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WISA Master List of Forthcoming Events
The complete list of forthcoming events such as conferences, workshops and training courses, is listed on the
eWISA website at


1.1 2nd Specialist Wastewater Conference: ‘Small Wastewater Treatment Systems’. 19-20 February 2009.
Gateway, Umhlanga Rocks, KZN
The Small Waste Water Treatment Systems Conference will now be held from 19-20 February 2009 at the 1-on-1
Conference Centre at Umhlanga Rocks, KZN. The Conference Chairperson is Mr Kerneels Esterhuyse, Chairperson
of the new Water Care/ Water Scientists/ Nutrients Division. He will be assisted by the WISA KZN Branch as well
as the WISA Head Office and a number of WISA members on the Local Organising Committee (LOC)
Enquiries to Ms Dot Zandberg at or 011 805 3537

1.2 Water Africa 2009 Sub-Sahara Conference & Exhibition. 1 - 3 April 2009. Accra, Ghana
WISA has agreed to partner ACE Events, UK, in this event themed “African urban & rural water challenges in the
21st Century” by organising the Conference while ACE Events will arrange the Exhibition. The WISA Conference
Chairperson will be Dr Kevin Wall assisted by the WISA Head Office.
The call for abstracts/papers has been issued with the deadline for abstracts being 31 December 2008. Please send
abstracts to Ms Melissa Wheal at Suggested topics are:
     •    Progress towards the Millennium Goals.
     •    Financing Water and Sanitation Projects
     •    The Role of the Private Sector in Water Supply and Sanitation
     •    Industry and the environment - how they can work together?
     •    Promoting water quality and sanitation in urban areas.
     •    Sustainability of Water & Sanitation Projects in poor urban Areas
     •    Advances in rural water sanitation.
     •    Water recirculation and reuse in industry
Water Africa 2009 is supported by the Ministry of Works/Housing and Water Resources (Ghana), the Ghana
Water Company Ltd & the Community Water and Sanitation Agency.
Besides being an opportunity for members to attend the event there are exhibition opportunities for Patron and
Company members as well. Please contact Ms Tracey Nolan-Shaw of ACE Events in this regard at tnolan- or

1.3 2nd Drinking Water Quality Management (DWQM) Conference. 11-13 May 2009. Feathermarket,
Port Elizabeth
Following on from the very successful 1st DWQM Conference held at Sun City in 2007, the 2nd DWQM Conference
which will be arranged by WISA and the two major co-sponsors, DWAF and Amatola Water, is a not-to-be-missed
event!! The 1st announcement has been distributed and a 2nd announcement will follow shortly with a call for

1.4 International WISA Membrane Technology Conference 2009. 13-15 May 2009. Western Cape
The WISA Membrane Technology Division (WISA MTD) in association with the European Membrane Society
(EMS) will be hosting this 2½ day conferences as well as a ½ day technical tour. WISA MTD is the only MTD
association in South Africa and has been arranging conferences, symposia and workshops over the past 12 years.
The First Announcement and Call for Papers has been issued.
For more info or to indicate your interest please visit or

1.5 Watertec Africa 2009. 9-11 June 2009. Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Gauteng
WISA will be arranging the parallel Conference for this event, which consists of an exhibition and a
Conference side-by-side.
The co-organisers of the Exhibition are Fair Consultants SA and Exhibition Management Services SA.
The event will be held alongside the 6th “Biennial Pumps, Valves & Pipes Expo “(PVP) which is well
supported by other Associations.

Exhibition space is competitively priced at R1 880 per m2 for a stand package & R 1 530 per m2 for
space only
For more information, please contact Bette McNaughton at 021 713 3360 or Or John Thomson at 011 783 7250 or

1.6 1st WISA Education Conference. 24-25 June 2008. Feathermarket, Port Elizabeth
Please diarise this conference. Ms Verena Meyer, who arranged the last two ESETA Conferences, is the conference
Chair. Ms Meyer has requested that any comments or suggestions that members may have may be forwarded to and marked for her attention. The 1st announcement will be distributed shortly.

