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									Energy Performance
Contracting Program

       William S. Haas
Energy Division Representative
• Energy Performance Contracting
• Energy Performance Contracting Program
• Program Savings
 Energy Performance Contracting
• An innovative financing technique that uses
  cost savings from reduced energy
  consumption to repay the cost of installing
  energy conservation measures
• Achieve energy savings without up front
  capital expenses
• Performance and savings are guaranteed over
  the term of the contract
Energy Performance Contracting -
• Pursuit of capital projects under tight budgets
• Reduced operations and maintenance costs
• Ability to use a single contractor to do
  necessary energy audits, retrofit and to
  guarantee the energy savings from a series of
  conservation measures
• Improved building/facility environment
    Performance Contracting Process
•   Identify an performance contracting project
•   Draft and issue a request for proposal
•   Pre-proposal meeting and site visit
•   Evaluate proposals and select contractor
•   Negotiate contract
•   Review and accept energy study
•   Issue notice to proceed
•   Install energy efficiency measures
•   Measurement and verification
        The Energy Performance
          Contracting Program
• No cost technical assistance
   – Units of municipal, county and state government
   – K-12 schools, colleges and universities
   – Nonprofit organizations
• Boilerplate documents
   – Request for Proposal
   – Energy Audit Agreement
   – Energy Service Agreement
• Measurement and verification assistance
                Success Through Savings
Facility                                      Annual Savings
Original Seven State Facilities               $1,130,280
Chicago Housing Authority Phase I, II & III   $3,489,064
Eastern IL University Phase II                $1,648,000
LaSalle Housing Authority                     $142,924
Joliet Housing Authority                      $182,376
Elgin District U-46                           $115,000
DuPage County Phase 1                         $115,000
Gibson Schools                                $74,188
Beck Area Career                              $14,628
Lebanon Schools                               $64,344
Valmeyer Schools                              $28,808
Alton Schools                                 $56,588
Teutopolis Schools                            $41,728
TOTAL                                         $7,102,928
           Contact Information
William S. Haas
Energy Division Representative
Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
James R. Thompson Center
100 W. Randolph, Suite 3-400
Chicago, Illinois 60601
312-814-4763 (voice)
312-814-1800 (fax)

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