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									Accounting, financial management Financial Management Practice Report

  Accounting and Financial Management Trainees
  a, accounting, financial management practice of the basic situation:
  1, by hand accounts of accounting practice :
  manual accounting practice account do so, we simulate a real business (** Co., Ltd.),
according to the company's business processes, according to the occurrence of
different services, case by case basis based on the original certificate complete
accounting of the companies a month operations and follow-up billing, reconciliation
and financial statements of work.
  2, manual of financial management practice:
  manual of financial management practice, is based on a business (** Limited)
historical report data as well as some previous empirical data, analysis of the
company's statements comparison and financial analysis, sales forecasting, financing
repayment analysis, feasibility analysis and optimal order quantity of the book and so
  3, UF U8 Accounting Practice:
  UF U8 computerized accounting practice is to follow the manual to do the whole
account business processes of accounting practice, the new Zhang Tao from the
beginning, after initialization, at the beginning operation, complete business
credentials, subject summary, signature, account reconciliation to the final checkout,
the statements. Compared with the corresponding hand.
  4, Financial Management Computer Practice:
  computer financial management practice is the application of computer operations to
excel software processing platform, test content and practice the same financial
management manual. To the initial data, edit the formula on the table, the table to take
the number of rooms, direct access to the formula definition drag operation, the final
completion of the final analysis.
  second, accounting, financial management practice of the process and content:
  1, by hand accounts of accounting practice:
  hand-made account of accounting practice is built on our knowledge of the
accounting profession to fully understand and appreciate practice after work. The
internship lasted three weeks, divided into the following steps:
  ① make books: According to the company's actual business needs, select the
appropriate account page, the need to involve
  stamp of accounts of accounts Seal (1 subject), fill in the detail of accounts (2 and 2
the following subjects). Finally the need to account page stapled, or fastened with a
rope. Among them, four books, including: general ledger, inventory, and a breakdown
of fixed assets, cost accounting, accounts three columns.
  ② Input opening balances: According to the practice of information data, the
company in 2007 ending balance of individual subjects to the appropriate general
ledger or fill out a breakdown of the summary column marked as "carry-over last
year" seal.
  ③ daily business processing: According to the experimental data given in the
original documents, complete accounting documents. Fill should pay attention to the
date of service, number of sheets annex. Also note that every business needs the
certificate number of sheets, need to fill out more than one certificate, the certificate
number and then need to add a fraction (s * Zhang certificate / Total # Zhang
certificate). Finally the system needs to evidence a single office under the system of
single sign on names. The certificate should also show it to others done review, after
review and correct signature.
  ④ Subject Summary: When the ordinary course of business to do on the 15th, we
will need 1-15 business days for subjects summarized. First, subjects filled in
accordance with summary details of each certificate, and then fill out the Subject
Summary (Meeting 1). Meeting after the second (15-30 day business), exchange of
three (31 business) Likewise to complete.
  ⑤ accounting: accounting consists of two parts, namely, a breakdown of
registration and registration ledger. We first registered under the subject summary
ledger the amount of the borrowing parties, then each one according to the appropriate
account and a breakdown of the registration certificate, this time to pay attention to
every note in the proof of posting should be accounted for on the signs and Certificate
lower right corner accounting office's name signed on the account.
  ⑥ Reconciliation: When completed this month after all the business, we need
reconciliation, that is, a breakdown of general ledger and reconciliation of balance in
all subjects is identical to the corresponding reconciliation work can be concluded. If
there is a breakdown of general ledger and balance of subjects is not the same
situation, they should view the subject of each business involved in the original
documents, identify errors and make corrections. Should be underlined in red pen to
correct attention to the wrong plan and then write in their corrected on the results.
  ⑦ Checkout: After reconciliation of work, we can basically guarantee the accuracy
of the accounts handled. So we can do check out the work, that is, all the books of
accounts of the balance of end gave out, and stamped "Month Total" seal, but also
need to total this month designated the two red lines, one on look, on-line program
known everything about genome, to the total Planning Department offline.

