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 summary prepared to party members to positive learning

 beloved party:
 in my January 18, 2008 was officially approved Chinese Communist Party members
ready to realize my dream. I never forget this day is the day of my life is an important
milestone. Over the past year, the glorious title of constantly inspired me, as I study,
work, life, new incentives. From the moment I joined the party more to understand the
meaning of the Chinese Communist Party members did not obtain only the
contribution. To join the party in the form of a life time, in terms of ideology is the
whole life. In preparing for the occasion of the expiry of party members, I wish to
state for the party proposed to positive.
 party in order to facilitate my visit, the following year to report about their own
political, ideological, work and their own problems and other aspects of:
 1, ideologically - to strengthen political theory, strive to improve their level of
political literacy and ideological
 "constitution" in the first chapter of the third party members party members must
fulfill the following obligations of the first clearly defined party members to
conscientiously study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping
Theory and "Three represents "important thought, to learn the scientific development
concept, study the Party's line, principles, policies and resolutions of the Party's basic
knowledge of learning, learning science, culture, legal and professional knowledge,
and strive to improve their ability to serve the people. As a preparatory members
should strengthen all aspects of learning, to arm themselves with knowledge of the
 1. Enhance learning
 usually I take the initiative to strengthen political study, regularly watched television
news, read newspapers, current affairs and political concern. Firm and correct
political orientation; understand the duties and obligations of party members, always
get a party member's standard of strict demands on themselves. I also learn from the
CPC Central Committee promulgated the decision in a timely manner, in terms of
ideology and party organization to maintain a high degree of consistency. And can
spare some time for self-study book of political theory, such as "branch of Life" and
"Learning and Communication" and other learning materials, and carefully do
self-study notes. Note that we usually start from the little things. Reflected in
everyday life exemplary role as a party member.
 2. Training new members to learn
 I actively participated in the training of new members to learn, although a period of
nearly two months of the Tenth new members of the training course has ended, but the
scenes are still vivid in my mind to learn, In the October 17, 2008 the opening
ceremony, xx director stressed the Party members should strengthen awareness. xx
comrades took the opening mobilization, stressed the Party members to improve their
own quality, not just focus on business over politics, to strengthen the ideological
cultivation, clear motives, conscientiously perform their duties of party members, to
strengthen the reform and innovation. Class Hu Xianfeng teachers for everyone to put
forward specific requirements for ... ... in the learning process, I learned enough of the
  First of all, I attach great importance to also cherish the opportunity to learn. The
opening ceremony of the day I far xx xx district center of town, the second primary
school in the morning from the fog, visibility less than 10 meters, in order to arrive at
the venue, I just finished two classes quickly hit a car after the rush come fear of late,
after three hours of bumpy, I finally reached their destination on time. During the
training, although I have xx years, but never too late.
  followed by the learning I have a better understanding of the party. Party since July
21, 1921 inception, has always led in time of crisis people of all nationalities together
to overcome difficulties. The party led the people to overthrow the birth of the new
China, people have since became the master. The party led the people across the
country well off, and create a socialist society with Chinese characteristics, especially
the third plenary session, the people's living standards have greatly improved. Xx
years, the party lead the nation in stopping xx, people only have a peaceful and happy
life. Led the people of the party organization suppressed xx "xx", it can no longer
harm people. The party led the people to overcome the sudden illness "SARS." The
party leading the people in front of this earthquake (12 May 2008 Wenchuan,
Sichuan), not only was not intimidated, had been defeated, but stronger, more united,
has risen up the backbone, has withstood the baptism of pure and the soul , let the
world see a "new China."
