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Adriatic Sea
The Adriatic sea got its name from
an ancient port of the same name.                                         Geographical position
The Adriatic spans from the Balkan                                        Croatia extends from the furthest
to the Apennine peninsula.                                                eastern edges of the Alps in the
The part belonging to the Republic                                        north-west to the Pannonian lowlands
of Croatia is the eastcoast which                                         and the banks of the Danube in the
extends all the way from Prevlaka          ZADAR                          east; its central region is covered by
in the south to cape Savudrija                                            the Dinara mountain range, and its
in the west,including all islands,                                        southern parts extend to the coast of
islets and cliffs along the coast,and                                     the Adriatic Sea.
the archipelago of Palagruza (the                         SPLIT
number of islands, islets and cliffs is
more than 1700).
This is a unique area in Europe
for cruising with motor boats,
speedboats, or sailboats, but also for
enjoying the underwater world.


                                                   Land area                           Population
                                                   56.542 sq. km                       (census 2001.)
                                                   Territorial waters area             4.381,352
                                                   31.000 sq. km                       Capital
                                                   Length of coastline                 Zagreb
                                                   (with islands)                      (779.145 inhabitants)
                                                   5.790 km                            Religions
                                                   Length of terrestrial               Roman Catholic, Serbian
                                                   border                              Orthodox, Islamic, Jewish,
                                                   1.777,7 km                          Protestant and others
                                                   Highest peak                        Currency
                                                   Dinara (1.831 m above sea level)    kuna (1 kuna = 100 lipa)
                                                   Number of islands                   Language
                                                   1.185 (66 inhabited)                Croatian
                                         C R O AT I A N G OV E R N M E N T B U L L E T I N

                                                                  Croatia In Focus | No. 25/26 | March/April 2007

                                                            4 PM SANADER VISITS
Government of the Republic of Croatia,
                                                                  BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
Office for Public Relations
10000 Zagreb, Trg sv Marka 2,
                                                            6 PM SANADER IN BRUSSELS
tel: +385 1 63 03 050, 45 69 248,
fax: +385 1 63 03 446, 63 03 022,
                                                            8 PM SANADER ATTENDS
                                                                  5TH EUROPEAN BUSINESS SUMMIT
                                                                  IN BRUSSELS
Editor in chief
Tomislav Mazal,
                                                            9 SEECP´S FOREIGN MINISTERS MEETING

                                                          12 CBR FAIR IN MUNICH
Deputy editor in chief
Sandra Puhovski
                                                          15 400TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE NATIONAL
                                                                  AND UNIVERSITY LIBRARY IN ZAGREB
Sanja Milinović, Suzana Kovačević,
                                                          18 E - HEALTH
Jasna Sruk Vlah, Dubravka Belas,
Ida Ćosić, Igor Žarković,
                                                          21 LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER
Martina Mance, Paula Popravak,
Vesna Lončar, Daniela Valić,
                                                                  PROGRAMME ON COMBATING HATE
Antun Čajkovac, Slađana Butković

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Edition                                                   30 THE WORLD OF FOOD IN CROATIA
    C    roatian Prime Minister Ivo
         Sanader led Croatian gov-
    ernment delegation on first of-
                                         special terms for Bosnia and
                                         Herzegovina, but added that in
                                         the future, once the highway on
                                                                              Croatian Interior Minister Ivica
                                                                              Kirin and Bosnia-Herzegovina’s
                                                                              Civil Affairs Minister Sredoje
    ficial visit to Bosnia and Herze-    the VC corridor between the two      Novic and Security Minister
    govina, on 29th and 30th March.      countries was completed, Croa-       Tarik Sadovic signed a dual citi-
    During the visit PM Sanader met      tian companies would have            zenship treaty and an agree-
    with the chairman of the Council     identical privileges when trans-     ment on cooperation in border
    of Ministers Nikola Spiric, mem-     porting commodities through          control. The dual citizenship
    bers of the state presidency and     Bosnia and Herzegovina.              treaty regulates the rights and
    of the state parliament.                                                  obligations of dual citizenship
                                         Good relations and                   holders relating to place of resi-
    Upon arriving in Sarajevo PM         readiness to cooperate               dence and work, responsibility
    Sanader said he was bringing         advance regional                     before law, military service and
    Bosnia and Herzegovina new           stability                            other issues. The agreement on
    proposals for the settlement of      Croatian PM Sanader started          cooperation in border control
    outstanding issues, notably for      his official visit by meeting with   provides for exchanges of infor-
    the status of southern Croatian      the chairman of the Bosnian          mation, joint security assess-
    seaport of Ploče. “We are bring-     Council of Ministers Nikola          ments, communication, and
    ing a draft agreement on the port    Spiric. After the meeting,           special forms of cooperation
    of Ploče. In it we are proposing,    Sanader said that both sides         such as joint border patrols and
    and then we will talk about this,    agreed that it was necessary         crime prevention teams. Prime
    that Bosnia and Herzegovina, as      to strengthen their cooperation      Minister Sanader said that the
    a major user of the port, should     and settle the outstanding is-       signing of a dual citizenship
    have the status of the most privi-   sues without delay.                  agreement and an agreement
    leged nation,” said PM Sanader.      During the Croatian government       on cooperation in monitoring
    He said that the proposal meant      delegation’s visit to Sarajevo,      the state border between Croa-

   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
tia and Bosnia-Herzegovina          exported around 507 million eu-      cal Catholic school and a day
represented an important signal     ros worth of goods to Croatia,       care centre, the construction of
to not only the countries of the    while Croatia exported around        which is being funded by the
region, but to Brussels as well     1.37 billion euros worth of com-     Croatian government. Croatian
because they confirm the readi-     modities to Bosnia.                  PM also visited the Franciscan
ness and ability to cooperate                                            international students centre in
and advance regional stability.     Good atmosphere and                  Bosnia’s capital that is currently
Sanader reiterated that the over-   signing of agreements                under construction. During his
all relations between Croatia       – most important result              talks with Bosnian friars, PM
and Bosnia were good and con-       of the visit                         Sanader pledged that the Croa-
firmed the two countries’ readi-    Two members of Bosnia-Her-           tian government would donate
ness to find solutions to the re-   zegovina’s tripartite presiden-      additional four million kunas for
maining outstanding issues that     cy, Haris Silajdžić and Željko       the remodelling of the centre’s
would be to the satisfaction of     Komsić, received Croatian            interior. So far, Zagreb has allo-
both sides.                         Prime Minister Ivo Sanader.          cated 1.3 million kunas for the
                                    The officials agreed that bilat-     centre’s construction.
Great possibilities for             eral relations were good and
economic cooperation                that outstanding issues should       PM Sanader also visited the Cro-
and investment                      be settled in line with the com-     atian cultural society Napredak,
Croatian Prime Minister Sanader     mon goals of strengthening the       saying Croatia would continue
spoke at a Croatian-Bosnian         already good neighbourly coop-       to support Croats in Bosnia and
business forum on possibilities     eration and drawing closer to        Herzegovina and their associa-
of economic cooperation and         Euro-Atlantic institutions. Croa-    tions.
investment, held in Sarajevo.       tia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
He called on Croatian and Bos-      have a lot more in common and        On the second day of his visit,
nian business people to step up     a lot more reasons for coopera-      PM Sanader went to Travnik and
cooperation and the two coun-       tion than they have outstanding      Nova Bila in central Bosnia and
tries’ governments to create a      issues in their relations. Both      Herzegovina, talking about the
climate that would boost eco-       sides agreed that it was neces-      situation in the area with Croat
nomic cooperation. The forum        sary to strengthen their coopera-    and Muslim municipal offi-
was attended by representatives     tion and settle the outstanding      cials. In the village of Nova Bila,
of some 70 Croatian compa-          issues without delay.                Sanader visited a new hospital.
nies. Sanader said that he and                                           Croatia financially assisted in
his Bosnian counterpart Nikola      During his official visit to Bos-    its construction and the premier
Spiric had agreed today on clos-    nia-Herzegovina, Croatian Prime      said Croatia would invest anoth-
er cooperation between the two      Minister Ivo Sanader opened          er HRK5 million in it. Sanader
governments in order to promote     the reconstructed library at the     also visited Zepce and Usora.
trade. “This economic forum is a    theology college of the Sarajevo
sign of friendship between Bos-     Catholic Archdiocese. The li-        Croatian Prime Minister Ivo
nia-Herzegovina and Croatia.        brary with about 90,000 entries      Sanader described as success-
There can be no wealthy Croatia     is one of the biggest institutions   ful his first official visit to Bosnia
without a wealthy Bosnia-Herze-     of this kind in Bosnia-Herzegov-     and Herzegovina during which
govina and vice versa,” Sanader     ina. Croatia has donated 880,000     he had talks with the most se-
said. He stressed that the fu-      kunas for its renovation.            nior officials. Before leaving, PM
ture of Croatia and Bosnia lay      Later in the day, Sanader, ac-       Sanader said the good atmo-
in Euro-Atlantic associations.      companied by Sarajevo Arch-          sphere during the talks, along-
Bosnian Prime Minister Nikola       bishop, Cardinal Vinko Puljić,       side the signing of agreements
Spiric said that Croatia was        visited the Croat-populated          on dual citizenship and border
one of Bosnia’s most important      residential area of Sarajevo,        control, was the most important
trade partners. In 2006 Bosnia      called Stup. He toured the lo-       result of the visit.

