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					                                  Hope Chest                                     News
                                      PATIENT NEWSLETTER

October - December 2008
 The information provided in this newsletter is for educational purposes only, and it is not nor
implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your own physician
    or healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition .

                                    Mission Statement
  To support and educate University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview patients and
       their families as the progress through the process of lung, heart or heart / lung
     transplantation, and to promote public awareness of the needs of these patients.

                      Future Hope Chest News Events
The following are the events, conferences and seminars of possible interest to
Hope Chest News patients in the next few months

U of M Lung Transplant Support Group meeting – 7PM – 8:30PM              January 5, 2009
      Speakers from the Palliative Care department
Monthly meeting of the Hope Chest News Board of Directors January 19, 2009
Hope Chest News Bake Sale – Outside Clinic 2A – 9AM –2PM February 8, 2009
Monthly meeting of the Hope Chest News Board of Directors February 16, 2009
Herberger’s Coupon Book Fund Raiser                                      February 28,2009
Monthly meeting of the Hope Chest News Board of Directors March 16, 2009
Eagles Breakfast - 8:30 -12:30 – Litchfield, MN                          April 19, 2009
Monthly meeting of the Hope Chest News Board of Directors April 20, 2009
Monthly Meeting of the Hope Chest News Board of Directors                May 18, 2009
3 Annual Marie Anderson Golf Scramble – detail later
                                                                         July 29, 2009
Monthly Meeting of the Hope Chest News Board of Directors                June 15, 2009

                                       Page - 1
                               2008 Transplants
      As of 12/16/2008 there have been 25 Lung and 25 Heart transplants.
              Lung Transplants                            Heart Transplants
         Name         Type     #       Date             Name           #         Date
                        D/L   203     01/05/08                          639    01/07/08
Mary Paquette           D/L   204     01/10/08                          640    01/12/08
Mary Carhill            S/L   358     01/30/08                          641    01/15/08
Jennifer Rousseau       D/L   205     01/31/08                          642    01/30/08
Ralph Loftus            D/L   206     02/09/08                          643    02/08/08
Shelle Goodwin          D/L   207     02/18/08                          644    02/16/08
                        S/L   359     03/26/08                          645    03/05/08
                        S/L   360     04/02/08                          646    04/08/08
Viola Poeschl           S/L   361     05/02/08                          647    04/15/08
                        S/L   362     05/02/08                          648    04/30/08
Allen Jarnot            S/L   363     06/05/08                          649    05/21/08
Gloria Heideman         S/L   364     06/25/08                          650    05/29/08
Renee Holzapfel         S/L   365     06/25/08                          651    06/25/08
                        S/L   366     06/28/08                          652    07/22/08
Fred Amrhein            S/L   367     07/09/08                          653    07/25/08
                        D/L   208     07/17/08                          654    08/02/08
                        S/L   368     07/26/08                          655    08/05/08
                        S/L   369     08/02/08                          656    08/13/08
Jane Mathison           S/L   370     08/08/08                          657    08/14/08
                        S/L   371     08/28/08                          658    08/28/08
                        S/L   372     08/28/08                          659    10/18/08
                        S/L   373     10/18/08                          660    11/06/08
                        D/L   209     11/17/08                          661    11/08/08
                        S/L   374     11/25/08                          662    11/14/08
                        D/L   210     12/07/08                          663    11/19/08

Due to HIPPA rules, Marget Schmidtke needs permission from patients to release their
name, transplant number and date. Contact her for your transplant information. If any
of the people transplanted this year would like to have their name printed in the
newsletter, please E-Mail or you can call Ed Aubitz at 952-
457-8281. If you let us know the date of your transplant and your transplant number,
we can also make a button for you.

