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Marketing Kenya in Poland
    during 2005/2006
 „Alliance of the Willing”

    Proposal document

        June 4, 2005
Table of Contents

1.   Executive Summary
2.   Background
3.   „Alliance of the Willing” to Market Kenya in Poland
4.   Marketing Kenya in Poland Programme
5.   Role of KPF
6.   What we expect from you
7.   How will you benefit from joining „the Alliance”
8.   Timing
9.   Next steps
10. Contacts for more information

       A.   What is KPF
       B.   KPF activities 2004/2005
       C.   2005 Calendar of Events
       D. 2nd Kenya Week in Poland (September 16-27, 2005)

Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
1. Executive Summary
   KPF is a non-profit NGO, set up by Kenyans who studied in Poland to promote bilateral relations
    between Kenya and Poland in trade, tourism and investments
   Poland’s economy (5.4% GDP growth in 2004) and outbound tourism are booming, but Kenya is not
    benefiting from this rapid growth
   Today’s low value of bilateral trade ($10mln) and low volumes of Polish tourists (only 2,000 visitors a
    year) stem from a poor knowledge of Kenya in Poland
   We have designed a comprehensive programme to Market Kenya in Poland – an important new
    gateway into the enlarged EU and into Eastern Europe
   KPF obtained marketing facilities in Poland at significant discounts allowing for very cost-effective
    Marketing of Kenya in Poland
   We invite you to join the „Alliance of the Willing” to Market Kenya in Poland
   We are asking you to contribute to the Alliance of the Willing.
   The contribution we are asking you to make will not adversely impact your business. However, when
    aggregated with similar contributions from other Members of the „Alliance” – and when well-
    coordinated – it will make a significant impact on Kenya’s positive image in Poland
   This positive image would then be enjoyed by your company, by all those who stand to benefit from
    increased trade and tourism, and by the Kenyans at large
   We believe the market is there to increase the value of bilateral trade to $100mln and the number of
    Polish tourists to 20,000 by the year 2007
   Because deadlines are tight, please respond by June 30th at the latest

Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
2. Background

    Today’s trade value between Kenya and Poland (USD 10 mln annually) and today’s
     number of Polish tourists visiting Kenya (approx. 2,000 a year) are disappointingly low
     considering the potential of the Polish and the Kenyan markets
    Poland is a large country (39 mln population USD 427 bln GDP) that joined EU on 1 May
     2004, with a rapidly growing economy (5.4% GDP growth in 2004) and a booming
     outbound long-haul tourism market (50-70% growth in 2004)
    We in Kenya do not seem to have taken (as yet) note of the recent changes in Poland
     and the opportunities Poland’s EU entry has created for Kenyan businesses
    At the same time, Kenya remains relatively unknown in Poland (for the results of a
     recently-conducted professional market research by GfK, please refer to our website
    We in the Kenyan-Polish Forum (KPF) have set ourselves the following objectives*:
        to assist businessmen in growing the value of mutual trade to USD 100 mln by 2007
        to assist the Kenyan tourism industry in attracting 20,000 tourists from Poland by 2007
     To help achieve those objectives, we have designed a comprehensive programme to
     Market Kenya in Poland and are inviting you to join the „Alliance of the Willing”

    •For a short description of KPF, please refer to Appendices A and B. For more details please refer to
     a presentation dated May 16, 2005 available on our website                            4
Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
3. The idea behind the „Alliance”