                                                                             March/April 2007 | No. 25/26         
    T  he Croatian PM Ivo Sanader
       went to Brussels where he
    met the President of the Eu-
                                     political committee Jacek-Emil
                                     Saryusz-Wolski, and he ad-
                                     dressed to Socialist Group of
                                                                      this year was going to be the
                                                                      year of opening chapters, and
                                                                      the following one the year of
    ropean Parliament Hans-Gert      the European Parliament.         closing them, and that it was
    Poettering, heads of almost      PM Sanader also met the Eu-      really possible to end the ne-
    all parliamentary fractions      ropean Commissioner for En-      gotiations in the next year. Af-
    –Martin Schulz, Chairman of      largement Olli Rehn and took     ter that it was the EU´s task
    the Socialist Group; Daniel      part at the EPP´s summit.        to do necessary institutional
    Cohn-Bendit, the president of                                     changes that would provide
    the group of European Greens;    In his addressing to the rep-    new enlargement. He also
    Graham Watson, the presi-        resentatives of the socialist    pointed out he did not want
    dent of Liberal Democrats; the   fraction in the European Par-    the process of enlargement to
    president of the international   liament PM Sanader said that     be finished with Croatia, but to

   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
be continued on other coun-        liament Hans-Gert Poettering.    PM Sanader met the Enlarge-
tries in South East neighbour-     After the meeting Poettering     ment Commissioner Olli Rehn
hood when the countries were       said that the European Parlia-   who, after the end of the meet-
ready for accessing the EU.        ment in its Report on Croatia    ing, stated that the accessing
He thanked the leaders of so-      could mention the year 2009      negotiations with Croatia were
cialist fraction on support that   as a targeted year for admis-    developing quickly and smooth-
they give Croatia even though      sion in the EU. ˝Report on       ly. PM Sanader thanked Olli
the Government in Zagreb is of     Croatia’s progress has been      Rehn for the support he gave to
opposite political sign. Partic-   preparing in the Parliament’s    Croatia once again pointing out
ularly he mentioned the words      Foreign Affairs Committee. If    that, regardless the pre-elec-
of Martin Schulz who once          I am well informed, reporter     tion year, the Union in Croatia
said to PM Sanader that he         Hannes Swoboda has an am-        had been functioning very well
had to admit, although being       bition to suggest Croatia to     which showed the maturity of
in an opposite political side,     be the member state in 2009˝     the Croatian political scene.
he had done a lot for Croatia      Poettering said. PM Sanader
and the region.                    said he thought there was a      PM Sanader participated at
                                   wide consensus in the Euro-      the EPP´s summit that gath-
PM Sanader also met the            pean Parliament for support      ered around ten PMs of the EU
President of the European Par-     to Croatia.                      member states.

                                                                       March/April 2007 | No. 25/26   

    5th EUROPEAN
    Croatia isn’t just a pleasant destination for
    vacation, but a place for investment
    C   roatian Prime Minister Ivo
        Sanader in Brussels at-
                                      place for investment. He also
                                      said that the Croatian Govern-
                                                                        macroeconomic stability.
                                                                        In his speech, Belgian PM Guy
                                                                        Verhofstadt mentioned Croatia
    tended the opening of the 5th     ment was doing everything to
    European Business Summit          create a convenient milieu for    as the EU 28th member state.
    and the presentation of invest-   investment like: simplification   Bulgarian Foreign Minister
    ment opportunities in Croatia.    of the process of company         Ivailo Kalfin and European and
                                                                        Social Committee President
    PM Sanader was one of the         registration via one-stop-shop,
                                                                        Dimitris Dimitriadis were also
    speakers at the opening of        land-ownership records re-
                                                                        speaking at the summit, while the
    the summit and he said that       form, digitalisation of civil
                                                                        European Parliament President
    Croatia was not just a pleasant   service and the continuation      Hans-Gert Poettering addressed
    destination for vacation, but a   of the policy oriented toward     the summit via video link.

                                                                        In the presentation ˝Croatia,
                                                                        EU 28th member state – How
                                                                        to invest in Croatia˝ the key
                                                                        information about the Croatian
                                                                        economy circumstances were
                                                                        presented. The essential fac-
                                                                        tor that would contribute to the
                                                                        greater economic growth for
                                                                        PM Sanader is accessing the
                                                                        EU and NATO. He also pointed
                                                                        out Croatia’s aim to become
                                                                        the EU member state in 2009,
                                                                        and in next year to get an invi-
                                                                        tation to the NATO.

                                                                        PM Sanader opened the Croa-
                                                                        tian stand which provided to
                                                                        visitors a lot of information
                                                                        about Croatian economic pos-

   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
                                                   SEECP´S FOREIGN MINISTERS MEETING

 Historical moment for South Eastern Europe
 The current political moment in South Eastern Europe is the time of a real shaping
 of a genuine European character of the region

˝ The meeting of foreign         The meeting took place behind     Croatia’s one-year presidency
  ministers of South East-       closed doors at Zagreb’s hotel                   .
                                                                   of the SEECP Just to remind,
  ern European Coopera-          Westin hosting the ministers      in Salonika on 4 May 2006 the
                                 of SEECP: Croatia, Albania,       President of the Croatian Gov-
  tion Process is of ex-
                                 Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedo-       ernment dr. sc. Ivo Sanader
  treme importance and
                                 nia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia,    has taken over one-year presi-
  is being held at a histor-     Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and      dency over summit presiding
  ical moment for South          officials of Monte Negro, Euro-   from Greece, and it is going to
  Eastern Europe that is         pean Commission, and German       last till 11 May 2007. During the
  standing on the thresh-        Presidency of the EU, Stability   Croatia’s presidency the SEECP
  old of renewed matu-           Pact for South Eastern Europe,    is going to be institutionalised,
  rity and modernity˝, PM        OESS and UNIMK/Kosovo as a        it will get a permanent secre-
 Sanader said in his keynote     special guest of the presiding    tariat and headquarters of the
 speech on opening the meeting   country.                          Council for Cooperation. The
 on 2 March 2007 in Zagreb.      The summit was held during        Council for Cooperation will be

                                                                      March/April 2007 | No. 25/26     

     established during the meeting     of the genuine European char-        Stability Pact for the SEE and
     of the SEECP foreign ministers     acter of the region. Without a       about the role of the SEECP as
     on 11 May 2007 in Zagreb. The      doubt the European and Euro-         a political forum that would as-
     work of the secretariat should     Atlantic capacities of our region    sume the leading role in region-
     be financed by the countries in    are growing and South Eastern        al cooperation. Another topic
     the region, the European Com-      Europe is on the threshold of        was the Montenegro’s future
     mission and interested donors.     renewed maturity and moder-          participation in the SEECP and
                                        nity˝, dr. sc. Ivo Sanader said in   the continuation of the involve-
     ˝As the presiding country of the   his speech.                          ment of the European Commis-
     SEECP Croatia has recognised                                            sion and international donors in
     the importance of the current      The ministers discussed the          the new bodies of the regional
     political moment in South East-    situation in the region, issues      cooperation that will replace
     ern Europe, a time of shaping      linked to the exit strategy of the   the Stability Pact.

