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       Liquor and Gaming

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                                                      Alcohol Consumption in Sullivans Cove
                                          New Appointment to Tasmanian Gaming Commission
                                                                      Burnie Liquor Accord
                                                                   New Gambling Helpline
       Falls Festival, Marion Bay

   Depar tment of Treasur y and Finance ISSUE 1 VOLUME 4 SUMMER 2008 LIQUOR AND GAMING REVIEW
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               LIQUOR & GAMING REVIEW
  GAMING REVIEW     From the          LIQUOR G AMING R
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                   Executive Director Wendy Sawford LIQUOR & G
QUOR & GAMING REVIEW           LIQUOR &                   LIQUOR & G
                                         I am very pleased to see that work has begun on putting a liquor accord in place at Burnie. Liquor accords
                                        allow licensees (as part of a larger community of interest) to agree among themselves to adopt practical
                                        strategies to reduce alcohol-related problems. Accords have been introduced in a few urban and regional
                                       centres across Australia. It is great that the start of the accord process in Burnie and the first planning session
                                       was well attended and received.
                                     I am also pleased with the success of the late night trading agreements in Hobart and Launceston. These
                                     agreements have worked well to date, even though they have been limited to the licensees in the CBDs of both
                                    cities. If the Burnie accord is as successful in the future as I believe it has the potential to be, then I would be
                                   keen to put accords in place in Hobart and Launceston to replace the late night agreements and to provide more
                                  comprehensive strategies to reduce alcohol-related issues.
                                 While accords and late night agreements are a positive step forward, I have become concerned in recent months
                               that some licensees are not taking their responsibilities with regard to the safe service of alcohol and the responsible
                              conduct of gaming as seriously as they should. Some licensees, for example, have the view that responsible service of
                           alcohol is a burden imposed on them rather than a fundamental duty that must be observed.
       A liquor licence is a ‘privilege’ not a ‘right’ and with it goes the responsibility to serve alcohol responsibly. Accreditation of staff in Responsable
       Serving of Alcohol (RSA) training programs and the continual practice and observance of RSA strategies is in the best interests of the
       industry and importantly provides the public with the knowledge and security that they are entering premises that supports a safe and
       responsible environment. Also RSA provides a legal safety net for licensees and staff, by reducing their legal liability.
       The start of a new year is a critical time for licensees/managers/supervisors to focus on staff training and improving the licensed and gaming
       environments for both patrons and staff and limiting your legal liability.
       I look forward to working with you all in 2008 to provide a regulatory regime that will assist you in improving and supporting safe and
       prosperous licensed premises.

           2	 •	New Director of Liquor and Gaming Branch                                            7	 •	Gambling	Helpline
              •	New Appointment to the Tasmanian Gaming Commission                                 	 	 •	AHA	Awards	of	Excellence
          	 	 •	Gaming	Expo                                                                        	 	 •	Decisions	of	Licensing	Board
           3	 •	Federal Court Decision on Star City Casino - Sydney                                 8	 •	Disciplinary	Actions	Taken	by	the
          	 	 •	Burnie	Liquor	Accord                                                                     Tasmanian Gaming Commission
          4	 •	Drink Spiking - your licensee responsiblities                                        9 •	Gaming	Licence	Movements	
                                                                                                   	 	 •	Liquor	Licence	Movements
           5	 •	Gambling Forum in Launceston
          	 	 •	Control	of	Alchol	Consumption	in	Sullivans	Cove                                    10 •	Liquor	Licence	Movements
           6	 •	Greens Hotel - late trading permit cancelled                                       11 •	Liquor	Licence	Movements
          	 	 •	Bridport	Hotel	-	commended	for	New	Years	Eve
          	 	 •	Tasmanian	Gaming	Commission	-	improved
                level of compliance
          	 	 •	Identifying	an	Inspector

       Liquor and Gaming Branch – Contact list
       Hobart:                                                                                   Launceston:         General enquiries (03) 6336 2261
       2nd Floor            General enquiries (03) 6233 2475                                     3rd Floor
       80 Elizabeth St      Fax No (03) 6234 2886                                                Henty House         Fax No (03) 6336 2799
       GPO Box 1374                                                                              1 Civic Square
                            Email address:
       Hobart 7001                                           PO Box 972
                                                          Launceston 7250
       Website: Department of Treasury and Finance – containing links to Tasmanian Gaming Commission and Liquor Licensing.

                                                 Falls Festival, Marion Bay,                             The Official Newsletter of the Liquor and Gaming Branch of the
                                                   East Coast, Tasmania.                                 Department of Treasury and Finance
                                       (Licensed for the sale of liquor with a special permit)           Your quarterly update on news, changes and improvements from
                                                                                                         the Liquor and Gaming Branch
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                                             Tourism Tasmania and Richard Bennett

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VIEW                AMING REVIEW
                               LIQUOR             REVIEW
   New Director& GIQUOR REVIEW
                    AMING                 LIQUOR
                               LIQUOR &
                    Leon Atkinson-MacEwenGAMING REVIEW
   of Liquor and

   I commenced as Director of the Liquor and Gaming Branch on 13              Between 1993 and 1999
   August, following the retirement of Bert Elson. As this is my first        I worked at the National
   article for Liquor & Gaming Review, I thought it appropriate to            Crime        Authority    on
   tell you about my approach to the role of Director and a little bit        three major national and
   about myself.                                                              international anti-organised
                                                                              crime taskforces. I was also
   While I have never had any policy or operational responsibility for
                                                                              project director of the first
   gaming and licensing prior to joining the Liquor and Gaming Branch,
                                                                              national strategic analyses of
   I have had extensive experience in regulation and my preference
                                                                              the markets for heroin, cocaine
   is to work closely with key stakeholders to improve systems and
                                                                              and for amphetamines, and project
   processes for industry and to improve outcomes for the public.
                                                                              director of the first inter-agency
   I take a cooperative and consultative approach, and seek to
                                                                              national assessment of the criminal
   ensure that all parties have a clear understanding about expected
                                                                              Between 1999 and 2003 I worked at the Australian Broadcasting
   I am keen to work with liquor and gaming licensees to make sure            Authority on several major policy initiatives and investigations. In
   they understand their responsibilities so that, together, we can           particular, I managed the Authority’s four inquiries into commercial
   prevent breaches occurring in the first place and can cooperate in         radio, including the “cash for comment” inquiry into Messrs Laws
   finding solutions to problems when they do arise.                          and Jones.
   I have had a varied career to date. For the first 12 years of my           As a “sea-changer” to Tasmania in 2003, I worked directly to Don
   working life, I served as an Army officer in a number of postings          Challen, Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance,
   in Australia and overseas. Most of these involved operational              between 2003 and 2006. My most recent appointment was
   policy and planning, including a two year stint in the late 1980s on       with the Australian Antarctic Division at Kingston in a change
   secondment to the British Army in Hong Kong.                               management role.

   New Appointment to the Tasmanian Gaming Commission
   The Treasurer, Michael Aird, announced on 11 December 2007, the            Mr Hoult replaces Clyde Eastaugh, who has served on the Tasmanian
   appointment of Peter Hoult as the new Chairman of the Tasmanian            Gaming Commission for more than 12 years, and who has been
   Gaming Commission. Mr Hoult was previously the Secretary of                Chairman of the Commission since November 2003. “Clyde has
   the Department of Health and Human Services (2007) and the                 been an excellent Chairman of the Commission. I’d like to thank
   Secretary of the Department of Justice (2004-2007).                        Clyde for his extensive service to the Tasmanian community as both
                                                                              a Commissioner and Chair of the Commission,” Mr Aird said.
   “Peter has a wealth of experience in public administration and a
   keen interest in regulatory matters,” Mr Aird said. “He will add his       Professor Kate Warner and Elizabeth Thomas continue as members
   vision and leadership to the work of the Commission in ensuring            of the Commission.
   the integrity of the gaming industry in Tasmania”.

