Adult technical schools in 2009 concluded the first half of the first half of the work of summing up the work by fdjerue7eeu


									Adult technical schools in 2009 concluded the first half of the work of summing up
the work in the first half

  summary of the work of adult technical schools in the first half
  over the past six months, the ** village into a technical school in the county
education bureau and the township party committee and government leaders Next, the
socialist concept of scientific development center on the "866 Project" construction of
new countryside objectives and requirements, vigorously cultivate educated, civilized,
and understand technology, good management, will manage, the new farmers, the new
socialist countryside building spiritual impetus and intellectual support. Specific
expression in:
  1, the task target completion:
  1, training various categories of practical technical training, is a strong motivation to
achieve the peasants to increase income. Township ended June 10 were carried out 42
practical technical training, training 2523 people, including township and practical
technical training to carry out eight, trained 572 people; village-level training, 34,
trained 1951 people; training expenditure 15,572 yuan. Training programs are: Potato
incise the new rural construction, high-quality rice planting, workers basic safety
  2, continue to focus on in-service staff education
  degree the past six months, according to our school, "Student's regulations," to
increase students in the school teaching and assessment efforts, 2007, "Economic
Management" professional Vocational trainees completed the course teaching plan,
examination pass rate of 100%, enter the stage of post practice. 2009 spring new
tactics "rural economic management" professional secondary school trainees for 76,
to obtain student status 74.
  3, do a good job working together to villages households
  year arrangement under the County Education Bureau issued a joint Village 2 my
school, United households 12 households. Combination of our school, "866 project"
new socialist countryside, according to the actual, of the village hung together key
economic crops, science and technology linked families 12, contact the project totaled
seven, key to species, raising and, the expected to create economic value by the end of
nearly a hundred million.
  4, do a good job base construction
  This year, our school to strengthen the management of the original base, so that base
program, the project to achieve results. From January to June, our school actively
co-invested with farmers planted 30 acres of rare yew trees, now doing well.
  5, good labor force training,
  2008 ** vocational school year and the rural labor force with vocational skills
training, recruiting, "veterinarian" 73 people, training and skills through theoretical
study and practical operation ** training period this year, a vocational school, "214"
professional skill identified by the test, 73 passed a test, to achieve the transfer of
employment. This year due to the impact of financial crisis, the tremendous increase
of migrant workers return home, the anti-Farmers workers skills training, not only
conducive to return of migrant workers, in employment, re-employment and
entrepreneurship, but also such areas as urban and rural development and the people
made stability, building a harmonious socialist society is of great significance and
function. I am active with the county vocational school links in the "animal disease
prevention and control workers" shift in employment on the basis of the planning of a
motorcycle assembly workers, restaurant waiters training, computer operators,
maintenance electrician four professional training, enrolled 400 students, approval has
been submitted by ** vocational.
  6, good asset liquidation
  strict implementation of the ** County Education Bureau, "5.09" notification
requirements, actively cooperate with the central schools do a good job of financial
clean-up, handling assets, financial file transfer procedures.
  2, the specific practices
  1, Work Style, and promote the development of civilization
  half year, morality in our school to carry out the guidance, efforts to improve the
quality of teachers Side, make a model for serving the people wholeheartedly. Close
to "three rural" firmly establish the local resources as the basis, market-oriented,
technology-driven, guide the masses on the road of getting rich, well received by the
  2, skills training model approach to the
  work plan according to the beginning of our school to actively assist the agriculture
sector for the development of modern agriculture-oriented, market-oriented, to
increase the income of peasants as the core, highlighting characteristics to rely on
science and technology, building a large base, strong leader, to develop bio-industry.
The curtain opened to adjust the industrial structure. First, optimize product structure,
strongly encouraged farmers to develop marketable quality, efficient agricultural
products, vegetables with lettuce, green beans, peppers main cash crops in order to
ginger, tea tree oil-based; Second, optimize the layout of agricultural development,
water plants rich areas go "technology Xingmu" road, other places in accordance with
science and technology, and actively develop high-quality grains, high-quality edible
beans; Third, build a service system to provide farmers with comprehensive
technology services, regularly or irregularly to the special training of farmers in
production technology and tracking services.
  3, based on their own to promote the development of
  major task into a technical school for the "three rural" to promote rural economic
development, to improve the overall quality of employees targeted. Over the years,
persist in our school "rate of people get rich, get rich with people, helping the poor" as
a "red line" to work consistently throughout, so as to promote the "two sides that"
construction. As poor households to send seeds, fertilizer, rich information to help
them carry out industrial restructuring. Helping behavior into a technical school that
many folks have been well received.
  short, six months, into higher-level technical school work in the care and support, the
efforts of teachers in the work you have achieved certain results, but there are gaps in
the next step, we must work hard, the successful completion of the task targets. .. This
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