                                    * * * * *

                                    Page - 2

292   Ann Alexander        DL   10/28/07          152   Judy Johnson        SL   10/14/98
82    Arlen Anderson       DL   10/24/98          44    Terry Juezk         HL   10/12/98
307   Ed Aubitz            SL   10/17/05          356   Janet Klein         SL   10/31/07
61    Roger Beck           SL   10/25/93                Pamela Krake        SL   10/01/02
59    Jo Brouwer           SL   10/22/93          129   Vern Kuehnl         DL   10/05/02
305   Judy Cannon          SL   10/09/05          304   Doris Oman          SL   10/05/05
14    Mack Croyle. Sr      HL   10/04/89          1     Heather Penick      LL   10/05/00
100   Harold Ezzone        DL   10/25/00          101   Kathy Rabbitt       DL   10/27/00
      Sharon Flatequal     SL   10/07/03          58    Norman Rathbun      SL   10/19/93
30    Mathew Gould         DL   10/16/94          81    Sally Reagan        DL   10/21/98
33    David Graves         HL   10/11/94          4     Allen Sorenson      LL   10/10/01
34    Ricky Gustafson      HL   10/27/94          51    David Swanson       DL   10/01/96
147   Gina Hanson          DL   10/06/04                Melissa Thomason    DL   10/30/05
220   Jane Harmon          SL   10/29/01          43    Gaye Trcka          DL   10/29/95
333   Ross House           SL   10/26/06          52    Ellen Varney        DL   10/26/96
306   Shirley Irwin        SL   10/09/05          244   Dennis J. Weiland   SL   10/11/02
218   Valdamar Jacobson    SL   10/25/01          116   Hal Wenaas          DL   10/07/01


153   Barbara Beck         SL   11/18/98          335   Brad Knutson        SL   11/03/06
      Ron Bergerson        SL   11/17/03          336   Hugh McDonald       SL   11/03/06
173   Mary Cordes          SL   11/01/99          175   Gordon Olson        SL   11/02/99
164   Lisa Dekowski        DL   11/01/05          141   Delores Opatz       SL   11/09/97
174   Richard Fitzgerald   SL   11/01/99          311   Roger Remer         SL   11/17/05
310   Colleen Goodin       SL   11/04/05          334   Darlene Reynolds    SL   11/03/06
16    Cherry Hamlin        SL   11/05/90          310   Sandra Sazama       SL   11/04/05
177   Lester Hanson        SL   11/17/99                Diane Sydnes             11/26/01
312   Robert Howden        SL   11/26/05          63    Sandra White        SL   11/15/93
224   Emma Jean Knopik     SL   11/25/01

                                       Page - 3

      Pat Chmieleiwski        12/01/00               87     James Laser         SL   12/08/94
117   Pete Conwell       DL   12/20/01               28     Joan Longmuir       SL   12/06/91
166   Pam Cullen         DL   12/07/05               106    Sandra Majeski      SL   12/19/95
      Linda Curran       DL   12/25/02               314    Rose Otterstetter   SL   12/27/05
227   Dennis Dahl        SL   12/16/01                      James Pratt         DL   12/19/02
313   Ron Daily          SL   12/12/05                      Don Russell         H    12/12/06
427   Gary Harris        H    12/15/01               183    Pat Swirtz          SL   12/31/99
      Tom Hovorka        H    12/01/03               181    Frank Vermeulen     SL   12/03/99
182   Bob Kozieck        SL   12/17/99               67     William Way         DL   12/20/97
      Diana Larson       SL   12/12/07

                               Important Numbers:
The following chart will help if you need assistance in one of the listed areas.
      Purpose              Who to Contact           Phone Number            E-Mail Address
Address or E-Mail
                         Ed Aubitz                  952-457-8281
In the Hospital          Any Board member           See list elsewhere
                         Marget Schmidtke,          612-273-5796 or
Financial Assistance     Thoracic Transplant
                         Social Worker              1-800-478-5864

Heart\Lung Status
                         Ed Aubitz                  952-457-8281
Mentorship Program       Eileen Vierow              651-483-3146

Obtain your                                         612-273-5796 or
                         Marget Schmidtke
Transplant Number                                   1-800-478-5864
Heart Buttons            Mary Paquette              651-450-9767

                                         * * * * *

                         We don’t want to miss you…
Marget has short-term parking passes for the group meetings. So come to
group and if you need one, just ask Marget. We don‟t want anyone to stay away
from meetings because of financial concerns.