   Gaming Expo
   Staff of the Liquor and Gaming Branch during August 2007, attended         Staff of the Branch also used this opportunity to attend the Gaming
   the annual Australasian Gaming Expo held at Darling Harbour in             Machines National Standard Working Party, and to meet with all
   Sydney. The Australasian Gaming Expo is the largest expo held in           Sydney-based ATFs as well as several manufacturers. Visits were also
   Australia each year that relates to gaming and is attended by liquor       conducted to the offices of the New South Wales Casino Control
   and gaming staff from all the States and Territories, representatives of   Authority at Star City Casino, and the Office of Liquor, Gaming and
   Accredited Testing Facilities (ATFs) and the majority of manufacturers     Racing to gather information to ensure that the compliance practices
   of gaming products and systems.                                            used in Tasmania are comparable to those in other jurisdictions.

   By attending the Expo the Branch, as a small juristiction, receives
   many benefits, including knowledge of the latest research, new
   regulatory initiatives and collaboration with interstate authorities,
   industry operators and groups.

   The single main difference between this year’s Expo and last year’s
   was the increase in automated table games on show. Various
   automated versions of roulette, poker and blackjack were available.
   New automated games based on baccarat and craps have also been
   developed and were demonstrated at the Expo. Branch staff also
   viewed new gaming machine products (or games) that Network
   Gaming and the two casinos may seek to introduce into Tasmania.
                                                                              Australasian Gaming Expo - Darling Harbour

                                                              ISSUE 1 VOLUME 4 SUMMER 2008 LIQUOR AND GAMING REVIEW                                  2.
                                      LIQUOR       LIQUOR
               LIQUOR & GAMING REVIEW
                                 IQUOR && AMING R
  GAMING Court DecisionLon Star CityGAMING REVIEW EVIEW & G
         LIQUOR & G LIQUOR & GAMING Sydney
                                             Casino -
                                                      REVIEW & G
       In Foroughi v Star City Pty Limited [2007] FCA 1503, a Federal              statutory duty and breach of contract. All Mr Foroughi’s claims were
       Court decision handed down late last year, a problem gambler                dismissed.
       who entered Star City’s casino in breach of a voluntary exclusion           The claim of negligence was based on the argument that Star City
       order was unsuccessful in his claim for damages to recover alleged          was in breach of a duty of care to take reasonable steps to prevent
       gambling losses of over $600 000 incurred when Star City failed to          an excluded person from entering the casino. Judge Jacobson held
       detect and remove him from the casino.                                      that in the circumstances of the case no such duty was owed to
       Following losses playing roulette at Star City’s casino at Pyrmont in       prevent self-inflicted economic loss. Mr Foroughi had expressly and
       May 2004, Mr Foroughi applied for a voluntary exclusion order. The          voluntarily undertaken to take responsibility for his own conduct by
       application form stated that he recognised it was his responsibility        agreeing not to enter the casino and to seek counselling.
       not to enter gaming areas and he undertook not to do so. He also            Judge Jacobson also addressed the issue of breach of a statutory duty
       undertook to seek assistance and advice from a qualified counsellor         of care (of particular interest to gaming operators and regulators).
       in problem gambling. The application also contained an express              Mr Foroughi argued that Star City’s system was inadequate and
       release and indemnity in favour of Star City from and against all           should have utilised a card entry or facial recognition system.
       liabilities incurred by it by reason of breach of the voluntary exclusion   While the judge accepted Star City’s evidence of the adequacy
       order.                                                                      of its system of detection, he added “in the light of more recent
       In contravention of the exclusion order, Mr Foroughi claimed to have        developments in technology, more effective measures may or may
       entered Star City’s casino on 65 occasions between June 2004 and            not be appropriate”.
       January 2006. Mr Foroughi was detected and escorted from Star               New technology has the potential to remove the hurdle of proof
       City twice (in January and in April 2006). He sought no counselling         of breach of the duty; however, it says nothing about the need to
       assistance until after he had consulted a solicitor in connection with      prove the existence of a duty of care in this context. Whether and
       his claim.                                                                  in what context a court would be prepared to find the existence
       His claim for damages for failure to detect and remove him was based        of a duty of care to problem gamblers in different circumstances
       on five causes of action: a claim of misleading and unconscionable          remains to be seen.
       conduct under the Trade Practices Act; negligence; breach of a

       Burnie Liquor Accord
       An information session and forum on the proposed
       establishment of a liquor accord in Burnie was held
       at the Burnie Civic Centre in September 2007. The
       accord project, the first to be trialled in Tasmania,
       was initiated through a collaborative approach from
       Tasmania Police, Burnie City Council, Liquor and
       Gaming Branch and Australian Hotels Association

       Liquor accords are now a common strategy
       adopted in most urban and regional centres across
       Australia and allow licensees to participate voluntarily to introduce                       Leon Atkinson-MacEwen, Licencee Terry Carpenter,
       practical solutions to address alcohol related problems. Licensees can                            Acting Commander Stuart Scott (Advocate)
       work together with government and community representatives on
       ways to improve the operation of licensed venues and liquor licensing.

       The information session and forum was addressed by Paul Arnold
       (General Manager, Burnie City Council), Inspector Stuart Scott (Acting
       Commander of Police, NW District) and Leon Atkinson-MacEwen
       (Director, Liquor and Gaming Branch, on behalf of the Commissioner
       for Licensing). 44 people attended the information session and forum,
       including representatives from 22 licensed premises. The Burnie
       Chamber of Commerce and Citylink were also represented.

       The first planning session/workshop, chaired by the Liquor and Gaming
       Branch with administrative support from the Burnie City Council, was
       held at the beginning of February, with 17 key industry, government and
       community personnel in attendance.

       It is hoped that the accord will be launched officially in the middle of
       this year.

                                 L LIQUOR G AMING R
                            LIQUOR                REVIEW
                 AMING                    LIQUOR

   Drink Spiking - your licensee responsibilities
   In response to community concerns about      essential that licensees and their bar staff        Police Offences Act 1935
   drink spiking and to support the aims of     are aware of their potential liability if they
   the National Alcohol Strategy, the Police    provide additional alcohol in drinks without        21A Unlawfully administering drug, etc
   Offences Act has been amended to make        the consent of the consumer.
   it an offence to spike a drink without the                                                       Any person who, without lawful and
   consent of the person who consumes the       This means, for example, if bar staff comply        reasonable excuse, administers or causes
   drink.                                       with a patron’s request to provide additional       another person to take a drug, liquor or
                                                nips of alcohol in the ‘guest of honour’s’ drink    other thing which is likely to impair the
   Please ensure all staff employed in bar      at a hens or a bucks night, then the bar staff      consciousness or bodily function of the
   related activity are made aware of this      risk prosecution. If convicted, the penalty         other person without the other person’s
   law and their obligations to serve alcohol   can be a term of imprisonment not                   consent is guilty of an offence.
   responsibly.                                 exceeding two years or a fine of $10,000
                                                or both. A person spiking a drink could also        Penalty
   Spiking includes adding a drug, alcohol or   incur civil liability in respect of their action.   Fine not exceeding 100 penalty units or
   other thing which is likely to impair the                                                        imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2
   consciousness or bodily function of the                                                          years, or both.
   person who consumes the drink. It is

                                                          ISSUE 1 VOLUME 4 SUMMER 2008 LIQUOR AND GAMING REVIEW                                 4.
                                     LIQUOR       LIQUOR
              LIQUOR & GAMING REVIEW
  GAMING REVIEW                      LIQUOR G AMING R
                              LIQUOR &&GAMING REVIEW EVIEW & G
        LIQUOR & GAMING R &
     GamblingRForum in Launceston EVIEWGAMING REVIEW
QUOR & GAMING EVIEW           LIQUOR                        LIQUOR & G
       Approximately 40 people attended a Gambling Forum sponsored              Doughney a researcher from Victoria University, and Leon Atkinson-
       by the National Council of Women and the Launceston City Council         MacEwen, Director Liquor and Gaming Branch.
       held in Launceston in September 2007.
                                                                                Speakers discussed the pros and cons of gambling, including player
       Speakers at the forum included Mr Nick Xenephon (‘No Pokies” MP          protection and harm minimisation strategies to assist problem
       from South Australia and now a newly elected Federal Government          gamblers.
       Senator), Ms Gabrielle Byrne (a former problem gambler), Dr James

