2006 Resource Materials List

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					                                                       2006 Resource Materials List

Below is a list of materials available through the Wisconsin Agriculture in the Classroom program. To
learn more about ordering any of these items, please call (608) 828-5719 or visit

                                 TITLE                                                                PRICE                        QUANTITY
Ag in the Classroom Resource Guide- listing of educational resources                              ONE FREE
Wisconsin Farm and Food Connections (available on-line only) – lesson                                                                      ---
                                                                                             ON-LINE ONLY
plans for 4-6th grade. Available at www.wisagclassroom.org
Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom Program – brochure that describes
programs, resources and services available from Wisconsin AITC
Fun Faces of Wisconsin Agriculture Bookmarks – information about
various WI commodities. Inquire about large quantity order pricing
Wisconsin Agriculture Farm Facts – brochure with statistics, rankings                         First 25 copies
and information about Wisconsin agriculture                                                       FREE!
                                                                                            (Additional copies
                                                                                             $20 per packet of
Ag Mags (Indicate the number of bundles of the issues desired)- 4 page
newspaper with articles and activities related to subject. 30 per bundle.                  $5 per bundle of 30
  ___ Biotechnology ____ Dairy ____ Pizza ____Careers ____ Beef
Science in Your Shopping Cart- USDA and Ag Research Service booklet
                                                                                                  ONE FREE
on scientific research and developments related to food and agriculture
Growing a Nation- CD-ROM program on the history of American
agriculture. Use with website lessons and activities available from
                                                                                                  ONE FREE
www.agclassroom/org/gan. Correlated to National History 5-12 grade
American Farm Bureau Federation Farm Facts Booklet – booklet with
graphs, charts, and statistics about American agriculture.                                        ONE FREE
(additional copies are $4.00 a piece)

                                                                                                                         (AITC CODE # 991140)

Order Information:                                                                      Make checks payable to:
                                                                                        Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation
Name: ____________________________________________
Address:___________________________________________                                     Send order to:
__________________________________________________                                           Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation
City:________________________ State:______ Zip:_______                                       Agriculture in the Classroom
Phone:__________________ Email:_____________________                                         PO Box 5550
                                                                                             Madison, WI 53705-0550

                                                                                        Questions: 608-828-5719
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