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  ⑧ fill in the financial statements: Financial statements consist of three components,
namely income statement, balance sheet and cash flow Table. Following detailed
analysis to do:
  Ⅰ income statement: the establishment of the income statement is relatively simple,
we can easily find the corresponding general ledger accounting courses may, of which:
Operating income = core business revenue + other operating income, operating cost =
cost + other main business operational costs, financial costs and asset impairment
losses have to fill out according to a breakdown (this is because these two subjects
appear red, rather than reflect the general ledger balance can only be expressed
lending relationship), other available to the general ledger Deshu.
  Ⅱ balance sheet: the preparation of the balance sheet of the main fill out according
to the general ledger, including accounts receivable, advances receivable, accounts
payable and prepayments have to fill out according to a breakdown, because these
subjects there may be borrowing the balance. Other undistributed profit = net profit -
reserve - year dividend payable.
  Ⅲ Cash Flow: preparation of cash flow needs of accounting certificate from the
start, the first evidence from the account to find subjects related to cash flow (cash on
hand, bank deposits and other money funds) of the certificate, and then The certificate
in the amount of cash flow to cash flow statement classification categories, the final
sum of their sum, according to fill out the sum of the cash flow statement.
  2, manual of financial management practice:
  manual financial management practice is built on our accounting, financial
management expertise to fully study and understand the practice after work. The
practice lasted a week, divided into the following sections:
  ① financial analysis: financial analysis, including three aspects: the level of
analysis, vertical analysis and indicators of financial efficiency. Level of analysis is a
report for two consecutive years of historical data, horizontal comparison of the data,
through the difference between the amount and rate of change on an analysis of
business operations. Vertical analysis is the historical report for two consecutive years
to analyze the data by vertical relative 指标 is seeing on the total assets Ying Xiang
Xiang Mu, Zai out by the difference Bijiao a difference between the two data are
differences in business performance and trends. Financial efficiency target, through
two years of solvency of the business analysis, operational capabilities analysis,
profitability analysis and growth capacity of the enterprise's ability in all aspects,
although these indexes have some errors, but can understand to some extent Many of
the actual situation in the enterprise.
  ② Budget Report: Budget Report is part of a comprehensive budget management,
according to empirical data (sales, unit price), first calculate the total sales reached an
estimated first plan; again with the idea to market ability , throwing stocks, calculated
production and need to purchase the amount of expenses which are schedule; and then
calculate the estimated direct labor in turn, is expected manufacturing costs, estimated
sales and administrative expenses, which can fill out the cash budget table. Through
this work, we can calculate the projected balance sheet and income statement.
  ③ repayment and the financing schedule: According to the experimental data
requirements, business and repayment of borrowing is expected to amount and time,
we can fill in the repayment schedule: the total demand from the funds retained profits
and depreciation minus (non-cash payment costs) remaining on the need for external
finance, as the company's debt to the bank.
  ④ Investment Financial Feasibility Analysis Report: This report is the assumption
that corporate investment in a new production line, production and operation in the
next five years, obtained the proceeds. The same ideas we use to market ability, the
first payment under the sales estimate is revenue estimates table, and then estimate the
direct materials, direct labor, manufacturing cost of sales and administrative expenses,
cash flow estimates and then come to the table, the last light of the above data can
calculate the net present value, profitability index, internal rate of return and payback
period of these financial indicators. And through these financial indicators to analyze
the data obtained in this investment is viable.
  ⑤ liquidity operations analysis: The analysis first estimates the best in cash
holdings, using the analysis of two different modes: survival patterns and cost
analysis model. Then calculate the best economic order quantity, the assumption that
two different situations: there is no quantity discounts and volume discounts in respect.
Finally fill out the evaluation form of credit conditions, also the two aspects: there is
no cash discount and cash discount.
  ⑥ projected profit distribution table: Modified according to adjusted net profit
forecast by retained earnings projections.