       Control of Alcohol Consumption
       in Sullivans Cove
       New regulations were put in place to prohibit the consumption            in prohibited areas, but advised them to dispose of the alcohol or
       of alcohol on Salamanca lawns, Parliament House grounds and              move back to areas where consumption was legal.
       other parks in the Sullivans Cove precinct from 10 pm to 10 am
                                                                                The Hobart City Council also reported that their clean up crews
       daily and from 3.00 pm to 10 am from 10 December 2007 to
                                                                                had fewer problems with refuse in the general Sullivans Cove area,
       1 January 2008.
                                                                                with less packaged liquor brought into the precinct. In addition,
       Tasmania Police reported that the new initiatives provided them with     there were fewer issues with broken glass on the Salamanca lawns,
       considerable assistance and support in managing the risk to public       which in the past has been an important public safety issue.
       safety. In particular, the new laws assisted police to maintain a safe
                                                                                These new arrangements were initiated by Tasmania Police, the
       and controlled environment for the large crowds that congregated
                                                                                Hobart City Council and the Liquor and Gaming Branch after a
       in this area to celebrate during the Christmas New Year period.
                                                                                period of consultation with the public and industry.
       Inspector Tim Dooley, officer in charge of Hobart Uniform Division
                                                                                The new laws and designated dates and times will be reviewed
       of Tasmania Police, reported there were less public assaults and
                                                                                during 2008 by the relevant authorities, to see if further changes are
       general injuries than in previous years, with more families returning
                                                                                required to improve the management of the sale and consumption
       to the public park areas to enjoy festivities and watch the fireworks
                                                                                of liquor for the next festive season.
       on New Year’s Eve. Police did not charge revellers for having liquor

                                  L LIQUOR G AMING R
VIEW               AMING REVIEW
                               LIQUOR             REVIEW
   Greens Hotel    AMING                  Tasmanian GAMING
   late trading                              Commission -
                                            improved level
   Between February and September 2007, Tasmania Police responded to various complaints
   from patrons and the broader community about disorderly conduct and underage drinking
   in and around Greens Hotel in Burnie.                                                                    of compliance
   In order to deal with these public complaints, officers of the Liquor and Gaming Branch
   together with Tasmania Police met with the licensee and management of Greens Hotel on            The Tasmanian Gaming Commission Annual
   three occasions, the first in April 2007, to consult with the licensee and his staff to seek a   Report for 2006-07 was recently tabled in
   resolution to the issues occurring in and around the premises.                                   Parliament.
   Tasmania Police and the Branch sought to identify strategies to provide a safe environment       The report documented the Commission’s
   for patrons as well as for those working or living in the area surrounding the hotel. The        progress with its rolling strategic plan, with
   Commissioner for Licensing took a cooperative approach to the process in an attempt to           an emphasis on its greater engagement with
                                                                                                    key stakeholders through regular meetings.
   resolve the issues.                                                                              This plan is being progressed in the context
   However the Commissioner, satisfied on the basis of evidence presented, determined that          of an increasingly mature and stable gaming
   the sale of liquor at the premises had been causing undue annoyance, disturbance and             environment in Tasmania. A notable positive
   disorderly conduct and cancelled the authority to trade beyond 12 midnight.                      side effect of this maturity is the improved
                                                                                                    level of compliance generally across all
   Subsequent to the cancellation, officers of the Branch in consultation with Tasmania Police      gaming operators.
   were able to negotiate with the licensee the issue of a new permit with revised conditions       The annual report contains details of the
   and hours of operation for the hotel.                                                            Commission’s key activities and functions
                                                                                                    as well as data on gaming in Tasmania. An
                                                                                                    important aspect of the report is that it
                                                                                                    includes details of disciplinary action taken
                                                                                                    by the Commission in 2006-07.
                                                                                                    Although not a legislative requirement, the
                                                                                                    report is tabled because of the widespread
                                                                                                    community interest in gaming.
                                                                                                    The report contains statistical tables covering
                                                                                                    a range of aspects of gaming activity in the
                                                                                                    state during the year and is available at

                                                                                                    an inspector

                                                                                                                          Joe Inspe

   Bridport Hotel -
                                                                                                    The Liquor and Gaming Branch has
   commended for New Years Eve                                                                      introduced a new identification card for
                                                                                                    liquor and gaming inspectors. The new card
   The Commander of Police in Launceston, Phil Wilkinson, requested that the licensee of            is plastic with the name, photo and signature
   the Bridport Hotel, Darren Martello be commended for his management of the premises              of the inspector, and the State Government
   on New Years Eve.                                                                                logo on the front. On the reverse of the
                                                                                                    card are the signatures of the Commissioner
   “My officers have indicated that Mr Martello should be commended for his preparation             for Licensing and the Chairman of the
   and management of the hotel on New Years Eve which significantly contributed in                  Tasmanian Gaming Commission.
   preventing anti social behaviour in the area of his premises” the Commander said.
   In cooperation with Tasmania police, Mr Martello put in place several recommended                All inspectors now carry this new form of
   strategies together with his own initiatives to restrict and control underage access, a no       identification.
   glass policy after 9.00 pm, identification of intoxicated patrons and sufficient security to
   control patrons.                                                                                 If you are ever concerned that a person may
                                                                                                    be using false identification and may not be
   As Bridport is a popular destination for young people on New Years Eve, these strategies         from the Branch, please call 6233 2475 or
   assisted police to maintain a safe and responsible environment in and around the                 6336 2261.

                                                             ISSUE 1 VOLUME 4 SUMMER 2008 LIQUOR AND GAMING REVIEW                                    6.
                                      LIQUOR LIQUOR
               LIQUOR & GAMING REVIEW
        LIQUOR &
       Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre has been appointed the new
       contractor to operate Tasmania’s Gambling Helpline, commencing
       1 July 2007. Turning Point will bring a wider range of services
       including live online counselling.
       In past years the Helpline has focused primarily on information
       delivery (I think my partner may have a gambling problem); referral
       (Is there counselling available locally?); support (I think I need help,
       I’ve just blown all the family money again) and in a few cases, crisis/
       suicide counselling.
       Many people are attracted to the 24/7 telephone environment
       due to the immediacy, ease of access and relative anonymity of the
       Helpline setting.This can provide a ‘gateway’ function for some clients
       to access face-to-face services in their local community, in addition
       to providing immediate and after-hours support for clients who may
       experience gambling related harms. Telephone counselling – as an
       alternative or additional support to face-to-face counselling – will          Alan Nelson – Operations Manager Woolstore with
       be given a greater emphasis.                                                  Wendy Sawford – Commissioner for Licensing
       The Helpline will also be expanded to include a range of online
       support options, such as self-help information, live online counselling
       and chat facilities. This recognises that a growing number of people          AHA Awards of Excellence
       are using the Internet and new technologies to access health
       information and assistance. The high degree of convenience and                The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) conducted its annual
       flexibility of the online environment make this an important support          awards night in November 2007 and all award winners, both
       option for both the general community as well as a number of                  venues and individuals, are to be congratulated for success in
       marginalised populations. Online gambling support services are                their categories, in particular the winner and highly commended
       expected to be developed and made available over the next six to              venues of the Responsible Service of Alcohol Award (RSA), the
       nine months.                                                                  Old Woolstore, the Claremont Hotel and Wrest Point.
       The impact of problem gambling can be far reaching. For some,                 The RSA award attracted nominees from all parts of the state,
       this may include personal and financial problems, relationship and            and all entries were of a very high standard. This indicates
       family breakdown. Problems involving drug or alcohol use are also             the widespread support for RSA and an eagerness to win the
       common. Turning Point brings useful experience in this regard – as            award.
       the organisation provides a wide range of specialist alcohol and drug         The winner - the Old Woolstore - has been prominent in the
       treatment programs, training and research services across a number            judging for the past 3 years and was able to demonstrate the
       of states including Tasmania.Turning Point is based in Victoria and also      level of responsibility, implementation of RSA strategies and
       operates the Gambling helpline services for Victoria, Queensland              a duty of care to patrons within the accommodation and
       and the Northern Territory.                                                   functions sector. With the Old Woolstore, predominantly an
       In addition to the Helpline, the Break Even Services Network                  accommodation premises with associated bar, conference and
       provides face-to-face counselling, financial counselling and group            function facilities, it is appreciated that it may not have the
       support. The Gambling Helpline will assist clients to access these            same pressures on them to comply with RSA as other venues,
       services – as well as providing telephone and web-based services              but the judging panel agreed that they should be rewarded for
       to meet the needs of gamblers and others affected by gambling in              their effort within their sector of the hospitality industry.
       the community.                                                                The Claremont Hotel and Wrest Point were highly commended,
       Gambling Helpline Tasmania is a 24-hour service.                              with the Claremont Hotel continuing to set a strong benchmark
                                                                                     with its interaction with the local community.
       Freecall 1800 000 973.

