture and thought,
literature, the use of words, intent is the same, but not the character expression means
nothing. In art class, the use of excellent literary works (stories, poems, essays, etc.),
the beautiful language and art, we should actively mobilize the students thinking, and
immersive, the environment, with works of artistic conception of the overall
impression, then think again reverie, thus cultivating imagination, innovation.
. and ideological education,
  combination of art from life, to reflect the image of life, with a strong The
ideological. art class to be high among children's aesthetic taste, combining sentiment
of patriotism. At the same time, aesthetic beauty of their own teaching materials to
address the factors, according to the teaching content. For example: in the gorgeous
scenery, the feeling the good life, foster love of life, creating a better life passion;
magnificent mother in depicting mountains and rivers, native plants and trees from the
patriotic feelings in the culture; enjoy excellent revolution in the history of sculpture
and painting, the establish lofty revolutionary ideals
  proposed quality education for all students to enable students to fully develop. This
is not to give every student in every aspect of the student or the average development,
but to study the differences between students in order to find individualized basis, find
suitable teaching different students. Art in the new curriculum standards have a basic
idea: "The art education compulsory education compulsory education should strive to
reflect the basic characteristics, each ensuring the rights of students to art education.
compulsory stage of education to make art all students participate in arts learning, so
that each student has their own based on the original development. "(quote from"
Full-time Compulsory Education Art Curriculum Standard (trial version) ") in the
course of our art, first make every a student can participate in learning activities to art,
then teachers should be actively concerned about the development needs of students,
ways to promote different based students can make progress.
  American Humanist educator Rogers once said: "Teachers must be to promote
independent learning facilitator, rather than the traditional focus only on 'education'
teachers. "Art teachers should first make a positive,
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