   To address the deficiency of knowledge of Kenya in Poland, we have designed a
    comprehensive Programme to Market Kenya in Poland
   We recognize that Kenya is still a relatively poor economy with very limited
    budgets for marketing itself externally
   The idea behind „the Alliance” is that if many Kenyan companies and institutions
    each contributes a small amount, the resultant aggregate amount - if well targeted
    and coordinated - can make a visible impact
   And all the companies/institutions will stand to benefit from Kenya’s improved
    image in Poland - an important new gateway to the enlarged EU
   Members of the „Alliance” will have also made a contribution to Kenya’s general
   We are inviting those Kenyan companies/insitutions that will directly benefit from
    increased numbers of Polish tourists and/or from increased volumes of bilateral
    trade to join the „Alliance”
   In keeping to the spirit of the Kenyan-Polish Forum and to increase the impact of
    the marketing campaign we are also inviting Polish companies (tour operators,
    airlines, etc.) who might have an interest in promoting Kenya on the Polish market
    as well as the Polish media to join the „Alliance”
Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
4. Marketing of Kenya Programme            (1/3)
     We have designed a comprehensive programme for Marketing Kenya in Poland during
     Consistent with MSK’s Brand Kenya Initiative, we want to market Kenya as an alluring tourist
      destination, as an open, dynamic country with investment potential, as an ecologically-friendly
      agricultural producer and as a free, independent, democratic African country with a respected
     Our Marketing Kenya programme consists of the following components:
      1.   Billboards advertising - KPF has secured free billboard advertising space (Euro 35 covers the actual cost
           of printing the ads+glueing them onto the billboards) during their slow time i.e. July/August 2005 and also
           January/February 2006. We would like to place a series of Kenyan pictures portraying Kenyan beaches,
           safari, culture, tea plantations, modern infrastructure, etc.) on upto 2,000 full-sized billboards all around
           Poland during the above-mentioned „slow periods”
      2.   „Passport to Kenya” booklets - last year we printed and distributed 30,000 copies. This year we would like
           to print 100,000 copies which will contain country information (tourism, trade, culture, investment
           opportunities, etc.) as well as company advertising. To be distributed at all events of the 2nd Kenyan
           Week (September 16-27, 2005) as well as on the direct charter flights due to start in January 2006
      3.   „Win a trip to Kenya” competitions - we plan to organize 36-40 competitions at all the events making up
           the 2nd Kenyan Week in Poland (see below)
      4.   2nd Kenya Week in Poland* - following the success of the 1st week (October 2004) we plan the following
           events as part of the 2nd Kenya Week (Sept 16-27, 2005): participation of Kenyan runners at the Warsaw
           Marathon, participation at TT Warsaw (a tourism trade fair), investment conference, Lech Walesa/Wangari
           Maathai meeting, Kenya solo country trade exhibition, Kenyan Food Week, Kenya Cultural Weekend, curio
           village, photo exhibitions, Kenyan Week in the Polish media, etc. As part of the Kenya Week, we also plan
           to fly-in a group of 6 Kenyan acrobats to perform at all of the above-mentioned functions, and also live on
           Polish TV
    * For a chart of activities under the 2nd Kenya Week, please refer to Appendix D                                       6
Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
4. Marketing of Kenya Programme            (2/3)

  5.   Wangari Maathai/Lech Walesa meeting - a debate is planned between the two Nobel Peace Prize laureates
       on democracy, development, environment and sustainability. This event is likely to attract significant
       media coverage and will underline the many things (including Nobel Peace Prize Laureates) that Kenya
       and Poland have in common.
  6.   „Karibu Kenya” 2006 Package for Poles - we are encouraging the GoK to take a bold innovative step to
       lead the way to open up a new market for Kenya’s tourism industry. This special 2006 package (part of the
       2006 - The Visit Kenya Year in Poland) is meant to send a strong signal that Kenya wants to attract more
       Poles to visit our beautiful country. During only 2006 Poles should receive discounted park entry fees,
       reduced visa fees, rebates for incentive groups and the Polish charter airlines discounts on landing and
       navigational charges as well as airport passenger taxes to entice them to visit Kenya in large numbers. On
       return to Poland, these tourists will become Kenya’s greatest (and most trusted) advocates. These
       discounts - contrary to first impressions - would actually generate more revenue to GoK due to (a) larger
       volumes of tourists from Poland, (b) increased revenues from indirect taxation (eg. VAT and excise duty
       on the additional consumpiton of - amongst others - beer and liquors)
  7.   Warsaw Zoo project - initially to start with a permanent photo exhibition, regular lectures and an
       exhibition on Kenya’s wildlife conservancy efforts by KWS. This will demonstrate that we Kenyans have
       also valuable contributions to make to the world. In 2007, the project will lead to the construction of a
       permanent mini-Bomas of Kenya with Luo, Giriama, Masaai and Kikuyu, etc. huts in the „Kingdom of
       Simba” part of the Warsaw Zoo grounds.
  8.   Warsaw Marathon - this event (in its 27th year) had not previously attracted Kenyan entrants. Courtesy of
       Athletics Kenya, Kenyan runners will participate this year and KPF will play African music, dance, serve
       Kenyan tea and coffee, etc at the finish line. The flowers given to the winners should be supplied by the
       Kenya Flower Council. The presence of Kenyan runners will also attract media attention.

Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
4. Marketing of Kenya Programme            (3/3)

    9.   Give-aways and sampling - we would like Kenyan tea, coffee, cashewnuts, etc to be served at the different
         events (2nd Kenyan Week, Warsaw Zoo, Warsaw Marathon, etc). In addition, Kenyan beer and wild game
         meat should be served at the Kenyan Food Week as well as at the gala banquet, the Kenya Night.
    10. Demand-side market studies - to better understand the Polish market structure and opportunities,
        professional studies should be commissioned to facilitate market entry. In addition to providing an overall
        view of the Polish market, general trading conditions, etc. , the studies should cover tea, coffee,
        pyrethrum, horticulture and other sectoral market segments.
    11. Investment opportunities study - the aim of this study would be to identify Kenya’s priority areas for
        investment as well as Poland’s key strengths so as to find the best potential matches. The study should
        also produce a Polish-language „Investments in Kenya” brochure tailored to Polish requirements
    12. Articles on Kenya - KPF has already developed a strong network of contacts within the Polish press (both
        general but also specialist trade and tourism industry publications). This network will be leveraged to
        place articles on Kenya’s attractions (tourist, cultural, but also trade and investment). The simplest way of
        going about it, would be for existing suitable articles to be sent to KPF for translation into Polish
    13. Free advertising space - newspapers, airline inflight magazines, specialist media, etc. will be approached
        to donate some free advertising space to promote Kenya in Poland, to promote Poland in Kenya, and to
        promote the various initiatives undertaken by the Kenyan-Polish Forum.

   The target audience of the above activities would be businessmen, potential investors, people
    with income levels allowing foreign holidaymaking, but also the Polish public at large (through
    our TV and media presence)

Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
5. Role of KPF

   We designed the campaign to Market Kenya in Poland
   We have leveraged our network of contacts in Poland to obtain the following:
        free use of 400 sqm of exhibition space at Wola Park, the second-largest shopping mall in Warsaw during
         the 1st Kenya Week, October 4-10, 2004. This space was used by KPF in conjunction with KTB and EPC
         last year and will also be available for this year’s event
        a free of charge professional market research study on the image of Kenya in Poland (conducted by GfK
         Polonia in January 2005 and available on our website
        free of charge use of billboard space for outdoor advertising of Kenya
        free access to the Polish state-owned TVP and to other media
   These assets are now available for Kenyan companies/institutions to use to market Kenya in
    Poland in a cost-effective manner
   However, despite the very favourable terms obtained by KPF, marketing Kenya will not come
    completely free. Advertising materials must be printed, prizes for winners of competitions
    financed, exhibition villages built and assembled, Kenyan acrobats and chefs flow-in, etc.
   We realize that at this early stage of Kenya’s entry onto the Polish market, none of the Kenyan
    companies has the local presence to justify large investments in marketing Kenya in Poland
   Hence we in KPF have undertaken the role of:
    a)   recruiting members of the „Alliance of the Willing”
    b)   coordinating the activities to pursue synergies and ensure maximum impact of the programme for
         Marketing Kenya in Poland programme

Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
6. What we expect from you

   We would like you to join the „Alliance of the Willing” to Market Kenya in
    Poland As a Member of the „Alliance” you would be expected to contribute
    the following:
    - Please refer to the table on the next slide
   We are convinced that the above contribution will not significantly impact
    your bottom-line or budgets On the other hand, the aggregation of your
    contribution with similar contributions from other Kenyan companies and
    institutions will make a big difference to the Marketing Kenya in Poland
   This will exemplify the pure spirit of Harambee. The Market Kenya in Poland
    programme is very similar to those Harambees held to build a road to join the
    village to the outside markets. All Members of the „Alliance” will stand to
    benefit from Kenya’s enhanced image
   For a summary schedule of other Kenyan + Polish companies/institutions we
    are inviting to join the „Alliance of the Willing” see the table on the next slide.