1.7 Afriwater 2009 - The Biennial Water & Waste Exhibition and Conference. 15-17 September 2009.
Expo Centre, Nasrec, Johannesburg
In conjunction with Afriwater 2009, WISA will be holding a conference/workshop alongside the Exhibition. The
contents of the conference/workshop have still to be decided but will reflect the contents of the products and
services on display in the exhibition area.
Afriwater 2009 is intended to provide an important platform for companies involved in the water and waste
industry, with a view to offering solutions, products and services to all those endeavoring to preserve this precious
Since the inception of Afriwater in 1994, this exhibition has played an important role in the water, waste and
environmental forum. Specialised Exhibitions, in partnership with WISA, aim to bring you an affordable and
meaningful exhibition as a platform to promote discussion, showcase for your products and services and ultimately
the facility to build relationships with important players in the market, with a view to implementing sales.
Exhibitors should include water, waste and environmental products, services and technologies such as:
           Actuators, Chemical dosing & usage, Computer applications & solutions, Consulting and Civil Engineers,
           Filtration systems, Borehole applications, Groundwater applications, Industrial Effluent, Irrigation, Test
           and Measurement, Laboratory Equipment, Process Control, Metering Systems, Pipes, Pumps and Valves,
           Pollution Control, Water and Waste Water treatment, Environmental Monitoring systems, Drilling
           equipment, Sewerage and Sludge Treatment, Desalination systems, Dam solutions, Hydro, Solar and
           Wind Power
Visitors to Afriwater 2009 will include decision makers, specifiers and buyers in all relevant industries, including
(but not limited to):
           Municipalities, Water Boards, Mines, Industry, Engineering and Manufacturing facilities,      Local   and
           Central Government, Agricultural, Chemical, Institutes, Universities and Training Facilities,
           Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper
Specialised Exhibitions will undertake an aggressive marketing campaign to attract specifiers, buyers, decision
makers from across the board, using Advertising, PR, Direct Mail, Street Posters, Radio, On-line and e-mail
campaigns to name but a few channels of communication. In addition Specialised Exhibitions will embark on a
campaign to encourage decision makers from African Countries to attend the exhibition – focusing on our SADC
For More Information please contact Ms Zia Tomes of Specialised Exhibitions at Tel: + 27 11 835-1565 or
Cell: + 27 82 881-2174 or e-mail:

1.8 International Mine Water Conference. 19-23 October 2009. Pretoria, South Africa
Under the direction of Dr William Pulles, the Conference will be hosted and organised by WISA’s Mine Water
Division. The 1st Announcement & Call for Abstracts has been finalised and distributed. See


2.1 Training courses: Centre for Environmental Management: North West University (Potchefstroom
         CEM-05.1: Environmental Impact Assessment: The National Environmental Management Act
         Regulations: A Practical Approach
         Course fee: R 7,600.00 (No VAT charged). Dates: 17-21 November 2008
Registrations: Ms Theresa de Jager
Tel No: +27 18 299 2714
Fax No: +27 18 299 2726

2.2 Annual SWMM/PCSWMM South Africa courses.
Every year Computational Hydraulics Int. (CHI), WISA Company Member, hosts a number of SWMM5 and
PCSWMM Modelling Workshops in South Africa, in addition to the many regular workshops in North America
and other locations. At these professional workshops, attendees are trained in the use of both the latest US EPA
Stormwater Management Model (SWMM5), and the latest PCSWMM.NET graphical decision support system.
By attending a workshop in Cape Town, Durban, East London or Johannesburg, members will become proficient
in the use of the software and learn how its application can enrich your stormwater drainage and sanitary system
modeling and design. Attendees will be eligible for the award of 3 CPD units at each 3-day workshop, or 2 CPD
units for completion of the first two days. The dates & locations are as follows:
    1.   East London, 12-14 November 2008
         Location: Hemingways Hotel, details on registration
    2. Cape Town, 19-21 November 2008
         Location: University of Cape Town
Information on the SWMM5 and PCSWMM models and on the workshops may be found at The workshop links are continuously updated to reflect recent details or
members can contact Ms Kathy Holland, Computational Hydraulics Int. (CHI), Canada at or Tel: 00 - 519-767-0197
****Attendees should bring their own laptops.