  3, UF U8 Accounting Practice:
  UF U8 computerized accounting internship is based on mastery of professional
knowledge of accounting and financial software UF U8 based on a certain
understanding of the practice. It is the computer used to improve the quality of
accounting to the accounting work of a software system. We are doing the internship
is based on manual accounting practice of the Company and its business to complete,
and its specific steps in the manual accounting practice has been stated here mainly
with the manual about the differences and characteristics of its own, include the
following aspects:
  ① New Zhangtao: admin registered to enter the U8 system management, then
according to the test data set users and permissions, and finally can be the new Zhang
Tao, data entry practice information given by Zhang Tao .
  ② initialization settings: Enable general ledger and fixed asset module, set the
departmental files, customer files, suppliers and so on, in the setting of accounting
subjects, according to the requirements of corporate accounting standards and the
company's situation need to set a course and details, should pay attention to the input
of accounts whether the subjects entered secondary accounts, whether the amount of
type number, credit direction and so on. (Note: The initialization settings can be
copied with the general ledger tool.)

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 ③ Input opening balances : According to information given practical input opening
balances, attention to detail in supporting accounting of the input, the amount of
quantity-based amount should be recorded before recording of the number.
 ④ daily business operations: the content and the same hand, I will not elaborate.
But pay attention here filled in by the certificate required to select the appropriate type
(cash, bank, transfer), and evidence can change, delete, and competent audit evidence
can be batch to sign. Subject the summary can be directly output.
 ⑤ fixed asset module: module when to enter the initial settings, fixed entry card.
Depreciation and assets increase or decrease can be directly generated in this module
 ⑥ accounting: After signing the certificate could have been accounted for, with the
permission of the user with this login instructions. Upon completion of transfer can be
defined first, and then transfers generate profit and loss carried forward, in two parts:
income and carry-over carry-over expenditures. After further accounting operations,
and finally fill in terms of income tax carry-over of two credentials. (Note: The
carry-over of evidence can directly transfer tax generated).
  ⑦ reconciliation and check out: after all the work can check out the end of
operation. First fixed module at the end of processing - reconciliation, after checkout,
and then to the reconciliation of general ledger system, then you can operate the final
  ⑧ financial statements: UF U8 has provided financial statements for the template,
but the old corporate accounting system, accounting courses and the new system,
therefore, no need to modify all or renumbered. Here three table:
  Ⅰ profit: from format - the introduction of new business report template in the
income statement of accounts, according to a report by the test data to adjust their
models and then modify the formula: major changes Subject code can be, and special
items and impairment losses of financial costs necessary to amend the amount of
functions to take place the other subjects (ie, taking place this year, the amount of
profits), which is due to the financial costs and the existence of an impairment loss of
assets The Scarlet Letter , will occur because the amount of offset. After modifying
the entire table can be re-considered or obtained data entry tags.
  Ⅱ balance sheet: Ibid into the balance sheet template, format and subject coding
changes, after the completion of the whole re-count or entry table keywords.
  Ⅲ Cash Flow: New Report, given input test data items and format of the report,
then edit the formula, reports, edit the formula to take the number of UF finance
function - cash flow subject, then under the different categories, the values were
defined well after the recalculation of the entire table or entry keywords.
  4, Financial Management Computer Practice:
  computer financial management financial management practice is built on
knowledge and some computer knowledge-office applications office software excel
based on an internship. During the four days, content and financial management
practice manual the same, this is mainly a few points compared with the manual or the
characteristics of their differences:
  ① fill out the data: the data using excel operations also need to fill out some of the
original data, this time we can use Tab and Enter key or the arrow keys to move the
cursor to enter more quickly.
  ② sheet sheet take a few from time to time: when filling in the original data, some
values are variable, we need to take a few outside tables occasional tables, detailed
operation is: select the cells to fill type "=" , and then open the data where the table,
you can directly select the Enter access.
  ③ Drag fetching: When we enter a data, into a black cross in the cursor when drag
your mouse to access the data associated with the original data, if the original data is
digital, then drag the data obtained for figure; if the original data, formula, new data
obtained from the formula is the same reason under the definition of data.