  I am prepared to party members the same as a heart disaster, the suffering of the
people for the disaster tears, for the earthquake affected areas and encouraging people
of courage, but also do their own little humble, and paid a 1,000 yuan special party
membership dues, although not, but I deeply know that: 1.3 billion Meeting together
is love of the ocean. To hear General Secretary Hu said: "The difficulty can not beat
any of the heroic Chinese people", when heard our Premier Wen said: "Early one
second, it may save a life" when excited my heart, I am proud because I am a
probationary Party member I believe I will eventually become a real Chinese
Communists. People in the party lead the country ushered in the 29th Olympic Games,
2008 Beijing Olympic Games to our great country has aroused greater world countries
and their people's attention. Although I can not go directly to the Olympic venues
when the volunteer, but I strive to be the guiding active volunteer application. In
addition I also advise students to participate in the "I am a small tour Olympics" in
English speech, through this activity the children not only improve the English skills,
but also about the motherland, beautiful mountains and rivers, more love to our
motherland. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games a complete success. Is under the care of the
party, the successful launch of Shenzhou VII, the first time a Chinese space walk. Or
our party, in the world financial crisis, fear is not chaos, but trying to adjust a series of
economic policy, especially to the people's livelihood as the most important. Just as
the party of the scientific development concept of the meaning of essence is to
develop its first core is people-oriented, the basic requirement is a comprehensive,
coordinated and sustainable development, the fundamental approach is holistic.
Essence of this theory is still serving the people. This is our great, glorious and correct
Chinese Communist Party.
  further clarified the direction of a qualified party members, but also re-defined
motives. Why did I join the party? "Choose to join the party also chose dedication."
This is xx teacher said. xx xx teacher of young party members, said: "As a Chinese
Communist Party members should be washed at a critical time in the first line, which
is under the Party Constitution Party members should fulfill obligations. I think we
need time to dare to stand up, dare to pick out the burden of This is what we should do
is be able to do is be a qualified party members must do. "Yes, they say, and it is to do
so. They are my role model.

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  2, work
  (1) education and teaching
  1. Teacher --- Teacher soul
  teacher loves the students should not have any additional conditions. Whether he is
smart or dull, is honest or mischievous, are obedient or disobedient, is beautiful or
ugly, is clean or dirty, and no matter what kind of family he comes from. They are
equal in the eyes of teachers, and enjoy equal rights. Our students come from all over
the country, of course, part of Beijing's children, but in my eyes they are the same, no
local, field of points, they are my favorite students. Xx afternoon a week, I organized
a science and technology in English language teaching interest group, aims to train
four or five good grades for students of English. Not only that, I returned to the poor
students extra lessons. I was in fourth grade students with learning difficulties, mostly
from overseas, as the basis of poor English plus another at home unattended, their
enthusiasm for study and poor, and therefore poorly in school. Therefore, I often use
every Monday and Thursday at noon time after work for these poor students extra
lessons. Despite efforts to make up classes, but the effects are negligible, despite this,
I still try to make up classes on how to improve the effectiveness, so that the students
feel in progress, to be interested in learning, and constantly improve their academic
  teaching teaching is the lifeblood of the school. As a teacher should be to the lifeline
of blood transfusion, rather than make the opposite. How to do the lifeline of blood
transfusion? I do. I attach great importance to participation in various research
activities, given the chance, I will attend. No matter what the weather, never too late
and leave early, and to carefully record. District teaching and research staff sent to my
mail xx wrote: "Thank you for your long-term support for the work to me." Inspected
in a teacher, during the three teaching and research staff to listen to me in person to
the school's classes, the feedback in the teaching situation reads:
  teacher evaluation:
  1. teachers affinity, loving, harmonious relationship between teachers and students.
Teachers can pay attention to every student, involved in a wide range of classroom
 2. Teaching is a series of voice teaching activities, students have some voice concept.
 3. Sentence of the training is very solid, basic knowledge of some of the students a
good grasp.
 4. Students independently participate in the content, learning ability of students
 5. Teachers teaching language than in the past lectures progress.
  student evaluation:
 1. Student learning status seriously, have some interest in learning.
 2. Students have some ability to learn, for example: spelling ability.
 by doing the lessons, improving understanding of teaching philosophy also improve
their teaching. Of leadership and peer recognition, and I was so happy.