10   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
                                                        SEECP´S FOREIGN MINISTERS MEETING

As a significant contribution to    part for the future safety and        The SEECP is a region-
the economic development, lib-      stability in South Eastern Eu-        al    non-institutionalised
eralisation and strengthening       rope. Kosovo was recognised           structure coordinated by
of mutual trade, the ministers      as a democratic and multieth-         the presiding country.
welcomed the signing and high-      nic society based on system of        The SEECP presidency
lighted the importance of the       rights, minority rights protec-       lasts for one year and is
ratification of the new CEFTA´s     tion, cooperation and solidar-        rotated among the mem-
contract in 2006 initiated by the   ity of all the communities. The       ber states. The presiding
Republic of Croatia.                ministers also pointed out the        country presents the Pro-
                                    Euro-Atlantic perspective to be       cess at international meet-
The SEECP´s member coun-            the best frame for solving this       ings and hosts the annual
tries were considering the          question and confirmed the            meeting of heads of state
Kosovo status as an important
                                    SEECP´s interest to continue          and government, foreign
                                    the involvement into the pro-         ministers meetings and a
                                    cess.                                 number of annual meet-
                                                                          ings of political directors.
                                    The SEECP´s summit ended
                                    up in acknowledging the com-          Talks on stronger connection
                                    mon statement that offered a          between the SEECP and the Eu-
                                    compromised solution of the           ropean Commission are being
                                    Kosovo status by the officials        in process just as talks about
                                    of ten member states and they         the SEECP´s role in the exit
                                    also expressed their support to       strategy of the Stability Pact.
                                    efforts and activities of a special
                                    delegate of the UN´s Secretary        The basic goals of the SEECP
                                    General Marttia Ahtisaaria.           include the strengthening of
                                                                          security and political situation,
                                    SEECP - in brief                      intensification of economic
                                    The South East European Co-           relations and co-operation in
                                    operation Process (SEECP)             human resources, democracy,
                                    was launched on Bulgaria’s            justice, and fight against ille-
                                    initiative in 1966. Namely, at        gal activities and conversion
                                    the Bulgaria-chaired meeting          of the region into area of peace
                                    in Sofia, the SEE countries laid      and stability that will provide
                                    the foundations for regional          approach of Process toward
                                    co-operation for the purposes         European and Euro-Atlantic
                                    of creating an atmosphere of          structures.
                                    thrust, good neighbourly rela-
                                    tions and stability. By now the       A special characteristic of the
                                    SEECP has been consisting             SEECP is that it is an original
                                    of ten member states: Greece,         form of co-operation among the
                                    Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Mol-       countries in the region launched
                                    dova, Macedonia, Albania, Bos-        on their own initiative and not
                                    nia-Herzegovina, Croatia and          on the initiative of some other
                                    Serbia. The Republic of Croatia       international organisations or
                                    has become a member state in          other countries. In that way, the
                                    October 2004, and after becom-        SEECP presents an authentic
                                    ing independent Monte Negro           voice of SEE complementary to
                                    submits a request for gaining         the Stabilisation and Associa-
                                    the status of a full participant.     tion Process.

                                                                             March/April 2007 | No. 25/26     11

     CROATIA - favourite tourist destination
      Due to its position in the circle of favourite tourist
      places, Croatia participated as a partner country in
      one of the biggest tourist fairs in the world.

     O     ne of the biggest tourist
           fairs CBR (Camping-Boot-
     Reisen; Camping-Boats-Trav-
                                       for Croatia since it participat-
                                       ed as a partner country. This
                                       privilege was given due to the
                                                                          mans were the most numer-
                                                                          ous guests in Croatia with the
                                                                          nearly 11 million nights.
     el) in Munich gathered some 1     position that Croatia holds in
     500 exhibitors from more than     the circle of favourite tour-      The fair was opened by the Cro-
     70 countries on the area of 70    ist places, and its popularity     atian Prime Minister dr. sc. Ivo
     000 square metres. The fair       still grows. Croatia has been      Sanader and Bavarian coun-
     lasted for five days, from 22nd   an attractive destination for      terpart dr. Edmund Stiober, in
     to 26th February. This year’s     German tourists for a long         the presence of many repre-
     fair had a special significance   time, and the last year the Ger-   sentatives of political and so-

12   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
                                                                            CBR FAIR IN MUNICH

cial life of both countries. Ex-   representative space of one        the island’s medieval period.
cept for the Croatian Premier,     of the oldest Munich hotels        Besides the regional present-
Croatia was represented by         Bayerischer Hof, where Croa-       ing of Kvarner, Istria, Dalmatia
the Minister of the Sea, Tour-     tian Tourist Association organ-    and continental Croatia, also
ism, Transport and Develop-        ised ˝Croatian Evening˝ for        Croatian companies showed
ment Božidar Kalmeta, State        the most important partners        their programmes.
Secretary for Tourism Zdenko       and media reporters, offering
Mičić, director of Croatian        them traditional Croatian cui-     The Croatian Chamber of
National Tourist Board Niko        sine specialties and well cho-     Economy opened the stand
Bulić and many other invited       sen original wines.                ˝Be CROative˝ with the pre-
persons. Premier Sanader                                              sentation of the products en-
congratulated to all those who     Since Croatia was a partner        titled ˝Originally Croatian˝
participated in preparing Cro-     country the fair was in sign       or ˝Croatian Quality˝, so the
atian tourist presentation in      of Croatia and the opening         visitors could get themselves
Munich, expressing his hope        was made attractive by the         familiar with various Croatian
that the very season would be      island’s Rab crossbowmen           products and got the chance
better than the last had been.     that walked along all the fair     even to taste some of them,
˝We can be proud of Croatia’s      exhibition stands accompa-         like paprika-flavoured sausage
presentation in Munich to-         nied by strong drum beating.       and smoked ham.
day˝, PM Sanader said.             Rapska fjera was particularly
                                   presented. It is a celebration     The Croatian and German me-
The first day of the fair was      in the spirit of the middle Ages   dia was presented the novel-
rich in events and business        with the presentation of cus-      ties from the Croatian tourist
flurry which ended up in the       toms, trades, life and spirit of   offer by the State Secretary

                                                                         March/April 2007 | No. 25/26    13

     for Tourism Zdenko Mičić,          objects built in the 60s were       Traditionally good
     director of Croatian National      in the process of removal and       relations between
     Tourist Board Niko Bulić and       the new ones were being built.      Croatia and Bavaria
     the president of the Croatian      Moreover, in accordance with
     Chamber of Economy Nadan           regional plans the construction     In the margins of the fair the
     Vidošević.                         of completely new capacities is     two premiers discussed some
     The press was mostly inter-        planned, so-called Greenfield       political issues and Premier
     ested in investment in new ca-     investments.                        Stoiber expressed his strong
     pacities in Croatia as well as                                         support on Croatia’s admis-
     the hunting and nautical tour-     It was said that Germany stayed     sion to the EU and NATO.
     ism. State Secretary for Tour-     an important country for the
     ism Zdenko Mičić announced         Croatian tourism for sure, con-     Premier Stoiber also ex-
     the renewal and building of        cerning the official information    pressed his will that the date of
     new capacities in which the        that Germans spent EUR 60.5         Croatia’s accession would be
     state, as the main investor,       billion for foreign visits in the   known during Germany’s cur-
     together with a private sector     last year. The planned German       rent presidency of the EU. He
     would invest EUR 13.6 million      economic growth of 1.7 per          said he was sure that Croatia
     by the end of 2009.                cent in 2007 is a good indicator    was going to be the EU´s 28th
                                        for Croatia and its forthcoming     member state and expressed
     Niko Bulić said that there were    season. This number surely          his hope that the following
     three types of investment in       justifies the Germans´ readi-       year Croatia would enter the
     Croatian tourism, and he also      ness for visiting other coun-       NATO, and in 2009 would be a
     announced the renewal of ho-       tries again and Croatia as well,    full member of the EU.
     tels ruined in the war with 25     while the CBR fair in Munich
     000 beds temporarily being         contributed in strengthening        Both Premiers highlighted
     out of function. These hotels      interest for spending summer        their satisfaction over already
     are going to be of three to five   holidays on a truly amazing         traditional relationship be-
     stars range. He added that the     Croatian coast.                     tween Croatia and Bavaria.

