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									Guerilla Marketing
Tactics Leveraging

  Akumi Software, Inc.
    Transcending Business and Software
                 What is Akumi?
                                  Specializing in helping
                                  small businesses grow and
                                  leverage technology

Over 50 years combined            Microsoft Certified Partner
experience in engineering,
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        Transcending Business and Software
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      Transcending Business and Software
 Presentation Overview

   Media Strategy

Target Audience
What Type of Media
Integrated Efforts
Identify Action
  Key Ingredients

Innovation & Creativity
Visualization of all Outcomes
Creation of Lasting Impression
Method for Increased Revenue
Action by Target
   Guerilla Marketing

Non-Traditional Media
Unexpected and Unconventional
Often Low Cost
      Guerilla Example

Japan’s Tissue-pack Marketing
             In a survey of over 100,000
             Japanese consumers
             conducted by Marsh
             Research, 76% said they
             accept free tissues. This is a
             much higher rate than
             either fliers or leaflets.
Guerilla Meets Technology

Identify individuals with high Social
  Networking Potential (SNP) and
  create Viral Messages
        Cause Marketing

Blending Business and Nonprofit
Mutually Beneficial: positive
public relations, improved customer
relations, and additional
marketing opportunities
        Cause Marketing Benefit

Customer Retention &
 Increased Revenue
According to the Cone Millennial Cause Study in 2006,
  89% of Americans (aged 13 to 25) would switch
  from one brand to another brand of a comparable
  product (and price) if the latter brand was associated
  with "good cause".
   American Express Case Study

American Express - Statue of Liberty Restoration Project

1983: A penny for each use of the American Express card and a
  dollar for each new card issued was given to the Statue of
  Liberty renovation program. Over a four-month period, $2
  million was raised for Lady Liberty

RESULT: American Express saw a 17% increase in new users
  and a 28% increase in card usage
My Story:
 Created first Guerilla Grassroots Campaign
 at age 17
 Leveraged Media Strategy
 PAVE’s Survivor Justice Campaign:
 Power of Technology: 40 cities in
 3 Business Days
  Angela Rose
   The Akumi Group
   Ph: 312.224.4634

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