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									           Supplemental Educational Services (SES) and Choice
                           Summary Points
                Winter Conference – January 13-15, 2010
NEW Regulation Changes
    Districts must notify eligible parents of Choice options no later than 14 days prior to the
     start of school. SES Notifications must be clearly distinguishable from other school
     related information that parents receive.
    The following information must be posted on District Web sites:
     o The number of students who were eligible and who participated in Choice/SES for
         every year beginning with 2007-2008 school year data.
     o A list of SES providers approved to serve the district and locations where services are
         provided for the current school year.
     o A list of schools available for Choice for the current school year, if applicable.
    Districts may spend up to 1% of their 20% SES/Choice set-aside for parent outreach and
     assistance to encourage parents to take advantage of SES/Choice opportunities.
    Prior to returning unused portions of the 20% set-aside to Title IA, a district must have:
     o Partnered, to the extent practicable, with outside groups to help inform parents of
     o Provided timely, accurate notice to parents.
     o Made sign-up forms widely available and accessible and distributed them directly to
         all eligible students.
     o Provided a minimum of two enrollment windows at separate points in the school year.
     o Ensured SES providers were given equal access to school facilities as other groups.
     o Maintained records demonstrating the district has met the above criteria, and
         informed the state of the amount it intends to spend on other allowable activities
         under Title IA.

Data Collection and other Issues
    A District MAY NOT choose a provider for itself. Parents have the final say in provider
     selection for their child(ren). Districts must be very careful wording letters and talking
     to providers not to give the impression the district has ‘chosen’ or ‘allocated funds’ to
     one provider. Always restate that a parent may choose any provider they wish.
    Where to get the Numbers – Number of Eligible Choice students should come from the
     October Count data for that school year.
    Where to get the Numbers – Number of Eligible SES students should come from the
     same data forms used on the Title IA site Eligibility Sheet. Only count those students
     who actually qualified under Title IA. This number should be similar to what is on the
     Site Eligibility page.
    Data – Remember that eligible SES students is a SUBSET of eligible choice students,
     unless you have 100% poverty in your district. Almost every data sheet was incorrect on
     this point. # of SES students should almost always be SMALLER than # of Choice
    Data Sets MUST match the example. If a column calls for a “Y/N” response, please put
     a “Y”, DO NOT write “Yes”, “Yep”, or anything else! Refer to the instruction guide or
     call Sheila Box with any questions regarding data formatting.

More Information
    State Contact for SES/Choice is Sheila Box, 465-8743 /, call or
     email anytime with questions/comments.
    Website –
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  Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Providers/School Choice

          2009-2010 Application for Supplemental Educational Service Providers - MS Word

          Supplemental Educational Services/Choice 2008-2009 Data Collection - MS Excel
          Supplemental Educational Services/Choice 2008-2009 Data Collection Instructions - PDF
          Alaska School District Map - large JPG image (3, 229 KB)
          Delivering Supplemental Educational Services in Alaska - MS Powerpoint
          SES and Choice Regulations Update for 2010 - MS Powerpoint

          Approved SES Provider List
          Districts Served by Supplemental Educational Service Providers
          SES Per Pupil Amounts, Site and District Information - PDF
          Federal Guidance on Supplemental Educational Services (January 14, 2009) - PDF
          Sample Parent Letter #1 - Single SES Provider Recommended by Parent Group - MS Word
          Sample Parent Letter #2 - Assisting Individual Parent Choice of SES - MS Word

          Federal Guidance on Public School Choice (January 14, 2009) - MS Word
          Choice - Sample District/Parent Application - MS Word
          Choice - Sample District Letter to Parents - MS Word
          Choice - Sample Principal Letter to Parents of the Receiving School - MS Word
          US Department of Education Equal Treatment Regulations

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