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									Marina Bay South
Quarterly Newsletter
Fall 2004 – Amanda Tanner, Editor

Ooops…                                                   Meet the Members
In the hustle and bustle of our last meeting, I forgot   As part of our new newsletter, I thought it would be
to thank Irena for all of her hard work this summer.     neat to feature a section about our co-owners. We
She filled up dozens of buckets with small rocks         will begin with two board members, the
from near the breakwall, and carried them by hand        Dominiques and the Tanners. I will contact all co-
over to the berm. The rocks look great and should        owners at a later date to get your information.
help keep the weeding to a minimum. Thanks again,
from all of us.                                          Russ and Karen Dominique are
                                                         full-time residents of Wauseon,
                                                         Ohio, and part-time residents at
                                        This Buck        Marina Bay South. Karen was
                                        visited on       born and raised in Cheboygan
                                        September        and now the whole family
                                        23 around        enjoys being with Karen's
                                        eight P.M.       parents, visiting Mackinaw City, and
                                                         just spending time at the lake. Russ is the owner of
                                                         Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing and is an
                                                         avid golfer, fisherman, and snowmobiler. Karen is
                                                         a stay-at-home mom with a passion for taking care
                                                         of her family and home. They have four children,
                                                         Brittany, 18; Brandi, 12; Darcie, 10; and Trevor, 8.
                                                         Brittany is currently on the swim team and
                                                         attending the University of Toledo. Brandi, a
                                                         seventh grader, just wrapped up her first year on the
                                                         golf team and is beginning the basketball season.
Marina Update
                                                         Darcie, a fourth grader, enjoys tap dancing and
                                                         ballet, and is in her fifth year of piano lessons.
On September 14, we received notice from the U.S.        Little Trevor is a second grader, and loves golf, the
Army Corps of Engineers that a permit had been           Detroit Pistons, the Detroit Lions, the Detroit Red
granted. The state DEQ, however, had some other          Wings, and of course, the Detroit Tigers.
needs that were addressed in the middle of
September.                                               Paul and Amanda Tanner have three sons. Brian,
                                                         the oldest, is a cook at the Great Lakes Grill in
In October, we were advised that the project was         Cheboygan. Justin is a sophomore at Michigan
out on “public notice”. Public notice expires on            Technological University, majoring in computer
November 14.                                                        systems science. Chase, the youngest, is a
                                                                       senior at Sault Area High School,
I spoke to Chuck Ramussen on November                                    works at Taco Bell, and plans on
8, and he was fairly certain that we would                                   attending Grand Valley State
have a permit by the week of November 20.                                    University in the fall as a
We are still hopeful that the project will be                             mechanical engineering major.
completed this year.                                                      Because of their jobs, Paul and
                                                                          Amanda have been splitting their
                                                                        time between Sault Ste. Marie, and
                                                                      Cheboygan. Paul is the maintenance
supervisor at Sault Area High School and Career
Center in Sault Ste. Marie                               Lock Box
( His hobbies include        Our new lock box has been installed, as discussed in
surfing the Internet, taking walks, and fixing things.   the fall meeting. We still need keys from 402, 403,
Amanda teaches computer and technology classes at        405, and 408. Please drop your keys off at the
Cheboygan High School                                    Tanner’s the next time you are in town. .
( Her hobbies include
digital photography, building Web Sites
( reading Grisham novels,
                                                         Be a Good Neighbor
and taking walks. During the wintertime, they can        As part of our “mending fences” campaign, we are
often be found snowboarding with the kids.               reminding everyone to be cordial to our neighbors
                                                         from Marina Bay East. Even though we are two
NEXT MONTH: Meet the Members will feature the            separate associations on paper; we are united as
Vincents and Psetas. Please email or snail mail your     neighbors who enjoy the same beautiful natural
biographical information to me. My email address is      surroundings. We should treat our neighbors the                                 way we would like to be treated, making this a
                                                         better community to live in.

                                                         Since our fall meeting, I spent some additional time
                                                         working on our Web Site, acquired a domain name,
                                                         and posted our site on November 13. Now anyone
                                                         with Internet access can see your northern get-away
                                                         by pointing their browser to If
                                                         you like adding a www to your addresses, go ahead.
                                                         It will work either way.

                                                         I would really appreciate any feedback which you
                                                         may have to offer. Constructive criticism is always

Old Man Winter
                                                         good, and ideas are even better. Show the site off,
                                                         show it to your family and friends. I have already
Winter is fast approaching! Just a friendly reminder,    had one request from a co-owner for a virutual tour,
check your furnace and thermostat settings. It’s         which I will be working on very soon.
always better to think ahead and practice preventive
measures                                                 If you have any digital images you would like to see
                                                         added to our home on the web, feel free to send
                                                         them to me via email (or bring your camer/memory
                                                         card/cables with you the next time you are here).

                                                         Happy Holidays to one and all!

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