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									                 Lancaster ISD
                 Vision Lancaster Strategic Planning
Lancaster ISD is engaged in a process of creating a future of excellence for Lancaster schools. By utilizing
strategic planning, we are working to identify specific desired results for our children with the help of
community and district volunteers. This plan will provide clear direction in which all effort and activity are
dedicated in the education of our children.
Twenty-six individuals representing a cross-section of the Lancaster school and community, met
November 13-15, 2008, to develop a draft strategic plan. This brochure presents the draft of the beliefs,
mission, objectives and strategies on which the strategic planning team reached consensus and agreement.
The next step in the process is for teams of school and community volunteers to develop action plans to
accomplish each of the strategies identified in the draft plan. There will be five Action Teams, one for each
strategy. The Action Team process will take three to four months. The first meeting is planned for January 12,
Volunteers interested in being considered for Action Teams may submit an online form at or send the completed form by December 17, to Anita McPartland,
Lancaster ISD, 422 S. Centre Ave., Lancaster, TX 75146.
Written comments are also welcome. Send to Anita McPartland            Lancaster ISD, 422 S. Centre Ave.,
Lancaster, TX 75146 or email

                    A Special thanks to the “Tigeriffic” Strategic Planning Team:
          Alberto Berumen                       Curtis Liggins                    Opal Robertson
           Linda Casteel                         Huan Luong                         Pat Sadberry
            Ellen Clark                          Dawn Mann                       Christofor Stephens
           Maria Esparza                     Antionette Mathews                     David Stone
             Joe Kana                         Priscilla Maxfield                   Debbie Wade
           Marjorie King                       Deborah Miller                       Trlica Wafer
            Ed Kirkland                        Dona Mitchell                         Larry Wall
           Marcus Knight                        Willie Molix                       Eugene Young
         Veronica Kunschik                    Nakesha Reddick
 The Strategic Plan is subject to change until the entire process is complete
                  and approved by the Board of Trustees.
                                                                                                The mission of Lancaster Independent School District,
                                                                                                  a leader in providing innovative, quality programs,
                                                                                        is to educate every student with the knowledge; skills; and principles
We believe…                                                                                 to succeed and contribute in a competitive and technologically
       All people have worth and are to be treated with respect.                             advancing world by providing rigorous and engaging learning
                                                                                            opportunities that promote diversity; create an environment of
       Effort and perseverance are necessary to achieve full potential.                     integrity and respect; and establish a commitment to continued
       Everyone can learn, and learning is a continuous process.                               improvement in partnership with families and community.
       Individuals are responsible for their choices and actions.
       People are responsible for contributing to the success of our
                                                                                             By 2014, the district will achieve exemplary rating on the state
       Diversity strengthens and enriches our community.                                     assessment system and will double the percentage of students at
       Honesty and integrity are crucial in building trusting                                the commended level.
                                                                                             Every student will achieve personally challenging goals in
       Effective communication is a key component to building                                academics, interests, and career aspirations.
       a cohesive educational community.
                                                                                             All students will develop and consistently demonstrate the
       High expectations and motivation yield high performance.                              principles of character necessary to succeed and contribute in
       Education is a shared responsibility of the family,                                   society.
       community and school.
       Willingness to change is necessary for continuous improvement.
       Educational achievement enhances the quality of life.                           1.   We will ensure staff are using effective instructional practices
                                                                                            that motivate and actively engage students and develop
                                                                                            necessary intervention plans for any student that is not
 1.     We will always maintain safe, orderly environments conducive                        performing well.
        to learning.                                                                   2.   We will attract, retain, develop, and evaluate high quality
 2.     We will operate in a transparent and fiscally responsible man-                      personnel to ensure all staff are held accountable and receive
        ner in order to obtain the trust and confidence of our constitu-                    the support necessary to achieve our mission and objectives.
        ents.                                                                          3.   We will improve our public image by increasing the
 3.     Campus Improvement Plans will always be consistent with the                         effectiveness of our internal and external communication, as
        Strategic Plan of the District.                                                     well as our marketing initiatives that will lead to greater
 4.     No new program or service will be accepted unless: it is consis-                    understanding and trust among all facets of the district and
        tent with the strategic plan, benefits clearly justify costs, and                   community.
        provisions are made for staff development and program evalua-                  4.   In concert with the learner, family, and instructional staff, we
        tion.                                                                               will refine and consistently implement throughout the district a
 5.     No program or service will be retained unless it makes an opti-                     system to ensure students achieve personally challenging goals
        mal contribution to the mission and the benefits continue to                        related to academics, interests, and career aspirations.
        justify the cost.                                                              5.   We will identify, integrate, and model the principles of
 6.     We will not tolerate behavior which demeans the dignity of any                      character, as well as develop means of assessing student
        individual or group.                                                                demonstration of those principles.

                                      Lancaster ISD Action Team Volunteer Interest Form
      (Submission is not a guarantee of selection. All submissions will be considered in creating balanced teams that reflect the Lancaster schools and community.)

Name ___________________________________ Email __________________________________
Address__________________________________ Phone (home)____________________________
City _______________, TX                             Zip ___________ Phone #2 (cell or work) ___________________
Gender:           M        F               Ethnicity:           African American                    Anglo           Hispanic              Other
Please Circle: Student                     Parent         Teacher Administrator Support Staff                                   Community               Business
Strategy interested in: (1st Choice) # _____________                                            (2nd Choice) # _________________
               Please send the form by December 17, to Anita McPartland, Lancaster Independent School District,
                  422 S. Centre Ave., Lancaster, TX 75146 or submit a form online at

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