       Decisions of Licensing Board
       The Licensing Board heard two applications from a single applicant         the locality, the link between outlet density and increase in liquor
       for off licences in Launceston and Sorell at hearings held over            consumption, and general lessening of the amenity of the area.
       three days in October 2007 and released their written decisions
       to direct the grant of these licences in December 2007.                    In handing down its decision, the Board accepted that general
                                                                                  planning issues are the province of local government authorities
       Both applications attracted objections from the Australian Hotels          and not a matter for the Board, and the research on outlet
       Association (AHA) and from residents and licensed premises                 density did not conclude that the premises would increase liquor
       located within the vicinity of the proposed developments.                  consumption in the locality, or would contribute to the harm
                                                                                  associated with liquor consumption in the locality.
       The Applicant asserted that the new business premises would offer
       an alternative to existing arrangements, would provide convenience         The full transcript of the Board’s decisions can be read
       to shoppers for liquor and would add to price competitiveness in           on the Department’s website at
       the locality                                                               au - follow the links to Liquor Licensing and then to
       Objectors expressed concerns on a number of levels, but in                 “Licensing Board Decisions”
       particular the increased traffic flow and pressure on car parking in

                                     L LIQUOR G AMING R
VIEW                AMING REVIEW
                                 LIQUOR GAMING REVIEW
   LIQUOREVIEW TakenREVIEW & Gaming Commission REVI
                    AMING by REVIEW
   Disciplinary Actions & GAMINGthe Tasmanian LIQUOR & GAMING
                                 LIQUOR & GAMING REVIEW                     SPECIAL EMPLOYEE LICENCES - JOSHUA JAMES BAILEY,
                                                                            CHRISTOPHER EDWARD JONES, MICHAEL EDWARD
                                                                            FISHER, BENJAMIN JAMES CARLISLE
   The Commission took disciplinary action against Peter Harold
   Gray, the holder of a gaming licence at the Beltana Hotel for not        The Commission took disciplinary action against Messrs Bailey, Jones,
   enforcing the Commission Rules relating to the provision of EFTPOS       Fisher and Carlisle for gambling while on duty and cancelled their
   transactions for the purchase of gaming services.                        special employee’s licences.
   The Commission imposed a suspension of one (1) trading day.

                                                                            GAMING LICENCE – SHEFFIELD RSL AND
                                                                            CITIZENS CLUB INC
   - MARC AND JACKLYN GREGORY                                               The Commission took disciplinary action against the Sheffield RSL
                                                                            and Citizens Club Inc, the holder of a Gaming Licence to operate
   The Commission took disciplinary action against Marc and Jacklyn         gaming at the Sheffield RSL Club, for failure to comply with
   Gregory, the holders of a gaming licence at the Cygnet Central Hotel     surveillance standards.
   Syntax Hotel for failure to comply with surveillance standards.
                                                                            The Commission imposed a fine of $1000.
   The Commission imposed a $500 fine.

   The Commission took disciplinary action against Australian National
   Hotels Pty Ltd the holder of a gaming licence at Wrest Point Casino
   and issued a letter of censure and a direction instructing the licence
   holder to replace Machine Communication Interface covers that
   were removed from the electronic gaming machines.

   The Commission took disciplinary action against the Vantage Hotel
   Group Pty Ltd, the holder of a gaming licence at the Derwent Tavern
   for permitting and using the services of an unlicensed person to
   perform the functions of a special employee and failure to comply
   with surveillance standards.
   The Commission imposed a $1750 fine.

   The Commission took disciplinary action against Jonod Pty Ltd, the
   holder of a gaming licence at Furners Hotel, and Donoj Pty Ltd the
   holder of gaming licence at the Somerset Hotel and the Neptune
   Grand Hotel for operating surveillance systems that failed to meet
   the technical standards.                                                 Annual Licence Fees
   The Commission imposed a $1 000 fine for each breach at each
   of the three hotels.
                                                                            – a reminder
                                                                            The annual liquor licence fee is payable by liquor licensees by 31
                                                                            March each calendar year, with the level of fees for 2008 as follows:
   SPECIAL EMPLOYEE’S – DEBORAH LEE GOVERNOR                                 · General Licence $411.25
                                                                             · On & Off Licence $247.50
   The Commission took disciplinary action against Deborah Lee               · On (Restaurant), Club, Special $192.50
   Governor for no longer being qualified to hold a special employee’s
   licence and cancelled her licence.                                       Liquor licensees will have received a payment slip for the annual
                                                                            fee in mid-January 2008 advising the amount due, the due date and
                                                                            payment options available.

                                                                            Licensees should also note that if the annual fee is not paid by 31
                                                                            March 2008 an additional fee of 10 per cent of the amount due is

                                                             ISSUE 1 VOLUME 4 SUMMER 2008 LIQUOR AND GAMING REVIEW                                  8.
                                      LIQUOR       LIQUOR
               LIQUOR & GAMING REVIEW
  GAMING REVIEW                       LIQUOR G AMING R
                               LIQUOR &&GAMING REVIEW EVIEW & G
        LIQUOR Movements &
QUOR & GAMING Licence          LIQUOR                        LIQUOR & G
        FOR THE PERIOD 1 JULY TO 2007 TO 31 DECEMBER 2007

        A	LIST	of	NEw	or	CHANGES	To	GAMING	opErATorS
        PREMISES                                                 GAMING OPERATOR                                ACTIVITY
        Carrick Inn                                             James Marshall McGrath                          Keno
        Nelson’s Tavern                                         Geoffrey John Hoare                             Keno
        Sunnyhill Hotel                                         Sunnyhill Lease Pty Ltd                         Keno & Gaming
        Riverside Hotel Motel                                   ALH Group Limited                               Keno & Gaming.
        Parers King Island Hotel                                Rohan Lampitt and John Everett                  Keno & Gaming.
        Cooleys Hotel                                           Cooley’s Hotel (TAS) Pty Ltd                    Keno & Gaming.
        Deloraine Hotel                                         Miu Miu Pty Ltd                                 Keno & Gaming.
        Motor Yacht Club of Tas                                 Motor Yacht Club Of Tas Inc                     Keno only.
        Cygnet Central Hotel                                    Marc Gregory and Jacklyn Gregory                Keno only.
        The Brighton Hotel-Motel                                Gregory Laurence Prescott                       Keno & Gaming.
        Dover Hotel                                             Vonnieray Pty Ltd                               Keno only.
        Granada Tavern                                          ALH Group Limited                               Keno & Gaming.
        St Marys Hotel                                          Bruce Douglas Cornelius                         Keno only.
        Orford Blue Waters Hotel                                R & L Dedman Pty Ltd                            Keno & Gaming.
        Legana Tavern                                           Claramar Pty Ltd                                Keno only.

