Management of the Information Security Plan by withoutyou


									              Management of the Information Security Plan
             Working Document -V 1.3.1 – Working Document

The Information Security Plan exists in soft and hard copies at CSUN. The soft copy
master exists on the ITR disk shares under the control of the Information Security Officer
and the Chief Information Officer.

The mechanism to manage these documents is a sequential version control system,
consisting of a master number followed by a decimal number. Major revisions result in
the master number being incremented and minor revisions result in the decimal number
being incremented.

The hard copy masters are maintained in the offices of:

       Job Title/Area                                       Incumbent              Copy

President, President's Office                               Jolene Koester            1
Chief of Staff, President's Office                          Clare Cavallaro           2
Chief Information Officer                                   Hilary Baker              3
Vice President and CFO, Admin & Finance                     Mo Quayoumi               4
Vice President, Student Affairs                             Terry Piper               5
Vice President, University Advancement                      Judy Knudson              6
Executive Director, University Corporation                  Thomas McCarron           7
Director of Athletics, Athletics Department                 TBD                       8
Chief Technology Officer                                    Steve Fitzgerald          9
Information Security Officer                                Al Arboleda              10

These copies will be kept current by distributing updates on an as-needed and annual
bases. Update logs will be kept in the front of the manuals to ensure that all updates have
been filed. Old pages will be shredded by local personnel with other confidential

The Information Security Officer is responsible for the management of these updates.

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