2.3 The Orange River Basin - The Resource Symposium. 12-14 Nov 2008. University of the Free State
The first annual Orange River Basin Symposium will be held in November this year, with the theme: “The Orange
River Basin - The Resource”. The Basin is the focus catchment for work by the University of the Free State on
“Water management in water-scarce areas”.
The Orange River is South Africa's largest river system, with a catchment that falls across four countries, namely
South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho. It is of great importance to South Africa's economic growth because
it supplies water to Gauteng, through both its Vaal tributary and inter-basin transfer from its Lesotho tributaries.
The Orange River is also a major source of water for the country's dry west. It has been highly modified by 19
large dams and several other dams on its Vaal and Lesotho tributaries. Over many years the Orange River has
received much attention from freshwater ecologists, and is now receiving renewed attention.
For more information please contact :
     •    Sanet Neethling of the University of the Free State
 / Tel: 051-401-2863 / Fax: 051 401 2629

2.4 IEMA International Environmental Auditor Course, 17-21 November 2008, Alpha Du Cap,
Blaauwberg, Cape Town.
Contact Nosisa Makubalo, Tel: 011 640 6445; Fax: 011 485 4146; E-mail:

2.5 Critical Factors in Information Technology Investment Success. 26-27 November 2008. SAICE
Offices, Midrand, Johannesburg
The South African Institution of Civil Engineering has arranged a two-day course to be presented by Dr James
Robertson on the above topic.
The cost is R3990 including VAT, Lunches, refreshments, course material and certificate
2 CPD Points can be claimed for attending this course (Validation Number: SAICEit08/00346/11)
For more information contact Sharon at Email: or at landline: 011-805 5947 or visit Web

2.6 Analyses of Transients Pressures in Pipelines. 19-22 January 2009. University of Pretoria
Presented by Prof Fanie van Vuuren, the course will focus on the analysis of transients in pipe systems. Transient
pressure assessment is a crucial part of the pressure class selection of pipes during the final design stage, preventing
surge pressures, which in numerous cases results in pipe failures. Foreseen and unforeseen operational
circumstances can result in undesirable pressure conditions that should be analyzed for new pipelines, assessment of
the upgrading of existing systems and determining the influence and risk associated with planned operational
changes. Aspects that will be discussed are the basics of transient flows, calculation procedures, selection of surge
protection devices and the use of the SURGE2008 software ( Workshop sessions covering
problems for transient flow analysis and evaluation of surge protection options using the software will be held. All
participants will have to bring along their notebooks on which the software will be installed. Persons without
notebooks can hire them through CE at UP. On Thursday, 22 January 2009, sites where surge alleviating
equipment has been installed will be visited. For more information please contact Course Coordinator: Karen Smit
at Tel: +27 12 420 5429 or Fax: +27 866 347 636 or Email:

2.7 Pumping Station Design. 26-28 January 2009. University of Pretoria
Presented by Prof Fanie van Vuuren, the background theory and design practice of pumping station design will be
highlighted. Typical practical problems will be discussed and delegates will be guided through the solution. Various
hydraulic and mechanical aspects of pump stations will be discussed related to the planning and design phases.
Pump selection and dimensioning of the components and pump station layout including: sump design,
superstructure, lighting, ventilation and control. For more information please contact Course Coordinator: Karen
Smit at Tel: +27 12 420 5429 or Fax: +27 866 347 636 or Email:

2.8 International Conference on implementing Environmental Water Allocations - Making it happen.
23 – 25 February 2009. Feather Market Convention Centre, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Organized by the Water Research Commission (WRC), South Africa and the Department of Water Affairs &
Forestry (DWAF), South Africa under the auspices of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and the International
Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) and with the support and co-operation of SA National Biodiversity
Institute (SANBI) Department of Agriculture, South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism, South
Africa. Please address queries to:
      •   The Secretariat (Cilla Taylor Conferences) at Tel: +27 (0)12 667–3681 or E–mail:
For more details contact:
      •   Dr Steve Mitchell, Water Research Commission, at Tel 002712 330 9020 or or visit