        Liquor Licence Movements
        FOR THE PERIOD 1 JULY TO 2007 TO 31 DECEMBER 2007

        NEW NAME                                             LICENSEE                     OLd NAME                               LOCATION
        Brighton Bowls Club                                  Charles Henry                Brighton Bowls/Ex-S’mens Club          Main Road , BRIGHTON, 7030
        East Devonport Bowls, Sporting and Recreation Club   Ricky Kenneth Sutton         East Devonport Bowls Club              42 - 46 Wright Street , EAST DEVONPORT, 7310
        Glenorchy RSL Sub-Branch and Club                    Edward George Wilson         Glenorchy RSLA Sub-Branch Club         320 Main Road , GLENORCHY, 7010
        North Launceston Bowls and Community Club            Robert James Walsh           North Launceston Bowls Club            1 George Town Road , NEWNHAM, 7248
        Scamander Sports and Community Complex               Dudley Roy Hayes             Scamander Sports Complex Inc           Campbell Street , SCAMANDER, 7215
        Launceston R&SLA & Citizens Club                     Glenn Wayne Cash             L’ton R&SLA & Citizens Club            313 Wellington Street , STH LAUNCESTON, 7249
        Hotel Soho                                           Mark Douglas Smith           Aberfeldy Tavern                       124 Davey Street , HOBART, 7000
        Zing Bar & Cafe                                      Adam Daryl Hantke            Venom                                  251 Liverpool Street , HOBART, 7000
        Pinot Shop                                           David James Castle           Benchmark Wines                        135 Paterson Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250
        Backpacker Hub                                       Catherine Louise Oliver      Bar Hub                                1 Tamar Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250
        BWS (Claremont)                                      Richard Werner Warsing       Claremont Wine Cellars                 Shop 31 Claremont V’ge , CLAREMONT, 7011
        BWS (Brooker)                                        Cameron Wayne Salter         The Cheaper Liquor Company             213 Campbell Street , HOBART, 7000
        Muddled                                              Francis John Flannery        Gianni’s Restaurant                    104 Wilson Street , BURNIE, 7320
        Piccalilly                                           Stephen John Durney          Restaurant Gondwana                    22 Francis Street , BATTERY POINT, 7004
        Pickled Evenings                                     Christopher Luke Speeding    Restaurant Synergy                     135 George Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250
        201 on Main                                          Ellita Terese Banks          Beryl’s Wood Fired Pizzas              1/201 Main Road , HUONVILLE, 7109
        1815                                                 Brett Edwin Appleton         Mummy’s Cafe                           38 Waterloo Crescent , BATTERY POINT, 7004
        Motel 429                                            Ian Charles Townsend         Sandy Bay Motor Inn                    429 Sandy Bay Road , SANDY BAY, 7005
        Stanley Seaview Inn                                  Geoffrey Morice Bantick      Dovecote Motel & Restaurant            58 Dovecote Road , STANLEY, 7331

        (Please note that some of these premises may have applied and been granted new licences)

        PREMISES NAME                                  LICENSEE                             LOCATION                                      dATE   CANCELLEd
        Weindorfers                                    Clinton John Downing                 1447 Claude Road , SHEFFIELD, 7306                    22-Aug-07
        Gourmet 2 Go Devonport                         Trudi Maree Beveridge                Shop 5/103 Oldaker Street , DEVONPORT, 7310           18-Oct-07
        Sen’s Asian Sensation                          Peter Tong                           345 Elizabeth Street , NORTH HOBART, 7000             22-Aug-07
        Hop Kiln Cafe                                  Brian Philip Barnett                 3435 Lyell Highway , GRETNA, 7140                     22-Aug-07
        Lake St Clair Wilderness Resort                Ronald Garry Yost                    Lake St Clair , LAKE ST CLAIR, 7140                   24-Oct-07
        Ashgrove Cheese                                Michael Griffin Bennett              6173 Bass Highway , ELIZABETH TOWN, 7304                27-Jul-07
        Bishops Rock Vineyard                          Robert Anthony Browning              15094 Tasman Highway , CRANBROOK, 7190                24-Oct-07
        Delish Fine Foods                              Ann Brakey                           Shop 3, 36 Main Road , WIVENHOE, 7320                 31-Aug-07
        Elsewhere Vineyard Cellar Door                 Andrew Robert Cameron                3445 Huon Highway , FRANKLIN, 7113                    27-Aug-07
        Esk Cafe                                       Richard Frank Matson                 2 Invermay Road , LAUNCESTON, 7250                    27-Nov-07
        Fine Drop                                      Ryan James O’Malley                  2459 Channel Highway , SNUG, 7054                       27-Jul-07
        Mermaid Cafe                                   Shane William Procter                Ferry Terminal 81 Ferry Road , KETTERING, 7155        24-Dec-07
        Raw - The Natural Food Store                   Diane Margaret Cox                   118 King Street , SANDY BAY, 7005                       27-Jul-07
        Strait Fish and Chips Restaurant               Alfred Reginald Gude                 369-371 Invermay Road , INVERMAY, 7248                 20-Sep-07
        Taverners Products                             David Perry Thomas                   40-42 Negara Crescent , GOODWOOD, 7010               27/07/2007
        Timeless Way                                   John Hilary Daly                     33 Hunter Street , HOBART, 7000                      13/07/2007
        View Point Restaurant                          Allan David Morgan                   3 Maria Street , SWANSEA, 7190                       25/07/2007
        Wanderer M.V.                                  Michael Colin Roche                  Brooke Street Pier , HOBART, 7000                    19/09/2007
        Wellington’s Coffee Lounge                     Elizabeth Maxwell Long               77 Elizabeth Street Mall , HOBART, 7000              20/07/2007

                                 L LIQUOR G AMING R
                            LIQUOR                REVIEW
       TrANSfEr	of	LIQUor	LICENCES

       DateBuckingham Bowls Club          LIQUOR
                                                  Adrian Hubert Coetzee
                                                                                         4 St Johns Avenue , NEW TOWN, 7008
                                                                                                                                             OF LICENCE

