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                                                         Hazardous Materials
                                                     Indoor Container Storage
Please print in black ink only.

                                                                             PROJECT NAME
This checklist pertains to the design and
construction of facilities where containers of
hazardous materials in excess of the exempt               Yes    No
amounts are stored indoors in industrial, fac-            	         Owner’s name, address, telephone
tory, manufacturing, educational or similar uses.                     number.
Minimum Requirements for                                  	         Occupant’s name, address, telephone
Construction Drawings                                                 number, if different from owner.
                                                          	         Contractor’s name, address, fax number,
Plans which do not contain the minimum infor-                         telephone number and Washington State
mation required will not be accepted for plan check.                  Contractor’s license number.
Plans shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the
location, nature and extent of the work proposed          Documentation—One Set
and show that it will conform to the provisions of the    Yes    No
adopted International Codes and ordinances.
                                                          	         Type of construction and occupancy
   Three (3) copies of plans (24" x 36", or 30" x 42")               classification of building.
    must be submitted for review.                         	         Description and quantity of material to
   Copies shall all be the same size.                                be stored, including container size
   Working Drawings – scale to 1/8" = 1'.                            and type.
   Shall be drawn in indelible ink.                      	         Completed Fire Department Chemical
   Sheets that are cut and pasted, taped, or that                    Inventory Material, Safety Data Sheets
    have been altered by any means (pen, pencil,                      (MSDS) and Hazardous Materials
    marking pen, etc.) will not be accepted for                       Management Plan (HMMP).
    plan check.
                                                          	         Fire sprinkler system design and instal-
   Site Plans – scale to 1" = 20' or 1" = 40'                        lation details.
   Washington State law requires that any regis-
    tered professional who prepares or supervises         	         Design and sample hazardous materials
    the preparation of drawings and construction                      warning signs.
    documents stamp and sign such documents.              	         Sample storage plan showing arrange-
                                                                      ment, location and dimensions of aisles.
                                                          	         Design and construction details on carts
                                                                      and powered industrial trucks used for
                                                                      product handling.

RH1-1                                                                                          fpd3011 2/17/06 p. 1 of 2
Working Drawings                                           	          Make, model, type and design of emer-
Yes     No                                                              gency alarm and fire detection systems.

	          Site plan scale 1" = 20' or 1" = 40', floor   	          Make, model, method and design of gas
             plan and full height cross section of                      storage, treatment and detection systems.
             building, including smoke venting.            	          Make, model, method and design of
	          Floor plan detail showing specific loca-                   exhaust scrubber systems.
             tion where storage or handling will occur     Note:
             and area/occupancy separations, control
             areas, aisles, storerooms, floor open-        Spill control in flammable liquid use, dispensing and
             ings, exits and heating, ventilation and      mixing rooms is to prevent spilled liquids from flow-
             air conditioning systems.                     ing out of the room.

	          Location, area, height, detailed design       Drainage control in flammable liquid use, dispens-
             and seismic analysis of shelves or racks.     ing and mixing rooms is achieved by piping spilled
                                                           liquids and fire protection water to an approved lo-
	          Method used to achieve spill control,         cation or treatment system with overflow protection,
             drainage control and secondary contain-       or by providing secondary containment.
             ment, and its termination point.
                                                           Secondary containment in flammable liquid use,
	          Design and installation details of over-      dispensing and mixing rooms is achieved by piping
             flow protection from secondary                spilled liquids and fire protection water to an ap-
             containment.                                  proved location or containment system, or by sizing
	          Location and rating of portable fire pro-     the spill control to provide adequate containment
             tection equipment, including fire             and is provided with overflow protection.
             extinguishers.                                PlEASE READ ThE iNfORMATiON bElOW
	          Detailed designs and location of hazard-      AND SiGN bEfORE SubMiTTiNG YOuR
             ous materials storage or gas cabinets.        APPliCATiON

	          Location, make, model and type of leak        Your application shall be deemed complete only if
             detection or monitoring equipment.            this checklist is completed and submitted along with
                                                           the submittal package. Submittals not accompanied
	          Detailed designs and equipment to pro-
                                                           by a checklist will not be accepted. Accuracy of the
             vide continuous mechanical or natural
                                                           submittal package, including this checklist, is the
             ventilations, including interlocks, emer-
                                                           responsibility of the applicant. Failure to submit an
             gency and manual overrides.
                                                           accurate submittal package will be considered an
	          Make, model and classification of electri-    incomplete application by the Plan Reviewer. An
             cal wiring and equipment.                     incomplete submittal will result in a HOLD. A Re-
                                                           submittal (new submittal package) will be required
	          Method to protect materials from static
                                                           and always results in a delay.
             electricity, light and shock.
	          Method(s) to separate incompatible haz-       I have checked the applicable boxes and have
             ardous materials.                             included those requirements in my submittal.
	          Method and detailed engineering calcu-
             lations to provide explosion control.
	          Make, model, type and rating of standby       Print Name
             power equipment, including operational
             sequence and wiring diagram.
	          Make, model, type, rating and capacity        Signature
             of liquid limit level, pressure and tem-
             perature limit control.
RH1-1                                                                                          fpd3011 2/17/06 p. 2 of 2

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