2.9 Water Loss 2009. 26-29 April 2009. Cape Town, South Africa
The Conference is the fourth event in a series of IWA water loss reduction specialist conferences, following the
"Leakage 2007" that was held in Bucharest, Romania. The Water Loss Task Force chose Cape Town, South Africa,
as the location for Water Loss 2009. It was brought to the African Region in order to address the need for water
loss reduction in Africa as well as the strengthening the ties of the IWA with the African water utilities.
The proposed themes are:
          Water Loss Reduction in Africa
          Performance Indicators
          Real Losses
          Apparent Losses
          Pressure management
          District Metered Areas
          Economics of Leakage Management

2.10 International Conference & Exhibition on Water in the Environment. 2-4 March 2009.
Stellenbosch, South Africa
First Announcement and call for Papers has been issued. This is a very relevant conference which is being organised
by a group of researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany and some researchers here in South
For more information visit or contact Dr Gunnar Sigge, Lecturer: Department of Food
Science, Stellenbosch University at Tel: (021) 808 3581 or Fax: (021) 808 3510 or


3.1 INWEPF 5th Steering Meeting and Symposium on "“Efficient and Sustainable Water Use to Address
Poverty Alleviation and Food Security". 13-15 November 2008. Bali, Indonesia
The International Network for Water and Ecosystem in Paddy Fields (INWEPF) was established to pursue mutual
benefit among the Asian regional countries to achieve three major tasks, including “ Food Security and Poverty
Alleviation, Sustainable Water Use and Partnership.” In order to achieve its targets, INWEFP provides a forum
where experts exchange information and study policy implementation and international cooperation.
Organised by International Network for Water and Ecosystem in Paddy Fields (INWEPF)
Enquiries Ms Pandi Hutabarat at or website

3.2 6th EarthWatch Conference on Water & Sanitation. 18-20 November 2008. Abuja, Nigeria

Hosted by the Nigerian Water & Sanitation Forum and supported by and his supported by World Toilet
Organization, the conference is themed ‘the challenges of financing sanitation in Nigeria & West Africa towards
achieving the MDGs’. The 1st ever sanitation and financing exhibition in Nigeria and West Africa will be held
alongside the Conference.
The conference organisers are confident that the simple sanitation technologies (like urine diversion, compositing
toilets and others such South African Sustainable Sanitation technologies) presented by members of the WISA and
other stakeholders in South Africa at the AfricaSan Conference in Durban in February 2008 will be relevant to
Nigeria & West Africa.
For more details visit:,, or contact
Peter Cookey at or +234 802 324 5314

3.3 International Symposium on "Resolving the Water-Energy Nexus". 26-28 November 2008. Paris,
The International Symposium on resolving the Water-Energy Nexus is held within the framework of UNESCO’s
International Hydrological Programme (IHP) in collaboration with UNESCO’s Renewable Energy Programme and
is organized by the non-profit association RED-Ethique. The meeting is also a preparatory event to the 5th World
Water Forum, which will take place in Istanbul in March 2009.
Over 400 participants are expected, coming from different stakeholder groups, including: political and
administrative leaders in international organizations, central and decentralized institutions, and non-governmental
organizations; decision-makers of companies producing or exploiting energy, water, and sanitation services;
representatives of water, energy, agricultural, urban, industrial and tourism sectors; managers of public and private
companies in charge of technical policies regarding water and energy.
Organised by UNESCO and RED-Ethique
Enquiries Ms Valérie-Anne Kodjovi at or website

3.4 GEO Tunis 2008: International Symposium on “Natural Resource Management and Study of the
Impact of Climate Change with Geographic Information Systems, Science and Space Technologies”. 26-
28 November 2008. Tunis, Tunisia
The symposium will consider, among others, the topic of water resources sustainability and/or carried on
operations, particularly the collection, storage and management of rainwater and tributaries; optimization of
implantation sites for construction of dams; process hydrological modeling and spatial technologies; and
sustainability of water resources in arid environments.
Organised by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Tunisia; Tunisian Association of Digital
Geographic Information
Enquiries Mr Mohamed Ayari at or website