1   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
From Jesuitical course library to the European library
˝Gdo knige počtue da                tional and University Library          The exhibition ˝NUL´s
                                    holding. In these terms, this          treasure˝ by academi-
e knigami počtovan˝                 Croatian institution primarily
deacon Broz Kolonić said not                                               cian Josip Bratulić, Stj-
                                    has a national role as a place         epan Damjanović and
even suspected that his words       of preservation of cultural and
would become the motto of four                                             the associate Ivan Kosić
                                    spiritual reality of Croats dur-
hundred years old National and                                             presents selected valu-
                                    ing restless centuries, and later
University Library. The Library                                            able of our written heri-
                                    on its role is also educative and
is an institution of a long and     scientific. Or as suitably formu-
                                                                           tage and reminds of Cro-
rich history, the treasury of the   lated by Mr Josip Stipanov, the
                                                                           atian curiosity from the
Croatian heritage with untouch-     manager of the National and Uni-       period when the Croats
able national significance and      versity Library, the NUL is ˝the di-   used three languages in
indisputable European status.       ary of the Croatian people˝.           a parallel way: Latin, Old
Since the language and script                                              Church Slavic and Croa-
in Croatia the thread of the na-    Occasional exhibitions and cer-        tian, and wrote in three
tional identity and our people’s    emonies will witness the specif-       scripts: Glagolitic and
destiny on this area can be best    ics of our culture on occasion of      Latin script and Croatian
read and resoluted in the Na-       marking the 400th anniversary.         Cyrillic script.

                                                                              March/April 2007 | No. 25/26   1
     The monograph ˝National and        ˝Ballads of Petrica Kerempuh˝       11th century. From the develop-
     University Library in Zagreb       by Krleža and ˝Thirsty stone at     ment of libraries of Humanism
     from 1607 to 2007˝ by prof         the wellspring˝ by Tin Ujević).     and Renaissance and after the
     Aleksandar Stipčević presents                                          arrival of Jesuits and Jesuitical
     a historical development of the    The 4th century of the library      courses libraries we are genea-
     institution and its holding in     deserves a short survey.            logically approaching contem-
     that way introducing us with       Although we can seek the his-       porary central National Croa-
     four important collections: col-   tory of the National and Uni-       tian institution.
     lection of manuscripts and old     versity Library in the library of
     books, graphic collection, col-    the Jesuit Gymnasium in 1606,       The establishment of the Acad-
     lection of musical supplies and    the beginning of librarianship      emy of Science in 1776 is of a
     audio-materials and the collec-    in Croatia dates earlier in the
                                                                            special importance for the de-
     tion of maps and atlases.          Middle Ages with the estab-
                                                                            velopment of the NUL. Namely,
     On marking four centuries          lishing the Benedictine mon-
                                                                            after the abolition of the So-
     of the institution during the      astery in the 9th century. Our
                                                                            ciety of Jesus, or gymnasium
     whole year ten most important      oldest preserved manuscript,
                                                                            of Zagreb course in 1773, the
     works of Croatian written his-     Evangelarium        Spalatenese,
                                                                            library of the former Jesuiti-
     tory will be shown (˝Libellus      emerged in the 7th or 8th cen-
     Gothorum˝, ˝Missal of 1483         tury at the copycat-workshop        cal course becomes a part of
     – the 1st printed book ˝, ˝Evan-   in Split cathedral.                 a newly established Academy.
     gelarium Spalatenese˝, ˝Ju-        The development of literacy,        The Enlightenment played a
     dita˝ by Marulić, ˝Theory of       culture and science in the          special role in collecting books
     natural philosophy˝ by Ruđer       Middle Ages is closely linked       and historical material and
     Bošković, ˝Pleasant Conversa-      with church, and the libraries      founded more systematic ap-
     tion of Slavic People˝ by Andri-   of that time were established       proach to language, culture,
     ja Kačić Miošić, Gaj´s ˝Short      within the Croatian bishopric.      science and book collecting.
     base of Croatian-Slavonian or-     The most significant library in     The role of Adam Baričević and
     thography˝, ˝Death of Smail-       Croatia is Metropolitana – Za-      Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac
     aga Čengić˝ by Mažuranić,          greb bishopric library from the     is unavoidable.

1   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
It is worth to mention               lic by emperor Franjo I who on        location of the library from the
that the Library holding             visiting Zagreb went around the       Upper Town to the University
was enriched by private              Academy and the library.              after which the Croatian Parlia-
donations and one of the             Collecting of Slavic books got        ment in 1907 decided to build a
most valuable donations              the full swing with the mem-          new building. With the striking
was that by Baltazar                 bers of the Illyrian movement,        secessionist exquisiteness the
Adam Krčelić (1715                   and finally, after thirty years, by   draft made by Rudolf Lubynski
1778), a canon of Za-                the establishment of the Uni-         was realised in 1913.
greb, historian and the              versity in 1847, the library grew     Eighty years passed until the
head of the Croatian                 into university library at the        next relocation was done. To-
course in Vienna. He left            same holding the features of a        day’s new building of the NUL
by will his ˝better˝ books           national library.                     that was built during the ag-
and manuscripts, he gift-            Our first Croatian librarian by oc-   gression on Croatia was opened
ed 757 book volumes                  cupation and professional qual-       in 1995.
and 50 manuscripts.                  ification was Ivan Kostrenčić         Today, four centuries later, the
                                     who was the manager for 35            National and University Library
The public category of this insti-   years from 1875.                      holds the same national and
tution dates back to 1777 when                                             cultural role. It is the keeper of
it was determined that the li-       Regular influx of books from          the Croatian heritage. Those
braries of the academy should        Croatia and Slavonia guaran-          who still like to feel the paper
serve for public use, while from     teed the Press Law from 1875,         under fingers, peculiar scent
3 December 1816 by the written       supplemented by the ban’s de-         of bookish paper - they have a
replay of ˝visokog vugerskog         cree from 1897. Due to the then       chance to engage all their sens-
kraljevkog tolnača˝ the acad-        division of Croatia, the books        es there.
emy library got the right for        from Dalmatia, Istria and other
a free sample of each edition        areas were procured by pur-           The modern building, furnished
from the university printing-        chase.                                with windows with the inter-
works in Pest and gained the         Simultaneously, the enlarge-          netisation of library looks onto
public significance. In 1818 the     ment of the holding and widen-        all four sides of the world, far-
institution was proclaimed pub-      ing of the activity caused the re-    ther and farther.