  Kenyan-Polish Forum
  Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
  Schedule of proposed responsibilities
                                                      1               2                     3                     4                 5               6                 7                   8                9            10               11                 12                 13
                                                                                                                                               Special GoK
                                   Marketing    advertising @     „Passport to    Complimentaries for      Participation at   Sponsoring of                                                                                                          Sourcing of articles
                                                                                                                                              „Karibu Kenya”    Participation in   Participation in    Give-aways    Demand-side      Investment                               Free
                                     activity      Euro29       Kenya” booklet    prizes in „win-a-trip-    2nd Kenyan         W.Maathai/                                                                                                            on Kenya + Poland
                                                                                                                                                package for    the Warsaw Zoo       the Warsaw        and sampling   market studies   opportunitie                          advertising
                                                 each board      - country info        to-Kenya”           Week (Sept 16-       L.Walesa                                                                                                               for publishing in
                                                                                                                                               Poles during         project          Marathon                          in Poland        s study                               space
Institution                                        per 1-2        - advertising       competitions            27, 2005)         meeting                                                                                                               the other country

Ministry of Tourism                                                                                                                              
Kenya Tourist Board                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Kenya Wildlife Service                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Kenya Hoteliers Association                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
KATO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Kenya Tourism Federation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Ministry of Immigration                                                                                                                            
KAA                                                                                                                                               
KCAA                                                                                                                                               
Cargo handling NAS                                                                                                                                 
Individual hoteliers in Kenya                                                                                  
Individual Kenyan tour operators                                                                               
Kenyan companies - indirect beneficiaries
of increased tourism*                                                                                                                                                                                    
Kenya Airways                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Travel News + Lifestyle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Polish tour operators                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Polish airlines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
KLM                                                                                                                              
Mombasa (City, Coast Dev., Authority etc)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Ministry of Trade and Industry                                                                                                                                                                                                         
EPC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
IPC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Kenya Nat. Chamber of Commerce                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Kenya Association of Manufacturers                                                                              
Tea (KTDA, KETEPA, TBK)                                                                                                                                                                                              
Coffee (KPCU, CBK)                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Pyrethrum Board of Kenya                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Kenya Flower Council                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Horticultural Crops Dev. Authority                                                                                                                                                                                     
Kenyan Embassy in Rome                                                                                                                                                                                                                
UNIDO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Bomas of Kenya                                                                                                                                                      
Athletics Kenya                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Wola Park Shopping Mall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Gazeta Wyborcza                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Nation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Marketing Society of Kenya                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
A Warsaw Hotel                                                                                                                    
*These would include (for example): Kenya Breweries, Safaricom, Celtel, Village Market, The Tamarind Restaurant, One-Way (maker of souvernir T-Shirts), Dansani water bottlers, AAR
Health Services, Mamba Village, AVIS Rent-a-Car, Dorman’s, Keringet, Kenya Nut Co., Kenya Commercial Bank, etc.
Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
7. How will you benefit?

   We believe, you will benefit in the following ways:
    1. Opening up a new, large market/source of tourism, trade, investments
    2. Generate additional business. Already, this year, we have seen an average 113% increase
       in the number of visitors coming from Poland to Kenya.
    3. Promotion of Kenya to over 15,000,000 Poles
    4. As a Member of the „Alliance” you will receive improved access to information about
       business opportunities in Poland and Central Europe
    5. Improved understanding of the Polish market as an important gateway to the enlarged EU
       and to Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia, etc)
    6. Recognition as a Member of the „Alliance” on KPF’s website, printed materials, reports, etc
    7. Participation in a unique Public/Private/Media/NGO Partnership project which when
       successful could be replicated to market Kenya on other markets as well
    8. Participation in a project realizing the Brand Kenya initiative (Poland would serve as a
       practical testing ground for future worldwide campaigns
    9. Satisfaction from having made a contribution to Kenya’s image-building and consequently
       poverty-elimination, job-creation and welfare
    10. As a Founder Member, preferential access to the 2006 and subsequent Marketing Kenya
        campaigns in Poland

Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
8. Timing

   Timing is tight
   Several deadlines are already in place
       July and August 2005     - the first billboard campaign
       September 16-27, 2005    - the 2nd Kenya Week in Poland
       January 2006             - the inauguration of the direct charter flights
                                   from Poland to Mombasa

   For details of the 2005 KPF Calendar of Activities please refer to Appendix C

   To be able to meet the deadlines (especially the deadline for printing and
    distribution of the visuals for their dispaly on billboards starting in July 2006) we
    need a confirmation from you latest by June 30, 2005!!! confirming:

    1. your participation in the „Alliance of the Willing”
    2. your contribution level to the Marketing Kenya in Poland programme

Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
9. Next steps

   Please reflect on our proposal. Consult within your company/institution if
   Verify the credibility of KPF if you would like to. We are sure that the following
    would be willing to provide references on KPF:

    1. Hon. Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Minister for Trade and Industry,     tel 020-315001
    2. H.E. Wojciech Jasinski, Polish Ambassador in Nairobi,         tel. 020-572811/2
    3. H.E. Bruce Madete,       Kenya’s Ambassador in Rome,          tel. +39 06 8082717/8
    4. Dr. Ongong’a Achieng,    MD, Kenya Tourist Board,             tel. 020-2719849
    5. Mr. Matanda Wabuyele, CEO, Export Promotion Council,          tel. 020-228534-8
    6. Mr. Luke Obbanda,        MD, Investment Promotion Centre      tel. 020-221401-4
    7. Ms Karina Ligezinska,    Investment Promotion Expert, UNIDO   tel. +48 22 8259186

   Ask us additional questions (see next slide)

   But please give us your final response by June 30, 2005 to the following address:
       Project Coordinator, KPF Warsaw Branch
       e-mail:                                                             14
Marketing Kenya in Poland - „Alliance of the Willing”
10. Contacts for more information

   For further information on the Kenyan-Polish Forum please visit our
   For enquiries please contact:

    Warsaw Branch                      Nairobi Branch

    James Ofwona                       Benedict Odongo
    Chairman                           Secretary

    Kenyan-Polish Forum                Kenyan-Polish Forum
    Górczewska str. 124                64, Westlands Road
    Wola Court, Room 305               P.O. Box 51716 00100 GPO Nairobi
    01-460 Warsaw, Poland              Kenya

    Tel. +48 22 533 49 08              Tel. +254 20 553 037
    Fax. +48 22 533 49 09              Fax. +254 20 536 911
    Mobile +48 501 428 234             Mobile +254 722 522 139

    e-mail:           e-mail:


Appendix A:      What is the Kenyan-Polish Forum? (1/5)

   Non-profit association; based on volunteership
   Set up in January 2004 by Kenyan graduates of Polish universities and
    Polish friends of Kenya
   Down-to-earth, pragmatic and professional approach

   KPF objectives
    1. To promote bilateral ties between Kenya and Poland in trade,
       investments, tourism as well as in social contacts, sports, education
       and culture
    2. To assist businessmen in growing the value of mutual trade from USD
       8.7 mln in 2002 to USD 100 mln in 2007 ( a 12-fold increase)
    3. To assist the Kenyan tourism industry in attracting 20,000 tourists
       from Poland in 2007 (up from 2000 in 2002 – a 10-fold increase)

Appendix A:        What is the Kenyan-Polish Forum? (2/5)
                   Why and how