                                         Page - 4
                                        In memory of loved ones
                                      and donors. Please remember
                                          them in your prayers

We have lost more of our lung buddies:
   Dave Amato         LL – Transplanted 02/25/04       Passed   away 10/23/08
   Barbara Stuart     D/L - Transplanted 09/16/97      Passed   away 10/18/08
   Charlie Irwin, husband of patient Shirley Irwin     Passed   away 11/26/08
   Donna Hagenah, wife of patient Chuck Hagenah        Passed   away 12/07/08

Our prayers go out to their families and for any others who have passed away
that we are not aware of.

  In Memory of Marie Anderson              In Memory of Ross Bourgeois
            Wayne Anderson                     Allen & Maureen Arbeiter
                                               Diane Caldwell Bourgeois
  In Memory of Carol Deichert                    Gary & Barb Broberg
            Dennis Deichert                            Julie Caron
                                                 Paul & Kathleen Ditter
   In Memory of Nicholas Jolly
                                                      Steven Fitch
               Kathy Jolly
                                                  Rosemarie Gleason
 In Memory of Ralph Loftus’ donor                    Kathy Greising
              Ralph Loftus                       Steven & Rita Humble
                                               Richard & Sharon Hyrkas
 In Memory of Yvonna Maxwell                     Steven & Karen Hyser
            Sharon Flatequal                         Mary Johnson
  In Memory of Larry McKeever                         Julie Larsen
                                                 Steven & Amy Larson
         Duane & Diane Lokken
                                                     Joy McConnell
  In Memory of Steve Messner                          Nancy Meyer
              Jan Messner                             Mark Nyman
                                                     Gordon Olson
    In Memory of Pete Nieman                   Thomas & Wendy Opine
         &Tony Johnson                            Kip & Barb Peterson
              Judy Spray                        Edward & Emily Pouliot
  In Memory of Joyce Richwine                    D.J. & Y. M. Schivone
           Lisa & Scott Olson                 Mike & Velora Schoenberger
                                                 Paul & Colleen Theis
  In Memory of Barbara Stuart                   Cheryl & Richard Thurn
              Beth Karjola                         Mary Ellen Vetter
                                                     Eileen Vierow

                                Page - 5
Thank you to the following people & organizations for their generous donations
          Eagles AERIE NO 3424                                 Jonathan Dahl
            Richard Fitzgerald                                  JoAnn Miller
                Robert Smith                                  Bridget Shaffer
          Candice & Mark Spout

                                        * * * * *

                    HCN Newsletter & Database topics
   The Newsletter is also available online at Click on the
    Newsletter tab on the left hand side of the page. Once there, you can view the
    newsletter or download a copy to your PC. We will provide E-Mail notification to you
    when the latest issue is available online. To request this service please send an E-
    Mail to
   If you would like to share a personal story about your transplant experience,
    if you have questions or information you would like to share with other lung
    or heart transplant patients, please contact Ed Aubitz by calling 952-457-
    8281 or via E-Mail to
   We would also like to hear of any patients who have passed away. If a
    caregiver or family member could drop us a note it would be appreciated.
   If you no longer wish to receive the Hope Chest News please initial and date the
    following statement and send it to the address below:
       I do not wish to receive the Hope Chest News newsletter ______________(Initial)
       Name: _________________________________________
If your residence, home phone, cell phone or E-Mail address has changed since you
registered as a Hope Chest News member, please provide your new information below:
       Name:          _________________________________________________________
       Address:       _________________________________________________________
       City: ____________________________________ State: _______ ZIP: ________
       Home Phone: _______________________ Cell Phone: ____________________
       E-Mail Address: ______________________________________________________
Due to HIPPA rules, Marget Schmidtke (1-800-478-5864) needs permission from patients
to release their name, transplant number and date to Hope Chest News.
Tx Date: _____________ Tx #: ______ Tx Type: _______ (Single\Double Lung, Heart or Heart\Lung)
Fill in the information needing updating and send this page to:
                                Hope Chest News
                                 C\O Ed Aubitz
                           161 East 105th Street Circle
                            Bloomington, MN 55420
Or you can E-Mail the information to

