Update on the Climate Action Plan by withoutyou


									Update on the Climate Action Plan to the Commission on Environment

New Developments

Establishment of Climate Action Coordinator in the Energy Division of the Department of the Environment

       Position filled by Melissa Capria, former Senior Program Officer for ICLEI on the Cities for
        Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign. Melissa’s ICLEI work included technical assistance on the
        development of the SF Climate Action Plan. Start date was 9/19/05.

       Position reports directly to Cal Broomhead, Energy Programs Manager.

       Initial tasks include assessing opportunities available through membership in ICLEI, the California
        Climate Action Registry (CCAR) and the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

       Core of the Climate Action Coordinator work plan is dedicated to implementation of the Climate
        Action Plan as well as updating the greenhouse gas emissions inventory.

       Additional tasks include tracking regional, state and national developments in climate policy,
        conducting meetings of the Climate Action Plan Working Group and processing a resolution by
        the Board of Supervisors to accept the Climate Action Plan.

Executive Order S-3-05 – establishing aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets for the State of
California (see: www.climatechange.ca.gov)

       Governor Schwarzenegger announced the Executive Order at World Environment Day in San
        Francisco on June 1, 2005.

       The long-term target is one of the most aggressive set anywhere:
                Short term -     By 2010, Reduce to 2000 Emission Levels
                Mid term -       By 2020, Reduce to 1990 Emission Levels
                Long term -      By 2050, Reduce to 80 percent Below 1990 Levels

       The Secretary of CalEPA is leading a Climate Action Team made up of Secretaries of the
        Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, the Department of Food and Agriculture, the
        Resources Agency, the Chairperson of the Air Resources Board, the Chairperson of the Energy
        Commission and President of the Public Utilities Commission.

       Department of Environment staff has begun attending public meetings of the Climate Action
        Team. The Team will be presenting their first report to the Governor and Legislature on how to
        reach the State reduction targets in January 2006.

Next Steps:
Full implementation of the Climate Action plan will require coordination between the Departments that are
responsible for reducing emissions from municipal operations (primarily buildings, fleet, water/sewage,
outdoor lighting and traffic signals, and waste generated by municipal operations) with the Department of
Environment as the lead agency. To achieve the level of coordination necessary to achieve San
Francisco’s emissions reduction goals the Department of Environment will set up an interdepartmental
working group.

These Departments are also responsible for providing the data necessary to track emissions to the
Department of Environment. The level of reporting required by regimes such as the CCAR and CCX is
more rigorous than San Francisco’s current greenhouse gas emission tracking. In order to meet the
rigorous reporting requirements it will be important to have high level support to dedicate staff time to
these activities in the relevant Departments.

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