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									Open Check User Guide for London Schools
Hillingdon Head teachers and Nominated Contacts* can use the LGFL USO support site to update
messages on the London Grid for Learning Open Check service for mothers, fathers and parents.
This shows whether the school is open or closed, and if closed when the school is expected to
reopen. The message can be updated at any time and from any location, in a few seconds. No
knowledge of web site code is required.

Log onto the HGFL support site

Use your HGfL USO username and password to login (with.312 the Hillingdon number at the end of

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You should then be logged into the LGFL support site. Under the Resources menu click on School
Open Check as shown below

Use the drop down menu button next to the school name and choose the most appropriate message
for the current situation and when the school is expected to reopen. The default setting is that the
school is not currently participating in this system. Once you start using it you can leave the
message that the school is open until you get to a school holiday. You will have to remember to
change the message at the start and end of holidays as well as for closure days for training

After choosing your message click on the Update button. The school is highlighted in purple and it
shows the time, date of the last update and who made the change.

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The Open check web site will then be refreshed immediately to show the latest information,
including the date and time of the latest update.

Status information can also be viewed at:

Although the map shows all schools in the LA choose the name of the school from the drop down
menu. Schools which are closed are shown in red.

If you know the location of the school you can also dwell over the symbol for the school and see the
text message showing the current status:

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Links from school web site
You can ask your web site manager to put a link to the (Hillingdon) part of the London map by going

It would be useful to embed this link into your school web site with the following HTML code:

enCheck map</a>

...replacing "OpenCheck map" with whatever words you wish to appear as the web link.

You may prefer to have embedded text on you web site as well as a link to a map. The HTML code
below will show a text message for all Kingston schools who are participating in this scheme.

e=314" width="800" height="150" frameborder="1">
    Sorry, but your browser does not support the IFRAME tag.

You can retrieve the result for just your school by specifying in the URL the full seven digit DCSF code
rather than the three digit LA code. For example XXX School would use 312XXXX. When something
changes about the whether the school is open or not you only need to update the support site with
the appropriate message and the school web site is updated automatically.

You may also want a link to the map for the whole of Hillingdon as many mothers, fathers and
guardians will have children at more than one school. Please note that this scheme works across the
whole of London although we can not guarantee which schools or LA’s are actively participating.

Information for mothers, fathers and guardians
Inform mothers, fathers and guardians of your pupils that your school is now taking part in the Open
Check scheme and give them the school DCFS 7 digit number. They can choose to:

       phone 020 8408 7508 and key in the school DCFS number to check the open status for
        that school
       and/or go to and choose the name of
        the school to see at a glance the latest information

Thank for these notes written by Andrew Trimble, Advisor for ICT, Royal Borough of Kingston upon
Thames adapted by Denise Gray ICT Adviser, Hillingdon.

Contact or phone HGFL support 0845 2574435

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