       Rodman Bowls Club                          Grant Allford                          Innes Street , GLENORCHY, 7010                      Club                   2-Jul-07
       New Town Bay Golf Club                     Neil Herbert Gardner                   258 Risdon Road , MOONAH, 7009                      Club                   4-Jul-07
       Lindisfarne R&SLA Sub-Branch               Wayne Aubrey Jones                     28 Lincoln Street , LINDISFARNE, 7015               Club                  16-Jul-07
       King Island Golf & Bowls Club              Kevin Charles Denby                    Netherby Road , CURRIE, 7256                        Club                  16-Jul-07
       Invermay Bowls Club                        Lyndon Gregory Baker                   Forster Street , INVERMAY, 7248                     Club                  16-Jul-07
       Westbury Bowls Club                        Craig William Johnson                  9 Franklin Street , WESTBURY, 7303                  Club                  20-Jul-07
       Athenaeum Club                             Michael Fritz Sulser                   29 Davey Street , HOBART, 7000                      Club                  23-Jul-07
       Devonport Bowls & Croquet Club             Ian John Moore                         39 Fenton Street , DEVONPORT, 7310                  Club                  26-Jul-07
       Latrobe Rec. & Sports Centre               Leon Maxwell Dawkins                   Gilbert Street , LATROBE, 7307                      Club                  31-Jul-07
       Stanley Golf Club                          Robyn Annette Purdy                    32 Marine Esplanade , STANLEY, 7331                 Club                 2-Aug-07
       Sheffield RSL/Citizen Club Inc             Bryant Lewis Winders                   77 Main Street , SHEFFIELD, 7306                    Club               13-Aug-07
       Kingborough Bowls Club                     Brian Revell                           1651 Channel Highway , MARGATE, 7054                Club                  5-Sep-07
       Launceston Golf Club                       Andrew Stuart                          27-99 Opossum Road , KINGS MEADOWS, 7249            Club                  5-Sep-07
       Dover R S L Club                           William Frederick Swan                 Chapman Avenue , DOVER, 7117                        Club                 9-Oct-07
       Royal Yacht Club Of Tasmania               David Reuben Wilkinson                 Marieville Esplanade , SANDY BAY, 7005              Club               15-Oct-07
       Tasmanian Club                             Robert George Paterson                 132 Macquarie Street , HOBART, 7000                 Club               19-Oct-07
       New Norfolk Bowls Club                     Christine Joan Hill                    Ferry Street , NEW NORFOLK, 7140                    Club               15-Nov-07
       Westbury RSL of Aust. Club Inc             Shayne Michael Barron                  7 Lonsdale Promenade , WESTBURY, 7303               Club               15-Nov-07
       Glenorchy RSL Sub-Branch and Club          Jennifer Roslyn Briggs                 320 Main Road , GLENORCHY, 7010                     Club               21-Nov-07
       Devonport RSL Club                         Grant Arthur Munday                    16 - 18 Mc Fie Street , DEVONPORT, 7310             Club               30-Nov-07
       Devonport Football Club                    Brian Noel Hetherington                James Street , DEVONPORT, 7310                      Club                 3-Dec-07
       Geilston Bay Boat Club                     Margaret Catherine Gray                3 De Bomford Lane , GEILSTON BAY, 7015              Club               11-Dec-07
       Huonville Bowls Club                       Graeme David Roberts                   Lower Shield Street , HUONVILLE, 7109               Club               18-Dec-07
       Salamanca Food Fair and Cafe               David Noel Morgan                      55 Salamanca Place , HOBART, 7000                   General                2-Jul-07
       Riverside Hotel Motel                      Timothy Daniel Lalor                   407 West Tamar Road , RIVERSIDE, 7250               General                4-Jul-07
       Campania Tavern                            Nicholas Gulliver                      85 Reeve Street , CAMPANIA, 7026                    General               10-Jul-07
       Bridge Hotel Motel                         Lisa Margaret Fraser                   2 Montagu Road , SMITHTON, 7330                     General               16-Jul-07
       Man-O-Ross Hotel                           Tamara Koenig                          35 Church Street , ROSS, 7209                       General               16-Jul-07
       Kermandie Hotel                            David Johann Sebastian Sudano          4518 Huon Highway , PORT HUON, 7116                 General               17-Jul-07
       Cygnet Hotel                               Helen Elizabeth Jackson                77 Mary Street , CYGNET, 7112                       General               20-Jul-07
       Mayfair Tavern                             Wei Turk Tan                           236 Sandy Bay Road , SANDY BAY, 7005                General               23-Jul-07
       The Brisbane Hotel                         Ivan Derek Johnston                    3 Brisbane Street , HOBART, 7000                    General               26-Jul-07
       Man-O-Ross Hotel                           Anthony Francis Marzorini              35 Church Street , ROSS, 7209                       General               26-Jul-07
       Pinot Shop                                 Michele Lesley Round                   135 Paterson Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250              General              2-Aug-07
       National Park Hotel                        Leon Grant Duggan                      2366 Gordon River Road , NATIONAL PARK, 7140        General            13-Aug-07
       Hope & Anchor Tavern                       Gunter Jaeger                          65 Macquarie Street , HOBART, 7000                  General            13-Aug-07
       The Lady Franklin Hotel                    Willem Arthur Martinus Van Den Broek   3382 Huon Highway , FRANKLIN, 7113                  General            15-Aug-07
       Neptune Grand Hotel                        Phillip Francis Koschella              84 Main Street , PENGUIN, 7316                      General            23-Aug-07
       Carlyle Hotel                              Andrew Dennis James Wells              232 Main Road , DERWENT PARK, 7009                  General            29-Aug-07
       Lake Pedder Chalet                         Daniel Stanley Linnell                 Gordon River Road , STRATHGORDON, 7139              General            29-Aug-07
       Empire Hotel                               Jude Christopher Kirk                  19 Emu Bay Road , DELORAINE, 7304                   General            31-Aug-07
       Hobart Macquarie Motor Inn                 Jonathan James Woodworth               167 Macquarie Street , HOBART, 7000                 General              5-Sep-07
       Nubeena Tavern                             Mellissa Jane Wade                     Main Road , NUBEENA, 7184                           General             10-Sep-07
       Blenheim Inn                               Jade Barton Elmer                      16 Marlborough Street , LONGFORD, 7301              General             10-Sep-07
       Dover Hotel                                Rohan James Kelly                      7040 Huon Highway , DOVER, 7117                     General             17-Sep-07
       Hotel Federal                              Annette Joyce Hanson                   82 Goldie Street , WYNYARD, 7325                    General             24-Sep-07
       Hotel Soho                                 Dean Andrew Williams                   124 Davey Street , HOBART, 7000                     General              5-Oct-07
       St Marys Hotel                             Bruce Douglas Cornelius                48 Main Street , ST MARYS, 7215                     General            15-Oct-07
       Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston          Kym Albert Fell                        29 Cameron Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250                General            15-Oct-07
       Granada Tavern                             Timothy Daniel Lalor                   666 Main Road , BERRIEDALE, 7011                    General            23-Oct-07
       The Alley Cat Bar                          Juniper Donna Shaw                     381 Elizabeth Street , NORTH HOBART, 7000           General            23-Oct-07
       Mud Bar & Restaurant                       Charles Talbot Rayner                  28 Seaport Boulevard , LAUNCESTON, 7250             General            23-Oct-07
       Legana Tavern                              Mark Leopold Waiss                     2-12 Freshwater Point Rd , LEGANA, 7277             General            29-Oct-07
       Theatre Royal Hotel                        Mala Crew                              31 Campbell Street , HOBART, 7000                   General             1-Nov-07
       Tamar Valley Resort                        Neil Robert Parkinson                  7 Waldhorn Drive , GRINDELWALD, 7277                General              1-Nov-07
       Telegraph Hotel                            David Hales                            19 Morrison Street , HOBART, 7000                   General              5-Nov-07
       Cradle Mountain Lodge                      Leigh James Reid                       4038 Cradle Mountain Road , SHEFFIELD, 7306         General              9-Nov-07
       Freycinet Lodge                            King Alison Rajasinghe Santiago        Freycinet National Park , COLES BAY, 7215           General            13-Nov-07
       Bronte Park Highland Village               Kevin Harold Bailey                    Bronte Park , BRONTE PARK, 7140                     General            14-Nov-07
       Ocean Child Hotel                          Peter John Burke                       86 Argyle Street , HOBART, 7000                     General            15-Nov-07
       Country Club Hotel                         Victor John Daly                       19 Wellington Street , LONGFORD, 7301               General            20-Nov-07
       Prince Of Wales Hotel                      Tom Bawle                              55 Hampden Road , BATTERY POINT, 7004               General            21-Nov-07
       Orford Blue Waters                         Ross Lindon Dedman                     28 Tasman Highway , ORFORD, 7190                    General              3-Dec-07
       Fingal Hotel                               Karyn Lesley Gadsby                    4 Talbot Street , FINGAL, 7214                      General              3-Dec-07
       Oyster Cove Inn                            Leigh Robin Claydon                    1 Ferry Road , KETTERING, 7155                      General              6-Dec-07
       Cradle Mountain Chateau                    Cecily Joan Broadhurst                 3718 Cradle Mtn Rd , CRADLE MOUNTAIN, 7306          General            13-Dec-07
       Cradle Mountain Cafe & Experience Centre   Cecily Joan Broadhurst                 Cradle View Road , CRADLE MOUNTAIN, 7306            General            13-Dec-07
       Weldborough Hotel                          Kevin John Walter                      12 Main Highway , WELDBOROUGH, 7264                 General            20-Dec-07
       Backpacker Hub                             Nicholas Sotiriou                      1 Tamar Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250                   General            20-Dec-07
       Farmers Arms Tavern - The                  Kevin Williams                         1610 Murchison Highway , YOLLA, 7325                General            21-Dec-07
       Star & Garter Bottleshop                   Annette Marie Chaplin                  87 High Street , NEW NORFOLK, 7140                  Off                   12-Jul-07
       Enjoi Takeaways                            Lorraine May Coles                     Shop 3 1a Pearsall Avenue , BLACKMANS BAY, 7052     Off                15-Aug-07
       BWS (Legana)                               Tyson James Holbery                    2 - 12 Freshwater Point Road , LEGANA, 7277         Off                24-Aug-07
       BWS (Legana)                               Daniel Edward Morris                   2 - 12 Freshwater Point Road , LEGANA, 7277         Off                  5-Dec-07
       BWS (Hobart)                               Jason Andrew Whimpress                 124 Davey Street , HOBART, 7000                     Off                  5-Dec-07
       BWS (New Norfolk)                          Jye James Bennett                      79 High Street , NEW NORFOLK, 7140                  Off                  5-Dec-07
       BWS (New Town)                             Philip Glover                          191 New Town Road , NEW TOWN, 7008                  Off                  5-Dec-07
       BWS (Eastlands)                            Robert John Craske                     26 Bligh Street , ROSNY PARK, 7018                  Off                  5-Dec-07
       BWS (Brooker)                              Daimen O’Brien                         213 Campbell Street , HOBART, 7000                  Off                  5-Dec-07
       Delaware North Hobart Int. Airport         Todd David England                     Shop 2 & 4 HBT INT. AIRPORT , CAMBRIDGE, 7170       On                 23-Oct-07
       Tidal Waters Resort                        Eric Christian Bennett                 1 Quail Street , ST HELENS, 7216                    On                   8-Nov-07
       Lower House                                Forbes Mitchell Appleby                Basement 9-11 Murray St , HOBART, 7000              On-Restaurant         12-Jul-07
       Theodoti Greek Taverna                     Trent Wayne Wilson                     63 Brisbane Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250               On-Restaurant         23-Jul-07
       La Porchetta - Burnie                      John Depetro                           22 Mount Street , BURNIE, 7320                      On-Restaurant        2-Aug-07
       Cardamoms                                  Beverley Jean Cios                     310 Elizabeth Street , NORTH HOBART, 7000           On-Restaurant      13-Aug-07
       Taste on Q                                 Phillip Russell Bushby                 14 The Quadrant Mall , LAUNCESTON, 7250             On-Restaurant        6-Dec-07
       Baltimore Restaurant                       Richard Charles Hall                   Old Burnie Rail Station MARINE TCE , BURNIE, 7320   On-Restaurant      10-Dec-07
       La Porchetta - Burnie                      Amanda Lee Hite                        22 Mount Street , BURNIE, 7320                      On-Restaurant      11-Dec-07
       Lower House                                Paul Walter Ryan                       Basement 9-11 Murray St , HOBART, 7000              On-Restaurant      20-Dec-07
       Konditorei Cafe Manfred                    Damiano De Cesaris                     106 George Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250                On-Restaurant      28-Dec-07
       Sunrise Motor Inn                          Barbara Conway                         140 North Fenton Street , DEVONPORT, 7310           Special                4-Jul-07
       Pickled Evenings                           Karan Vinayak                          135 George Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250                Special                5-Jul-07
       Cafe Toulouse                              Susan Bannerman                        79-81 Harrington Street , HOBART, 7000              Special                9-Jul-07
       356 Macquarie Street Foodstore             Edward William Knox                    356 Macquarie Street , SOUTH HOBART, 7004           Special               10-Jul-07