                                       Page - 6
                News from the HCN Board of Directors

  Kip Peterson, President (2010)           952-431-8442
  Ed Aubitz, Vice President (2009)         952-457-8281
  Judy Vermeulen, Treasurer (2011)         952-445-2497
  Kathy Greising, Secretary (2009)         651-738-2954
  Julie Caron, Director (2010)                  
  Brenda Daml, Director (2011)             763-753-4169
  Ramona Foore, Director (2011)            952-431-2884
  Vern Jackson (2011)                      651 696-2962
  Hinda Litman, Director (2011)            952-935-1687
  Ralph Loftus (2009)                      763-639-3937
  Mary Paquette (2009)                     651-450-9767
  Eileen Vierow, Director (2009)           651-483-3146
  Harriette Wock, Director (2010)          651-439-1808

The vacancy on the Board created when Ross Bourgeois passed away was filled
by Ralph Loftus at the November 17, 2008 Board Meeting

                                     President’s Review
With the Holiday season we often spend time with family and friends and reflect
on our blessings.
Those of us that have received a life saving organ transplant are truly thankful
for this extension of our life.
We are also very thankful for our donor‟s and their families. We hope for their
continued healing and peace as they spend another holiday season missing their
loved one.
We are truly blessed to have each of our caregivers and the support system they
provide for us. In some ways I feel that their journey may be more difficult than
that of ours as recipients.
We would like to send positive thoughts for all of the people still waiting for their
transplant and hope that they remain as healthy as they can and that their time
on the list will be short.
Once again we have lost many of our friends this past year. They have all been a
part of our transplant community and each of them will be missed. We especially
remember their families and loved ones.
I am so grateful for each of you and for all the relationships I have been able to
form through my journey in transplant.
I would like to challenge everyone to become involved in some sort of
volunteerism in 2009. I guaranty it will make a difference in your life as well as
that of others.
Have a Great Holiday Season!


                                        Page - 7
                                 Treasurer’s Report
A recap of HCN finances from September to December
1. Fall envelope campaign - $1,030.00 in donations, Honorariums, and Memorials
2. Last of the Golf Tournament - $1,490.00
3. Eagles Pancake Breakfast in -$619.00, w/sale of tote bag $15.00
4. Herberger Coupon Books - $265.00
   Total Income: $6,801.42
1. Fund Distributions to patients: Utilities-$650.00, Housing $1074.19 Medical
   $2150.00 (total 7 patients)
2. Funeral Baskets -$82.71 (2)
3. Miscellaneous: newsletter printing, postage and other office costs - $612.17
   Total Expenses: $4569.07
A look back for 2008:
Our Income was 13,929.86 over expenses, compared to 2007 of 8,630.28. Good Job
Our biggest income comes from our the 2 Golf Tournaments that netted us $22,902.84
this was up from the 2007 total of $17,869.69
Our other fundraiser though smaller in scale brought in a fair amount also. They
included, spring and fall envelope campaigns, Eagles Pancake Breakfast, Herberger
Coupon Book Sale, Bake Sale, Memorials for our lost lung buddies, and sale of HCN
We were able to help 22 patients with Housing, Utilities, and mainly Medical expenses.
As of today we have $36,625.96 in the bank. Your board of directors has earmarked
$5,000.00 plus interest for future (way down the road) building of a House for Lung and
Heart Transplants here on University of Minnesota Campus for patients and families.
Thank you all for a good year and have A VERY HAPPY HEALTHY YEAR IN 2009.
Judy Vermeulen

                                    Page - 8
Hope Chest News has been the recipient of proceeds from three fund raising
events held since the last Newsletter.