                                                                                        Romanum Glagolitice
                                                                                         (first Croatian printed book,
                                                                                                   AD 1483)

                                                                               March/April 2007 | No. 25/26          1

     e Health
     By the e-Croatia 2007 pro-
     gramme the Croatian Gov-
     ernment has transformed
     the Croatian society into
     an information one. The
     basic objectives of the
     programme are to provide
     an opportunity for the citi-
     zens and entrepreneurs
     to receive information in
     time and therefore actively
     participate in the society
                                          Informatisation - the fastest step
     through the networked                forward into future of Croatian
     information system; to               Health Care
     improve and join the Croa-           On line access to health              cards. One of the main tasks of
     tian economy; to provide a           care services and quality             this project is the establishment
     comprehensive exchange               medical assistance                    of the standards of interoperabil-
                                                                                ity of these information systems
     of information and experi-
     ence in the business world           T   he informatisation of Health
                                              is one of the priorities of the
                                          e-Croatia programme which
                                                                                by the introduction of the on-line
                                                                                appointments for examinations
                                                                                by specialists.
     and entrepreneurship and,
                                          expects to improve the quality        The Ministry of Health and So-
     finally, to enable the state         of service to citizens with sig-      cial Welfare conducted evalua-
     to become a transparent,             nificant financial savings. The       tions of the Informatisation of
     fast and efficient service.          main areas of the application         primary health services projects,
                                          are: informatisation of primary       and the Informatisation of the
     The programme is divided             health services, indroduction of      Hospital Information system.
     into several areas: e-Gov-           an integral information system        In the meantime, the imple-
     ernment, e-Justice, e-Edu-           for hospitals, informatisation of     mentation of the project on the
                                          the Croatian Institute for Health     informatisation of the Primary
     cation, e-Business and e-            Insurance (HZZO) with the intro-      Health Services was initiated.
     Health.                              duction of multi-functional smart     The development of functional

1         No. 25/26 | March/April 2007

                                     Integrated in-                      Sanader noted that the system
                                                                         would eliminate unnecessary
                                     formation sys-                      administrations, patients would
                                     tem - Croatian                      no longer have to ˝walk˝ around
                                                                         the institutions, and any sign of
                                     ˝know-how”                          corruption would be prevented
                                     project                             due to the transparency of the
                                                                         whole procedure.
                                     The most recent integrat-           Within the project already 350
                                     ed information system               offices of general and family
                                     – connecting of institutes          practice have been informatical-
                                     of the primary health               ly connected. By the end of the
                                     care, labs and pharma-              year joining of the paediatric,
                                     cies at the national level          gynaecological and dentist’s of-
                                                                         fices, labs and pharmacies will
                                     In February, the integrated         start, and by the end of 2008
                                     information system of the pri-      all six thousand of the primary
                                     mary health services was offi-      health services institutions will
                                     cially put into operation at the    be informatically connected.
                                     ceremony that was held at the       The members of the Croatian
                                     Croatian Government, and was        Institute for Health Insurance
                                     presented by the president of       welcome the informatisation as
                                     the Croatian Government dr. sc.     it will provide a good layout of
                                     Ivo Sanader, minister of Health     doctors´ work and in that way
                                     and Social Welfare doc. dr. sc.     will ensure a full control and
and technical specification had      Neven Ljubičić, the state secre-    reduce costs. As well, primary
been completed, as well as the       tary of the Central State Admin-    health service will be possible
creation of the health informa-      istrative Office for e-Croatia of   to be paid due to the realised
tion system. Moreover, neces-        the Government of the Republic      work, contrary to the case be-
sary equipment was acquired          of Croatia Miroslav Kovačić and     fore – through the amount that
and the system and application       the president of Ericsson Nikola    the Institute paid to a doctor on
software implemented.                Tesla Company.                      the number of the registered
Also, preparations for the pro-      In the collaboration with the       patients. The Croatian National
duction of application solutions     Ericsson Nikola Tesla Company       Institute of Public Health also
for primary health services of-      and Central State Administra-       expresses its satisfaction by
fices were completed.                tive Office for e-Croatia the       the project as integrated data
The Croatian Institute for           Ministry of Health and Social       will provide them a good survey
Health Insurance (HZZO) initi-       Welfare has designed the most       of manifestations of some dis-
ated the HZZO Portal project in      recent technological solution,      eases and doctor’s actions and
accordance with the project of       integrated information system       all of that will provide a better
the informatisation of primary       that presents the Croatian ref-     prevention.
health service. The HZZO Por-        erence for the whole world.
tal ensures a secure electronic      The system anticipates that by      By now HRK 70 million has
data exchange with the sub-          the end of the next year all the    been invested in the project.
jects within the Croatian health     offices of the primary health       During the year another HRK
system. The first phase of the       care, labs and pharmacies will      40 million will be provided for
pilot project referring to the in-   be joined into integrated health    informatical equipment of a
troduction of a smart card into      care information system and         family practice and HRK 80 mil-
the system of health insurance       in that case will simplify the      lion for the paediatric and gyn-
has been finished.                   work of medical staff. The PM       aecological offices.

                                                                            March/April 2007 | No. 25/26     1

     Minister of Health and                                 business pro-     ask for a help.
     Social Welfare doc.                                      cesses and      In future patients will no longer
     Dr. sc. Neven                                             entities of    have to pick their test results at
     Ljubičić high-                                            the primary    labs because they will be elec-
     lighted     that                                         health ser-     tronically delivered to doctors
     the informati-                                          vices.    The    and they will be able to order
     sation of the                                         information        an examination via the Internet.
     primary health                                      health care sys-     Moreover, a patient will be ap-
     services sys-                                     tem in Croatia         pointed for a medical examina-
     tem was a huge                                    will be integrated     tion by his/her doctor within an
     step forward for                              at the national level,     institution of the primary health
     the Croatian health, and             and opened standards and            services and he will also pos-
     when it came to the informati-       protocols will provide integra-     sess a schedule of free appoint-
     sation of the primary health ser-    tion with the similar systems of    ments.
     vices system, we spoke about         other countries. A great advan-     Medical data are permanent
     the systems of general/family        tage of this system is seen in      and clandestine. They are per-
     practice, dentistry, paediatrics,    costs and data control of all the   manent because they can not
     gynaecology, pharmacy and            patients, and on the other hand     be subsequently altered, erased
     laboratories.      Unnecessary       it enables connection with the      or added, and they are clandes-
     administration will be signifi-      insurance companies. The sys-       tine because they can only be
     cantly reduced, so doctors and       tem is among the most recent        available for medical staff and
     other medical staff will spend       ones in the world, and is unique    patients.
     more time with patients.             in Europe due to its application    This system puts a patient in the
                                          at the national level.              centre of attention, but it also
     A great sum of money has been                                            brings various advantages to all
     invested in the project, but the                                         its users. It provides a complete
     experience of the countries
     in which this kind of a project      Patients in                         and right in time information
                                                                              about a patient to doctors and
     operates for years already wit-
     nesses that a profit surpasses
                                          the centre of                       nurses, it provides application

     funds for multiple times.            attention of the                    support in a daily work, effica-
                                                                              cious management of working

     The informatisation of the pri-      new system                          hours, reduction of administra-
                                                                              tive works, computer support in
     mary health services is the first                                        decision making, and after all
     step in the informatisation of       No patient will have to
                                                                              it provides medicine based on
     the whole health, State Sec-         walk from a lab to an
                                                                              evidences, and the most impor-
     retary Miroslav Kovačić said,        outpatients´, test results
                                                                              tant it advances the relation be-
     adding that e-Health has been        will be automatically con-          tween a doctor and a patient.
     the most compound project till       veyed into his/her elec-            Patients will be provided by
     now.                                 tronic card                         much better and more effica-
     Primary health services infor-                                           cious health care system with
     mation system developed by           For a patient the informatisa-      less administrative works, more
     the Croatian experts from the        tion actually means that by         privacy and data confidentiality
     Ericsson Nikola Tesla Com-           his/her e-card a doctor will get
                                                                              about the health care system of
     pany is unique in the world          an insight into his/her whole
     and shows strong aspects to          medical card by now, and ac-
                                                                              A patient, as well, will get an
     become a valuable Croatian ex-       cess to an ˝electronic card˝ will
                                                                              access to his/her own medical
     port product. This project differs   be possible for all other doctors
                                                                              card and access to all of his/her
     from similar systems in other        in different doctors´ offices in
                                                                              medical and clinical informa-
     countries as it comprises all the    Croatia if a patient happens to