 (2) Zhijiaogongzuo
  study by political theory, their own political and ideological levels of literacy have
been improved, and to actively solve the problems for the school. Participate
Zhijiaogongzuo, from September 2008 to July 2009 to teach in rural areas xx. Some
people say that hard work in rural areas to support education, far from home, poor,
unable to manage at home to take care of the child can not. But I think he was a ready
party members, party members should take the lead in hardship. Understand the
situation of my family who kindly said to me: "Yeah you have to think about home."
Yes ah, the mother who is 75, and her husband has to travel often, children in fourth
grade, and is in transition, how do? We all know that we care family for words right.
At this moment I really appreciate its meaning. I am a probationary Party member,
does not, at this moment I am the party. At this time I do not walk in front of what
should go in front of it to who? The school has problems, and school leaders for this
worry, as a party member should be prepared for the school to solve problems, solve
problems for the leadership. Go, I went to the countryside to support education. So I
did not say anything, just said: "If nothing works, call my mom to help." Moreover,
rural areas to support education is in line with the party put forward the balanced
development of education to the requirements. It is merely a party member should do.
 I have support to teach a semester, this semester is a busy and happy, although
endless difficulties, but in the end were overcome.

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  2008 年 8 月 28 日, x x principals and union president himself took me to the
second town xx xx district Central Primary School, to where, xx x-principal said we
could go back with the car, on September 1 again. But I heard that area in the next day
(xx) English teaching and research activities, it did not hesitate to stay behind the
dormitory that night I was the only one, in a strange new environment, some really
not suited to, but I persevered . Aug. 31 I took a local English teacher of English in
schools with the completion of the layout of the task window. Sept. 1 opening, and
educational and teaching work on the right track, I am responsible for central school
first, second and third year of English teaching (first year not to take the test). So I
study hard from the teaching materials, textbooks, and I am here to teach a different
past, each unit is presented in the main text first, then the sentence or related words,
followed by voice part or parts of letters, then there is the key sentence type, followed
by the story, and finally the testing and evaluation component. xx district teaching and
research staff requests will speak the text, but I think that the students appear in the
text will affect the students read the word. But they say students understand the
sentiment, I think talk about sentences or related words better, because low-grade
students vocabulary is still limited, not suitable for learning the text first. So I made
the corresponding adjustment, good results. In order to improve student interest in
learning, I prepared specially interesting for students of English CD-ROM, such as
Disney Magic English, etc., and prizes such as erasers, pencil sharpeners, this, and so
beautiful collage.
  Not only that, I also used every Monday and Thursday afternoon to 5:00, after two
classes this time make up classes for the learning difficulties, has received good
results. In this semester I am teaching English race second-year classes, and third
grade classes have gained good results in the first year, final examination results are
very encouraging, the second-year class average score is 87.25, second-year classes
the average score was 91.87, 三 年 级 一 班 the average is 91.94, the average
third-grade classes was 94.8, the four classes did not take the exam a student does not
pass the third grade classes of 20 students only two in 90 points, one is high-Ray poor
students, who got 82 points, and the other is the natural heart repeaters Yan Wang
Zhenjuan according to his teacher said the class teacher before him, I taught English
in no passing before, but this time he finally passed has won 63 points. See the
students get good results, I am really pleased. Because I know the kids really is not
easy, many of them children still come down to earth after school to help parents with
farm chores, and educational level of parents is not high, basically could not do
anything to learn a favor. Conditions in rural areas are far less than the city, even in
the classroom lessons, children's hands are cold, although the classroom has soil
heating, but the temperature remained low classroom, especially in writing anything,
Some children are bright red little hands grip not live document, in the eyes I see pain
in their heart, with his hand on children's hands to Wu, but I can not gave them warm,
because my hand is cool. Can not only ask them to hand ha ha gas fell about a setback
relief. Classroom conditions, so the office too. Even so, teachers still work hard with
little fanfare.