        Eagles Fund Raising Breakfast in Litchfield, MN
The Hope Chest News held their second annual fundraiser breakfast at the Eagles
club in Litchfield, MN. The event was organized by Hal Wenaas who is a double
lung transplant living in Litchfield. We served Pancakes and French toast
sausage juice & coffee for $6.00. All the proceeds went to Hope Chest News.
We served over 150 people collecting $500.00 from the Eagles club and another
$120.00 from a „donation jar‟ at the door. The tentative date for next year is
Sunday April 19th- 8:30AM-12:30PM.
Hal Wenaas
Hope Chest News thanks the Eagles for their generous donation of their facilities,
a manager to oversee the kitchen and food for this event. We also thank the
people helping including people from Hal‟s family, friends, neighbors and HCN
patients for attending to support the morning.

                    Herberger’s Coupon Book sales
Harriette Wock lead an effort to sell Herberger‟s coupon books in November.
With the help of patients, family members and friends the event brought in
HCN plans to participate in the Herberger‟s event in the Spring. Please watch for
the announcement via E-Mail in late January.

                                Bake Sale sales
Mary Paquette organized a Bake Sale on Monday, December 18th in the hallway
outside the U of M Transplant Canter. The sale was from 9-4 and all the
„goodies‟ were sold out by 1 pm! We had choc chip cookies, peanut butter
blossoms, caramel corn with almonds, pumpkin bread, lemon bars, peanut
butter cookies, praline cookies, double choc chip, ginger and white choc
macadamia nut cookies, brownie bites and candy canes. Proceeds amounted to
$160.00 We intend to do it again on February 8, 2009. More information on that

Mary Paquette
                         Fund Raising Items For Sale
     Item        Price          Contact          Phone #              Email

Cookbooks        $15.00    Judy Vermeulen      952-445-2497

Logo Tote Bag    $15.00    Eileen Vierow       651-483-3146

Logo Jackets    $35.00     Eileen Vierow       651-483-3146

                                    Page - 9
                        Reference Corner
                American College of Chest Physicians
There are many, many resources concerning lung diseases, treatments,
transplantation on the Web. The following is a „link‟ to one for the American
College of Chest Physicians. It has some nicely done brochures you can
download or review online covering various topics such as:

      Shortness of Breath Patient Education Brochure
      A Guide to Lung Transplantation
      Patient Education Guides on Cough


                                 * * * * *
                                COPD Topics
The COPD Foundation publishes newsletter three times a year that specializes in
COPD specific information. Patients, family members, friends, physicians,
researchers, and policy makers will find the COPD Digest a valuable resource.

                                  * * * * *

                                  CF Topics
The Cystic Fibrosis foundation has many resources for patients with CF including
locating a local chapter from among the 80 in the US, subscribe to their
newsletter, watch informational videos and participate in fund raising events.

                                 * * * * *
                       Pulmonary Fibrosis Topics
The incidence of the various forms of Pulmonary Fibrosis is rising across the US.
This as well as other Web sites gives information about the disease, resource to
help patients and caregivers and funding for research.

