Security Plan Approval Guidelines Template by whattaman


									             Security Plan Approval Guidelines & Template
Guidelines for Food Service Operators/Liquor License Holders

1. In addition to your Smartserve trained waitstaff, York Security requires that you
provide your own security in the form of door staff.

2. Door staff are not permitted to carry batons or weapons of any kind, unless they are
paid duty police.

3. In general, door staff are to limit their activities to the licensed area and associated

4. You need a separate Security Plan approved for each special event, except for
“regular” Thursday night pubs, for which a single plan can be approved for the term.

5. Please respond to the questions below and deliver to the Manager of Security
Services in Wm Small Centre by hand or email at least 48 hours prior to the event AND
to Manager of Food Service: email AND For
Glendon events email and

6. Have a copy of your Security Plan and proof of approval available at the event.

7. No event can proceed without an approved Security Plan.

Security Plan Questions

Name of Business/Food Service Outlet: _______________________

Date of Event: _______________________________________________
(or Range of Dates, if approval requested for a regular Thursday night pub or
other series of events)

Time of Commencement: ___________________

1. Is this event sponsored, limited or targeted to a particular group or club?

____Yes        ____No

2. If “yes”, please provide name and contact information for the group:

Name of Group __________________________________

Contact number/email address ___________________________________

3. What is the capacity of the licensed area including any patios or secondary
rooms for this event in terms of number of people allowed per the liquor license?

4. What is the approximate number of people expected for the event?


5. Is the event limited to York students or are you maintaining a guest book?

_____ York Students Only                      ______ Guest Book

6. Are premises for the event fully specified on your liquor license or is any part
of the event held under a caterer’s endorsement or special occasion permit?

____ Fully specified on liquor license

_____ Caterer’s endorsement

If via caterer’s endorsement, please attach a copy of the 10 days prior notification,
required under the Liquor License Act.

_____ Special Occasion Permit

If via special occasion permit please attach a copy of the permit.

7. How many door staff are scheduled for the event?

(Note: depending on the specifics of room layout and the nature of the event, Security
would normally expect a minimum ratio of door staff to patrons of 1:50).

8. What is the affiliation of your doorstaff?

____ Paid duty police

____ Paid duty York Security Staff

___   Security Staff provided by a external agency

___   Independent individuals hired by yourself or event sponsor

9. Is the event “all ages” or 19 and over only?

___ All Ages                  ____ 19 and over only

10. If the event is all ages, what measures are in place to prevent underaged
individuals from obtaining alcohol at the event?

____ Wrist banding procedure

____ Other: Please explain below:

Name:               ______________________________________

Signature:          ______________________________________

For Security Use Only

Approved by         Name: ____________________________________



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