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					                                    LISC’s Green Development Center provides financial resources,
                                    technical information, partnership opportunities, education, and policy
                                    support to LISC programs and the community development field, all in
                                    support of efforts to accelerate the integration of sustainability principles
                                    in the development of low-income neighborhoods.

As the largest organization supporting community development in our nation’s urban and rural communities,
LISC believes that greener homes, businesses, jobs, and schools are key components in achieving sustainable
communities of choice and opportunity – good places to live, do business, work, and raise families. Since 2004,
in addition to its investments in commercial and community facilities, LISC has invested over $665 million,
resulting in over 20,000 units of green affordable housing.

                                   Investing in sustainability at the neighborhood level can:
                                    Preserve family income and wealth by lowering utility bills and
                                      increasing home values
                                    Connect neighborhoods to green job and business opportunities in the
                                      design and building trades
                                    Provide schools with better learning environments, and stronger
                                      operating margins
                                    Support healthier lifestyles by exposing residents to fewer toxic
                                      substances, lessening respiratory problems

Using grants received from various national funders, the Green
Development Center has channeled resources to advance LISC’s
local green development work. Some examples include:

Bay Area LISC, through its “Green Connection” program and in
partnership with Build It Green, published Green Rehabilitation of
Multifamily Rental Properties, a resource guide designed to assist
affordable housing owners and developers to integrate greener
capital improvements and energy efficiency into upgrades of
existing multifamily properties. The Green Development Center and
LISC’s Affordable Housing Preservation Initiative jointly released a follow-up publication entitled, Getting
Started with Green Preservation.

Boston LISC launched the CDC Green Retrofit Initiative in 2010, a three-year effort to plan and implement
green retrofits into the existing portfolios of Boston-area community development organizations. The Initiative
will focus on increasing capacity to understand energy use, develop green capital improvement plans and
determine how to fund, finance and implement cost effective improvements.

Los Angeles LISC has partnered with Global Green USA to develop new charter school facilities that achieve
high green standards in their construction and operation, while becoming community teaching tools for the
importance of environmental stewardship.

Philadelphia LISC recently celebrated completion of the Evelyn Sanders Townhomes, a LEED for Homes pilot
project with an expected rating of Silver. Green features include installation of energy- and water-saving
fixtures and appliances, low-VOC paints and finishes, and a focus on fresh air circulation throughout the

Some examples of recent GDC-supported initiatives throughout LISC include:

The Green Affordable Housing Preservation work is a
collaboration between LISC’s GDC and our Affordable Housing
Preservation Initiative to make green principles an integral part of a
strategy to improve the physical, economic, and financial
sustainability of existing affordable housing. We do this through our
planning guide for green rehabilitation; promotion of green physical
needs assessments to map out green capital improvements
throughout the lifespan of the property; and guidance for property
management and maintenance staff through our green O&M manual.

                                             Green Jobs Initiative
                                             integrates workforce development, neighborhood improvement, and
                                             greening goals. This national initiative combines LISC’s in-house
                                             expertise on workforce development and green strategies and
                                             focuses on the energy-efficiency sector and deconstruction as green
                                             pathways to good-paying jobs.

                                             Green Charter Schools Partnership with Global Green to create
                                             five "green" charter schools that serve low-income children in the
                                             Los Angeles area, not only providing green funding and technical
                                             assistance to these new schools, but developing best practices that
                                             can be implemented in other green school development efforts
                                             across the country.

Green Loan Fund provides special predevelopment
financing to support strategies that implement green
building features in development projects. The fund
dovetails with LISC’s other financing products.

LISC's Healthy Early Childhood Care Facilities work
is a collaboration between the GDC and LISC's national
child care program, CICK. With the GDC's input and
technical expertise, CICK has developed a "how-to"
guide to assist organizations that are planning to
renovate, construct or improve their early childhood
facilities using green principles.

        For more information, contact Madeline Fraser Cook, Director, Green Development Center,


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