                                 * * * * *

                                Page - 10
Hope Chest News received the following letter from Anne Amato. It is a touching
tribute to her late husband Dave who passed away in October.
To the HCN Community,
My husband Dave was a living lobar lung transplant patient who received his lobes from
live donors At Fairview University Medical Center – which we live in Minnesota and
stayed at the Radisson Hotel on campus for 4 months. Dr. Herrington was the surgeon
and Dr Whelan was his pulmonary Doctor who did a wonderful job and saved my
Dave…. I have attached a copy of the photo showing his donors – 3 total – 2 donors and
a backup. What a gift and there are a lot of amazing people out there – a lot of good
hearted people willing to help…
In 2006 we did a benefit and raised $36,000.00 and gave to the university for Lung
Research. They formed a foundation called Amato Family and Friends Foundation.
Dave had his transplant on Feb 25th 2004 – which was Ash Wednesday. We were
blessed with a second chance for Dave and valued every minute.
Since his transplant Dave had a battle with the ongoing CMV virus and a pear size
tumor filled with MRSA but he overcame both of these and beat the odds with his
positive attitude and strong will to live for me and the family.
In 2007 Dave came down with squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer on his head – so in
2008 underwent at the University of Chicago medical Center Treatments for head and
neck cancer –In Feb. were told there were 2 spots on his lobes and since he was being
treated they would just continue. They did start to shrink,,,, In April Dave came down
with pneumonia and had an emergency treach put in – we were told it didn’t look good
and called in the family to say goodbye. On Easter morning Dave woke up and said I
was his wife…. Again with Dave’s strong will to live – he beat the odds again.
Dave finished up his head and neck treatment at the end of May – at the end of June
Dave underwent head and neck surgery to remove the rest of the cancer. At this time
Dave’s head and neck were cancer free. But with the bad news that the cancer on his
lobes have spread to 5 spots – Radiation would have been too risky – so Dave went with
chemo – He fought till on Oct. 17th he took a turn – said goodbye to all of us and told us
he was tired – please don’t be mad – he loves us but just can’t fight anymore. Dave was
in allot of pain and never complained. On October 23rd at 10:10 pm with me laying by
his side and family all around Dave passed peacefully. His pain and suffering is over.
God how I miss him so much and my days feel so empty – but I know Dave fought for us
and now we need to be strong for him. He is the love of my life and my best friend and I
will cherish every memory.
Thank you for all your support when we were in Minnesota. Below are 2 links - one to
the obituaries which shows Dave with me and his mother - but also there is a video on
that page that can be watched if you would like.
And then another from the paper called the legacy which people can write things about
Please feel free to take a look at these and learn allot about what a difference he made
in so many peoples lives…Please feel free to share this with everyone in the newsletter.
Thank you
Anne Amato

                                    Page - 11
                          A note from Judy Vermeulen
Hello Everyone from Sunny California. Frank and I are doing great and he just celebrated his 9th
Anniversary of his Lung transplant. I would like to share the words of our son on this occasion.
WOW! 9 Years! Happy Anniversary on your transplant Dad!
I can't express how happy I am that you were able to get that transplant 9 years ago. I
can't imagine what my life would have been like if you were not able to be at my
wedding, be there for the birth of Jessie, and be able to experience the past 5 3/4 years
of Jessie's life. I never would have dreamed 9 years ago that you would be able to spend
a day at the beach with us in California, ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at
Disneyland with Jessie, and take a walking tour of the USS Midway with me in October
2008! God gave us all a miracle that day 9 years ago and I pray that we will be able to
spend many more years with you and enjoy many more of life's experiences together!
Happy Anniversary Dad! We love you!
He also was there for the 4 other grandchildren‟s births, we have traveled the US from east to
west and are enjoying our time together and sharing it with our family and friends.

                       Acknowledging your “Gift of Life”
This following article was in the Letters to the Editor section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune on
July 5, 2008. It highlights the need for those of us who have been transplanted to acknowledge
the special “Gift’ we have received from our donors. While a letter can be difficult to write it is a
duty we have. If a response is returned from the donor family, it is a reward. If there is no
response, its not because of you but because of the loss the family is feeling
ORGAN TRANSPLANTS - Acknowledge the 'gift'
Over the last 11 years, articles about successful organ transplants have had one thread
regarding organ/tissue donor families -- to reference them almost in a whisper while the
bugles blare with a bias to donation promotion.
It is true that many organs and tissues are recovered for transplantation at the time of
someone's death. Our family experienced that 11 years ago with the loss of our 25-
year-old daughter, who died of a stroke.
Donors and donor families make this "Gift of Life/Gift of Love" as an act of charity, a
charity that is a continuation of God's love for mankind. That love is the legacy of the
deceased person and carries God's love to the organ/tissue recipient. It is that love,
then, that enables the recipient to continue sharing their own respective love with
his/her family, friends and hopefully with the donor's family.
In the June 25 article, "Ailing Fargo tot defies the odds by getting lucky -- twice," the
mother of a 20-month-old heart transplant patient said, "I thank God that they did
decide to give that gift. I won't know what it's like to be on the other side. But I know it
wasn't an easy choice."
Well, from the other side, we did not receive any acknowledgment from any recipient
until more than six years after our daughter's death. We have learned that a prompt
communication from any one of the recipients would have helped us with our grief
process. It would have provided a direction and a positive energy.
We feel that if recipients would accept the motive for the "gift" as being an outpouring of
God's love, they should not be reticent about sending a prompt and simple "thank you"
note to the donor's family. Donor families are not so much in need for condolences as
they are in need of consolation.