3.5 Global Water Efficiency 2008 Conference & Exhibition. 27 – 28 November 2008. Limassol, Cyprus
This first conference on Global Water Efficiency aims to raise awareness and assist utilities worldwide to become
more efficient and to improve the operational performance of their water supply systems particularly in water
scarce environments.
The conference is under the auspices of the Cyprus Commissioner for the Environment and is being supported by
organizations such as the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Cyprus, the
Alliance for Water Efficiency, USA, Fondazzione AMGA, Italy, The Romanian Water Association, the European
Desalination Society, etc.
World class experts will present at the conference and participants will have the opportunity to learn, to share
knowledge and embrace opportunities. The Conference Preliminary Programme is herewith attached. The final
programme and full list of speakers will be available shortly on the conference website.
The conference will host a small trade show, 18 exhibition booths, which will provide an ideal opportunity for
companies to promote their services and products relating to all aspects of water management and efficiency.
There are still some exhibition booths and sponsorship opportunities available and we advise you to contact us as
soon as possible if you wish to reserve an exhibition booth or sponsor the event.
Please ensure that you reserve your place taking advantage of the early bird opportunity by registering on line
today through the conference website.

3.6 International Conference on Water Scarcity, Global Changes and Groundwater Management
Responses, 1-5 December 2008. University of California, Irvine, USA
Supported by UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP)

For more information:

3.7 6th International Conference on Ecological Informatics ISEI6, 2-5 Dec 2008. Cancun, Mexico
Mr Meiring du Plessis, Research Manager, Water Research Commission, has forwarded WISA the Call for Papers
for the above conference.
For details on abstract/paper submission & registration please visit:

3.8 Water Efficiency in Urban Areas Conference. 29 & 30 January 2009. Wurzburg, Germany.
Please follow the link for more information.

3.9 Aquaterra 2009. 10-12 February 2009. Amsterdam
Amsterdam RAI will host Aquaterra 2009 from 10 to 12 February 2009. Professionals involved with the
management and development of delta and coastal areas around the world will put this event in their diaries. For
more detail visit

3.10 International Conference on ‘Stormwater & Urban Water Systems Modeling’. 19-20 February 2009.
Toronto, Ontario.
Computational Hydraulics, a WISA member, has requested WISA to advertise their next conference from For more
information on abstracts submission by 9 January 2009 for their conference. For more detail please visit or contact Bill James ( at Tel: (519) 767-
0197; Fax: 519-489-0695

3.11 Disinfection 2009. 28 February – 3 March 2009. CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia
This conference provides a forum for those professionals concerned with disinfection needs and technologies. The
conference will be focused on all aspects of the disinfection of water, wastewater, reuse water and biosolids. The
conference will also have a special focus on the disinfection or other treatment of water and the treatment and
disinfection of wastewater in small communities and households in developed and developing countries.

3.12 18th International Engineering and Technology Fair 2009 (IETF 2009). 23-26 February 2009.
Bengaluru, India
The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) has requested WISA to invite its members, as part of the SA
Engineering and Manufacturing community, to participate in the SA National Pavilion at the above Fair.
If you supply or manufacture any of the following products or related engineering or maintenance services, this is
your opportunity to export to the Asian region:
         Boilers/combustion systems, cables, computers/software, converters, inductors and transformers, emission
         control, engineering services, construction companies, generation equipment, instrumentation controls,
         meters and associated equipment (meter testing equipment, revenue protection technologies and
         services), motors/electrical equipment, pumps, compressors, relays, renewable equipment and suppliers,
         switchgear and control equipment, turbines, transmission equipment and sub-stations, wiring and
The dti offers firms the following financial support:
         •     Air travel assistance (economy class)
         •     Daily subsistence allowance
         •     Freight forwarding of display materials
         •     Exhibition space and booth rental costs
For additional information visit
The deadline was 30 August 2008 but has been extended so please apply asap if you are interested to:
Mr Henry Mabale at 012 394 1886 or
Application forms and Pavilion guidelines can be downloaded from

3.13 Course in Transboundary Water Management. 23 March – 3 April 2009 in Mozambique &
Swaziland. 8 – 12 June 2009 in Sweden.
The two part programme will engage each participant in mentor and peer reviews on work plans and projects,
discussions, expert panels and group work, role plays as well as field visits and in-depth case studies, focus on local
and global challenges. Participants represent a broad group of water resources-related stakeholders, such as
governments, NGOs, media, private sector and academia.
The Closing Date for Applications is October 31, 2009.