20   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
Better future with more tolerance
Croatia is the first coun-           incidents that were motivated       are contrary to the Croatian
try in the region that has           by national, racial or some oth-    Constitution. Assault motivated
provided to its police               er affiliation of damaged party     by hatred toward certain social
officers opportunity for             which do not indicate planned       group causes damage not only
training on combating                and organised execution of          to a victim but it is an assault
hate crime. Besides the              such crimes.                        on his/her value as a human be-
Ministry of the Interi-                                                  ing.
or’s officers, the mem-              We have come to these results       The Republic of Croatia ratified
bers of the Ministry of              by systematic and dedicated         the International Convention
Foreign Affairs and Eu-              work, we are not hiding our         on Eliminating of All Forms of
ropean Integration, Of-              satisfaction by what we have        Racial Discrimination. Article
fice for Human Rights                accomplished taking in consid-      4 of the Convention obliges
and NGO’s Iskorak and                eration a turbulent war time left   the member states to punish
Kontra took part in the              behind us.                          ˝promotion of ideas based on
training, too.                       Apart from influencing lives of     superiority or hatred, incite-
                                     individuals, hate crimes have       ment of racial discrimination,
The European Union welcomes          negative consequences on so-        violence or incitement of such
the progress of minority rights      cial order, peace and quality       acts against any race or a group
and diminution of number of          living in a community. Regard-      of people of different colour of
ethnically motivated incidents.      ing this, hate crimes put in        skin or ethnic origin.˝
No organised violence against        the unequal position persons
certain groups has been record-      concerning their affiliation to a   Apart from the statutory regula-
ed in Croatia. Mostly it is a case   certain social group, their dis-    tions a significant attentiveness
of individual and non-organised      tinctive characteristics which      is given to monitoring of minor-

                                                                             March/April 2007 | No. 25/26    21
     offence issue on this area as        programme for police officers´      all relevant government’s bod-
     to other safety interesting con-     training.                           ies (Ministry of Foreign Affairs
     ducts, events and occurrences,       In the Memorandum of Under-         and European Integration, Min-
     with the main goal of preventing     standing the Croatian Govern-       istry of the Interior, Office for
     and taking adequate measures         ment and OESS/ODIHR have            Human Rights, Ministry of Jus-
     either individually or in the col-   taken the obligation to continue    tice, General Attorney’s Office,
     laboration with other govern-        the co-operation referring to       judicature, Judicial Academy)
     ment bodies, citizens and civil      the police officers training both   in gathering, processing and
     societies.                           in Croatia and within wider         exchange of data
     One of the imperatives for rec-      OESS´s region and to engage         • through the co-operation with
     ognition, diminution and sup-        a Croatian expert for combating     the non-governmental organi-
     pression of hate crimes is defi-     hate crime in order to provide      sations at all the levels, in the
     nitely adequate police officers´     training and support to other       state and local alike.
     education.                           OESS member states.
     Law enforcement officer pro-         Continuation of the implemen-       This programme temporarily
     gramme is a part of the OESS´s       tation of the Law Enforcement       gathers eight countries that ac-
     efforts orientated to combating      Officer Programme on Combat-        tively participate in the imple-
     hate crime and is designed in        ing Hate Crime is going to be       mentation, these being: Cana-
     accordance with special cir-         realised in the following way by    da, Croatia, France, Germany,
     cumstances of each country.          the Ministry of the Interior:       Hungary, Spain, the UK and the
     In the beginning of 2006 Croa-       • Within the national police cur-   USA, and just recently Poland
     tia became the first country         riculum through all the instruc-    and Serbia.
     that provided training for its       tional programmes in the basic
     police officers on combating         police training                     Three-day training for the fu-
     hate crime. Nine police officers     • through the specialist cours-     ture police coaches from thir-
     went through the training at the     es that are implemented within      teen countries was held in the
     Police Academy in Zagreb and         the Department of professional      beginning of January 2006 in
     received know-how and skills         training                            Paris, with the emphasis on an
     of a coach who will train other      • through the remedial profes-      efficacious reaction, investiga-
     police officers in the future. Be-   sional training that is carried     tion, gathering and exchanging
     sides the Ministry of the Inte-      out at police departments,          of data as well as on dealing
     rior’s officers, the members of      which means it is necessary to      with victims, witnesses and af-
     the Ministry of Foreign Affairs      carry out another training for      fected community.
     and European Integration, Of-        multiplicators in order each po-    Interesting to note is that the
     fice for Human Rights and non-       lice department to have at least    programme was designed and
     governmental        organisations    one educated police officer for     developed by the police officers
     Iskorak and Kontra took part in      this problem area                   themselves along with the prac-
     the training, too.                   • through the co-operation of       tical realisation.

     The Memorandum of Under-
     standing between the Ministry
     of the Interior of the Republic of
     Croatia and ODIHR on combat-
     ing hate crime was signed in
     By signing the Memorandum
     the Republic of Croatia obliged
     itself to introduce training on
     combating hate crime within
     the existing state instructional

22   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
The biggest international documentary
film festival in the region
Z   agreb Dox was held from 26
    January to 4 March at the
Student Centre in Zagreb. The
                                    world of bureau and shows
                                    emotions of the visitors and
                                    employees. Jury thought it was
                                                                      bia), which shows the effects of
                                                                      Schengen Agreement at Hun-
                                                                      garian-Serbian border from the
festival presented around 29        a mix of creativity, humanity     summer of 2004 to the spring of
documentary films immediate-        and unique humour.                2005. According to the Jury’s
ly after the world premiers at      Special awards in International   opinion the author leads the
the international documentary       Competition went to Armenian      story with a brilliant dramatur-
film festival in Amsterdam.         film ˝A story of people in war    gy, perfectly weaving in the nar-
                                    and peace˝ and Finnish ˝No        rative parts which are almost
Big Stamp Award for the Best        man is an island˝.                unrecognisable from the film’s
Film in International Competi-                                        documentary foundation.
tion went to the film ˝Civil Sta-   In the regional competition Big
tus˝ by Alina Rudnitskaya from      Stamp Award for the Best Film     German-Romanian film ˝Vil-
Russia. In her film in black and    went to the film ˝Evropa preko    lage of Socks˝, Serbian ˝Na-
white contrast she shows the        plota˝ by Želimir Žilnik (Ser-    tional Park˝, Croatian ˝Last

                                                                         March/April 2007 | No. 25/26     23
                                    Native Petrović˝ and Macedonian
                                    Dream: ˝A Girl and her Accordion˝
                                    were conferred special awards in
                                    the regional competition.

                                    Little Stamp Award for the Best Film
                                    by Young Author (up to 30 years)
                                    went to young Petra Seliškar from
                                    Slovenia and her documentary film
                                    ˝The Grandmothers of Revolution˝.

                                    Thirty eight films were competing for
                                    awards in International Competition
                                    consisting of a statue and a diplo-
                                    ma. Among 23 documentary films in
                                    the regional programme there were
                                    eight premiers of Croatian films.
                                    Two       new       film     festivals
                                    were introduced this year –
                                    ˝Zavjera˝(˝Conspiracy˝) and ˝Auto-
                                    dox˝, while ˝Controversial Dox˝
                                    brought a huge interest.