                                                                             ISSUE 1 VOLUME 4 SUMMER 2008 LIQUOR AND GAMING REVIEW                                             10.
                                      LIQUOR       LIQUOR
               LIQUOR & GAMING REVIEW
        Viewpoint Restaurant
                                      LIQUOR G AMING R
                               LIQUOR &&GAMING REVIEW EVIEW & G
                                             Rebecca Margaret Hardman
                                             Labeeb Elias

                                                                                    55 Oakden Road , PROSPECT, 7250
                                                                                    3 Maria Street , SWANSEA, 7190

        Matildas of Ranelagh
        Ivory Fields

        Woolworths Liquor
                               LIQUOR &
                                             Stephan Kraige Fluke
                                             Roslyn Maree Oakley
                                             Tyson James Holbery
                                                                                    2 Louisa Street , RANELAGH, 7109
                                                                                    56 Davis Gully Road , FOUR MILE CREEK, 7215
                                                                                    20 Lampton Avenue , DERWENT PARK, 7009
        Norman & Dann
        Tamar Ridge Wines
        King Island Boomerang Motel
                                                             LIQUOR & G
                                             Jacqueline Rae West
                                             William Edwin Andrew Adkins
                                             Paul Stephen Martin
                                                                                    6/33 Salamanca Place , BATTERY POINT, 7004
                                                                                    653 Auburn Road , KAYENA, 7270
                                                                                    Golf Club Road , CURRIE, 7256
        City View Motel                      Grant William Kinch                    30 Tasman Highway , MONTAGU BAY, 7018                          Special         23-Aug-07
        Coombend Estate                      Audrey June Johns                      Coombend , SWANSEA, 7190                                       Special         27-Aug-07
        Aust. Liquor Marketers - Glenorchy   Adam Guy Rasmussen                     17 Pitcairn Street , GLENORCHY, 7010                           Special         29-Aug-07
        Piccalilly                           Michael Lyndon Godfrey                 22 Francis Street , BATTERY POINT, 7004                        Special           5-Sep-07
        Old Bakery Inn                       Allan David Morgan                     270 York Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250                             Special           5-Sep-07
        Tailrace Centre                      Linus Austen McManamey                 1 Waterfront Drive , RIVERSIDE, 7250                           Special           5-Sep-07
        1815                                 Allistair Hugh Lindsay                 38 Waterloo Crescent , BATTERY POINT, 7004                     Special          9-Oct-07
        Beachway Motel                       Malcolm Taylor                         Heathcote Street , ULVERSTONE, 7315                            Special          1-Nov-07
        Muddled                              Craig Anthony Jones                    104 Wilson Street , BURNIE, 7320                               Special          2-Nov-07
        M V Lady Launceston                  Alfred Reginald Gude                   Home Point , LAUNCESTON, 7250                                  Special          7-Nov-07
        Tamar Oydssey MV                     Alfred Reginald Gude                   Home Point , LAUNCESTON, 7250                                  Special          7-Nov-07
        Fountainside Motor Inn               Anthony Francesco Gerardo Giacon       40 Brooker Avenue , HOBART, 7000                               Special          9-Nov-07
        Bay of Fires Walk                    Heath Tyson Garratt                    Lot 1 Bayleys Hummock , ANSONS BAY, 7216                       Special          9-Nov-07
        Criterion Street Cafe                George Hunter Alexander Falconer       10 Criterion Street , HOBART, 7000                             Special         16-Nov-07
        Pelican Sands Motel                  Maureen Anne Tyrrell                   157-167 Scamander Avenue , SCAMANDER, 7215                     Special         19-Nov-07
        Dalrymple Vineyard                   Maxine Therese Harris                  Pipers Brook , PIPERS BROOK, 7254                              Special         30-Nov-07
        Delamere Vineyard                    Shane Brian Holloway                   4238 Bridport Road , PIPERS BROOK, 7254                        Special         30-Nov-07
        Bridport Resort                      Caroline Mary Joyce                    35 Main Street , BRIDPORT, 7262                                Special         30-Nov-07
        Celtic Dawn Cafe                     Alison Dee Kennedy                     2400 Gordon River Road , NATIONAL PARK, 7140                   Special          6-Dec-07
        Diamond Island Resort                Aaron Dmitri Buten                     69 Tasman Highway , BICHENO, 7215                              Special          6-Dec-07
        Barilla Bay                          Sharyn Harvey                          1388 Tasman Highway , CAMBRIDGE, 7170                          Special         13-Dec-07
        The Conservatory                     Bruce Hamilton Pidler                  20 Mary Street , CYGNET, 7112                                  Special         15-Dec-07
        Bay of Fires Winery                  Corey Leigh Eric Baker                 Baxters Road , PIPERS RIVER, 7252                              Special         19-Dec-07
        Wok & Grill                          Duc Thang Nguyen                       313 Wellington Street , SOUTH LAUNCESTON, 7249                 Special         26-Dec-07