                                         Page - 12
                              HEART DISEASE
In 2007 Hope Chest News altered its Article of Incorporation and By-laws to
include heart patients. Because most of our current patients are lungs, it was
thought that some information about disease of the heart that could result in a
transplant would be good to include for general knowledge. The following
article was submitted by one of our newer heart transplant patients.
Heart Disease is an umbrella term for a number of different diseases affecting
the heart. They include:
Arrhythmias are abnormal heartbeats usually caused by an electrical “short
circuit” in the heart. The heart’s electrical system sends signals around the
heart, telling it when to contract and pump blood around the body. Arrhythmias
cause the heart to beat less effectively resulting in the interruption of blood flow
to the brain and to the rest of the body. If the heart is beating too fast, the
heart’s chambers can’t fill with the right amount of blood. If it is beating too
slowly or irregularly, the right amount of blood can’t be pumped out to the body.
Coronary Heart Disease (also called Coronary Artery Disease) is a condition
in which fatty deposits accumulate in the cells lining the wall of the coronary
arteries. These deposits build up gradually and irregularly in the large branches
of the two main coronary arteries which encircle the heart and are the main
source of its blood supply. This process, the building of deposits, is called
atherosclerosis, which leads to the narrowing or hardening of blood vessels
supplying blood to the heart muscle. Narrowing or hardening of the blood
vessels results in ischemia, or the inability to provide adequate oxygen to the
heart muscle and can cause damage to the heart muscle. Complete occlusion of
the blood vessel leads to a heart attack.
Cardiomyopathy refers to a change in the muscle structure of the heart. As the
cardiomyopathy progresses, the heart muscle becomes enlarged or abnormally
thick or rigid. The heart becomes weaker and less able to pump blood through
the body. Cardiomyopathy can result from various causes, including prior heart
attacks, viral or bacterial infections, and others. It can lead to heart failure,
arrhythmias and edema in the lungs or lower extremities.
Extrinsic Cardiomyopathies are where the primary pathology is outside the
myocardium itself. They include:
     Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy - is due to the direct toxic effects of alcohol
     abuse, which weakens the heart muscle.
     Coronary Artery Disease - is a disease of the artery caused by the
     accumulation of plaques within the walls of the arteries that supply the
     myocardium. Angina pectoris (chest pain) and myocardial infarction (heart
     attack) are symptoms of this
     Congenital Heart Disease - is present at birth and is a heart defect or defect
     of blood vessels near the heart.
     Ischemic Cardiomyopathy - is a restriction in blood supply generally due to
     factors in the blood vessels.

