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17 Great Allegro Allegro People


									17 Great Allegro Allegro people

 17 large Allegro forward people

 large Allegro words sing 17
 great motherland U.S. picturesque, thriving big cross,
 pass good news In October, the central hold 17 large.
 General Secretary, Hu Jintao re-elected with high prestige,
 we move forward to lead the people in prison another country firmly.
 17 large, that is persisting in reform and opening up,
 socialist characteristics, children, people happy and secure.
 17 large, simple, to establish the scientific development concept,
 good and fast economic development, people's living music boundless.
 17 large, open new roads, livelihood put on the new height,
 reform of the results to be shared, Qi ran off with the rich.
 17 Big create a new situation, harmonious society and building,
 for a better tomorrow, the overall situation and about dedication.
 17 large, always new, rich course, stronger soldiers,
 return of Hong Kong and Macao has been, who do not engage in Taiwan
 17 large, development of new capacity, undertake the historical task of the party,
 past with the future to move forward the motherland a long journey.
 congress that range, one mind forward Ben,
 create a happy new life, the Chinese nation will be rejuvenated.
 look to the future prospects of wide, thanks benefactor of the Communist Party,
 tight unity of all people, to give this country more prosperous and powerful business
network from the new century, the secretary _ free network, Pham Van networks, the
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