2   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007

Samoborsko gorje
Nature Park
T    he hilly area of Žumberak –
     Samoborsko gorje, one out
of eleven nature parks in Croa-
                                    land: alternating cultivated
                                    parts and intact nature have
                                    the value that deserves special
                                                                         many years man has uninten-
                                                                         tionally created a new type of
                                                                         habitat in this area – grass-
tia, is located in the western      effort in their protection. That’s   lands that host completely
central part of the country, only   why the Public Authority was         new plant and animal species.
30 kilometers south-west from       established in 2001.: to run this    Apart from the human impact,
the capital city, along the bor-    area, meaning its protection,        the richness in biodeversity of
derline with Slovenia. The Park     conservation, sustainable use        medows and pastures in the
joins the Žumberak mountains,       and promotion.                       Park is also based on natural
with the highest peak Sveta         Deciduous forests of the area,       factors, such as geological
Gera (1178 m) and the Samo-         covering almost two thirds of        base (which is mostly karst),
bor mountains whose highest         its territory, are mostly beech      soil, relief and climate, espe-
peak is Japetić (971 m). Mount      and mixed oak-hornbeam. This         cially in plant species. It made
Plešivica (780 m) is also part of   type of habitat provides home        a great impression even on for-
the Samobor mountains.              to numerous species of fauna         eign experts and encouraged
Nature Park was founded in          and flora, some of them endem-       them to explore and participate
1999., both for its preserved       ic and threatened. The central       in their conservation.
natural and rich cultural heri-     part of Žumberak is character-       Except for being wealthy in
tage. Pitoresque landscapes         ised by many clearings, deeply       biological sense, this area has
of this large area, covering ap-    incised valleys, sinking rivers,     a big importance for preserva-
proximately 333, pres-        waterfalls and caves, hiding         tion of Croatian cultural heri-
ent a cultural environment          many underground endemic             tage. Žumberak mountains is
- it is the result of a long-time   species that haven’t yet been        an entirely rural area without
coexistence between man and         explored. By cutting trees, over     any urban settlements. How-

                                                                            March/April 2007 | No. 25/26    2

                                       years has provided important        heritage and closeness to the
                                       findings that enrich the cul-       big cities of this part of Croatia
                                       tural-historical     significance   are some of the reasons that
                                       of Žumberak. A settlement           the number of visitors, both lo-
                                       and a necropolis dating from        cal and foreign, is constantly
                                       the early Iron Age, situated        increasing. People that choose
                                       nearby the village of Budinjak,     to visit Žumberak – Samobor-
                                       represent one of the most sig-      sko gorje Nature Park can get
                                       nificant findings of that kind in   all the information at info-cen-
                                       the south-east Alps area. Two       tres in Slani Dol and in Budin-
                                       copper helmets, which were          jak. Along with other services,
                                       found in duke’s graves, make        such as professional guideness
                                       the most important finding in       along the 4,2 km long educa-
                                       necropolis. The helmet found        tional walking trail called “The
                                       in the grave of duke Tumul no.      Trail of the Princes” in Budin-
                                       3, is the only entirely preserved   jak and visiting exhibitions at
                                       specimen from one of the six        the centres, the Nature Park
     ever, the highest altitude set-   groups of different helmet          stuff also provide educational
     tlements in the middle part of    types dating from early Iron        programme for elementary
     Croatia are situated here. The    Age in middle Europe.               school children. Fans of hiking
     earliest known cultural history   On the fields below Gornja Vas      can choose among numerous
     of this region goes as far as     and in the center of the Bratelji   marked hiking trails, mostly
     the early Stone Age - Palaeo-     village, antic necropolis that      maintained by mountainering
     lithic, evidenced by remains of   date from early-emperor pe-         clubs. There are 9 mountain
     a mammoth-hunter’s camp in        riod of Roman state have been       huts in the area, most of them
     Podstranak. Numerous other        found and explored. The dis-        offering food and accomoda-
     findings detected by the end of   coveries resulting from study       tion and a few places offering
     19th and during 20th century,     of this site contribute to our      rural-tourism. There are also
     provide evidence that this ter-   understanding of lifestyle and      many beautiful natural and
     ritory had been settled during    burying customs of local resi-      cultural sights to visit, such as:
     various epochs of prehistory.     dents during the roman domi-        Žumberak fortress, Tuščak for-
     Methodical       archaeological   nance on our territories.           tress, the Canyon of Slapnica
     exploring during the last 20      Preserved nature, rich cultural     river, Ethnographic collection
                                                                           of Žumberak everyday life at
                                                                           Basilian Sisters Monastery in
                                                                           Sošice etc.
                                                                           Two take off points at Plešivica
                                                                           and Japetić are provided for
                                                                           fans of paragliding, and there
                                                                           are also two areas for free
                                                                           climbing. Four bicycle trails,
                                                                           all together over 200 km long,
                                                                           were marked by the Nature
                                                                           Park stuff.
                                                                           All these information should
                                                                           be an invitation to everyone
                                                                           that wants to spend free time
                                                                           gathered with astonishing na-
                                                                           ture and cultural history of this
                                                                           precious mountain site.

2   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007

The existing economic structure and disposable capacities, not enough used pos-
sibilities and world development trends provide positive prerequisites to overall
future development along with the well created global strategy of development.

V    inkovci is a Croatian town
     in eastern Slavonia and
lies on the banks of the river
                                   kovar-Srijem County had been
                                   enriched by different names
                                   out of which many were regis-
                                                                          sal catering-tourist service
                                                                          and attractiveness. The Tourist
                                                                          Board of Vinkovci in early 1975
Bosut. It is the biggest town of   tered in Croatian cultural and         launched an initiative for the
both eastern Slavonia and Vu-      art history like: ˝Satir iliti divji   ancient beauties of rich and
kovar-Srijem County. The site      čovik˝ by M.A. Relković, ˝Dead         beautiful Slavonia to be used for
of Vinkovci was inhabited from     capitals˝ by Josip Kozarac,            the rural tourism development,
the Neolithic period and as the    ˝Inoče˝ (Second wife) by Jozo          since the villages Otok, Ivanko-
first significant site found in    Ivakić, ˝Đuka Begović˝ by Ivan         vo, Rokovci, Andrijaševci, Lipo-
the written documents was the      Kozarac, M.S. Mađer, Dionizije         vac and some other were situat-
Roman town Colonia Aurelia         Švagelj, Josip Bogner, Josip           ed in the breathtaking setting of
Cibalae. Vinkovci is the town      Runjanin, Vanja Raduš, and             the famous oak-tree forest and
founded on mediaeval place St      many others.                           meandering flow of the rivers
Elias. Vinkovci was left a very                                           Bosut, Biđ, Spačva, Studva and
nice baroque core by Austro-       Along with the historical sights       their tributary rivers. Especially
Hungarian period.                  and cultural particularities that      popular are ˝Virovi˝ near Otok
                                   make this area interesting,            – a natural phenomenon of al-
During three centuries the cul-    Vinkovci and its surroundings          most untouched forest nature.
tural events of Vinkovci and Vu-   offer their various and univer-        Even today, besides pure nature

                                                                              March/April 2007 | No. 25/26     2

     and relaxation in silence, walk,    The site of Vinkovci and Vu-         food and processing industry.
     fishing and hunting, a guest        kovar-Srijem County dispose          One can say that the existing
     can take part in farm work          of rich natural resources and        economic structure and dis-
     with his/her host and enjoy in      famous are: cultivable land,         posable capacities, not enough
     famous Slavonian cuisine spe-       forests, oil, gas, clay and gravel   used possibilities and world
     cialties. All those villages have   fields, and advanced hydro-          development trends provide
     preserved their genuine ap-         graphic network. The natural re-     positive prerequisites to overall
     pearance, their folk customs,       sources present the factors that     future development along with
     holidays, folk costumes, games      mostly determine the structure       the well created global strategy
     and merry Šokac songs. This         and define the courses of eco-       of development.
     type of tourism holds the long-     nomic development of Vinkovci
     lasting tradition due to the dif-   and the whole County. The en-        “Vinkovci Autumns”
     ferent species of wildlife such     tire forest area together with       – folk music festival of
     as red deer, fallow deer, known     Spačva pool take up the space        great traditional value
     to European hunters, then wild      of 69.011 ha or 28.30 per cent of    The most famous annual event
     boars and wild fowl. Near the       the County’s area. The area is       held in September in Vinkovci is
     town there are famous hunting-      mostly covered with Slavonian        the folk music festival ˝Vinkovci
     grounds: ˝Kunjevci˝, ˝Spačva˝       common oak and ash-tree. That        Autumns˝ (Vinkovačke Jeseni),
     and ˝Merolino˝.                     was a good basis for the devel-      which includes the folklore
     One can fish in the rivers Bo-      opment of wood-processing            show, cultural, economic and
     sut, Spačva, Studva, Otok and       industry. Lately there is much       tourist presentations. Many
     Bošnjak eddies.                     more companies – wood-pro-           folklore groups from different
     The rivers abound in freshwater     cessors from small and middle        parts of Croatia, Diaspora and
     fish: carp, pike-perch, European    business. Rich fields of clay,       other countries from Europe
     catfish, tench, perch, crucian      gravel and sand have enabled         and America take part in this
     carp and pike. Sporting fish-       the development of construc-         festival. The first Vinkovci Au-
     ing has been nourished from         tion material industry, especial-    tumns festival was held in Sep-
     the old days and it is quite of-    ly brick making and building         tember of 1966. In the beginning
     ten possible to see numerous        trade. In the past few years the     it was just a local review of the
     fishermen in summer months          commerce, trades and services        authentic Slavonian folklore at
     competing along the Bosut in        are more and more represented        which groups from the Vinkovci
     the very centre of the town.        to the detriment of agriculture,     surroundings, then from Slavo-

