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 Accounting Assistant Resume Pham Van

  basic personal ResumeID: Date:
  Name: the nationality of graduates job site : China's current location: Guangzhou
Nationality: Chinese Account Location: Shaoguan stature: 158cm             50kg Marital
Status: Single Age: 23 years old Training Certification: honesty badge: job search
intention and work experience personnel Type: General Job        Job: Finance Category:
Accounting , accounting assistant, Statistics, Work Experience: 3 Title: Title Job Type:
Full-time available date: salary requirements at any time :2000 - 3500 hope that the
working area: Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou Personal experience: Company
Name: Guangzhou Heng Hui Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. beginning and end
years :2008-12 ~ 2009-06 Nature: Industry: positions: Finance Job Description:
responsible for daily transaction processing, Invoicing registration, preparation of
original documents, cash and bank accounts, the company salaries accounting, sales
accounting transactions accounts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, preparation
of financial statements, expense reimbursement and the reimbursement of bills to do
all kinds of rigorous audits, etc. Reason for leaving: Company Relocation Company
Name: Guangzhou Heng Fu Industrial Materials Co. Companies beginning and end
years :2006-03 ~ 2008-10 Nature: Industry: positions: cashier job description: 1.
responsible for the company's annual inspection certificates, change of work.
. Handled by staff members of Social Security, attrition and other procedures.
. Received back a single bank to register the cash and bank deposits and bookkeeping.
. VAT purchase invoices, electronic reporting, forgery prevention tax billing.
. Responsible for the daily management of cash and notes and expense reimbursement,
contract management, handle money orders, checks into the settlement business,
dealing with other financial daily. Reason for leaving: Company Name: Shaoguan
City hotels beginning and ending years :2005-10 ~ 2006-01 corporate nature: Industry:
positions: front desk clerk job description: responsible for answering phones, check,
team, event site management coordination work. Reason for leaving: Education
School: Jinan University Education Level: college graduation date :2010-12-01 in
these two fields 1: Accounting by Specialty 2: education training experience: the
school years starting end years (body ) Professional certificate Certificate No.
1999-092002-07 Danxia get junior high school high school 2007-082009-12
2002-092005-07 Renhua II Jinan University, the accounting profession in
post-secondary language Zikao Language: English General Mandarin level: the level
of outstanding Cantonese : Excellent ability to work and other specialty services
.          have         <"Accounting            qualification         certificates
>>,<< Accounting Junior Certificate>>
are familiar with the use of the professional requirements of the UF financial software,
financial software, gold plate and other management information systems, and
familiar with the national financial system and relevant policies and regulations. a
modern financial management concepts.
.      Have      the      <<National          Computer         Level     1
Certificate>>, can skillfully use the computer operating system
software, EXCEL and WORD. Has files of management experience, typing speed of
40-50 words / minute.
. Good at dealing with interpersonal relationships , to handle daily affairs alone.
enthusiasm, a sense of responsibility, learning ability, can withstand the greater
pressure of work. Skills and Ability to adapt strong, hard working, love working,
highly motivated. serious and responsible work, work care and caution. detailed
autobiography in the fierce competition for qualified personnel, although I was a
Zikao college students, but I have teeth sincere heart and the spirit of hard work ahead,
your organization willing to contribute their own strength, I believe you unit is the
weight capacity, weight level, re-open, forward-looking unit, must be able capacity,
level of experience equating. Give an opportunity to showcase their new, hope your
organization can give me an opportunity to learn and grow, can consider me, I
urgently hope soon to become a member of your organization and contribute their

 I have aspirations in accounting, but also expect to develop this area, want their own
in the professional arena to expand their knowledge, in order to achieve
complementarity of work and study!

 :1800-2800 yuan monthly salary required
 trial period: purchase of Social Security Personal Contact Address: Tel:
135XXXXXXXXXX Home Phone: Mobile: 135XXXXXXXXXXXQQ number:
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