   Why do we want to do it?
    1. Knowing and understanding both countries we see huge unexploited potential
       in co-operation between our countries
    2. If there is no co-ordinated effort on both sides, it would take years before this
       co-operation hits any reasonable levels
    3. KPF, as an NGO, is well positioned to play a catalyst role
   Methods
    1. Organizing series of selected high-profile events to promote Kenya in Poland
       as well as events to promote Poland in Kenya
    2. Incorporating KPF events into high-hype events in both countries
    3. Maintenance of an active Trade and Investment Information Centre
    4. Smart marketing activities building proper perception of both countries
   Due to limited resources on both sides we want to achieve this the smart

Appendix A:      What is the Kenyan-Polish Forum? (3/5)
                 Organizational structure

   Branches in Warsaw and in Nairobi
   Individual and corporate members
   Membership open to all who are interested in intensifying relations
    between Kenya and Poland
   Financing based on membership fees, donations, market research and
    other service fees. So far, no grants from neither the Polish nor the
    Kenyan governments
   KPF Warsaw branch is registered as a public benefit organization and
    Polish taxpayers may contribute 1 % of their tax to KPF
   Work based on volunteership
   Permanent staff is limited to 2 in Warsaw and 1 person in Nairobi

Appendix A: What is the Kenyan-Polish Forum? (4/5)

Warsaw branch                                       Nairobi branch
      James Ofwona, Chairman,                       Julius Orowe, Chairman, Agriculture (1994) Agricultural       M.Sc. Engineering (1991) Poznan
      University of Warsaw,
      M.Sc. IT (ongoing) University of Liverpool,   Technical University,
      Founder and MD, Tricomp Ltd. – a 30 staff     Lecturer, Moi University Eldoret
      IT and telecoms company
                                                    Benedict Odongo, Secretary,
      Slawek Muturi, Vice-President,                M.Sc. Engineering (1988) Technical
      M.Sc. Econs (1990) WSE
                                                    University of Łódź
      LL.M. (1990) University of Warsaw,
      MBA (1999) London Business School,            Regional Manager, Alfa Laval (Pty)
      Partner, Andersen Business Consulting –       Ltd
      a 150 staff management consultancy
                                                    Milo Musee, vice-Chairman,
      Robert Zdunczyk, Vice-President,              M.Sc. Engineering (1994) Technical
      M.Sc. Econs (1991) Warsaw School of
                                                    University of Wroclaw, Technical
      MBA (1997) University of Chicago,             Director, KEP Services Ltd.
      Councillor, Gmina of Celestynów
      Thomas Omedi PhD, Founder member,
      PhD. Engineering, University of Warsaw,
      Director, Hewlett-Packard Poland

Appendix A:          What is the Kenyan-Polish Forum? (5/5)
                     Strategic partners

   We have set ourselves very ambitious objectives (a 12 fold increase in the value bilateral trade
    by 2007; a 10-fold growth in tourism)
   We are a small and young non-profit organization based on volunteership who will only act as
    a catalyst for intensyfying bilateral relations
   KPF therefore needs to cooperate with a number of organizations
   Our strategic partners include:

                      In Poland                                         In Kenya

                                      PZL                     Export Promotion Council
Appendix B: KPF activities in 2004/2005                                      (1/3)
   Tourism
       participation at ITB Berlin (March 2004)
       active participation at TT Warsaw (September 2004)
       trade and journalist workshops during Kenyan Week (October 2004)
       „Passport to Kenya” competition (October 2004) – 30.000 copies
       announcement of 2006 - The Visit Kenya Year (November 2004)
       commissioning of market research on Kenya (December 2004)
       contacts with the tourism, trade in Poland and in Kenya (on-going)
       Fact-finding trip to Kenya with a group of Polish tourists (February 2005)
       participation at ITB Berlin (March 2005)
       Polish airlines and travel agencies workshop (April 2005)
   Trade
       EPC trade mission to Poland (October 2003)
       Kenyan-Polish Business Forum in Nairobi (March 2004)
       review meeting of the Polish mission to Africa (June 2004)
       2nd Polish-African Economic Forum (September 2004)
       Kenyan Week in Warsaw (October 2004)
       assisted several curio dealers (November + December 2004)
       providing trade information to interested businesses (on-going)
       assisted Kenyan business delegations (on-going)
       monitoring of tender announcements in Kenya (on-going)
       Polish Days in Kenya (May 16-27, 2005)
Appendix B: KPF activities in 2004/2005                                 (2/3)