2   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007

nia and Baranja took part. Since   and since 1993 groups from Vu-
1977 Vinkovci Autumns festival     kovar-Srijem County perform.
is recognised as the review of     Since the 80s Folklore Evenings
the authentic folklore of the      hold a competing character. The
Croatian nation and nationality,   best groups receive the right to
and since 1990 it is seen as the   perform at the international
review of the authentic Croatian   Folklore Review in Zagreb and
folklore at which even many        Đakovo Embroidery.
folklore groups from Diaspora      One of the most interesting
take part.                         performances of Vinkovci Au-
The Folklore Evenings pre-         tumns is Šokac talks (Šokački
cede the opening ceremony of       divani), emerged as an event
Vinkovci Autumns. They are         that evokes the authentic
held a few evenings before the     speech, games and fun, i.e. the
opening ceremony of Vinkovci       spirit and mentality of Šokac, a
Autumns, and folklore groups       Slavonian and to remind of old
from Vinkovci surroundings         talks. Vinkovci Autumns festi-
                                   val celebrates, preserves, nour-
                                   ishes and shows the genuine
                                   folk treasure, culture and cus-
                                   toms of Slavonia and Croatia as
                                   well as some other people’s cul-
                                   ture like our dear and respected

                                   Vinkovci is the treasury
                                   of luxury, beauty and
                                   tradition. Each season
                                   will offer you something
                                   for your soul in this
                                   town and its surround-
                                   ings. So come and visit
                                   our Slavonian town rich
                                   in tou-rist offer.

                                      March/April 2007 | No. 25/26    2
                                        THE WORLD
     When we speak about
     the Croatian cuisine we
     speak about a diverse

                                        OF FOOD IN
     cuisine of different Croa-
     tian regions. Typical for
     the continental cuisine,

     along with the earlier an-
     cient and Common Slavic
     roots, is Hungarian, Vien-
     nese and Turkish influ-
     ence as a copy of a his-
     torical and geographical
     windswept area where               reminds us of the Neanderthal       example, in ˝Gazophylacium
     Croatia has always been            feasts, the use of a fork and a     illyrico-latinum ˝- dictionary
     placed. Maritime cuisine           spoon in the New Stone Age as       from 1740 by Joannis Bellosz-
     is marked by the Greeks            well as on the level of civilised   tenect published 65 years after
     and Romans´ influence              behaviour during the meal, it       the author’s death, and which
     together with Slavonian,           reminds us of an unavoidable        preceded the similar French
     Illyrian, Italian and French       Roman feasts, the revolution-       dictionary with the headwords
     cuisine influence.                 ary invention of a cooker in        linked to food collected in the
                                        the 19th century, and in the        17th century and which refer

     A    n interesting exhibition
          ˝The world of food in Croa-
     tia˝ is taking place at the Eth-
                                        end the exhibition reminds us
                                        of the present days that evoke
                                        shopping carts stuffed with the
                                                                            to an earlier period before the
                                                                            coming of a potato in Croatia
                                                                            and versatile use of a corn.
     nographic museum in Zagreb         processed food ready for the        The exhibition depicts scarcity
     showing vividly that food can      usage.                              and modesty of rural and poor
     also be a museum artefact.         The exhibition displays Croa-       people’s cuisine, feasts and
     The authors did not exaggerate     tian confraternities of the Mid-    gourmandise aristocracy’s cui-
     with the ambition and breadth      dle Ages, the description of the    sine, and through the portraits
     of the display in desire to dis-   Croatian ban Nikola Zrinski´s       of contemporary women it
     tance themselves from a com-       eating and the author of a          presents the frames of a feed-
     mon inventory of the Croatian      cookery-book with dishes pre-       ing culture of Croatia.
     food through the centuries.        pared on a Čakovec court. One
     On the other hand, they chose      can also see a peaceful reign       The exhibition will be opened
     historical feeding flashes that    of the Austrian emperor Franjo      until September.
     just evoke the course of his-      Josip that widened Viennese
     tory and a parallel develop-       and Danube-region cuisine           Contemporary         nutritionist
     ment of preparation and food       specialties and the Josip Broz      trends which promote health
     consumption. The exhibition        Tito´s feasts prepared for the      food have forced the return to
                                                    leaders of the non-     simple traditional recipes and
                                                    aligned countries       the good news is that in Split
                                                    at the Brijuni.         besides the ˝global˝ and fa-
                                                    A rich literary opus    mous pizza one can buy slic-
                                                    witnesses of a high     es of soparnik, old Poljice´s
                                                    level of a gastro-      cheese, known also as the Dal-
                                                    nomic culture in        matian prisnac, which allegedly
                                                    Croatia. There are      Napoleon liked. This vegetarian
                                                    recorded facts on       dish was traditionally prepared
                                                    food from the early     during the Lent, on Good Friday
                                                    history, like, for      or Christmas Eve.

30   No. 25/26 | March/April 2007
                                              Soparnik (prisnac,
                                              Swiss-chard pie)
                                              The day before wash and dry 1 kg of Swiss-
                                              chard, then cut into pieces leaving out the
                                              white parts. Spread over the clean cloth and
                                              sprinkle with salt or Vegeta.
                                              Next day, knead out the dough from ½ kg of
                                              flour, a pinch of salt, little olive oil and 2 dl
                                              of lukewarm water. Divide the dough in two
                                              loaves and set aside for 15 minutes. Slice sev-
                                              eral onions and mix with Swiss-chard and four
                                              spoonfuls of olive/sun seed oil.
                                              Roll out one loaf of dough so that it overlaps
                                              the edges of the greased baking tin. Arrange
                                              the filling evenly over the whole surface of one
                                              sheet of the dough, sprinkle with tablespoon
                                              of maize flour to absorb the moisture and
                                              cover with the other sheet of dough. Overlap

Hvarski paprenjaci
                                              the edges of the upper sheet with the lower
                                              and press firmly so that it keeps the filling in.

(Hvar gingerbreads)                           Drill the upper dough with fork several times,
                                              so that the soparnik does not grow high in the
                                              oven. Put into the preheated oven, 180° C, and
                                              bake for 35 to 40 minutes. Soparnik should be
Bring 50 dag of honey to the boil and
                                              a little burnt on the surface. Leave it to cool
skim it. Ad 1.2 dl of oil, 0.5 dag of salt,   and sprinkle over the top with mixture of olive
1.25 dl of prošek (sweet wine), 0.1 dag       oil, pressed garlic and coarsely chopped al-
of saffron, a pinch of cinnamon, half         monds. Cut into rhombi and serve.
of grated nutmeg, a half teaspoon
of white pepper, 6 pounded
cloves, 1.5 dag of bicarbon-
ate of soda, and enough flour
to absorb the mixture (about
80 dag). Roll out the dough in
cylindrical shapes, and press
them into moulds. Bake in the
preheated oven at the tem-
perature of 160° C for about
25 minutes. Cakes are baked
when they get characteris-
tic light brown colour. Beat
1 egg white, then gradually
add 4 tablespoons of powder
sugar and use the glaze to
decorate the cakes.

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