                                                                                                                                                   CAT.                 dATE
        PREMISES NAME                        LICENSEE                            LOCATION                                                          OF LICENCE         ISSUEd
        Port Sorell Golf Club                Bruce Alan Walters                Boulevarde , SHEARWATER, 7307                                       Club             26-Sep-07
        Cove Bar & Restaurant                Adrienne Stewart                  2 Ferry Boulevard , GEORGE TOWN, 7253                               General          5-Nov-07
        Channel Court Liquor                 Peter Behrakis                    Shops 17 & 18, Channel Court Shopping Centre, , KINGSTON, 7050      Off               7-Sep-07
        South Riana Bottle Shop              Natalie Morton                    1705 Pine Road , SOUTH RIANA, 7316                                  Off              11-Sep-07
        Arthurs Lake Bottleshop              Helen Alma Stevenson              34 Arthurs Lake Road , ARTHURS LAKE, 7030                           Off              7-Nov-07
        The Quaff & Gobble                   Neale Wayne Gillett               22C Marine Terrace , BURNIE, 7320                                   Off             30-Nov-07
        Rieno’s                              Michael Rex Rienits               12 Cattley Street , BURNIE, 7320                                    On                26-Jul-07
        ONBA Coffee House / Supper Club      Richard Lawrie Hues               301 Elizabeth Street , NORTH HOBART, 7000                           On              17-Aug-07
        Flamingos Dance Bar                  Gary Ian Quilliam                 1st Flr, 251 Liverpool Street , HOBART, 7000                        On               24-Sep-07
        West Park Oval                       Stephen Robert Hite               Bass Highway , PARKLANDS, 7320                                      On                1-Oct-07
        Lake St Clair Wilderness Resort      Andrew Alexander McKenzie         Lake St Clair , LAKE ST CLAIR, 7140                                 On              25-Oct-07
        Stage Door - The Cafe                Russell William Jarvis            254 Mount Street , BURNIE, 7320                                     On-Restaurant       1-Jul-07
        Coast Cafe                           Gregory John Wood                 49 Tasman Highway , ORFORD, 7190                                    On-Restaurant     12-Jul-07
        Salt Cafe Restaurant Fish            Ibraham Assi                      Shop 4, Moonah Central Shopping Centre 110 Main Rd , MOONAH, 7009   On-Restaurant     12-Jul-07
        Timeless Way - The                   John Hilary Daly                  33 Hunter Street , HOBART, 7000                                     On-Restaurant     13-Jul-07
        Cafe 100                             James Dugald Hamilton             100 High Street , CAMPBELL TOWN, 7210                               On-Restaurant     20-Jul-07
        Split Cafe Restaurant                Nada Mihelcic                     100a Main Road , MOONAH, 7009                                       On-Restaurant   18-Aug-07
        Chameleon                            Susan Gay Seville                 519 Old Forcett Road , DODGES FERRY, 7173                           On-Restaurant    26-Sep-07
        Smolt                                Scott Andrew McMurray             2 Salamanca Square , HOBART, 7000                                   On-Restaurant   17-Oct-07
        Lachlan Store                        Yvonne Glenda Hogan               518 Lachlan Road , LACHLAN, 7140                                    On-Restaurant    2-Nov-07
        Centurion                            Peter David Bulte                 Western Ferry Pontoon , DEVONPORT, 7310                             Special         14-Nov-07
        Richmond Wine Centre                 Mark Black                        27 Bridge Street , RICHMOND, 7025                                   Special           13-Jul-07
        Port Huon Trading Post               Kellie Jane Eaton                 4478 Main Raod , PORT HUON, 7116                                    Special           13-Jul-07
        Launceston Airport Cafe              Husamettin Firat                  Launceston Airport Evandale Road , WESTERN JUNCTION, 7212           Special           25-Jul-07
        Ashgrove Cheese                      Jane Frances Bennett              6173 Bass Highway , ELIZABETH TOWN, 7304                            Special           27-Jul-07
        Raw - The Natural Food Store         Diane Margaret Cox                118 King Street , SANDY BAY, 7005                                   Special           27-Jul-07
        Fine Drop                            Ryan James O’Malley               38/B Sunderland Street , MOONAH, 7009                               Special           27-Jul-07
        Delish Fine Foods                    Ann Brakey                        Shop 3, 36 Main Road , WIVENHOE, 7320                               Special         31-Aug-07
        Redbanks Fish & Field                Lindsay Charles White             276 Masons Road , NUGENT, 7172                                      Special           1-Sep-07
        Quamby Estate & Country Club         Serge de Kantzow                  1145 Westwood Road , HAGLEY, 7292                                   Special           4-Sep-07
        MountainView Meadery                 Peter Michael Green               42 Ruth Drive , LENAH VALLEY, 7008                                  Special          23-Sep-07
        The Boat House Cafe                  Suzanne Dykstra                   The Esplanade , HUONVILLE, 7109                                     Special          25-Sep-07
        Bass & Flinders Centre               Donald George Mackrill            8 Elizabeth Street , GEORGE TOWN, 7253                              Special          29-Sep-07
        Gourmet 2 Go Devonport               Trudi Maree Beveridge             Shop 5/103 Oldaker Street , DEVONPORT, 7310                         Special         18-Oct-07
        Aurora Stadium - Operations Office   Robert Dominic Groenewegen        6A Invermay Road , INVERMAY, 7248                                   Special         22-Oct-07
        The Trevallyn Grocer                 Marcus George Douglas             1 Osbourne Avenue , TREVALLYN, 7250                                 Special         14-Nov-07
        York Town French Bakery & Cafe       Helen Lynette Donnerborg          Shop 14 York Town Square , LAUNCESTON, 7250                         Special           1-Dec-07
        Reek-Ma-Lane                         Elizabeth Carol Chessor           44 Acton Court , ACTON PARK, 7170                                   Special         12-Dec-07
        Merlot Cafe & Restaurant             Layland Kay Webb                  Shop 2, 4 Quinlan Crescent , SHEARWATER, 7307                       Special            28-Jul-07
        Me Wah Restaurant                    Stephen Tso                       Suite 16 Magnet Court Sandy Bay Road , SANDY BAY, 7005              Special         16-Aug-07
        Indian Empire Restaurant             Sachin Bhardwaj                   64 George Street , LAUNCESTON, 7250                                 Special          28-Sep-07
        The Welsh Dragon Tearooms            Yvonne Jenkins                    10 Burton Street , HILLWOOD, 7252                                   Special          28-Sep-07
        Lake Barrington Garden Cafe          Karen Ella Charleston             314 Lake Barrington Road , WILMOT, 7310                             Special          29-Sep-07
        Orizuru Sushi Bar                    Shigeyuki Hatano                  Grd Floor, Mures Fish Centre Victoia Dock , HOBART, 7000            Special         12-Oct-07
        Cafe Zeta                            Kathryn Mary Bramich              20 Gilbert Street , LATROBE, 7307                                   Special           5-Dec-07
        Taco Villa                           Catherine Mary Rawson             Shop 4 103 Oldaker Street , DEVONPORT, 7310                         Special           5-Dec-07
        Pear Ridge                           Serge Maurice Christian Lerable   1683 Channel Highway , MARGATE, 7054                                Special         10-Dec-07
        Paesano Pizza and Pasta              Domenic Fraraccio                 108 Lansdowne Crescent , WEST HOBART, 7000                          Special         12-Dec-07
        Dome Coffee Sandy Bay                Paul Peter De Candia              48 King Street , SANDY BAY, 7005                                    Special         15-Dec-07
        Iron Pot Coffee Lounge               Kathleen Maree Purser             Shop 2 3120 South Arm Road , SOUTH ARM, 7022                        Special         19-Dec-07
        Mermaid Cafe                         Shane William Procter             Ferry Terminal 81 Ferry Road , KETTERING, 7155                      Special         24-Dec-07
        LIQ Distributors                     Heather Ann Wiggers               22A Serre Road , KINGSTON, 7050                                     Special           3-Sep-07
        Lenah Game & Gourmet                 Thomas John Kelly                 315 Georgetown Road , ROCHERLEA, 7248                               Special           1-Dec-07
        Silk Hill Vineyard                   Gavin Gregory Scott               33 Deviot Road , ROBIGANA, 7275                                     Special         10-Aug-07
        Rosevears Vineyard Cellar Door       Andrew James Gordon Pirie         1a Waldhorn Drive , ROSEVEARS, 7277                                 Special           7-Sep-07
                                                                                                                                                                                  Flying Colours 27215 Summer 08

        Goaty Hill Vineyard                  Natasha Lynne Nieuwhof            Auburn Road , KAYENA, 7270                                          Special           1-Dec-07
        Sinapius Vineyard                    Vaughn Edward Dell                111 Archers Road , HILLWOOD, 7252                                   Special           3-Dec-07
        Two Bud Spur Vineyard                Karen Joy Miller                  1033 Woodbridge Hill Road , GARDNERS BAY, 7112                      Special         10-Dec-07
        The Foodstore Bellerive              Paul Christopher Stone            19 Clarence Street , BELLERIVE, 7018                                Special         12-Dec-07
        St Imre Vineyard                     Paul Molnar                       6900 Huon Highway , DOVER, 7117                                     Special         17-Dec-07
        Eaglehawk Cafe & Guesthouse          Christina Wolfe                   5131 Arthur Highway , EAGLEHAWK NECK, 7179                          Special         21-Dec-07


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