  ④ formula defined: some data we need to be a lot of complicated calculations to be,
in some cases can not be done by hand. Then we can use the function to define the
formula, excel offers a variety of functions: mathematical, statistical, financial and so
 ⑤ the above, and we can easily see the financial management experiment using
excel many advantages: easy, fast and accurate. Therefore, we learn in addition to the
professional classes, such as computer-based tools aid we should learn, will be used to
improve our learning efficiency.
 a, accounting, financial management practice of harvesting Experience:
 1, by hand accounts of accounting practice:
 carried by hand to do the accounting practice, the actual operation of the accounting
business, let us further again, better, more in-depth study and master the accounting
knowledge; In addition, we understand that to understand the cautious nature as
accounting, not just when dealing with some of the business, but all have done a
careful and serious , but also has enough patience. There is real accounting data,
complete, and even wrong, it should be modified as required, to let others know is a
mistake. Finally, it should be emphasized that any substantive action needs the
support of the basic theory, accounting as well, through practice and I see my lack of
knowledge of the accounting profession, not enough detail and depth of study and
work in the future should also continue their efforts.

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 2, manual of financial management practice:
 financial management practice by hand, let me know to as a business, financial
management, decision-making occupy very important position. Mainly in the
following areas:
 ① on the financial statements, analysis of financial indicators, we can see the
history of operations and business trends in order to find better methods of
management decision-making improvement of the previous management model to
improve the development capacity of enterprises and social awareness.
 ② through the science budget management, we can know the business as early as
the next step in the operation and, if deficiencies can be adjusted as soon as possible,
as soon as possible to make up for losses.
 ③ through investment feasibility analysis, we will not be blind on the item, only
fully viable projects, taking into account all risks basis, we can consider the project
 ④ operations through analysis of current assets, we can get better cash holdings, the
best order quantity, select the appropriate conditions for the cash discount.
 ⑤ In short, the financial management make the company more scientific
management and decision-making.
 3, UF U8 Accounting Practice:
 computer's fast, easy and accurate accounting procedure used for the development of
accounting is a breakthrough in the nature of the leap, but it also exposed a lot of
disadvantages of computerized accounting, for example, need a computerized
accounting and strict management of financial authority, clear environment and good
management of data environment. The targeted individual also must have a good
professional ethics, in computerized accounting, we can not trace changes of the
evidence to the individual user passwords easy to steal or leak ... ... But generally
speaking, accounting, electrical Operators of a unique aspect of optimization, Take
UF U8, it has many advantages of manual accounting inaccessible:
  ① user rights can be strictly controlled, there will be ultra vires the computer when
prompted, or prohibiting the operation.
  ② accounting subjects and subjects with ancillary accounts controlled system so
that the accounting is convenient, but also the specific work of the accounting
separation of ownership and responsibility.
  ③ initialization of each module for future business processes to provide a great
  ④ fill in documents, the computer will automatically count, uneven or have other
problems, prohibited save.
  ⑤ UF U8 also offers users a variety of accounts table, suitable for different types of
  ⑥ bookkeeping convenience: the computer can be completed in a few seconds is
more cumbersome and error prone manual billing work.
  ⑦ custom carry-over: For each month the business will occur, can be carried
forward to define a custom formula to automatically generated, greatly simplifying
the workload.
  ⑧ report module: In general, UF U8 report template can be directly provided by the
reference count can be re-drawn the financial statements of companies want, even
need to be adjusted is very convenient.
  4, Financial Management Computer Practice:
  computer financial management practice is to use the computer as fast, convenient
and accurate, let us work more easy and simple. The advantages of the process and
content of these experiments have been described in, and is not cumbersome.
However, there is a lot behind the advantages disadvantages:
  ① encryption system is not perfect and can be easily deciphered;
  ② without access control operators can operate any;
  ③ operators can not trace modify data, destroy the authenticity of the financial
  ④ data easily lost and difficult to restore.
  synthesis of these three, by the accounting, financial management practice, let's first
contact with a real accounting, financial management practices, we feel the
accounting, financial content and nature of work, for our future learning, employment,
work is very helpful.
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