  They make me move, I admire them, they are my motivation to work hard. So I am
even more convinced that he did not overcome the difficulties. Far away from home
for two-way xx need more than three hours, which for motion sickness, I have not
anything. Daughter is a heart weight of children, not suited to the day her mother no
longer around, often trance sometimes muttering ... ... but his daughter is a sensible
little girl, I patiently tell her reasons, told her it was a glorious work. However, only
fourth-grade daughter, after all, after school has not meet, she has been learning a
good mid-term exam is very unsatisfactory, three lessons, two of which are more than
80. Worse is the child father to travel often, Grandma poor old body, so I invited the
children to help Grandma. After a period of adjustment, the final exam daughter
received honors three subjects were divided into 96 points. The most difficult thing to
calculate the mother is sick, the onset of winter, mother's low back pain has followed.
Committed this year than in previous years are of interest, pain untenable, leave her
husband with her mother to see the doctor, went to the Beiyisanyuan to North, to the
rich to the hospital Changqiao ... ... The doctor said guide treatment but not
hospitalization, this time it Every husband on business, but something a child can not
come home, Grandma, I was far away in the xx are catching up with the collective
scoring, how can you leave it? At this time, 9 year old daughter when the
examinations of the rest are at home, so let her taxi with her grandmother to the doctor.
Daughter was still great, do not live up safely complete the task. Although the family
has so many things that make me worried, but I did not mentioned a word to the
organization, because I think, as a preparation, having chosen the support of party
members to teach, we must overcome all difficulties, to work well. Despite these
difficulties, I did not expect, but I still can not believe he did not overcome the
  3, the right to treat their own problems
  probationary period in this year, I can in accordance with the "Constitution"
requirement to play the role of a party member. However, that there were deficiencies
in its own, the party with the help of education, I clearly recognize that a person has
found their own problems and actively to solve, is to continue to progress and
improve. So, I was able to correctly understand and actively corrected. I become
passive in learning and learning active learning, learning theory to improve my
political consciousness. Service learning to improve my level of education and
teaching. In the study continue to improve themselves and treat their own problems,
and unexpected problems, I can stand on the issue of a higher position to judge,
analyze and correct. As an example, in the year-end assessment, the declaration of a
total of six good comrades, I am one of them. But only four places. After the formula I
found the ranks of good without me. So I seriously reflect on their performance in all
aspects, did not find the slightest deviation, but in every walk in the forefront, and
played an exemplary role. Its not understand. So I found a secretary to help me
analysis of x heads, school leaders are sure to pay me for my work is very recognized.
  good report also told me that there must report to the senior comrades, and they have
a large age old comrades, have to support education, blood donation and other work to
go in front of the young comrades ... ... listened to the words of President I would like
to prepare as a party member can not be selfish, as the leaders and comrades of all
recognized me, and declare another few good places, though qualified to own, but still
the opportunities to its comrades need it. So I did not say anything, gladly accepted
this outcome. If this happened in the past, maybe I'll yell at the office without thinking
of the meal, but now, through the study of political theory, my political literacy
increased, so look for organizations to have on, I followed this creed, in the words
things to consider when the overall situation, to consider the party's discipline, to
consider solidarity between comrades, is wise to calmly analyze, think before they act,
to use party discipline to restrain themselves, not only have a good understanding of
the problem now, more attention should be life. Because I know that is easy to find
the faults of others, find their weaknesses is difficult. Therefore, to achieve
self-knowledge is not easy. To do so into themselves, analyze their own and dare to
face their own, it must be to have a sober reflection, rational and critical. Only by
facing up to themselves, analyze their own and correct his own, and constantly
surpass themselves, will be born, to the noble. Therefore, in the coming days, I will
continue to improve in the discovery, in the improvement of the advances in sound
progress. Constantly reveal their weaknesses, and constantly surpass itself. Because
only knew to go beyond; only to students beyond; only bid farewell yesterday to go
 above is my summary of the basic situation over the past year, wrong with that, urge
organizations criticized the correction. As a probationary Party member, I look
forward to arranging a formal party to the CPC, please consider my application for
party, I will humbly accept my review of organizations and challenges. If I can
become a formal party, I will redouble our efforts, great enthusiasm, a loyal
Communist Party members to fulfill my duties and obligations.
 regularized applicant:
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