   Media presence
       press release for Kenyan media (November 2003)
       securing the Nation Group as a strategic partner (May 2004)
       press conference in Nairobi re. the planned Kenya Week (September 2004)
       Kenyan Week in the Polish media (October 2004)
       live TV programme on Prof. Maathai’s Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony (December 2004)
       Press and KBC TV interviews on KPF activities in Nairobi (May 2005)
   Cultural and social events
       Kiswahili lessons for Kenyan children in Warsaw (January 2004)
       Kenyan film show organized by Jacob Barua (March 2004)
       Spring picnic (June 2004)
       Summer picnic for Kenyans + Polish volunteers (August 2004)
       Kiswahili lessons for Polish volunteers (September 2004)
       Kenyan Cultural weekend at Wola Park (October 2004)
       supporting Polish students writing MA dissertations on Kenya (on-going)
       approached organizers of Warsaw Marathon to invite Kenyan runners (January 2005)
       approached Lech Walesa Institute for a meeting with Prof. Maathai (January 2005)
       approached Jurek Owsiak for WOSP to play in Kenya (January 2005)
       Polish Educational Forum in Nairobi (May 2005)
       Polish culture week – film-showing, display at Village Market, etc (May 2005)
Appendix B: KPF activities in 2004/2005                                       (3/3)

   KPF organizational matters
       set-up of KPF Nairobi branch (December 2003)
       recruitment of Polish volunteers (December 2003)
       KPF office at Wola Court, ul. Gorczewska 124 3rd floor, 305 (December 2003)
       registration of Warsaw branch (January 29, 2004)
       KPF bank account (February 2004)
       internet page (February 2004)
       first full-time KPF Warsaw employee (February 2004)
       weekly KPF Warsaw branch meetings at 18.00 on Mondays (on-going)
       OPP (Organization of Public Benefit) application in Poland (December 2004)
       Annual General Meeting (November 2004)
   Important visits
       visit of H.E. Ambassador Bruce Madete in Warsaw (January 2004)
       visit of H.E. Ambassador Wojciech Jasinski in Warsaw (July 2004)
       Visit of Hon. H.E. Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi (October 2004)
       visit of a number of Kenyan Parliamentarians to Poland (April 2005)

Appendix C: 2005 Calendar of Activities
                                             MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN   FEB   MAR

Polish Week in Nairobi
Lech Walesa/Wangari Maathai meeting

Warsaw ZOO exhibitions

KWS wildlife conservation tour in Poland

Warsaw Marathon with Kenyan participants

TT Warsaw

2nd Kenyan Week in Warsaw [see next slide]

Advertising on billboards & in cinemas,
press articles
KQ code - share AMS-WAW

10 direct charter flights programme

  –   finalizing the offer

  –   printing of winter catalogues

  –   marketing and sales

  –   inaugural trip

Appendix D:                     2nd Kenya Week in Poland
                                (September 16-27, 2005)
                                                  16.09   17.09   18.09   19.09   20.09   21.09   22.09   23.09   24.09   25.09   26.09   27.09

                                                   Fri    Sat     Sun     Mon     Tue     Wed     Thu      Fri    Sat     Sun     Mon     Tue

1   Warsaw Marathon
2   Kenyan runners meetings at schools

3   TT Warsaw

4   KTB Workshops (Warsaw)

5   KTB Workshops (out of Warsaw)

6   Investment Conference

7   Lech Walesa/Wangari Maathai meeting
8   Tea / Coffee Board / other business mtg.
9   Kenya Night

10 Food Week

11 Kenya Weekend at Wola Park

12 Curio village in Wola Park

13 Curio stands at Warsaw Marathon

14 Photo exhibition at Wola Park

15 Passport to Kenya competition (finals)

16 Concerts of African music
17 Ethnographic Museum exhibition
18 Warsaw ZOO exhibition

                            event to be organised for the 1st time                event to be organised for the 2nd time                          26