Below is a brief description of the International Training Programme. Please find attached to this mail the Course
Brochure, Application Form, and the List of Eligible Countries.
We kindly request that you send this information on this programme to any within your network who may be
For more information about this and other upcoming programmes, please contact Mr. Anton Earle, Project
Director, Capacity Building SIWI, at or Mr. Peter Qvist-Hoffman, Ramboll at peter.qvist-
More information, including the Course Brochure, Application Form, and the List of Eligible Countries is also
available on our website at

3.14 5th World Water Forum. 15-22 March 2009. Istanbul, Turkey
The theme is "Bridging Divides for Water". Building on the success of the 4th World Water Forum held in Mexico
City last March, which boasted over 15 000 visitors from every continent, Istanbul was selected as the host of the
Forum from six possible candidates following an extensive process.
The 2nd Announcement for WWF5, which presents the Forum’s thematic development and serves to launch a call
for contribution, is now available on the WWC website ( as well as on the Forum
website (

3.15 OZWATER 09 - Australia's National Water Conference & Exhibition. 16-18 March 2009.
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.
Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities are also available.

3.16 5th IWA Specialist Conference Oxidation Technologies for Water & Wastewater Treatment. 30
March - 1 April 2009. Berlin, Germany
Continuous basic and applied R&D already helped to improve the effort-benefit ratio of AOP in many applications
as well as exploring and consolidating new fields of application and concepts of AOPs. The conference will bring
together both experts from research and development as well as from industry. The discussion about novel
developments of models, measurements, reactors and processes together with experience in recent full-scale
applications including operational problems should promote the further progress of AOP.
The proposed themes
          Water and wastewater treatment
          Soil treatment
          Treatment of emerging contaminants
          Innovations and applications:

3.17 Collection Systems. 19-22 April 2009. Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville,
Kentucky USA
The 2009 Specialty Conference Committee is soliciting abstracts that focus on national collection system issues.
Abstracts are also being solicited for several sessions on wet weather challenges in the Ohio River Valley and
Midwest with outcomes or lessons learned that could be applied to national issues. System operations and specific
project related experiences and case studies will be used to illustrate a range of collection system solutions and
planning tools.

3.18 Residuals and Biosolids 2009. 3-6 May 2009. Oregon Convention Center and Doubletree Hotel -
Lloyd Center, Portland, Oregon
The Water Environment Federation’s Residuals and Biosolids Committee in cooperation with the NW Biosolids
Management Association, the Pacific NW Clean Water Association, and the Oregon Association of Clean Water
Agencies is sponsoring a specialty conference on residuals and biosolids management. This conference is the 23rd
annual WEF specialty conference on this subject. The conference will focus on processing and management of
biosolids. The theme of the conference is “Sustainable Biosolids Management”.
Deadline for Abstract Submittal: 28 July 2008
A complete list of call topics, additional conference information, and online abstract submittal can be accessed at  

3.19 International Conference on Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater Streams. 10-13 May 2009.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hosted by the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of British Columbia (UBC, this conference deals
with nutrients in wastewaters (municipal sewage, animal wastes, food industry, commercial and other liquid waste
streams) and the new “paradigm” which is emerging, globally - the commercial marketing of recovered nutrients as
“green” fertilizers, or recycling of nutrients through biomass production to new outlets such as bio-fuels.
Please send abstract submissions (2-page single-spaced maximum, with additional 2 pages of tables or figures) to:
Venue West Conference Services Ltd, Fax: 604 681-2503 or E-mail:

3.20 Microbial Population Dynamics in Biological Wastewater Treatment. 24-27 May 2009. Aalborg,
The specialist group on Activated Sludge Population Dynamics (ASPD) organises the next IWA international
Specialised Conference on Microbial Population Dynamics in Biological Wastewater treatment in Aalborg,
Denmark in May 2009. The conference will examine the development in the field in the period 2005-2009,
especially on the effectiveness of solutions unveiled by the new microbial toolbox.
The proposed themes, amongst others are:
    •     Pure culture studies
    •     Population dynamics of microorganisms
    •     Storage processes in microbial communities
    •     Control of activated sludge settling and thickening properties
    •     General foaming control
    •     Full scale experiences using new activated sludge systems

3.21 Water Convention 2009. 23-25 June 2009. Singapore
Following the resounding success of the inaugural Singapore International Water Week in 2008, the second Water
Week to be held from 22 to 26 June 2009 promises to be a bigger and better event. Exhibition space has been
increased and a greater number of delegates worldwide participating in the various key events of Water Week is
One of the Water Week's flagship programmes is the Water Convention, which will be held from 23 to 25 June
2009 and in conjunction with the International Water Association's Leading Edge Technologies Conference (LET).
The Water Convention aims to bring together experts and practitioners from all over the world to share their ideas
and experiences in water technology and infrastructure. In line with the Singapore International Water Week
2009's theme, “Sustainable Cities – Infrastructure and Technologies for Water”, the Water Convention will focus
on key and emerging issues including technological applications, water and health, utility practice and urban water
The Water Convention Programme Committee 2009 is pleased to invite you to submit an abstract for an oral or a
poster presentation for this prestigious event. Prospective authors are invited to submit their abstract on any of the
following themes for Water Convention 2009:
     •   Water Technology Solutions for Today's Applications
     •   Managing Water Infrastructure
     •   Water and Health
     •   Planning for Sustainable Water Solutions
Abstracts can be submitted on-line at For more details about Water
Convention 2009, please visit: Abstract submission instructions and
templates are also available at the website. Please send your enquiries on Water Convention and abstract
submission to
Important Dates
     •   Submission of abstracts: 30 November 2008
     •   Notification of acceptance: 31 January 2009
     •   Submission of full papers: 30 April 2009

3.22 Nutrient Removal 2009. 28 June – 1 July 2009. Omni Shoreham, Washington, DC
Deadline for Abstract Submittal: 19 November 2008
This conference will cover the latest experiences in research, design, and operation of nutrient removal systems at
municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants through interactive workshops, technical sessions, an
exhibition, and facility tours. Water quality degradation continues as a result of stressors, including excess nutrients.
While some researchers and operators focus on state-of-the-art approaches, others are grappling with new
equipment and operational procedures associated with basic biological nutrient removal. These changes are being
evaluated and implemented in an environment of higher energy costs and a need to have more sustainable
operations. This conference will bring together perspectives from around the world to discuss and debate the

current state of nutrient removal approaches.
For more information please contact:
     •    Technical Programs Group
     •    Phone: 703-684-2400 ext. 7010
     •    Email:
    •    Check          for   updates.

3.23 Micro-constituents Water Quality 2009. 26-29 July 2009. Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden
Yards, Baltimore, Maryland
Deadline for Abstract Submittal: 26 November 2008
The Micro-constituent and Industrial Water Quality Conferences are combined again this year to provide the latest
information on both of these vital topics:
Micro-constituents including trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and endocrine-disrupting compounds,
have been found in waterways, causing concerns that have been recently highlighted in the media. The long term
effects of these micro-constituents in the environment are generally not known. The state of knowledge regarding
micro-constituents, including current research findings and their implication will be presented and discussed.
Industries are challenged to provide for environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment, reduce the cost of
compliance, and provide or recover value for their businesses. This conference will examine some novel ways
industries    answer     the     more     challenging    issues  and    address     difficult-to-treat constituents.
A complete list of call topics, additional conference information, and online abstract submittal can be accessed by

3.24 5th IWA Specialised Membrane Technology Conference for Water & Wastewater Treatment. 1-3
September, 2009. Beijing, China
First Announcement & Call for Papers issued. 2-page English abstracts must be submitted by 31 December 2008.
For more details visit

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