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     Hypertensive Cardiomyopathy - is a result of chronically elevated arterial
     blood pressure.
     Valvular Cardiomyopathy - is any disease process involving one or more
     valves of the heart.
     Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy - involves inflammation of the heart muscle
     and/or the tissue surrounding it.
Intrinsic Cardiomyopathy is weakness in the muscle of the heart that is not due
to an identifiable external cause. They include:
     Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) - is the most common form. The heart,
     especially the left ventricle, is enlarged and the pumping function is
     Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) - is a genetic disorder caused by
     various mutations in genes encoding barometric proteins. The heart muscle
     is thickened, which can obstruct blood flow and prevent the heart from
     functioning properly.
     Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) - arises from an
     electrical disturbance of the heart in which heart muscle is replaced by
     fibrous scar tissue. The right ventricle is most affected.
     Restrictive Cardiomyopathy (RCM) - stiffening of the walls of the ventricles
     and resist the normal filling of the heart with blood.
Heart Failure (also called Congestive Heart Failure) is a condition in which the
heart can’t pump enough blood to the body’s other organs. The “failing” heart
keeps working but not as efficiently as it should. As blood flow out of the heart
slows, blood returning to the heart through the veins backs up, causing
congestion in the tissues. Often swelling results. It occurs mostly in the legs and
ankles, but it can also happen in other parts of the body. Heart failure can
result from coronary artery disease, scar tissue from a past heart attack, high
blood pressure, heart valve disease, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart defects or
infection of the heart valves or the heart muscle.
Hypertensive Heart Disease occurs when high blood pressure damages the
artery walls. The walls become weak and are likely to become clogged and
hardened. Because of this the heart has to work harder in order to pump blood
through the arteries. If the arteries become too clogged, blood clots can form
and cut off the flow of blood altogether. Hypertension can cause arteries to have
an aneurysm or a hemorrhage.
Inflammatory Heart Disease is a condition caused by reaction to an external
factor, such as an infection caused by bacteria or a virus, or an internal factor.
When the body produces antibodies to fight the infection even though the
infection is long past, these antibodies end up targeting the body’s own tissues or
Pericarditis is an inflammation of the lining of the heart. The pericardium is a
thin tissue sac that the heart sits in. It covers the surface of the heart and helps
protect it from movement and infection. When inflamed, it presses against the
heart, and as it rubs against the heart muscle, fluid can leak into the sack
making it hard for the heart to pump effectively.

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Myocarditis also results from an infection, and is an inflammation of the heart
muscle itself. It may cause conditions such as dilated cardiomyopathy or trouble
with the electrical signals in the heart, which leads to heart rhythm problems.
Valvular Heart Disease is any dysfunction or abnormality of one or more of the
heart’s four valves, including the mitral valve and aortic valve on the left side,
and the tricuspid valve and plutonic valve on the right side. In a normally
functioning heart, the four valves keep blood flowing in one direction and with
the right timing. In valvular stenosis there is a narrowing, stiffening, thickening,
fusion or blockage of one or more valves. In valvular regurgitation blood leaks
back in the wrong direction because one or more of the valves is closing
improperly. Mitral valve prolapse is a condition in which the two flaps of the
mitral valve cannot close properly and may result in blood leaking back into the
left atrium. Atresia is a condition in which one of the valves has not developed
and is completely closed at birth.
Sources used for this article were: American Heart Association, Inc.; Micronutra
Journal; iVillage, Inc.; Nemours Foundation; About Kids Health; RxMed and
Family Practice News
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  Hot Weather Forecasts and Safety Information from the
Even though it is December and the temperature hovers in the single digits, both above
and below zero, its never too early to think about the effects that the other season in
Minnesota brings! The following article can be of use to everyone not just transplant
patients so please share it as you see fit.
Heat related deaths outpace fatalities in several severe weather categories.
Based on a 10 year average from 1992-2001, excessive heat claimed 219 lives
each year. By contrast, floods killed 88, tornadoes 57, lightning 52 and
hurricanes 15. We in the transplant community can be more at risk than the
general population. This Web site gives you the possibility of seeing the
conditions in the major cities in the country. The data includes information on
the Heat Index, UV Index as well as hints of warm weather safety.


The National Weather Service's Mean Heat Index 3 to 7 day forecast can make
you aware of potentially dangerous heat conditions developing in the next week.
The UV Index is a next-day forecast of the amount of skin damaging UV radiation
expected to reach the earth's surface at the time when the sun is highest in the
sky (solar noon).

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